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A very special pole, dedicated to those who love fishing on the move, such as street fishing and rock fishing, but also for those who set off on piers or on natural cliffs; finally for those who travel and require a very compact closed length. Equipped with adjustable shoulder strap, fixed to the handle by means of Velcro bands and therefore removable, this model has a length that allows you to go anywhere, being sure that the water edge will be reachable. The telescopic structure is made from High Resistance carbon; the top cap is produced in EVA to offer an optimal seal, but also to be able to unlock it with just one hand. It incorporates the threaded bushing, so it is possible to walk with the net head screwed in place, ready


Code 080-79-450

Description Scogliera Compact Net

C. Lenght 68 cm

Length 4.50 m


Code 080-93-500

Description Reventon Pro Net


Wide range of landing net handles entirely made from fiber and carbon composite HR Durawall. Excellent stiffness and strength, combined with a good maneuverability. They are equipped with internal aluminum screw, corrosion resistant and secured to the blank with a sturdy rivet. Available in sizes of 3,00 and 4,00 meters, both in telescopic and put over version, they develop an exceptional value for money.


to use. With a quick gesture of the gripping arm, the pole extends almost automatically to bring the head into the water, and the pulling action can take place without the sections being completely extended. The choice between the Trabucco net heads is vast, but we recommend that you opt for a model with floating arms.


This 5m long handle is suited to those situations where extra length is needed. Robust and reliable, it is perfect both for sea and fresh water use. The handle has reinforcements at the points of greatest stress and the internal thread is highly resistant to rust and saltwater.



C. Lenght 115 cm

Length 5.00 m


Code 080-87-100 080-87-200 080-87-300 080-87-400

Description Precision Pro Net II * Tele Precision Pro Net II * Tele Precision Pro Net II * Put Over Precision Pro Net II * Put Over

C. Lenght 115 cm 115 cm 115 cm 115 cm

Length 3.00 m 4.00 m 3.00 m 4.00 m


Telescopic handle available at 3 and 4 mts, entirely made of Powerfibre. It is really a versatile tool that can suit all conditions, from saltwater fishing to commercial fisheries. Provided of bronze thread and special grip coating on butt end.


Code 080-69-300 080-69-400

Description Revenge WRC Powerland Revenge WRC Powerland

C. Lenght 112 cm 118 cm

Length 3.00 m 4.00 m


Telescopic handle available at 2,00 and 2,40 mts length. Made of Powerfibre it resolves all transport problems due the very short size of the sections, of just 30 cmts. Extremely reliable it is th ebest solution for all those fishing styles in which the angler must often change his fishing spot. 310 | Trabucco Product Guide 2018



Code 080-85-200 080-85-240

Description Teleland Teleland

C. Lenght 45 cm 45 cm

Length 2.00 m 2.40 m

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language