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It can not be denied that with the popularity and accessibility of the internet, more people now have the opportunity to work from home. The truth is that many people prefer to work from home because of the convenience it offers. However, it cannot be denied that some work at home programs are scams. The site provides an evaluation of a number of work at home programs. The main purpose of the Work-At-Home Truth website is to evaluate various sites that offer a home based work program. It features a press release by Doug Smith, a senior reviewer of these work programs. The Work-At-Home Truth website can prove helpful to people who want to find out whether or not the work program they are dealing with is a scam. The site evaluates home based work programs based on certain criteria. One point of evaluation is return on investment or ROI. In simple terms, this tells you how much you can gain based on the amount of your investment. The evaluation also includes how much residual income you can earn in a month. You would want to join a work opportunity program that offers the highest monthly income. Another criterion in the evaluation determines if the program is easy to duplicate. The job opportunity should be doable and easy to implement. It should also be accessible to many people. Part of the evaluation looks into the program's customer service. Members should be able to find jobs easily and they should be able to receive customer support in case they encounter problems. Ideally, websites that offer work at home programs should be readily accessible 24 hours a day. Finally, members should be assured of privacy. Their names, email addresses and personal information should not be given out to just anybody. Based on the test criteria mentioned above, provides the results of investigations done on a number of websites that offer job opportunities from home. Their findings reveal that there are websites that do not pass the test criteria. However, there are also some sites that offer legitimate opportunities based on their test evaluation. A site like WorkAtHome Truth can be very helpful for persons who are looking for ways to earn money online but are not sure if they are dealing with reputable companies. However, you should also verify the validity of the evaluation. In the end, your own discrimination and prudent decision should guide you in your search for a job opportunity.

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==== ==== EXPOSED: Real work at home opportunities as seen on ABC, CNN & BBC. Read Kim's real-life story - You will not believe this! ==== ====

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