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LAKE TROUT RODS One of the liveliest segments of sport fishing has always received great attention from the Trabucco brand, with the development of rods, reels, lines, hooks and specific accessories, all having in common a certain attention to price level, because nobody should bring worries to the lake, but leave them home instead. A choice that has brought a huge number of passionate anglers to appreciate our equipment, constituting a very important audience for us. Today our organization strengthens with the collaboration of Daniele Bonetti, a wellknown trout match angler who lives in the area of origin of the lake trout technique, breathing its mentality on a daily basis and interpreting its tendencies. Daniele has experience to sell; he belongs to the category of young sprinters who give their adversaries white hair; his site and his facebook page are identified by the name “macinator” just in reference to his nickname, and are very popular among fans. But Daniele does not disdain to test himself and the equipment in the challenge to the large trout that are found in some northern lakes, maintaining the important contact with the world of amateur anglers.


Daniele Bonetti


Series developed to offer the trout match angler all the advantages of the three section’s structure in an essential configuration, where the greatest attention has been focused on the blanks and their behaviour, because only these aspects really count regarding the possibility of catching the largest possible number of trout. Therefore, one of the most sophisticated Trabucco carbon fabrics has come into play, the CX-2 Nano Tek with reduced incidence of resins, a material that transmits vibrations like a violin string. It is well known that the flow of information exiting and entering the user’s hand is dampened by passing through six or seven joints in a telescopic rod; in case of the three-piece structure the joints are only two, consequently sensations are totally different. The structure in three sections exceeds the telescopic one also for its performance in terms of casting accuracy, greater general strength, curve perfection, permanent alignment of the guides and their position free from obliged place due to the length of the sections, assembly and disassembly speed. In the Platinum series, all this is accentuated by the presence of spigot joints, the long solid carbon tip and an ultralight guide’s set that does not add unnecessary weight on the blank, leaving it free to express all its natural qualities.

Code 124-40-010 124-40-020 124-40-030 124-40-040 124-40-050 124-40-060

Length 4,20 4,20 4,20 4,50 4,50 4,50

C. Length 148 148 148 156 156 156

Wt 230 230 230 245 260 280

Sect. 3 3 3 3 3 3

78 | Trabucco Product Guide 2019

C.W. 6-12 8-15 10-20 8-20 10-20 15-30

Action L LH ML L ML MH

S-SiC Integral single-leg SiC guide’s configuration, with light and rigid Y-shaped anti-vibration frames. Coloured bands for action’s identification.

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Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language