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BOAT RODS The rods you’ll find in these page are the results of hard engineering work, development and hundreds of hours spent fishing with them. Boat fishing can put under enormous stress a rod and that’s why we used just the best materials, reliable

and tested again, to be sure that the rods you’re going to purchase will never let you down and will last longer.

ANTILIA TEKNIC MASTER It is specifically dedicated to the demanding world of Bolentino experts, who love the rods structured in separate sections, because they know the merits of that configuration in the field of action precision, guide’s spacing, general strength and sensitivity. Antilia Teknic Master summarizes the best of the technology and the international experience of our boat fishing champions, and for this reason it is built around a thin, but highly reactive, high modulus carbon CX-2 blank, able to develop a progressive action with remarkable power reserve and super sensitivity at the top area, thanks to the two diversified solid fiberglass tips. This rod is an extremely balanced tool, with a truly amazing lifting power, destined for the most sophisticated but, at the same time, heavy duty techniques. A series of two rods (390 and 440 cm in length) which, thanks to its design value, is excellent

Code 162-01-390 162-01-440

Length 3,90 4,40

C. Length Sect. 133 3+2 149 3+2

C.W. 200-400 200-400

in various contexts: from fishing on the wrecks or around offshore platforms, up to the medium depth job to catch big size fish. A funny rod with small to medium sized fish, astounding in the management of oversized ones! Easily employable also in the oceanic bolentino or in the live bait version to Dentex, Groupers and Amberjack. The stainless steel reel seat of size 7, fitted upside down for a higher resistance to extreme pulls, allows you to insert reels even of very large size and power. Our top of the range for the bolentino rods in separate sections, had to be equipped with the best in terms of components, and, in fact, the Antilia Teknic Master carries Sea Guide SiC guides with ultra-light Titanium frame, treated against corrosion through the process called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition).

SiC Titanium

ANTILIA LIGHT DRIFTING Slim, handy, powerful and technical: these are the four adjectives that best describe the series of rods with separate sections called Antilia Light Drifting, designed for light drifting and for bolentino. Their super-thin blanks are built from high modulus CX2 Nano Tek carbon with low resin content, a very high-tech material that combines lightness and strength, and is characterized by a particularly compact closed length for an easy transport. These tools are designed with dedicated action curves, immediately identifiable thanks to the color of the decorations on the butt section, which allow you to manage the strike very well, even at good distances, in the case of light drifting. Rods that provide full control of fight management and allow you to force the fish far beyond what you can think of. Just as a result

Code 162-00-390 162-00-395

Length 3,90 3,90

C. Length Sect. 106 3+2 106 3+2

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of this consideration, we have inserted at the base a rubber cap with gimbal butt, so as to facilitate the use of a fighting belt in case you had to face a large, unexpected predator. A further valid aid to combat large fish is given by the special split EVA handle, which improves the grip and optimizes the lever effect on the rod. The Antilia Light Drifting are equipped with the top in terms of components: Sea Guide SiC double leg guides with super lightweight Titanium frame and ergonomic screw reel seat in graphite with steel and rubber hood. The two interchangeable tips, made from solid carbon, make it possible to adapt the sensitivity of the rod to most fishing conditions.

SiC Titanium

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Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2019 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language