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BOLO RODS From the early fifties to today, the bolognese style has brought around the world the image of Italy as a country with a strong fishing vocation. Everyone talks about it, everyone knows the technique, everyone appreciates Trabucco rod’s quality. Taking advantage from the long term cooperation with Reglass, which dates back to the early eighties, today Trabucco presents a Bolognese with the perfect pedigree and certified origin! In fact, the production plant where the fantastic GNT-X is being produced is located just two steps from Bologna, where the Bolognese technique was conceived and named before spreading everywhere. A 100% regional project we are proud of, even because it meets the demand of those super-enthusiasts who love ordering a tailor-made fitting to the trusted retailer. Choose guide’s pattern and wrapping’s



Balanced and easy to handle, it develops a progressive action that excels in freshwater competitions; at sea it provides a great structural reliability for fighting with mullet and seabass, gilthead bream and sea bream. The body of the rod is firm, very firm, able to gather and release a considerable force in the casting stage. The upper part cooperates surprisingly, especially when the rod is vertical and the landing net comes into action, when the illusion of having won the game can lead to mistakes, while the last attempt to escape can still allow the fish to break the hooklink. The best bolognese fishermen understand when it is time to risk, but they must rely on the rod, and in this sense the GNT-X really abounds, allowing the use of a range of relatively fine hooklinks (0,09-0,16 mm). The GNT-X Competition bears the responsibility of relevant signatures, such as Trabucco and Reglass, but the most important signature is that of the end user, who is called to complete the tool with the choice of guides and reel seat, components that directly influence the comfort of use and the performance of the rod. On the next page some technical tips are provided in order to get the best from the rod.

Length 6.00 7.00 8.00

C. Length Wt 140 190 140 290 140 380

Here below, all rod sizes in the series are described one by one. THE SIX METERS - Light, versatile, very fast in the projection of ultralight floats and in the response to the first hint of bite. It is the princess of the chub fishing at mid depth with loose fed maggots, which is the most difficult examination at fishing university, because you cannot exceed with hooklink diameter, a mistake that’s worth a failure of historical dimensions. THE SEVEN METERS - Everyone seeks it, everyone wants it, is the first lady among bolognese rods for the balanced mix of length and agility, the touchstone to judge if a series belongs to the elite or the norm. The GNT-X passes all exams with full votes; it can be used very well “on the wrist”, it responds promptly to strike input and brakes the run of any fish. THE EIGHT METERS - Important for deep river’s fishing, it has the right “body” to easily cast the 20 gram’s floats at range, while drawing a perfect curve in the top three meters, those that count in terms of casting accuracy, strike safety and hooklink’s protection. Handle diameter is also optimal for normal sized hands, adding comfort to the already awesome feeling. What about the five meters? Quite simply, it does not exist. With such a light, handy six meters, it has little meaning. It could play some role in shallow waters, but the six meters does the same job, with the advantage to better hold the line out of water, to obtain a perfect float control.

Rods supplied without guides and reel seat.

Code 120-98-600 120-98-700 120-98-800

colour, decide how many sliding guides should be fitted and place reel seat exactly where it serves, are options that add pleasure... to the pleasure of making yourself a nice gift.

Sect. 6 7 8

The technical data refer to naked blanks, without guides nor reel seat.

18 | Trabucco Product Guide 2019

It is an exclusive, advanced resin with nanometric particles, whose extreme refinement allows it to reach the most microscopic recesses between the carbon fibers, creating very compact and reactive walls for a precise action and the complete damping of the oscillations.

A special production process that imprints, through a microscopic roughness, an opaque finish on the surface of the rod’s blank. In the absence of lacquering, the blank itself is neither damaged nor weighed down, while its appearance remains unchanged over time.

Profile for Trabucco Fishing Diffusion

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language