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Budock Water Constantine Falmouth Flushing Mawnan Smith Mylor Penryn

Created By: Katherine Pike, Age 16

Katherine also created April’s Quiz and the answers are: 1) Arctic Monkeys 2) Corner Shop 3) Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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Complete the Wordsearch above, post it off and the winner will be picked at Random! You will need to supply your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number to: Hayley Neate - TR11 , 93 Boscundle Avenue, Falmouth, TR11 5BU by midnight on 31st May The Winner will be announced on the TR11 Facebook Page and TR11 website Saturday 1st June. Please note The judges decision is final and TR11 can’t be held liable for lost entries.



bywhyjeremy GARMENT SUPPLY 2013

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MAY 2013

Page Number Hot Garlic Bread Recipe 7 Pendennis Brass 9 TR11 Testimonials TRee 10/11 TReat the kids...make your own playdough 15 The Heart of our Community 16 Go on TRy it! Nia Dance Exercise SPORT 22 Race for Life, Cancer Research UK CHARITY 26 TR11 Regular Church Programmes and Services CHURCH 27 Your Postcode - Your Community What’s On in TR11 28/29 Tide Times - Falmouth and Garden TR11cks - Cathy Wallwork 30 PorTRait Helyn Morris, Chiropractor - and TRy this Quiz! 31 Dear Readers, In this month’s TR11 there is a fantastic amount of interesting information, there is something for everyone. From NEW businesses introducing themselves, local charity events and lots of sports for those looking to get that beach body! Don’t forget to keep telling me about your local events, groups or classes for the What’s On pages. For those interested in advertising give me a call 01326 313633 I would love to hear from you!!! Don’t forget to email me your TR11 crafty creation photos! Enjoy your May in all TR11 areas! Hayley

Teamwork Leaflet Distribution

Prices from just £20 per 1000 Contact Lesley 01209 831422


FOOTSTEPS COFFEE SHOP (Under King Charles the Martyr Church, Falmouth.) Every Friday in May From 11am-3.30pm Lovely home-made soup and cakes, a warm welcome and a little peace.

Contact Hayley Neate on: 01326 313633

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What do romantic fish sing to each other? “Salmon-chanted evening”

25 % Discount at HL Please check out the Back Cover

Tel. 01326 211850 Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5JW

01326 318771

Mylor Flower Club

Are you interested in flowers? If so we would welcome you to Mylor Flower Club to

   Hot  Garlic  Bread  

see a flower demonstration. We are a friendly club and meet mostly on the first

Monday of each month in the Ord Statter Pavilion, Mylor Bridge at 7.30pm. There is disabled access and free parking.

We have a demonstrator each month and a floral competition for members should they wish to enter.

We would welcome you as a member or just as a visitor and you might even win a floral arrangement in the raffle!!

Classes for those who wish to learn more about flower arranging are run occasionally by some of our more experienced arrangers. These are very informal ‘Get Togethers’ with a cup of tea and a chance to get to know other members in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

If you would like further information please contact

Jean on 01326 372071 or Margaret on 01326 312499


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250g salted  Butter   4  medium  sized  cloves  garlic   1  Vienna  Loaf  

Cream the  softened  butter  with  a  wooden  spoon.   Using  a  garlic  press,  squeeze  the  garlic  into  the   butter  and  mix  thoroughly.   Cut  the  bread  into  8  slices,  without  cutting  through   the  base.  Fan  out  the  slices  and  spread  both  sides   of  each  slice  with  the  butter.  Press  the  loaf   together  again  and  smear  the  top  generously  with   more  butter.   Put  the  loaf  on  a  baking  tray  and  bake  it  in  a   moderate  oven  (350’F,  Gas  Mark  4,  180’C)  for  half   an  hour.  Serve  very  hot.   Alternatively,  the  loaf  can  be  wrapped  in  silver  foil   and  heated  in  a  fairly  hot  oven  (400’F,  Gas  Mark  6,  220’C)  for  15  minutes  or  so.  Unwrap  the   top  for  5  minutes  to  allow  to  become  crisp.  French  bread  can  also  be  treated  in  this  way.  For   herb  bread,  add  a  few  spoonsful  of  finely  chopped  herbs  –  parsley,  basil,  chives  –  to  the   creamed  butter.       Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers


New from  Embrace  Dance  Fitness    

RETROBOP -­‐  Be  one  of  the  first  to  experience  

the highly  fun  and  energetic  fitness  disco  that  is   Retrobop.  Dance,  laugh  and  stay  fit  and  healthy  to  popular  music   from  the  decades  with  your  friends  and  family.  This  class  is  for  all   abilities,  ages  (14  years  plus)  and  fitness  levels.   Class  is  taught  by  Gill  Sadler  and  Eliane  Fleming-­‐Gale  who  are  both  highly  qualified  and   insured  Dance  Fitness  instructors.  All  choreography  is  their  own  and  is  easy  to  follow  yet   very  original!  Where:  Penryn  Sports  College,  Kernick  Road,  Penryn  (Large   venue  with  free  parking)  When:  Fridays  6-­‐7pm  Cost:  £5.50  per  session   £3.50  students.  Fancy  dress  is  highly  encouraged  but  not  demanded!   Start  your  weekend  with  a  huge  party  every  week;  this  is  everyone's   guilty  pleasure  complete  with  endorphins  and  pure  feel  good  factor!   Go  on  TRy  something  new!  


     BOKWA  FITNESS  -­‐  Come  and  try  this  new  craze  that's  got  the  UK  

bouncing! Bokwa  fitness  is  a  totally  inclusive  class  where  people  of  all   ages  and  abilities  can  enjoy  doing  the  same  moves  at  their  own  comfort   level.  Structured  moves  are  repeated  and  built  on  to  popular  music,  this   is  a  great  class  for  parents  and  older  children  to  attend  together.   Go  on  join  the  Bokwa  crew!   Where:  The  Space,  near  Flying  Start  Nursery,  Penryn  Rugby  Club.   When:  Tuesdays  6.30-­‐7.30pm.  Cost:  £5.50,  £4.50  children  and  young  people  from  11-­‐14  yrs.    

PRE-­‐NATAL  YOGA  -­‐  Pre  Natal  Yoga  provides  a  relaxed  and  

nurturing atmosphere  where  you  can  enhance  the  bonding  process   with  your  baby.  These  classes  will  help  to  ease  the  possible  discomforts   of  pregnancy  and  help  create  optimum  conditions  of  health  and   awareness  to  give  birth  as  actively  and  naturally  as  possible.   Please  visit  for  a  choice  of  venues  and  times.   Exclusive  to  Embrace  Dance  Fitness:            ZUMBA  Ma&Me  -­‐  This  is  a  unique  class  where  parents  have  the   rare  opportunity  to  enjoy  the  benefits  of  their  Zumba  fitness  class  whilst   their  little  one  is  being  cared  for  and  entertained  by  level  3  NVQ  qualified   childminders  who  are  first  aid  and  makaton  signing  trained.  Childcare   spaces  limited  to  10,  bookings  highly  recommended.  This  class  is  also   open  to  those  without  children.   Where:  Highway  Church  Community  Centre,  Commercial  Road,  Penryn   When:  Tuesdays  9.30-­‐10.30am  Cost:  £8  with  childcare  (1  x  child),  £5.50  per  session  without   childcare.  Discounted  rate  available  for  participants  with  more  than  1  child.  

In March of this year, Falmouth brass band Pendennis Brass competed once again in the second section qualifying round of the national championships at Torquay and after securing second place for the second time in three years have qualified or the national finals once again in September and have been promoted to section one from January next year. Much of the credit for the band's current success is down to musical director, Steve Thomas, who joined the band in 2006 and since then has guided Pendennis to three promotions and helped them gain the reputation for their excellent concert programmes. Since Steve took over the band has been a regular winner at the annual entertainment contest held at Exmouth in Devon each September. Pendennis Brass was formed in 1989 after a period of almost 30 years when Falmouth was without its own brass band. The band was re-formed when former Royal Marines bandsman, Glyn Thomas took over a local hostelry. With no instruments, music or uniforms the band started from scratch, the committee was formed and the band was playing in public by Christmas that year. Since then the band has grown in strength and stature and has several national finals to its credit, playing at Cardiff, Wembley, Preston, Torquay, Harrogate and Cheltenham. It was at Cheltenham two years ago that they had their best result, coming 5th out of 20 bands from all over Great Britain. And it will be back to Cheltenham in September for another national final attempt. YOUTH BAND . . . About 15 years ago, Glyn decided that to secure the future of Pendennis Brass, they needed to start encouraging the young people of the area. So a group of young people began to meet on Saturday mornings at Budock Village Hall. So successful was the youth band that several of the players who began with them are currently in the band that has been so successful. Former players have also gone on to forge musical careers in different forms of music, with two of our former youngsters following Glyn into the Royal Marines. The youth band has now become a training band and welcomes adults as well, but the emphasis is still on young people and their musical director, Arthur Allen would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in joining.

New to  Embrace  Dance  Fitness?   Bring  your  TR11  May  edition  with  you  to  class     And  enjoy  it  for  FREE!  

At the moment the band has several instruments available and Arthur can be contacted on 01326 315585 by anyone who is interested. His e-mail address is and can be contacted most evenings after 5pm. Youth Training Band practice is currently Budock Village Hall, lower room, Saturdays from 10.30am-12 noon.

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“We are very pleased with our advert in this month's TR11 (April), advertising that Enys Gardens are open for the season again. It covers a large local area and we look forward to seeing more local visitors this season. The production and service are both excellent.” Michele Hill, Hon Sec for The Enys Gardens Trust

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Your Postcode Your Community

hayley@ g. tr11ma 13633 3 6 2 3 1 0

TR11 Testimonials TRee 10

Flying S tart wou ld li thank TR 11 for pro ke to moting the new 2y childcare ear old free at Flyin Penryn our adve g Start rt g new bus iness an enerated d we hav new chil e dren sta rting soo Steve Co n. wburn, D irector ingstart “Our thanks to TR11 s for supporting Children’ Hospice South West and s helping to raise awarenes of our work in the local community” Mary Murfin Community Fundraiser lly for Cornwall & Isles of Sci “Advertising is a key compon ent of any new business venture. TR11 is a fres h and vibrant new magazine with a wonder ful feel and great colour scheme! The lovely mix of articles, information and advertisem ents, appeals to people of all ages. Its wide com munity distribution has provided me with the opportunity to grow my bus iness quicker than I expected. A BIG thank you to Hayley and her team.” Ty Morgan – FalFitness 07815 305095

"Publ ic us, yo ity is key f or an u are y bu first into p eople starting o siness, cru cial w ut. TR s hom busin bette esses and es, makes 11 takes y hen, like r than ou dir suppo you k ec no Me" in th rt TR11 at! By fea s charities wn to oth tly turing er Hayle ; you gave can't y p " g helpe ublicity fo supported Grandma Reme et r both d get deme mber o t ntia a ur na h e and t c o w m m deme he fact it e "out ther pany and areness, play a was d ntia a e". Th is o w nd you to ne for arene is inv a TR11 TR11 and ss, extrem free, to su luable, , DO I pport ely kin to any T Belin NOW!! Lo one think d. A big th da La ing ab cal kn a zenby o out u nk sing - Az2B wledge is inv Theat re Co aluable." mpan y

“I have been advertising my business with TR11 since the magazine began.It has been a huge benefit to my business with a large proportion of new clients mentioning that they saw the advert in the TR11 magazine. As a reader I look forward to receiving my new monthly edition and read it from cover to cover, it is refreshing to read a community magazine that offers something different every month, new charity pages, stories and community news. It is a great size and can fit in my handbag! It is really professionally written with an unbiased approach and has a community interest. It is a real magazine about real people. Keep up the good work TR11 team!” Gill Sadler – Embrace Dance Fitness & Fit to Wiggle & Inspire Health Cornwall

“We found advertising with TR11 simple and effective. We needed to advertise the services we provide such as jewellery and watch repairs and bespoke pieces to local people at our latest shop in Arwenack St, therefore TR11 was perfect as it is delivered to local homes etc. They have a fantastic and friendly team onboard to assist businesses throughout the whole advertising process. At Wearnes we feel the magazine helps to bring the community of Falmouth together and we will definitely advertise with them in the future.” Emma Sicolo W.Wearnes&Son 01326 572154

“Hi Hayley. Did you hear about the young mum I met going through the checkout in Lidl a few weeks back? I was buying leeks and potatoes in great quantity to make soup for the coffee shop. She looked at my purchases and said "ooh lovely, leek and potato soup?" I told her I was making it for Footsteps the charity coffee shop at KCM, open every Friday. She replied "oh yes, i have read about it in the TR11 magazine... I live in Penryn, TR10, but I have seen the advert in my friend's magazine.... I will come along and have some soup"...and she did, along with chocolate brownie with her little toddler!!” Much love, Alison Durkin - Footsteps Coffee Shop


•Bathrooms •Wetrooms •Kitchens

Support your local TR11 Butchers!

•design •supply •installation 15% discount on products with this advert

Mylor Bridge Falmouth

8 till 5 Mon-Sat

We are happy to make large quantities for functions (pasties/sausages/burgers etc) Manager: Bryan Carey

Shrink everything but your Smile ZUMBA coMe And join Me And My sMiles. see yoU there x contAct linZi on 07775792563

Linzi Morgan

Official Zumba Instructor

Date: from May 23rd onwards Time: 12 to 1 pm Location: The Sports Club Western Terrace Falmouth Cost: £5 (First class £2.50 )

Every Thursday 12 to 1 at The Sports Club. Copyright © 2012 Zumba Fitness, LLC | Zumba®, Zumba Fitness® and the Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC.


Interested in advertising? Please call Hayley Neate 313633 Email

Goole. Tel. 01405


The Zumba program is a Latin inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective fitness system. What ever your age, what ever your background you will love the music, the moves, the smiles.......

Broadley Printers,

The Coachworks, Penryn, TR10 9AT T: 01326 379911 E:

Brilliant for Kid’s Parties, Playgroups, Schools, Fun Days!

Tel: 01736 333293

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Bar Snacks Real Ales Draught Beers Wine Selection


British pub, like its ‘foreign’ The Heart of The counterparts, meets timeless and global Our Community human needs — that is why it survives

and will continue to do so despite the many other opportunities we have for ‘joining’ and for networking. We may sign up to an online community to communicate with like-minded people who share our interests across the globe, or we may reveal selected aspects of ourselves on Facebook. These are, however, ‘non-local’ by definition. They are what the late urban planner Melvin Webber, predicting over thirty years ago the internet trends that we witness today, called ‘community without propinquity’. They are, in a very significant sense, different. They may extend our social and professional lives and allow much wider patterns of interaction, but they do not replace the more traditional and timeless face-to-face activities that take place in the special social institutions created to facilitate them — central among them, the pub.

Falmouth Watersports Centre Open to the public Great food & drink Fantastic prices Functions

01326 211223 The Boat Park, Grove Place, Falmouth, TR11 4AU




01326 311359 07805 171018 Wodehouse Terrace Falmouth Cornwall TR11 3EP

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7P.M Arrival  Drinks Followed  by   3  Course  Meal   Dress  Code Black  Tie/Lounge  Suits  &   Ball  Gowns  /Cocktail  Dress Masks  are  Optional SUPPORTING

Tickets £27.50

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We come to you! at no extra cost to carehomes, residential & private homes with a selection of comfortable shoes and slippers.


FRIDAY 14TH JUNE MERCHANTS MANOR I would like to reserve the following ..........Tickets @ £27.50 each = payment of £.......

quality shoes, sandals & slippers extra -wide gs no obligation or extra cost styles for men & women

Or One table for 10 people = payment of £275 (For a table of 10 you will receive a complimentary bottle of wine ~ please circle your preference below) Red Wine * White Wine If you require a vegetarian meal please let us know how many you will require ............ Name.............................................................................................. Address.......................................................................................... ........................................................................................................ Postcode.............................. Tel # ................................................ Email.............................................................................................. Please make cheques payable to: Children’s Hospice South West For further information please call Sally on 07557526080 Email: Completed booking forms and payment should be sent to:



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Come and see our Summer Range At Cinnabar, you can really relax and unwind, knowing you’re in safe hands. Our aim is to promote optimum health, confidence and wellbeing. We know that everyone’s different, so we’ll always take the time to talk to you about your needs, and adapt your treatment to suit. Come in and see us, and let us soothe your stresses and strains away...

o o o o o o


21 Lemon Hill Mylor Bridge TR11 5NT 01326 375476

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th May at the Falmouth Methodist Church

9am - 2pm

£5 OFF

on production of THIS advert

Covering all of Cornwall

01326 317921

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Swimming Lessons for all... Are you looking for swimming lessons for yourself or your child? Freestyle Swim School offer swimming lessons for all ages and abilities at Falmouth, Carnon Downs and Truro. We have experienced, qualified and friendly staff that aim to promote feelings of confidence and competence at every stage. More info can be found at but if you cannot see a session or the information you are looking for, please contact us, as we always have new sessions on the horizon!

Learn to Swim On our Learn to Swim programme (Age 3+) we keep our classes small, which enables children to progress quickly and means that ALL children get the attention they need to develop. We work to the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming and all instructors carefully plan sessions to meet these goals as well aiming to give children vital water skills.

Baby and Pre-school These lessons are the perfect way to start your little one on their swimming journey. We use techniques based on babies’ natural reflexes, and specific activities to help parent and baby bond in the water. We aim for babies to learn skills to help them to be able to swim when they are physically ready, which differs from child to child. Lessons are planned and structured but also fun! Exclusive use of the pool means a pleasant and nurturing learning environment.

Aqua Aerobics This upbeat class provides a great aerobic workout in the pool that can maintain and improve stamina, strength and suppleness as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. Suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Coaching/training sessions We offer children and adult coaching sessions at the 25m Truro High Pool and work on honing technique as well as building stamina and endurance with specifically targeted workouts and drills.

Adult 1:1 Lessons If you are looking to set and reach specific goals in your swimming, one-to-one lessons allow you to book sessions as your schedule allows. From nervous beginner, to advanced swimmer, we can help you reach your goals!

For more information contact: Tel: 01326 372648 Mob: 07812 167 540 email:


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Sadler Golf Academy @ Killiow Golf Club Fantastic teaching facilities with Cornwall’s biggest short game practice area and excellent all weather driving range. Top instruction from one of the area’s most respected coaches and players. Over 20 years experience of top level international competition and instruction. Whether beginner or professional, become the golfer you know you can be Individual, group and playing lessons available and personally tailored to suit. All ages and abilities catered for. Contact details: Mobile # 07877 603717 Killiow Golf Club (01872) 270246 Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers


Go on TRy it!!


H A I R D R E S S I N G 5 1


S T R E E T ,

F A L M O U T H .

T R 1 1

3 P W

Let’s groove! Niki Seeholzer, a Nia Teacher from Germany, shares her passion for Nia: a mind-body dance exercise, which is fast gaining popularity in the UK. Now it has reached Falmouth.

Some say, Nia is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. And to some extend that certainly rings true. Imagine a fun-filled exercise, which can move you to euphoria, empowerment, joy and playfulness within the space of a one-hour class. A fitness programme which you longed for and counted the days between classes... which transformed your body without you even noticing the ‘burn’... one which gives you that youthful ‘feel’… Nia is all of this and more. So what exactly is it? Created in the US more than 30 years ago, Nia is a fusion sensory-based fitness practice, which blends the dance arts with healing and martial arts. In Nia, you tap into our body’s innate wisdom. You listen and you learn.


In Nia, dancers move individually, guided by their teacher, with easyto-follow moves and sections of free dance. You dance to a routine of soul-stirring music, encouraging your creativity and self-expression. Every routine takes you from a gentle warm up, to a cardio-vascular “high” and back to a cool down. The moves danced in Nia are characterised by a blend of nine eastern and western movement forms, including Yoga, Tae Kwon Do and Jazz dance. Classes are taken barefoot, allowing the dancers to sense the earth. Most importantly, Nia is all about pleasure, not pain. And: despite its holistic approach, it suits literally every body – people of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Interested? Just give it a go, as with Nia fitness turns into fun again. For more info visit or contact

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Nature Ombré for Spring / Summer 2013 Ombré with highlights and new mocha shades £15.00 off Nature Ombré looks with this voucher. Terms and conditions apply. Please mention this add when booking. Tel: 01326 313975

taster session £5

nia fun filled fitness

yoga dance

& martial arts

Contact: Tel: 07593656757

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Supporting Homes, Small Businesses and Primary Schools throughout Cornwall

More  than  just  a  racket  sports  club!  

Services provided include: ‡ PC and Laptop repairs

• Gym  • Fitness  classes   • Yoga  and  Pilates   • Bar  and  meals   • Great  facilities  for  functions  of  all  kinds   • Martial  Arts  classes   • Circus  skill  workshops  

‡ Sales of new and refurbished hardware ‡ CCTV specialist (remote viewing RIKRPHRURI¿FHRQDFRPSXWHU smartphone or iPad)


ďƒ˜ Pop  in  and  experience  the  warm,  friendly   atmosphere.   ďƒ˜ Membership  categories  to  suit  all  ages  and  pockets.   ďƒ˜ We  have  just  been  awarded  a  grant  from  Sport   England  to  improve  our  facilities.   ďƒ˜ Come  and  be  part  of  the  fastest  growing  sports  club  in   Falmouth.   ďƒ˜ Come  and  see  for  yourself  what  we  have  to  offer.  

‡ Wireless networks ‡ Data cabling ‡ Provision of internet services including Superfast Broadband Monthly IT maintenance contracts available; contact us for further details:


Contact  us:  

Tel: 01326 312664 Mobile: 07771 347848 Email: Web:

Western  Terrace     Falmouth             TR11  4QJ  

                01326  311056  


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RCVS  accredited  Veterinary  Hospital       Car  Parking   Friendly  knowledgeable  receptionists   Modern  laboratory  and  diagnostic  equipment   Pets,  horses  and  farm  animal  work     Free  nurse  clinics     Wide  range  of  pet  accessories  and  foods  

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Vets  on  call  24  hours  a  day   2  RCVS  certificate  holders   Animal  Acupuncturist     Animal  Physiotherapist   Animal  Behaviourist   Puppy  socialisation  classes   Dog  walking  groups

Cornwall Wet Rooms is a wet room specification and installation specialist with a focus on first class customer service. Whether you’re looking to convert your bathroom to level access, to address mobility issues, or simply to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, your wet room will be designed and installed to match your exact needs. All our wet rooms are constructed using only the finest materials from major suppliers – including Altro, Geberit, On The Level and Wedi. We offer a full installation service, including all minor building works, plumbing and electrical work as well as decoration. We are backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, so you can be sure of a stunning room with a professional finish.


Call us 01326 312155

We are aware that commissioning a wet room is a major undertaking. That is why we will go out of our way to ensure that the project we deliver is right for you. You’ll find our staff warm, pleasant and – most important of all – plain speaking. All of our staff are trained in everything we do, from our secretary right through to our installers, so whoever you speak to you can be sure that they fully understand your situation. We are proud to deliver wet room solutions that not only enhance our customers’ lifestyles but also increase the value of their property. If you’d like to speak to us about what we can offer, get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Rosemullion  Veterinary  Practice  Limited   Falmouth  Veterinary  Hospital,  66  Melvill  Road,  Falmouth,  Cornwall  TR11  4DD   TEL:    01326  313991  WEB:  Facebook:     Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers

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TR11 Regular  Church  Programmes  &  Services:  

St Mary  Immaculate,  Killigrew  Street,  Falmouth  01326  312763  Our  regular  Mass  times  are  6.30  pm   Saturdays  and  10.45  am  Sundays,  there  are  also  weekday  Masses  -­‐  subject  to  change    

Falmouth Parish  Church  of  King  Charles  the  Martyr  -­‐  Regular  Services       st



Sunday 8.30  am  Holy  Communion  10.30  am  Sung  Eucharist  on  1 ,  2  and  4  Sundays,  Sung  Matins  on   rd th 3  and  5  Sundays  6.00  pm  Sung  Evensong  Thursday  10.30  am  Holy  Communion  

CANCER WE’RE COMING TO GET YOU. Hello TR11 Readers This is a big thank you to all of you who have supported Cancer Research UK here in this region. Here at the Falmouth branch we would like to thank you especially for keeping your donations coming through the door and to also make you aware we now have a driver who will collect your donations locally around the Falmouth and Penryn areas. Just call our shop on this number 01326 211872 to book him in on a Thursday or Friday morning for pickups. We try every year to keep the pennies rolling in for our research that is ongoing. You have probably seen our campaign that has been running since the New Year in the Cinemas, TV and Radio along with posters informing you how together we are coming to get Cancer.

The Salvation  Army  -­‐  Falmouth  Temple  Corps,  Brook  Street,  Falmouth,  TR11  3RJ  Corps  Officers:  

Lieutenants Alison  &  Mark  Godwin  Tel:  01326  314567       Our  weekly  programme  consists  of  Monday  -­‐  5.30-­‐7.30  pm  -­‐  Pasta  Night  (all  welcome)  Come  and  enjoy  a   bowl  of  Pasta  and  coffee  for  £1  Tuesday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at   12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Tuesday  -­‐  1.45pm  Home  League  (A  ladies   fellowship  meeting)  Wednesday  -­‐  9.30  to  11:30  am  Parents  and  toddlers  (£1.50  per  family)     Wednesday  -­‐  5.30  to  6.45  pm  Kid  Zone  -­‐  Fun,  Games,  Music,  Craft  and  Christian  Teaching  for  Primary   school  age  (Years  1-­‐6)  50p.  Tuck  shop  extra  Wednesday  -­‐  7.00  pm  to  8.15  pm  is  Nexus  (Youth  Venue)   Games,  Music  and  Chat  for  Senior  School  age.  (Years  7  to  11)  50p  Tuck  shop  extra   Thursday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at  12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal   with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Thursday  -­‐  Evergreens  at  2pm  (Entertainment  and  fellowship  club  for  the   Over  60s)  Saturday  -­‐  various  coffee  mornings  Sunday  -­‐  Worship  Services  10.30  and  5.30pm    

Emmanuel Baptist  Church,  Western  Terrace,  Falmouth,  TR11  4QJ  Tel:  01326  315249  

Monday Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  F4L  am     nd Evening  –  Aerobics  6.30-­‐8.30  pm  /  WI  2  of  Month  /  Weight  Watchers  5.30-­‐7.45  pm    Tuesday  Little   nd th Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  Memory  Café  (2 +4 )  1.30-­‐4.30  pm   Evening  –  Brownies  Wednesday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  Shallal   Dance  5.00-­‐6.30pm  /  Children’s  Theatre  5.15-­‐7  pm  /  Evening    -­‐  Scouts  Thursday  FFT  am  /  Bounce  Dance   rd pm  /  FFT  pm  /  Kidz  Klub  pm  /  Evening  (3 )  E/D  Meeting  Friday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐ 11.30  am  /  CU  Breakfast  Term  Time  /  Lip  Reading  (part  year)  /  Beavers  5.00-­‐6.30  pm  /  Evening  –  Youth     st Saturday  Todlins  9.45-­‐10.45  am  07977  418566  /  Torch  1  Saturday  of  Month  am  /  Family  Evening   Sunday  Morning  Service  at  10.30am  with  Junior  Church  and  Sunday  evenings  normally  7pm.        

Budock Parish  Church,  Churchtown,  Budock  Water,  Falmouth,  TR11  5BZ  Tel:  01326  376422:   nd

We have many events ongoing through the year at our various shops in the region to help raise funds. The immediate one is our Race for Life event. Here in Falmouth it will be held on the 12 th May starting at 11.00 running 5K and the last day to sign up in store is 21st April, so please do call in to sign up the fee if age 16 and over on the day of the event is £14.99. The other event here in this region is Truro and that will be held on 14 th July also 5k starting at 11.00. The last day to sign up in store for this one is 23rd June. There will be donation stations at both events and if you wish to volunteer to help at these events, fundraising, by all means please call into our stores.





Sunday Services:  Holy  Communion  8.00am  every  Sunday,  10.00am  2  and  5  Sunday  and  6.30pm  1   rd st nd and  3  Sunday  monthly.  Morning  Prayer  10.00am  1  Sunday  of  Month.  Evening  Prayer  6.30pm  2     rd th Sunday  of  month.    Morning  Worship  10.00am  3  Sunday  of  month.    Family  Communion  10.00am  4   th Sunday  of  month.  Songs  of  Praise  or  equivalent  6.30pm  5  Sunday  of  month.   Weekday  Services:  Mon,  Tues,  Thurs  9.00am  Morning  Prayer  and  Weds  10.30am  Holy  Communion.    

Falmouth Methodist  Church Killigrew  Street    Falmouth,  TR11  3PG  01326  211549.     th Sunday  services  at  10.30am.  7  March  mid-­‐week  Communion  10.30am  Rev.  Arthur  Cowburn.  Falmouth   Community  Choir  practice  on  Wednesdays  10am-­‐12  noon  and  Falmouth  Vocalz  at  8pm-­‐9.30pm.  Sunday   th th 17  March  Bring  and  Share  lunch  following  service.  Maundy  Thursday  28  March  Tenebrae  service   th 7.15pm.  Saturday  30  March  CD  Fayre  10am.  Coffee  Mornings  every  Thursday  and  Friday  9.30-­‐11.30am.   nd rd th 2  and  3  April  Lions  Booksale  10am-­‐4pm.  4  April  mid-­‐week  Communion  Rev.  Peter  Facer.  Choir   continue.  Coffee  Mornings  every  Thursday  and  Friday  9.30-­‐11.30am   All  Methodist  Churches  in  TR11  or  near,  service  times:   Flushing  6pm,  Mawnan  Smith  11am,  Mylor  10.30am,  Penryn  10.30am,  Trenoweth  which  meets  in  Mabe   Village  Hall  10.45am  



NEW GROUPS/CLASSES/COURSES at your TR11 Children’s Centre’s The Park Centre, Park Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 2DJ 01326 312493 Mon-Thurs 09.00-5.00pm Fridays 09.00-4.00pm Wednesday Here’s Looking at You Little One (6-12 months) To help you understand your babies cues and what they are trying to say. 6 week course. Starting 1st May-5th June 1.00pm-3.00pm Bookings only. Friday NEW midwife Parent Craft Labour Workshop Classes 2.00pm-4.30pm 12th April, 10th May, 14th June, 12th July. You and your partner/friend are invited to attend one of these friendly and informative sessions with the midwives. You need to be 28 weeks or over to attend. Please book in advance 01326 312493 NEW Midwife Living with Baby Classes 1:00pm - 3:00pm 19th April, 17th May, 21st June and 19th July. You and your partner/friend are invited to attend one of these friendly and informative sessions with the midwives, focusing on bathing, feeding and bonding. You need to be 28 weeks or over to attend. Please book in advance 01326 312493.

ock t Bud rary a Toddler ib L y & To m nt 1:30a r Pare Wate :30am - 1 lage 9 il V p r u e o t Gr April ck Wa Budo rting 18th entre C ta S k r ll a a P H e ct Th 2493 conta 01326 31 on


ul lourf ry, co pora ings and m e t Con fe paint From still-li trations. m-5pm, illus -Sat 10a nk Hols n m, Ba 15 3, Mo May .30am-4p nds May e 1 , 1 Sun -4.30pm 1132 .uk 1 11am 01326 2 e-the id s e .b www

Strawberry Tea Party Lots of fun activities for all of the family. Meeting in Kimberly Park On Thursday 20th June 2013 1:30pm - 3:00pm Then back to The Park Centre to buy a Cream Tea for Breast Cancer!

Friends of the Princess Pavilion & Gardens Thursday 16th May 2.30-4.30pm Godrevey Singers Male Vocal Group FOC, Raffle and Prize Draw

Whats’ On Your Postcode Your Community

The Lighthouse Centre, Jubilee Road, Falmouth, TR11 2BB 01326 317796 Mon-Thurs 09.00-5.00pm Fridays 09.00-4.00pm Tuesday Finding Yourself Again. A group for Mums with post-natal low mood. Starting 4th June - 9th July No session 2nd July. 5 week course. Bookings only. Please contact Outlook South West on 01208 871905 for further info. Here’s Looking at Your Learning Journey. A chance to get together with other parents that have attended a here’s looking at you course. Bring along your learning journey and we can update them together. Starting 30th April 1:30pm - 3:00pm Bookings only. NCT Antenatal Courses. From where to give birth to knowing when your contractions are really getting underway, these classes are a great way to find answers to all your questions about labour, birth, being a very new parent and looking after and feeding your new baby. Starts 28th May 2013 Starting at 7:00 pm For more information and to book a place please call NCT on 0844 243 6987. Next course starts 23rd July. Wednesday Here’s Looking at You Little One (12–24 months) To help you understand your toddlers behaviour and how they are expressing themselves. 6 week course. Starting 1st May - 5th June 2013 9:30am - 11:30am Bookings only. Contact The Park Centre on 01326 312493 Introduction to Food Nutrition 3:15 - 5:00pm Giving families the opportunity to enjoy learning and to develop new skills together. Bookings only. For further details contact The Park Centre 01326 312493 Friday NEW Summer Time 10:00am - 11:30am Come along and join Lynn Benson, Play Supervisor, having fun with arts and crafts with a Summer theme. No session on 5th or 12th April. Suggested donation £1. Saturday Lighthouse Dads For all dads and their children. Breakfast between 9:00am - 10:00am Session runs from 9:00am - 12:30pm All dads welcome. Meeting at the Lighthouse Centre on the 13th & 27th April, 11th & 25th May, 8th & 22nd June, 13th & 27th July

Saturdays - Pendennis Youth Training Band, Budock Village Hall, Lower Room. 10.30am-12pm. For Young People & Experienced players welcome. Lessons provided if required. Arthur Allen 01326 315585

Sing and Sign We have two classes Wednesday am. or or 07591 556 400

Child Health Clinic Baby and Toddler weighing. Age appropriate play equipment provided whilst you wait to see a health advisor. Open during Half Term 10:00am 12:00pm Falmouth Health Centre 01326 434782

Baby Clinic g. alth eighin d e H w n Child Toddler ome 2 lc and ilies we in the s m y am All fa th Frida - 11:30 , & 4 :30am y r e 82 Surg th. 9 mon estover 26 4347 W 013 h t ou Falm

Bump to Breast Post Natal Support Annie Fearn, Children’s Centre Play Supervisor in attendance for extra support Thursdays 10:30am - 12:30pm Open during Half Term Falmouth Health Centre 01326 434782

Free Family Fun Day WHERE: Elemental NQY Tolcarne Beach, Newquay WHEN: Saturday 11th May 1000-1600 PRICE: FREE Contact 01326 318771 Elemental UK Swanpool Beach, Falmouth

Open Mic Price: free Times: Wed 9pm Venue: Jacob's Ladder Inn, 1-2 Chapel Terrace, Falmouth,TR11 3BQ 01326 311010

t& aren res P nuel u s a e Tr ma Little lers: Em Western Todd Church, . 01326 t th is Bapt e Falmou Lewis. n c e a r r r a s, e K T 49. sday 3152 ays, Tue ridays F d n d o n M ay a 0am .3 nesd Wed 0am-11 9.3

r, ance t 013: C Life 2 ing to ge r fo Race th's com ies, play u d o Falm ome on la cancer it C you! art. Let's h n, walk, u p your it hurts. R e e wher nter at rac 2 2013 ay 1 e, e danc unday, M on S

'Angelic Meditation group' mon 1.30-3 and wed 10-12 £5. in Falmouth call Theresa on 07708565820

Illumination Brass performs a selection of pop, rock, film score and classical works. May 5th, 19th, 2.30pm-4pm Princess Pavilion And Gyllyngdune Gardens Melvill Road,Falmouth, TR11 4AR 01326 211222


Garden TR11cks May - Things to do in your garden Weeding, weeding, weeding! (Or sit back smugly if you have mulched & only need

to pull out the odd perennial weed). May is the busiest time in the vegetable garden. Seed should germinate quickly in the ground and young plants from your windowsill or greenhouse can be planted in the ground. Plant out bedding plants for a seasonal display of colour. Prune back spring flowering clematis such as C.montana after they finish flowering they will take severe pruning if they have become tangled mess - even regenerating from the base. Water newly planted out plants to establish them if there’s no rain for a week or so. Stake any flopping plants in herbaceous borders before they collapse over other Flowering plants for May plants. Anthemis cupaniana punctate - a mounding plant with ferny silver foliage and clear white daisy flowers with a yellow button centre. It loves creeping over the edge of sunny walls. Ceanothus ‘Blue Mound’ - Californian lilac - a rounded evergreen sun-loving shrub which grows up to about 1.5m high and is covered in intense blue flowers in late spring - a wonderful sight.


Contact TR11 if you would like a portrait profile about you!

A few of my favourite things: Walking by the sea with my dog. Coming home and curling up with a good book .Taking to the water in one of my boats or mooching around an art gallery. Favourite music: I just love live music and lots of classics but He lyn Mo rri s favourites at the moment are Rufus Wainwright and Falmouth Harbour Mumford and Sons. What makes me happy: Eating out with friends Chiropractor at a lovely country pub, going to hear live music, a trip to the theatre or simply being creative. Flushing festival was bliss. I’m lucky enough to love my work too … the lovely people I meet and the satisfaction of helping them recover. Proudest moments:Becoming a Chiropractor in 1996, Having my fabulous twins in 1997. Timing! and recently being part of the amazing bronze age boat launch in Falmouth. See me paddling on utube! Top Tip: Follow your dreams and try to carry out a random acts of kindness every day. Favourite Food: All good food especially when I don’t have to cook it . Tapas , seafood and just about anything cooked at Provadore , Cinammon Café or Miss Peapods ... Yum ! Favourite Films:Amelie.. sooo romantic, Frida..really inspiring and Les Mis…of course

MAY 2013






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May Issue 2013

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