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In order to succeed in your SEO tasks or jobs, hiring a good SEO manager is a must. But finding one is not an easy task. An applicant who does exceptionally well in telephone interviews may fail in their face to face interview. Don't be discouraged. This doesn't mean you can't learn and develop the required management skills because you can always do that if you're willing to. Here are some of the qualities that a good SEO manager must possess and eventually you can possess, so that in time you have the right to call yourself one of them. With proven SEO Background -It is important that a candidate achieved success in various SEO campaigns he did. Length of the experience in the field is not the most important but the campaigns the candidate participated in. The more campaigns - the better. And doing SEO for every single website is always challenging and different. The more campaigns the candidate did, the wider the experience. Ability to manage teams - One must be able to delegate tasks to the team members. When you're surrounded with a group of talented people, you should know how to delegate the tasks to them, and most of the time this skill is not easily developed. A task list is your own powerful means to stay on top of all things, so when you delegate, remember to create a list of tasks for your team members. Commercial SEO strategist -A candidate must have an understanding of the commercial ecosystem that you live in because this will help you develop a long term SEO strategy. And a commercially aware SEO candidate must be able to show insights to the economics of a website's revenue model. An ability to spot strengths and weaknesses in people - You're a good SEO manager if you're able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. It is your responsibility to bring the best out of your team members and you can achieve this by developing good relations with your team members. Great Sales Person - An SEO manager has the ability to communicate and present well. One must be able to translate complex subjects into meaningful discussions with your team members. Your speaking, communication and presentation skills can be learned as well as improved if you keep on practicing it. Continuously developing their own skills - Even if you are already an expert, you really need to regularly improve your own skills and knowledge in search engine optimization. A good SEO manager is always up-to-date with industry news. You must take time learning even if you think

you already know more about your field. Ability to spot talent during the recruitment process -Finding and choosing a new applicant is a very tiring process. An SEO manager knows exactly what he's looking for and it would be easy for him to know if an applicant possesses the qualities he is looking for. If you think you have these qualities that make up a good SEO manager, you might as well look for people who need your services and apply for it. Good luck!

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==== ==== Have you been Ripped Off by so-called SEO Companies? We're different and we would love to prove it to you... ==== ====

Qualities of a Good SEO Manger