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The GNT range of technical luggage, dedicated to the advanced matchman but also to the keen pleasure angler, now expands with some products made from EVA, material that features very interesting properties. First of all, the water resistance, also obtained through

the chance to weld the seams. Then the possibility to reduce the overall volume of the containers, folding them, due to the semi-rigidity of the material. Finally, the ease of cleaning, the extreme durability and elegant appearance, which enhance their value


DROP BUCKET Very useful to pick up water when fishing from a raised position, a steep bank or a boat guard, this bucket has a capacity of 8 liters and is equipped with a 6 meters long rope with a practical winder. Its bottom perimeter has been hot sealed to resist any abrasion and ensure long term waterproofness.

Code 048-37-360

Description Drop Bucket

Dimension 20x20x20 cm


Hermetically sealed bag, totally waterproof, suitable for carrying any material on the bank or on the boat, such as accessories, rigs, groundbaits, wet waders, rainproof suit, or even to carry living baits, as the cover carries two fixed studs that allow you to leave it only partially opened to insert the oxygenator tube. It features comfortable handles and shoulder strap that facilitate the transport and a zip to close the lid, which makes it completely airtight. Designed in the size needed to fully contain the two models Groundbait Mini Bowl Set 1 + 4 and Bait System. Code 048-37-390

Description Tackle Bag

Dimension 30x45x29 cm

Set of three cylindrical folding bowls, designed to contain groundbaits, leams, baits and pellets. The largest one contains the other two, and is the only equipped with handles for the transport. All containers are equipped with airtight lid, closed by a zipper that keeps moisture and any smell inside, and shows a liter scale to respect the regulations in force in the match circuit. Their capacity is about 25, 20 and 14 liters. Code 048-37-380

Description Dimension Round Bowl System Ø33x24-Ø30x21-Ø26x16 cm


Code 048-37-315

Description Umbrella Case

Dimension 140x15x15 cm

388 | Trabucco Product Guide 2018

A brilliant solution for storing the wet umbrella during transport by car, avoid wetting the trunk. The generous dimensions of this waterproof bag allow you to add a spare umbrella plus many banksticks as well. Carrying handles and shoulder strap are included in the product.

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Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language