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Four hundred and three is the number of his identity card. The first two digits are simply awesome, because they mean that the new, amazing generation of Trabucco Fluorocarbon offers 40% higher knot strength than any other. The last one represents the 3 levels that compose its structure, referring to same number of specific responsibilities. Even without having a physics lab, it’s easy to check that everything is terribly true, as fingers are more than enough to understand that the performance standards of nylon monofilaments are very, very close. The range is very articulated, with appropriate solutions for the hooklink and leader construction in all fishing techniques.

The extraordinary softness of these fluorocarbon lines casts its benefits on ease of handling, on the naturalness of bait presentation, on the tangle’s risk limitation and also on knot strength.

The exclusive three-layer structure of the Ultra Strong Fluorocarbon FC403 is made of a high density core, an intermediate soft layer and a skin providing high abrasion resistance. Each one of the three levels can be modified to achieve targeted results, and that’s how it was possible to create two versions: one for freshwater fishing and another for the sea.

Nothing so obvious: only 100% Fluorocarbon guarantees invisibility to fish, thanks to its light refraction index, which is very close to that of water.

ULTRA STRONG FC 403 There is no fishing technique that does not take benefits from the use of fluorocarbon for the construction of the hooklinks and leaders: who can be successful without its invisibility, the extraordinary abrasion resistance, impermeability, sensitivity and security from light aggression? All of these physical and mechanical characteristics coexist in the ultra Strong FC 403, with the plus of softness that so much affects bait’s presentation, in the classic use for linking hooks or flies, as well as in the formation of leaders for spinning, where the contact with predator’s teeth is the norm every day. But it is in the dramatic traction that it looks down on everyone else, because its tensile strength to the knot is 40% higher than that of the best fluorocarbons available in the market until now. The 50 meter’s spool is particularly compact, and is presented in a sealed blister, which contains a soft elastic band to secure the line and allow to extract just a segment at need. The line is of natural transparent color.

The soft elastic band which stops the line inside the spool allows to extract the desired amount, avoiding the leakage of loose coils.

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0.68 1.06 1.44 1.56 1.72 2.26  2.77  3.45  4.14  4.74  5.71  6.92  7.70  8.30

1.50 2.34 3.17 3.44 3.79  4.98  6.11  7.61  9.13  10.45  12.59  15.26  16.98  18.30 

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Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language