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Come and try our lovely homemade cakes in the brand new bakery! Any cakes & desserts can be made to order & wholesale is also available.

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33 Killigrew Street, Falmouth This months winners for Two Coffees & delicious Toffee/Chocolate Apples at Wildflowers Bakery, 33 Killigrew Street, Twitter -@wildflowerscake Facebook - Wildflowers Bakery Falmouth are: Reg - WF53 MTJ please get in touch with Hayley


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BEAUTY TREATMENTS Choose your own perfect treatment combination at a great price Choose any 3 for £30

Choose any 3 for £60

Mini Facial

Ultrasonic Spatula Facial

Eyelash Tint

Gelish Hands or Toes

Eyebrow Tint

Relaxing Back Massage

Back Massage Foot Massage Nail Paint Hands

Scalp Massage Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Shape (Allow 2 hours)

Nail Paint Toes (Allow 1 hour)

Choose your treatments and BOOK IN NOVEMBER on (01326) 389322

1st Floor Waterside House, Falmouth Road, Penryn, TR10 8BE Visit our website


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Did  You  Know?   • Vitamin  A  is  one  of  the  most  important  topical  vitamins  for  your  skin.  It  has  a  number  of   benefits  which  is  why  it’s  the  key  ingredient  in  the  ENVIRON  product  range  formulated  by  world   renowned  plastic  surgeon  Dr  Des  Fernandes.  The  quality  and  type  of  vitamins  in  your  over  the   counter  products  are  not  as  potent  as  professional  products  so  have  a  chat  with  one  of  our  skin   therapists  if  you  would  like  some  advice  and  a  free  skin  analysis     • As  we  get  older  our  eyebrows  can  become  thinner  and  change  in  colour  too.  A  simple  eyebrow   tint  can  add  colour  and  definition  and  really  open  up  the  eyes  for  a  more  youthful  appearance   • Massage  has  a  number  of  benefits.  Other  than  the  relaxation  and  feel  good  factor  it  will  relax   and  exercise  tight  or  weak  muscles  to  relieve  pain  and  discomfort  and  improve  flexibility.  Health   wise  it  can  also  aid  your  body’s  lymphatic  drainage  to  eliminate  toxins  and  promotes  oxygen  and   nutrients  into  the  tissues  and  vital  organs  to  improve  circulation.     • A  blackhead  isn’t  dirt  under  the  skin.  It’s  actually  oil  and  dead  skin  cells  getting  trapped  in  the   follicle  on  the  way  to  the  skin's  surface.  An  exfoliating  and  hydrating  facial  such  as  the  Ultrasonic   Spatula  Facial  in  our  Pick  N  Mix  package  will  help  to  loosen  blackheads  and  congestion  without   stripping  the  skins  natural  moisture  levels     • Damaging  UVA  rays  are  around  all  year  not  just  in  the  summer!  This  means  they  can  still   damage  and  age  your  skin.  The  rays  can  penetrate  through  glass  so  without  sun  protection  you   are  not  protected  even  if  you  are  indoors.     • Gone  are  the  days  of  normal  nail  polish  chipping  after  a  few  days  wear.  Gelish  gel  polish  lasts   for  up  to  21  days  without  losing  shine  or  that  ’just  stepped  out  of  the  salon’  look.  They  are  hard   and  do  not  scratch  or  smudge.  When  it  comes  time  to  remove  them  it’s  quick  and  simple  and  will   not  damage  the  nail  itself.  The  choice  in  colours  are  applied  like  a  polish,  then  cured  under  a   lamp.  You  are  instantly  dry…no  smudging  and  the  colour  stays  for  2  to  3  weeks!     A  FREE  skin  analysis  is  included  with  our  Pick  N  Mix  packages.  01326  389322   Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers


01326 373534

Nails Extensions Tips & Overlay or Sculpted Acrylic or Gel Extensions £40 (To include nail art) Acrylic or Gel Infills £25 (To include repairs & nail art if required) Acrylic or Gel Overlays £30 (To include nail art) Toenail Overlays £30 (To include nail art) Shellac is a UV cured polish so there is zero drying time. Thin & flexible like polish, it not only looks natural, it provides natural nail protection. The result is 14+ days of glorious high shine chip free nails. (To include mini manicure or pedicure) £20 HD Brows is the unique professional eyebrow styling treatment that is totally designed around you. Nothing else comes close to achieving glamorous couture eyebrows. Professional, bespoke & affordable. Patch Test req’d. £25 Eyelash Extensions

Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions £40 Infills weekly £10 Infills 2 weekly £22 Infills 3 weekly £30


Dry Cut £14.50 Wet Cut £19.50 Wash, Cut & Blowdry £28 Restyle £35 Wash & Blowdry £15 Conditioning Treatments £7.50 Hair Up £30 Curled & Styled £20 Child’s Cut 0-5yrs £5 | 5+yrs £8 Child’s Wash, Cut & Blowdry £19.50 Gents, Cut & Finish £12.50


Semi £32 Parting Foils £20 T-Section £38 Full Head Foils £50 Root Tint £30 Full Head Tint £38 Colour Correction from £50 Half Head Foils & Tint £50 Full Head Foils & Tint £60 Wedding Hair available POA

Permanent Make Up Be beautiful every day of

the year. Permanent Make Up can enhance your eyebrows, eyes & lips & the results last. Subtle to defined, understated to glamorous there are lots of treatment options. Our highly trained technician Diane Madeley, has trained with Nouveau Contour the industry leaders in Permanent Cosmetics. FREE CONSULTATIONS.

FREE CHRISTMAS CAR PARKING WHEN? THURSDAY LATE NIGHTS 28 NOV, 5, 12 & 19 DEC FROM 5PM WHERE? EVERY Cornwall Council car park, Custom House Quay & Maritime Museum car parks WWW.FALMOUTH.CO.UK

The Damian Rodd Drum School Learn to play in a few weeks The Course: 4 weeks of lessons at a time £50 for 4 lessons, each 30 minutes long OR £85 for 4 lessons, each 60 minutes long

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Ample FREE Parking FREE Wifi Evening & Weekend Appointments Available The Old Brewery Yard, Penryn, TR10 9AT

01326 373534


07830 226844 23 Aqua House, Tregoniggie Estate, Empire Way, Tregoniggie Estate, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, TR11 4SN

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winter evening dining gylly beach café

gyllyngvase beach, falmouth tr11 4pa • t: 01326 312884 for eve opening times visit

gylly beach

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Santa's are  coming  to  town....are  you?    

There won’t  be  just  one  Santa  coming  to  town  in   Falmouth,   but   a   whole   sea   of   them!   Cornwall   Hospice  Care’s  4th  annual  Santa  Fun  Run  is  back   on   14th   December   and   even   bigger   than   ever   with   up   to   1000   'jolly   old   souls'   taking   to   the   streets   of   the   town   as   part   of   'Super   Santa-­‐Day'   raising  money  for  the  cause.         Men  and  women,  boys  and  girls,  young  and  old  –   everyone  is  welcome  to  join  'Team  Santa'  in  this   festive   fundraiser.   You   can   choose   to   run,   jog   or   walk  along  the  route  and  there  is  a  choice  of  1.5   or  3  miles  to  take  on,  with  kids  in  buggies  as  well   as  4  legged  friends  very  welcome.   Sign  up  and  you  will  receive  a  free  Santa  Suit!    


Join us   for   a   mince   pie   and   hot   drink   after   the   fun   run   to   continue   the   merry  making  and  join  in   the   Santa   themed   fun   around   town   taking   place   for   'Super   Santa-­‐ Day'   Spaces   are   limited,   so   advanced   registration   is   recommended.     Sign   up   now,   just   £10   for   adults   and   £5   for   children,   plus   this  year  why  not  take  on   the  'Raise  £20.13  in  2013   Challenge'   to   support   local   charity   Cornwall   Hospice   Care.   All   the   funds   raised   from   this   event   will   go   directly   to   this  cause.       For   further   information   contact   Rose   on   01726   66868   or   via   email   :   rwiltshire@cornwallhos     Sign   up   now   at   http://www.cornwallho entschallenges/cornwall -­‐hospice-­‐care-­‐ events/santa-­‐fun-­‐runs  

Holding an EVENT? Please call Hayley Neate 313633 Email


Christmas in  Falmouth  is  a  special  time.  With  loads  of   events   planned   from   Santa  Fun   Run   and   the   Live   Nativity,   to  FREE      parking  on  the  late  shopping  evenings,  do   support  YOUR  town  this  year!   THURS  28TH  NOV  THE  BIG  CHRISTMAS  LIGHTS  SWITCH  

ON &  CHILDREN’S  PARADE Expect  singing  from  Falmouth's   schoolchildren,  dancing,  a  Lantern  Parade  (leaves  Events  Square  5.30pm)  arriving  on  The  Moor  for  the  lights   switch-­‐on  at  7.00pm  


NIGHTS Park in  any  of  the  Cornwall  Council,  Maritime  Museum,  Custom  House  Quay  car  parks  for  free  from   5pm  onwards  courtesy  of  the  Falmouth  BID,  no  tickets  required!  

28TH NOV,  5TH,  12TH  &  19TH  DEC  FALMOUTH  LATE  NIGHT  SHOPPING With  FREE  car  parking,  a   traffic  free  environment,  Santa’s  Grotto,  street  entertainment,  bands,  choirs  and  markets,  make  sure  you  get   to  Falmouth  on  Thursdays  during  Christmas!    

28TH NOV,  5TH,  12TH  &  19TH  DEC  SANTA’S  GROTTO  Organised  and  managed  by  Falmouth  Fire  Brigade  

and located  on  the  Old  High  Street.  In  conjunction  with  Falmouth  late  night  shopping.  For  venue  and  further   details  see   THURS  5TH  DEC  RNLI  CAROLS  ON  THE  QUAY  –  EVENTS  SQUARE All  monies  raised  for  a  great  cause  so   head  on  down  to  Events  Square  to  join  in!  Two  sessions  6.00-­‐6.45pm  and  7.15-­‐8.00pm.   SAT  7TH  DEC  CHRISTMAS  CARNIVAL Gather  outside  the  Brewery  Yard  at  12.45pm,  leaving  the  Old  High   Street  at  1.00pm  led  by  the  Falmouth  Marine  Band.  People  of  ages  welcome  to  join  the  fun,  walking  through   the  town  to  Events  Square.  Children  to  be  accompanied  by  an  adult.  Tel:  01326  212895  

28th NOV,  5th,  12th  &  19th  DEC  (MARKETS  ON  ALL  LATE  NIGHT  SHOPPING   EVENINGS)  CHRISTMAS  MARKETS  We’ve  got  markets  galore!  Head  up  the  Old  Brewery  Yard,  Old  High  

Street for  a  collection  of  stalls  within  the  courtyard  including  hot  cherry  beer,  roast  chestnuts  and  a  hog  roast.   Then  make  a  beeline  for  Bell’s  Court  for  a  Mexican  themed  market.  Ole!   THURS  5th,  12th  &  19th  DEC  6-­‐7pm  CHRISTMAS  WORKSHOPS  On  the  December  late  night  shopping   evenings.  Fun  for  all  the  family  at  Falmouth  Art  Gallery!  Come  along  and  make  a  Christmas  inspired  gift  or   decoration.  FREE,  all  ages  are  welcome.  6.00-­‐7.00pm.  

SAT 14TH  DEC  SUPER  SANTA  -­‐  DAY  SANTA  RUN  Cornwall’s  largest  Santa  run!  Pull  on  your  free  Santa  suit   and  join  hundreds  of  other  Santa’s  walking,  jogging  or  running  through  the  town.   Starting  at  1.00pm.  Registration  £10  adults,  £5  children  in  aid  of  Cornwall  Hospice   Care   SUN  15TH  DEC  LIVE  NATIVITY  Experience  the  Christmas  story  played  out  along   the  town's  main  streets.  Starting  at  Events  Square,  culminating  on  The  Moor  with   carols,  the  nativity  scene  and  animals  including  sheep,  goats  and  a  small  pet  area.  Times-­‐1.00pm-­‐4.00pm  TBC  

16TH -­‐31ST   DEC  CHRISTMAS   TREE   FESTIVAL 39  trees  decorated  by  schools,  shops,  churches  and  charities.   All  Saints  Church  weekdays  10.00am-­‐7.00pm,  Sunday  2.00p-­‐4.00pm.  FREE  admission  and  parking.   TUES  24TH  DEC  HARMONY  CHOIR  One  of  the  highlights  of  the  Christmas  period  with  choirs  from  across   Cornwall  gathering  in  Falmouth  to  sing  Christmas  carols  along  the  main  thoroughfare  as  they  have  done  for   over  100  years.  Leaves  Watersports  Centre   10.30am  finishes  approx.  1.00pm  on  The  Moor     FOR  ALL  CHRISTMAS  INFO  -­‐   WWW.FALMOUTH.CO.UK  FUNDED  AND   ORGANISED  BY:  

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68A:Will run hourly from Monday to Saturday during the daytime. Journeys will operate from Falmouth Moor via Trescobeas and Conway Road to Budock Water and then via the current 35 route to Mawnan Smith and Helford Passage.

Affecting the following routes in the Falmouth area from 3 November: Service 2/2A

Camborne - Falmouth

Will be simplified to an hourly service between Penzance and Falmouth via Helston from Monday to Saturday during the daytime. Evening and Sunday service will be two hourly between Helston and Penzance and hourly between Goldsithney and Penzance. This service will no longer operate via Perranuthnoe – a new service 13 will now serve this village.

This service continues largely unchanged. However on Monday to Saturday daytimes, alternate journeys hourly between Redruth and Camborne will serve Weeth Road, as a 41A (currently served by service 40). The 41B will no longer serve Mabe Burnthouse in the evenings and on Sundays.

Service 35

Helston - Falmouth This service will be split into two separate services; the 35 and 68A. Service 35 will operate between Helston and Falmouth via Gweek, Constantine, Lamanva Cross and direct to/from Falmouth. The Sunday service will be withdrawn for the winter. For journeys between Helford Passage and Falmouth via Mawnan Smith please refer to service 68A to the right.


Service 41/41B

Penzance - Helston - Falmouth

Services 67/68/68A/68B

Falmouth town services

These Falmouth town services will be replaced by new services. Services 68/69/69A and now wholly supported by Cornwall Council and serve some areas served by the 400 which is being withdrawn: 68: Will run hourly from Monday to Saturday during the daytime. Journeys will operate from Falmouth Moor and either via Swanvale or Swanpool and Pennance Mill to Golden Bank, Swans Reach, Longfield, Swanvale returning to the Moor.

69: New service in part replacing service 400 between Mylor Bridge/Flushing and Falmouth operating via Old Hill. 69A: New service in part replacing service 67 between Mabe, Penryn ASDA and Falmouth operating via Greenwood Road and Old Hill.

To view timetables for these routes please and further information visit For regular updates on First services in Devon & Cornwall... Follow us on Twitter @FirstBus_Devon Like us on Facebook, search ‘First in Devon & Cornwall’

Service 88

Newquay - Truro - Falmouth The timetable remains similar to that introduced from 29 September, except that only limited journeys will operate via Ponsanooth and Perranwell.

Service 400

Or scan here to download our FREE app!

Truro - Mylor - Falmouth This service is being withdrawn and replaced by local services in Falmouth (please see details for services 68/68A/69).

Service U1

Falmouth University/University of Exeter Penryn Campus - Falmouth The timetable and route for this NEW service introduced from 29 September has been altered slightly to add extra journeys. It will continue to run up to every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday during undergraduate term time. Correct at time of print 15/10/13

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TRESCOBEAS SURGERY Every day we hear how hard pressed the NHS is. A&E, Out of Hours and the GP Surgeries are undoubtedly all feeling the effect of increased demand and reduced budgets. To ease this at Trescobeas we promote a partnership with our patients; you help us to deliver the level of service we want to provide to you. If you have time then you could join either the Patient Participation Group who give us the patient perspective and enable us to prioritise our efforts, or the Friends of Trescobeas. This latter group fund raise for specific pieces of medical equipment and have just raised enough money to buy an INR blood testing machine that will enable us to do the test and give the patient the result and advice in the same consultation. This will greatly improve care for some of our more vulnerable patients. However, we appreciate that not everyone has time and therefore there are other ways you can help. We strive to deal with our patients problems as soon as we can and so if possible ask you to ring before 1030. That way we can concentrate our call handling efforts and tailor our Doctors appointments accordingly. Urgent problems are always afforded same day Doctors consultations but by working with our patients we now offer the same for over 90% of non urgent problems. This is one of the highest in the country. Continuity of care is really important to us and so it is always better, if possible to wait for the Doctor dealing with your problem. An earlier appointment with a new Doctor does not always give you best care. To enable us to communicate with our patients and give them appointment reminders we offer a free text message service. Simply give us your mobile number. Similarly I do e-mail our patients our termly news letter. Again to receive this all we require is your e-mail address.


Yorick O’Nyons – Practice Manager

Andy McNair

Mum & Baby Mornings

'Learn once, learn well'

Building & Maintenance

New builds Extensions Renovations Plastering Groundworks Fencing Decking General Maintenance For more information Tel: 01326 316986 Mob: 07540 088962 Email:

Invictus Christm as Event 14th Decem ber 2013 Maritime Museum

Live band - The Shirts. Other entertainment details to follow

Reduced rates for new students! From £7.50 per hour Weekly Music Lessons Group £12.50 Per Hour Private Ensemble £18 Per Hour (see website for online packages)

Every Tuesday and Friday. Come in for great coffee and all the homemade bakes with easy pram access. A free small bake for children and toys to play with!


H A I R D R E S S I N G 51 K I L L I G R E W S T R E E T , F A L M O U T H . T R 1 1 3 P W


Tickets via Invictus website or Facebook

CHARITY FUNDRAISING  EVENT  AT  THE     GEM  FISH  SHOP.  SUN  24TH  NOV.  2-­‐6PM   All  you  can  eat  hot  Buffett.  Raffle.  Auction   4pm.  Amazing  Prizes,  vouchers  etc.  All   donated  by  local  businesses.  Games  &   general  community  gathering.  All  the  money   raised  goes  to  WHIZZ-­‐KIDZ.  Dominic  &  Helen   Kurdyla  are  running  the  London  Marathon   together.  Tel  313640  Tickets  £6  U18’s  £4  

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Kernow Music School in Falmouth

Please mention this advert when booking. Tel: 01326 313975

Call the booking line on 01326-741-270 (Office Hours for bookings 9am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday) Busy after school schedule? Use our handy lesson planner! Group Piano Lessons Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 3pm - Adults 4pm - Ages 8 and under 5pm - Ages 9 - 11 6pm - Ages 12-17 7pm - Adults (Ages 18+) Group Guitar Lessons Thursday & Friday 3pm - Adults 4pm - Ages 8 and under 5pm - Ages 9 - 11 6pm - Ages 12-17 7pm - Adults (Ages 18+) Sunday 10am - 3pm All ages Private Lessons Monday 4pm - 8pm Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone Tuesday 4pm - 8pm Flute Lessons Wednesday 4pm - 8pm Cello Lessons Thursday 4pm - 8pm Saxophone Lessons Saturday Violin Lessons 10am - 1pm Singing Lessons 2pm - 5pm

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Without it we wouldn't be here Biodiversity Is best described as variety of life on earth, referring to a wide variety of ecosystems, habitats and even genes. The foundation for life on earth, biodiversity is key for functioning ecosystems so therefore it is essential for us to exist. Take a coral reef for example: The biodiversity of a coral reef is one of the highest in the world and it is a truly unique and wonderful habitat, making up 1% of the earth, however coral reefs contain 25% of the earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biodiversity. Not only this, 500 million people across the globe are dependent on coral reefs in some form or another for their livelihood. It is believed 20% of coral reefs have already been wiped out or are in a state of disrepair. Even more shocking, 70% are being destroyed or under a great threat. If the reefs were all destroyed the economic effects would be seen on a global scale. This 1% could be the difference as to whether life is able to exist or not, yet we as a race are destroying it at a rapid pace. According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, between 5 and 30 million species are on earth when only 1.7-2 million species have been formally identified, yet all the species on earth are what facilitates life to exist. The benefits of biodiversity are endless but also truly essential. Biodiversity is what establishes us as a species and also guarantees food and energy security. If biodiversity was depleted further, it would affect our health and also reduce the food availability we have and fundamentally require. This shows just how key to life biodiversity truly is yet we still continue to destroy it. Biodiversity encourages an increase, in terms of variance, to the gene pool, which allows certain species to adapt and become prepared for climate change. These species are adapting to the changes humans have inflicted, however adaptation takes time, time these species do not have. Ecosystems have a value of between $16-$64trillion and this is essential for life. If we were to lessen the extent of biodiversity we would deplete this value, which means that biological diversity should be a major concern of all world governments. After all without it we wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be here. The winning article from a competition between 2nd Year students on the extended diploma course in Marine Biology and Ecology, Falmouth. By Sophie, Kerry, CobiJayne, Cameron, and Anthony. Tutor Rachel Green.


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TR11 Regular Church Programmes & Services:

The Harbour  Church  a  lively,  informal  

A fresh expression of church in the heart of Falmouth's harbour area. Meeting each week at the National Maritime Museum. All welcome. Sunday meetings start at 10.30AM for coffee. To find out more about the church and other events/mid week meetings visit the website or email Alternatively telephone 07595676272 The Harbour Church is an Elim Church, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and a registered Charity.

church that  has  been  meeting  at  the  Maritime   Museum  in  Falmouth,  since  September  2010.   More  information  about  up  and  coming   activities  can  be  found  on  the  Harbour  Church   website  -­‐   or  our  Facebook  page  -­‐ 716695.   We  are  currently  running  two  Alpha  courses,   one  for  students  at  Tremough  and  one  in  the   town;  we  also  have  mid-­‐week  groups  that  meet   in  and  around  town.  We  have  a  regular  Friday   prayer  get  together  and  always  have  a  wide   range  of  age  groups  in  attendance  at  the   various  events  we  hold.  We  also  hold  a   quarterly  live  worship  event  called  Vertical  in   various  locations  in  Falmouth  -­‐  see  for  details  of  the  next   one  -­‐  we  currently  have  cd  in   production  -­‐  due  for  release   during  November.  For  more   information  please  contact  

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ST MARY   IMMACULATE   -­‐   Killigrew   Street,   Falmouth   01326   312763   Our   regular   Mass   times   are   6.30   pm  

Sats and  10.45  am  Suns,  there  are  also  weekday  Masses  -­‐  subject  to  change   FALMOUTH  PARISH  CHURCH  OF  KING  CHARLES  THE  MARTYR  -­‐  Regular  Services   st nd th rd th Sun   8.30  am  Holy  Communion  10.30  am  Sung  Eucharist  on  1 ,  2  and  4  Suns,  Sung  Matins  on  3  and  5   Suns  6.00  pm  Sung  Evensong  Thurs  10.30  am  Holy  Communion   THE   SALVATION   ARMY   -­‐   Falmouth   Temple   Corps,   Brook   Street,   Falmouth,   TR11   3RJ   Corps   Officers:   Lieutenants  Alison  &  Mark  Godwin  Tel:  01326  314567.  Our  weekly  programme  consists  of  Mon  -­‐  5.30-­‐7.30  pm   -­‐  Pasta  Night  (all  welcome)  Come  and  enjoy  a  bowl  of  Pasta  and  coffee  for  £1  Tues  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat   followed  by  Community  Lunch  at  12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Tues  -­‐  1.45pm   Home   League   (A   ladies   fellowship   meeting)   Wed   -­‐   9.30   to   11:30   am   Parents   and   toddlers   (£1.50   per   family)  Wed  -­‐  5.30  to  6.45  pm  Kid  Zone  -­‐  Fun,  Games,  Music,  Craft  and  Christian  Teaching  for  Primary  school   age   (Years   1-­‐6)   50p.   Tuck   shop   extra   Wed   -­‐   7.00   pm   to   8.15   pm   is   Nexus   (Youth   Venue)   Games,   Music   and   Chat   for   Senior   School   age.   (Years   7   to   11)   50p   Tuck   shop   extra   Thurs  -­‐   10:30   am   Coffee   and   Chat   followed   by   Community  Lunch  at  12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Thursday  -­‐  Evergreens  at  2pm   (Entertainment   and   fellowship   club   for   the   Over   60s)   Sat   -­‐   various   coffee   mornings   Sun   -­‐   Worship   Services   10.30  and  5.30pm   EMMANUEL  BAPTIST  CHURCH  Western  Terrace,  Falmouth,  TR11  4QJ  Tel:  01326  315249   nd Mon   P&T   9.30-­‐11.30am,   Aerobics   6.30-­‐8.30pm,   weight   watchers   5.30-­‐7.15pm,   WI   2   of   month   7.30-­‐9.30pm.   nd th st rd Tues  P&T  9.30-­‐11.30am,  Memory  Café  (2  &  4 )  1.30-­‐4.30pm,  craftea  (1  &  3 )  2-­‐4pm,     Brownies  5.45-­‐7.15pm.     Wed   P&T   9.30-­‐11.30am,   Leys’   Gospel   Group   10am-­‐12.30,   CORE   12.30-­‐2pm,   Shallal   Dance   5-­‐6.30pm,   WEA   Deaf  Signing  Class  2-­‐4pm,  Scouts  7.30-­‐9.30pm,  Children  Theatre  5.15-­‐7pm.     Thurs  Bounce  Dance  4-­‐7pm,  Kidz  Klub  3.15-­‐4.30pm.     Fri  P&T  9.30-­‐11.30am,  CU  Breakfast  7-­‐9.45am,  Beavers  5-­‐6.30pm,  Youth  6.30pm.     Sat  Todlins    9.45  -­‐10.30am,  Torch  1st  Sat  of  month.     Sun    Service  10.30-­‐12.15ish                       BUDOCK  PARISH  CHURCH  Churchtown,  Budock  Water,  Falmouth,  TR11  5BZ  Tel:  01326  376422:   nd th st rd Sunday   Services:   Holy   Communion   8.00am   every   Sun,   10.00am   2   and   5   Sun   and   6.30pm   1   and   3   Sun   st nd monthly.   Morning   Prayer   10.00am   1   Sun   of   Month.   Evening   Prayer   6.30pm   2   Sun   of   month.     Morning   rd th Worship   10.00am   3   Sun   of   month.     Family   Communion   10.00am   4   Sun   of   month.   Songs   of   Praise   or   th equivalent  6.30pm  5  Sun  of  month.  Weekday  Services:  Mon,  Tues,  Thurs  9.00am  Morning  Prayer  and  Weds   10.30am  Holy  Communion.   FALMOUTH  NEW  LIFE  CHURCH  (AOG)  -­‐  Dracaena  Avenue,  Falmouth,  TR11  2EG  Tel:  01326  313004   Sunday  Live  (Worship)  –  10.30am  Wednesday  Prayer  and  Praise  –  7.30pm.  All  welcome.   FALMOUTH  METHODIST  CHURCH  Killigrew  Street    Falmouth,  TR11  3PG  01326  211549.   rd th Sunday  service  commences  at  10.30am  3  Nov  Cafe  style  with  Deacon  Michelle  Legumi.  10  Nov     th th Remembrance  Sunday  Pastor  Mike  Ely.  17  Nov  Rev.  Mark  Liddicoat  Holy  Communion.  24  Nov  The  Falmouth   th Methodist  Worship  Group.  Mid-­‐week  communion  Thurs  7  Nov  10.30am    Rev.  Celia  Phillips.  Our  regular   th coffee  mornings  continue  on  Thurs  and  Fris.  Wed  6  Nov  Coffee  morning  in  aid  of  Samaritans  10am  to  12   th th noon.  Wed  6  Nov  Men's  Fellowship  7.30pm  Mr  Paul  Langford.  Wed  13  Nov  Wednesday  Welcome  2pm  to   rd th st 4pm.    Sat  23  Nov  Falmouth  Methodist  Christmas  Fayre  10am.  Sat  30  Nov  Circuit  Craft  Fayre  10am.    Sun  1     Dec  RNLI  Christmas  Concert  with  Pendennis  Brass  and  Holman  Climax  Choir  7.30pm.  Cards  for  Good  Causes   th until  6  Dec  on  sale  in  the  foyer  10am  to  4.30pm. All  Methodist  Churches  in  TR11  or  near,  service  times:  Flushing  6pm,  Mawnan  Smith  11am,  Mylor  10.30am,   Penryn  10.30am,  Trenoweth  which  meets  in  Mabe  Village  Hall  10.45am   FALMOUTH   UNITED   REFORMED   CHURCH   with   TRINITY   BAPTIST-­‐Berkeley  Vale,  Falmouth.  Tel:01326   312878.  Church  Minister-­‐  Rev.Colin  Biggs.  Tel-­‐01326  319953.  Our  weekly  programme  consists  of  Tues  0930-­‐ 11.30-­‐Parents  and  Toddlers  Club.  Thurs  10-­‐11.30am  Coffee  morning.  Fri  7-­‐8p.m  Music  Group  practice.  Sunday   worship  service  -­‐10.30a.m.  Holy  Communion  service  is  on  the  first  Sunday  of  each  month.  




Your Postcode -Your Community TR11 WHAT’S ON CALENDAR NOVEMBER 2013 Alex Horne Lies is performing at the Poly on November 1st at 8pm ( Nick Harper is playing at Miss Pea Pods on November 2nd at 8pm ( Kitty Gubins Vintage Flea Market has two dates (November the 16th and 30th) at the Women's Institute in Falmouth ( Budock Feast Night Concert with the Lemonnaires at Budock Village Hall Tuesday 19th November at 7:30pm- tickets £4 including pasty supper - tickets available at Budock village shop or call 01326 372697. st Thursday 21 November, 2.30-4.30pm Brian Moore & Summercourt Singers. Friend of the Princess Pavilion & Gardens Guildhall & friends present...An evening on Motown, northern soul and classic tracks Saturday 23rd November at The Guildhall in St Ives Tickets are £5-00adv from Tickets are £6-00 on the door Doors at 8-00pm until late. Fully licensed bar. Music will be spun by local resident DJ's Tuesday 26th November we have another Telltales at Dolly’s. The theme will be “Home” Bi-monthly night for readers, writers and listeners. Short stories, novel extracts, poetry or prose. Come along and listen - all ears welcome.

Regular TR11 Clubs, Classes, Meetings

Little Treasures Parent & Toddlers: Emmanuel Baptist Church, Western Terrace Falmouth. 01326 315249. Karen Lewis. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays 9.30am-11.30am Toy Library at Budock Water Parent & Toddler Group 9:30am - 11:30am Budock Water Village Hall contact The Park Centre on 01326 312493 The Falmouth Dementia Action Alliance THANKS FOR THE MEMORY, sessions are held on the first and third Tuesdays each month, from 10:30 for 2 hours at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Western Terrace, Falmouth, £2.50 per session to cover costs. Contact 07570 808677 for further information, or by e-mail, 14 week beginners Art Class Wednesdays 10-1pm or 2-5pm. Drawings, Watercolours & Acrylic. 01872 519443. Crafthandy Village Hall, Near St Day, TR8 'Angelic Meditation group' Fridays 10-12pm £5. In Falmouth call Theresa on 07708565820 Saturdays - Pendennis Youth Training Band, Budock Village Hall, Lower Room. 10.30am-12pm. For Young People & Experienced players welcome. Lessons provided if required. Arthur Allen 01326 315585

Unlock your   potential     My name is Margaretha I am a qualified life coach in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic) clinical Hypnotherapy and m aster NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),


Are there  any  area’s  in  your  life  where  you   would  like  to  make  changes?  Being  more   confident;  stopping  smoking;  becoming   healthier;  phobia’s  or  having  more  direction  in   your  life  then  I  can  teach  you  great   skills/techniques  that  you  can  use,  which   allow  you  to  enjoy  your  life  to  the  full.    I  work   with  any  age  group,  (children  accompanied  by   parent.)    

I came  into  this  line  of  work  after  learning  a  lot   of  different  techniques  on  my  own  journey  to   make  positive  changes  in  my  life.  When  I   realized  just  how  many  changes  I  had  made  in   my  life  for  the  better,  I  decided  I  wanted  to  help   teach  these  skills  to  others.     I  was  trained  by  Phil  Parker,  internationally   renowned  lecturer,  therapist  &  innovator  in  the   field  of  personal  development   (  and  Sue  Beer  &  Emma   Roberts,  two  of  only  twenty  nine  EFT  Masters   worldwide  &  co-­‐founders  of  the  EFT  Centre  in   London  (   I  am  fully  insured,  CRB  checked  &  accredited   by:  www.britishinstitute  of   Hypnotherapy-­‐  &     When  you  are  ready  to  commit  to  make   changes  and  move  forward  or  like  to  have  more   information  then  please  contact  me  on:   01326-­‐373522  or  email:  

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K9 Social

Dog Walking Service 07813 722086 Daily exercise Pet sitting / feeding Pet to vet

Contact Craig at Alfresco

01872 561182 or 07968 375852

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Linzi Morgan

Level 2 ETM & Official Zumba Fitness Instructor

Location: Falmouth Sports Club, Western Terrace Classes: Tuesday 6:30 to 7:30 pm Wednesday - 9:30 to 10:30 am Thursday 6:30 to 7:30 pm Cost: £5 per class or £40 for a 10 session card The Zumba program is a Latin inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective fitness system. What ever your age, what ever your background you will love the music, the moves, the smiles.....

Contact on 07775792563

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Daytime Music Activities for Young Children

Sing, Clap & Read Music, with Hannah & her Magic Flute Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12:30pm at Kernow Music School, 3 children per group (ages 3-5yrs) Classes 30 minutes duration Intro Package £24 for first four intro classes (£6 per lesson) Call to Book: 01326-741-270 Book online:

FOOTSTEPS COFFEE SHOP (Under King Charles the Martyr Church, Falmouth.)

FRIDAYS From 11am-3.30pm Lovely home-made soup and cakes, a warm welcome and a little peace.

DINKY ADS Call 01326 313633



Garden TR11cks November Things to do in the garden

(See Dinky Ads)

All of the clues relate to things associated with Autumn

November is a month of garden housekeeping, with yet more leaves to clear and add to the compost heap, faded herbaceous plants to cut back (but leave those with good seedheads or form for winter interest), roses to prune to prevent wind rock and the last opportunity to plant your bulbs - tulips are happy to be planted this late. You can also dig up borderline hardy plants like dahlias, cannas and begonias and plant them in pots in dry compost in a greenhouse or dark dry place. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re happy to take the risk of leaving these plants in the ground then give them a good covering of garden compost to keep any frost from the tubers. Looking forward, however, you can order and plant bare root roses - the David Austin catalogue is so tempting - and the choice of plants is much bigger when bought direct from the grower. Despite the plants looking like dead sticks when they arrive they spend the winter establishing roots and grow off with a burst in the spring. In fact November is a good month to plant bare root trees, shrubs and hedging - plants are very much cheaper when bought bare root and establish well but beware: plants must be put into the ground as soon as you receive them and should not be allowed to dry out.

To enter please send (by email, post or by hand) your name, address and a phone number along with your answers to: TR11, 93 Boscundle Avenue, Falmouth, TR11 5BU or hayley@tr11mag. by midnight Friday 15th November. Judges decision is final and we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be held responsible for lost entries.

Flowering plants for November

Salvia elegans - the pineapple sage really does smell of pineapple and is quite a tall growing perennial (1.2-1.5m)which spends all summer growing & bursts into flower at the end of October, lasting often into December with intense red flowers which brighten up the dullest days AND you can garnish your salad with the flowers! Nerine bowdenii - this is the most amazing & unexpected candy pink flower in late autumn. It grows from crowded bulbs, the leaves appearing in the spring then dying down, before the flower stalks appear from nothing in October, flowering into November. It looks tender but is hardy but prefers a sunny dry spot without competition from other flowers - the bottom of a house wall is perfect NOVEMBER 2013




Low Water












1 2 3 4 5


03 16 03 56 04 36 05 18 06 01

4.7 5.0 5.1 5.3 5.3

15 30 16 11 16 54 17 39 18 23

4.9 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.2

09 41 10 28 11 13 11 56 00 16

1.1 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.4

22 05 22 50 23 34

0.9 0.6 0.5

12 39


6 7 8 9 10


06 45 07 29 08 15 09 08 10 12

5.3 5.2 5.1 4.8 4.6

19 09 19 55 20 45 21 45 23 00

5.1 4.9 4.7 4.4 4.2

00 58 01 39 02 21 03 08 04 06

0.5 0.6 0.8 1.1 1.4

13 20 14 02 14 48 15 41 16 47

0.5 0.6 0.9 1.1 1.4

11 12 13 14 15


11 27 00 22 01 34 02 32 03 19

4.4 4.2 4.3 4.5 4.8

12 45 13 53 14 48 15 35

4.4 4.6 4.7 4.9

05 17 06 38 07 58 09 03 09 56

1.6 1.6 1.4 1.1 0.9

18 06 19 27 20 36 21 32 22 20

1.5 1.4 1.1 0.9 0.7

16 17 18 19 20


04 00 04 38 05 14 05 50 06 26

4.9 5.0 5.1 5.1 5.1

16 17 16 57 17 34 18 10 18 44

5.0 5.0 5.0 4.9 4.9

10 42 11 24

0.7 0.6

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0.7 0.8

23 03 23 43 12 03 12 38 13 11

0.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.8

21 22 23 24 25


07 00 07 34 08 08 08 47 09 37

5.0 4.9 4.7 4.6 4.4

19 17 19 51 20 29 21 15 22 13

4.7 4.6 4.4 4.2 4.1

01 21 01 47 02 13 02 44 03 25

1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8

13 40 14 07 14 34 15 09 16 00

1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8

26 27 28 29 30


10 36 11 40 00 25 01 31 02 29

4.3 4.3 4.1 4.3 4.6

23 18


12 47 13 51 14 48

4.4 4.6 4.8

04 25 05 42 06 57 08 04 09 03

1.9 2.0 1.8 1.6 1.2

17 11 18 28 19 36 20 37 21 31

1.9 1.8 1.6 1.3 1.0


Supporting Homes, Small Businesses and Primary Schools throughout Cornwall Services provided include: Â&#x2021; PC and Laptop repairs Â&#x2021; Sales of new and refurbished hardware Â&#x2021; CCTV specialist (remote viewing RIKRPHRURIÂżFHRQDFRPSXWHU smartphone or iPad) Â&#x2021; Wireless networks Â&#x2021; Data cabling Â&#x2021; Provision of internet services including Superfast Broadband Monthly IT maintenance contracts available; contact us for further details: Tel: 01326 312664 Mobile: 07771 347848 Email: Web:

Time Zone UT(GMT)

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Cornwall wetrooms is a wetroom specification and installation specialist with a focus on first class customer service. Whether you’re looking to convert your bathroom to level access, to address mobility issues, or simply to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, your wetroom will be designed and installed to match your exact needs.

We are proud to deliver wetroom solutions that not only enhance our customers’ lifestyles but also increase the value of their property. If you’d like to speak to us about what we can offer, get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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November 2013  

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