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Offering fun, friendly Zumba and Dance Fitness classes in your area. Classes run on a drop in basis or can be bought in bulk at a discounted rate. Monday  9.30-­‐10.30  am  -­‐  ZUMBA   Mawnan  Smith  Cricket  Club     Monday  1.15-­‐2.15  pm  -­‐  ZUMBA   St  Michaels  Hotel  Falmouth     Monday  6.30-­‐7.30pm  -­‐  ZUMBA   Penryn  Sports  College     Tuesday  9.30-­‐10.30am  -­‐  ZUMBA  Ma  &  Me   Highway  Church  Community  Centre,  Penryn     Tuesday  10.45-­‐11.45am  -­‐  Fit  to  Wiggle   Specialist  class  please  see  website  for  details     Tuesday  6.30-­‐7.30pm  -­‐  ZUMBA   St  Michaels  Hotel,  Falmouth     Tuesday  7.00-­‐8.00pm  -­‐  BOKWA  FITNESS   The  Space,  Nr  Flying  Start  Nursery,  Penryn  Rugby  Club     Tuesday  8.00-­‐9.00pm  -­‐  ZUMBA   The  Tolmen  Centre,  Constantine     Wednesday  7.30-­‐8.30pm  -­‐  ZUMBA   Mabe  Community  Hall     Wednesday  8.45-­‐9.30pm  -­‐  EXPRESS  PILATES   Mabe  Community  Hall     Thursday  5.30-­‐6.30pm  -­‐  AQUA  ZUMBA     St  Michaels  Hotel,  Falmouth     Thursday  6.30-­‐7.30pm  -­‐  ZUMBA     St  Michaels  Hotel,  Falmouth     Friday  6.00-­‐7.00pm  -­‐  RETROBOP     Highway  Church  Community  Centre,  Penryn   (From  22nd  March  -­‐  Penryn  Sports  College)     Friday  9.30-­‐10.30pm  -­‐  ZUMBA  GOLD   Mawnan  Smith  Memorial  Hall    (From  March)  

STUDENT DISCOUNT  &  MEMBERSHIP  AVAILABLE  -­‐  Call  07817174114  -­‐  Email   2

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MARCH 2013

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Your Postcode - Your Community What’s On in TR11 4/5 Comfy Shoes 2u 6 Grandma Remember Me 6 Helen Tite - There’s a revolution coming to town! 7 Mother’s Day Pop Up Card CRAFT 10 TRied and Tested Banana Cake RECIPE 11 Kick Start Fat Loss Club - The Core 12 Volunteer of Year Award. Cliffy Banfield 13 Waterside Skincare - Collagen Stimulation Therapy 14/15 Vogue Hairdressing - Meet Sophie & Becky, Colour Technicians 21 Go on TRy it! Pilates SPORT Ty Morgan 22 Regular Programme and Services CHURCH 24 Invictus TRust - Invictus Project CHARITY 25 Falmouth RFC. At the heart of your Community 26 Garden TR11cks - Cathy Wallwork 27 KSFL - It’s time for a change 28 The Salvation Army - weekly events for all ages CHARITY 29 Tide Times - Falmouth and TRy this Quiz! 30 PorTRait - Ty Morgan FalFitness 31 Hayley Neate

Dear Readers,

Welcome to TR11’s 5th Issue! Your Local Community Magazine. Thank you very much to all of those who have helped and supported me get TR11 this far, it hasn’t been easy! From local people and businesses to advertisers and distributors and of course not to mention my friends and FAMILY (you are the best!). To progress in playing ‘my part’ in bringing the TR11 community further together; I would really like some feedback (informative and constructive) from YOU the Readers of TR11 and how I can improve TR11 for YOU. Not your neighbour, friends or family - YOU! I look forward to hearing from YOU: / Facebook / 01326 313633 / Twitter / Linked In Thank you, Hayley

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Sing and Sign www.singandsign.c s Wednesday am. 0 40 We have two classe 6 55 1 or 0759 or samtancock@g

Bump to Breast – Post Natal Support. Annie Fearn, Children’s Centre Play Supervisor in attendance for extra support. Thurs 10.30am-12.30pm Falmouth Health Centre 01326 434782

Want to see your Group/Event/Class here? Call 01326 313633 Hayley Neate Or Email to

The Park Children’s Centre, Park Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 2DJ 01326 312493 Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00pm Fri 9.00-4.30pm

Friends of the Princess Pavilion & Gardens Thurs Mar 21st 2-4pm NIGHTINGALES Female Vocals Duo & Piano Prize Draw Raffle FOC

Child Health Clinic - Baby and Toddler weighing. Open during half term. Wednesdays 10.00am-12.00pm Falmouth Health Centre 01326 434782

MONDAYS: Support Group for Falmouth & Penryn Childminders 9.00-11.30am weekly 01326 312493 Dad’s ‘R’ Us Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. If you are a dad spending time with your child, come & spend time with us at 1pm-2.30pm. TUESDAYS: Oasis - Support for families with additional needs 9.30am-11.30am. Call 01326 312493 WILD - Learning development for women under 23 years 12.00-3.00pm Crèche provided for children. WILD on 01209 210077 WEDNESDAYS: Falmouth Toy Library 9.30am-11.30am Borrow toys for 2 wks for a small fee. 20p-£1 Max. Open during Half Terms 01326 312493 Here’s Looking at You Little One (6-12 months) – to help you understand your baby’s cues and what they are trying to say. 6-week course. Starting 6th March bookings only, 01326 312493 Park Centre. 1.00-3.00pm THURSDAYS: Cornwall One Parent Support (COPS) 10.30am-12.00pm for one-parent families. Ring Liz to find out more on 01726 65417 The Bubble Room – The Park Children’s Centre. A multi sensory room FOC to all families with children under 5 yrs old (or up to 25 yrs if the child/young person has additional needs) Book a 1/2 hour slot between: 9.00am-12.30pm Mon and 9.00-4.30pm Tues-Fri. Induction required call 01326 312493 to book. FRIDAYS: Falmouth Toy Library Falmouth Toy Library 9.30am-11.30am Borrow toys for 2 wks for a small fee. 20p-£1 Max. Open during Half Terms 01326 312493 NEW Midwife Parent Craft Classes 2.00-4.30pm 8th Feb – 8th Mar. Bring your Partner/Friend to friendly and informative sessions with a midwide. Must be 30 wks or over to attend. Book in advance 01326 312493


Call Hayley@TR11 01326 313633

Starting 27th March: Reiki Share-monthly group in Falmouth. Theresa Field - Reiki Master Teacher. £2. Call 07708 565820 or Email OR Bringing through your gifts - Creativity Workshop 1-4pm 06.04.13 £20. Contact Theresa for further information.

Your Postcode Your Community

The Lighthouse Centre, Jubilee Road, Falmouth, TR11 2BB 01326 317796 Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00pm Fri 9.00-4.30pm MONDAYS: YMWA Young Mum’s Will Achieve 9.30am-4.00pm Term Time Only. Rachel Marks 07990 567530 / 0845 2232567 Email: Daisy Birthing – is a gentle relaxed-active birthing concept - Yoga. 7.00-8.00pm Becky Bennett 07976 834567 There is a charge. TUESDAYS: Extended Feeding Group 4th Tues every month Vicky 07814 752497 Email: Finding Yourself Again. Postnatal Support. Bookings Only Outlook SW 01208 871905 th NCT Antenatal Courses. New Course 5 March 7.00pm Call NCT on:0844 243 6987 WEDNESDAYS Here’s Looking at You Little One (12-24 months) Understand your toddlers’ behaviour th and how they are expressing themselves. 6 week course starts 6 March 9.30am-11.30am. Bookings only contact The Park Centre 01326 312493 Bongo Babies 1.30-2.30pm a music group for 0-2 years Drop in group run by parents during term time only. 01326 317796 £2.00 charge per family. THURSDAYS: YMWA Young Mum’s Will Achieve 9.30am-4.00pm Term Time Only. A group for young mums and pregnant young women 14-19 yrs. Free travel, free onsite crèche, free lunch and refreshments. Call Rachel Marks 07990 567530 / 0845 2232567 or Email FRIDAYS: NEW Spring is Sprung Starting 1st Feb 10.00-11.30am Fun with arts and crafts – Spring theme. Lynn Benson, Play Supervisor. £1.00 Donation. SATURDAYS: Lighthouse Dad’s – for all Dad’s and their children. Breakfast between nd th 9.00-10.00am session runs 9.00-12.20pm. All Dad’s welcome 2 & 16 March at the Park Centre 2013. 01326 317796

l Baptist Church, Little Treasures Parent & Toddlers: Emmanue . Karen Lewis. Western Terrace Falmouth. 01326 315249 9.30am-11.30am Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays Sat 23 & Sun 24 March FALMOUTH SPRING FLOWER SHOW The blooming marvels of Falmouth’s annual flower show return witha fine collection of exotic and rare plants. There’s flower arranging,competitions, refreshments and green-fingered experts will be onhand to answer all your questions. To exhibit your own little beauties, download a schedule from the website: Starts Sat 10.30 – 5.30pm Sun 10am – 4pm Entry £3 OTD

Angel workshop with Archangel Jophiel

Angelic support for living spiritually and coping with the everyday life. We will be taken on a guided channeled meditation. We will be then creating our own unique Mandala and angelic mantra, to help us connect with and feel the support and guidance from the angelic realm.

Please email On 02/03/13 1-4pm in Falmouth Energy exchange £20

FOLK AND CIDER FA YRE Sat 23rd and Sun 24 th March Being a part of the

Spring Festival Celeb rations in Falmouth now in its 3rd year, Eve nts Square will be a ho sting the 1st Folk and Cider Fay re where you can com e to sit, relax, listen to folk music, sam ple 20 local ciders tog ether with hog roasts and barbe cues and browse the arts and craft pavilion. All members of the fam ily are most welcome .


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 Over  the  last  2  years,  Comfyshoes2u  has  established  a  reputation  for   quality  service  and  customer  focus.  Based  in  Falmouth,  the  business  was   set  up  by  Rob  and  Judy  Penfold  providing  a  unique  service  by  taking  a   selection  of  high  quality,  comfortable  shoes  direct  to  people  in  their   home  environment.  Comfyshoes2u  is  an  ideal  service  for  those  who  find   it  hard  to  travel  to  town  centres  and  don’t  enjoy  shopping  by  Internet.   Rob  and  Judy  have  attended  several  Ladies  Church  groups,  Luncheon   Clubs,  Residential  Homes  and  Sheltered  Housing  Groups  allowing  them  to   display  their  full  range.  Rob  also  provides  an  informal  talk  on  his  30  years   experience  in  the  retail  shoe  business.    Afterwards,  everyone  has  an   opportunity  to  try  on  the  shoes,  sandals  and  slippers  at  their  leisure.  It’s  a   relaxing  experience,  stress  free  with  no  obligation  or  extra  cost.    

Comfyshoes2u  supply  a  selection  of  men’s  and  women’s  shoes,  sandals   and  slippers  from  “Hotter�,  the  well-­�established  and  highly  regarded   British  company.  These  are  high  quality  shoes  that  are  comfortable,  wide   fitting  and  made  in  the  United  Kingdom.  Although  Comfyshoes2u  stock  a   wide  range  of  shoes,  customers  who  prefer  a  specific  style  or  colour  can   order  from  the  catalogue  at  no  extra  cost.  Rob  likes  to  emphasise  that  it   is  not  simply  about  providing  shoes  but  more  importantly,  providing  a   friendly,  bespoke  and  tailored  service.  


Rob’s  30  years  experience  in  the  shoe  trade  means  he  can  help  customers  to  find  the  correct  and  most   comfortable  fit  that’s  just  right  for  their  feet.  Several  podiatrists  and  chiropodists  in  the  local  area  have   recommended  Comfyshoes2u.     They  also  stock  “Cosyfeet  “products  including  diabetic  socks,  tights,  stockings  and  slippers.  

Grandma Remember Me – by Belinda Lazenby Through a playwrights’ eyes: My grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease, my mother has it now and these personal experiences of understanding dementia lead me to write “Grandma Remember Me�. It is written from the perspective of a young child whose grandma develops Alzheimer’s. It explores the importance of memories and relationships within our lives and how to keep and treasure them. It is a piece of high quality theatre, very powerful, realistic and deeply moving, told through a mix of puppetry, drama and storytelling. There are 4,500 people diagnosed with dementia in Cornwall, they think the actual figure is closer to 9,000. There are many people out there who are not getting the support or help they need. I wanted to raise awareness & understanding and show it is possible to live well with dementia. I wanted to show that you can still maintain an emotional connection with the person you love despite their illness. Az2B Theatre Company has been successful in getting a further grant from the Arts Council and from The Works to tour the play in March and May. We have also been supported by Cornwall Council and Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust who were so impressed by the play that they have bought in some shows to offer FREE to the community in venues across Cornwall. (Ref website: to see where they are) There is still stigma attached to memory loss and dementia, and if this play helps to change this in some way, then that makes me very proud.





 There’s  a  revolution  coming  to  town!  

There’s  a  diet  revolution  coming  to  Falmouth  and  Penryn  and  soon  Truro.     Kick  Start  Fat  Loss  is  a  new  generation  slimming  club  –  never  been  seen  before.   They  are  teaming  up  with  local  butchers,  grocers,  fishmongers  and  organic  produce  suppliers  to  make  sure   their  members  are  getting  great,  healthy,  locally  produced  food  which  is  also  going  to  give  the  local   economy  a  much  needed  boost.   They  are  leading  the  revolution  against  processed  foods  and  diet  foods  and  aim  to  get  everyone  cooking   from  scratch  using  locally  sourced  produce.   KSFL  Club  was  launched  on  Tuesday  12th  February  at  The  Core  at  7.15pm.  Offering  members  a  clean   eating  programme  based  on  the  latest  tried  and  tested  formulas  with  no  diet  food  in  sight,  a  great  cutting   edge  half  hour  workout  for  busy  women,  and  a  real  sense  of  community  spirit  and  support  which  is  so   important  to  its  success.   We  are  pleased  to  announce  the  coach  for  Falmouth  is  Helen  Tite  who  has  experience  in  personal  weight   loss  having  lost  over  7  stones.  Helen  is  a  National  Fitness  Presenter  and  Exercise  Specialist.    

Helen  says:     “It’s  time  for  a  change,  a  new  generation  of  classes  suitable  for  all  levels     that  encourage  a  great  community  feel.�   “Gone  are  the  days  where  you  have  to  work  out  for  an  hour  every  time;  times  have  moved  on   and  it’s  all  about  high  intensity,  interval  training  now  and  kick  starting  your  metabolism�   “We  use  the  latest  cutting  edge  workouts  that  change  every  week,  they  are  very  2012.�   “Plus  we  all  know  to  have  success  losing  weight  you  have  to  combine  healthy  eating  with   exercise;  one  without  the  other  is  a  waste  of  time  so  we  get  all  our  members  clean  eating   from  the  start  with  no  diet  food  in  sight.�    

Kick  Start  Fat  Loss  is  the  brainchild  of  the  UK’s  leading  health  and  Fitness  Presenter  and  Guru  Rachel   Holmes.  It  started  out  as  an  online  product  back  in  2007  and  now  she’s  launching  it  nationwide  with  44   branches  opening  up  and  down  the  country  all  led  by  the  highest  qualified  trainers  on  the  country.   Rachel  is  passionate  that  KSFL  is  a  real  part  of  the  community  and  her  team  leaders  encouraging  their   members  to  shop  locally  reinforce  part  of  that.     “I  can’t  emphasise  enough  how  important  it  is  to  get  people  using  local  resources  with  fresh  produce   instead  of  filling  their  trolleys  with  two  for  one  offers  at  the  supermarket,�  says  Rachel.   “At  Kick  Start  Fat  Loss  we  are  starting  a  revolution  and  you  can  all  be  part  of  it,�  she  adds.  


 If  you  would  like  to  find  out  more  you  can  contact  Helen  or  her  team  on   01326  310760  or  07971036838  or  visit  

Belinda Artistic Director Mob: 07931667356 Showing in Falmouth Friday 15th March 7pm at Church Hall, Falmouth Parish Church of King Charles the Martyr. Tickets ÂŁ6/ÂŁ4 Family ÂŁ18 from The Cornish Store, Falmouth. Interested in advertising? Please call Hayley Neate 313633 Email

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Penbothidnow House, Penbothidnow Lane, Constantine, TR11 5AU

Mrs Georgina Acland

Tel & Fax 01326 340377 Mobile: 07968 342198

For the BEST in Catering Weddings, Dinner & House Parties Numbers no problem Venue no problem

Painter and Decorator General Handyman Available for work locally Jeff Maddern 07967 378723 - 01326 377966

01326 312926 07887 838664

Brighthouse Electrical Ltd

Fully Qualified and Registered Electrical Engineers Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Installations Repairs - Maintenance - Free Estimates

11 Lambs Lane | Falmouth | TR11 2JL 8

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Mother's Day pop up card

!"#$!$%&'()*+',*%$-&%%'.)/&-/$"0' +&"12'/2)*%"-3%')4'2)!&%'$-'()*+'"+&"'

'0&"40&/'3$%/+$,*/$)-' .+$1&%'4+)!'5*%/'


Show your affection with a handmade Mother's Day card featuring pretty f lowers.


%%%-!"#$%&'(,"#0,"!123!'245!2&6.&'6%#,,-.&-5(/ 7&$)#68/"3!#4,239"1/26/7&'6%#,,/0&'/:;/8"#'3/ !

Materials Paper in different colours for the flowers and green, glue stick, double-sided tape, card 1. Cut seven 4-inch squares of paper in desired colours. Fold a square into quarters. Fold down flap diagonally; flip the square of paper over and fold down the other flap, forming a triangle as shown. use the petal template; trace it onto the triangle, and cut out. Unfold, and cut one petal from flower; close gap by overlapping petals on either side and securing with glue stick. Repeat with other squares.






Dinky Ads or 1/4 Page or 1/2 Page Full Page or Advertorials Front/Back Cover or Inside Front/Back Covers Centre Pages Double Spread 1, 3, 6, 12 months - the more months you advertise the less you pay per month! On the TR11 Website - Jobs, Advertising, What’s On, Business News

get? d u B a n O DS A Y K N I D £22 less than

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125g butter, softened 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs ied and tested 1 cup mashed banana 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda Banana Cake 2 tablespoons hot milk 2 cups plain flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Whipped cream and fresh bananas for filling and icing sugar for dusting


2. Attach pieces of double-sided tape to petals, as indicated by dots. Start sticking flowers to one another: Flowers B and C each overlap a petal with A; then flower D goes on top, completely overlapping A. 3. Attach flowers E and F to the stack to overlap B and C.




4. Attach G to the top, overlapping D. Cut out some freehand leaves from green paper, place double-sided tape on the bottom, and attach them to the flowers. 5. Cut a piece of card stock into a 10-by-6-inch rectangle, and fold in half to form a card. Place the folded flower stack inside of the opened card as shown. Place a piece of double-sided tape as shown; close card, and press firmly to adhere. Open card and repeat, attaching the other side of the flower stack to the inside of the card.

Send us pictures of your creations! Want to share your CRAFT? Email HAYLEY

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each edition. Add mashed banana and mix thoroughly. Stir bicarbonate of soda into hot milk and add to creamed mixture. Sift flour and baking powder together. Stir into mixture. Turn into two 20cm round cake tins lined on the base with baking paper. Bake at 180’C for 25 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched. Leave in tins for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack. When cold, the two cakes can be filled with whipped cream and fresh banana slices and dusted with icing sugar on the top.

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The Brand New Kick Start Fat Loss Diet & Fitness Club Helen began her own personal journey in the fitness profession 14 years ago after putting on substantial weight after the birth of her second daughter. Following initial training in America, she has since achieved a plethora of qualifications and experience, gaining a reputation for excellence and results. Helen's vibrant and fun classes have been experienced nationally, blending a passion for group exercise and personal training. She remains results focused and strives to develop clients' personal goals in the long term. Unwaveringly passionate and energetic , Helen opened The Core Fitness and Wellbeing Centre in Falmouth in 2008, offering a vast array of studio and outdoor exercise classes and a personal training area. New additions include a suite of therapy rooms and a Precor gym floor. Helen has a great team of instructors “living the fitness dream” allowing her to throw her energy into the Kick Start Fat Loss Program. Having celebrated personal weight loss with clean eating, Helen is the drive behind the #fatlossrevolution in Cornwall.

To book your place visit: Tel: 07971 036 838 Email: Facebook: Twitter:

Supporting Homes, Small Businesses and Primary Schools throughout Cornwall


Services provided include: • PC and Laptop repairs • CCTV specialist (remote viewing of home or office on a computer, smartphone or iPad)

Monthly IT maintenance contracts available; contact us for further details: Tel: 01326 312664 Mobile: 07771 347848 Email: Web:


Reason for  nomination:  In  2010  Cliffy  found  herself  thrust  into  the  role  of   Chair  of  Falmouth  Sports  Club  following  the  resignation  of  the  previous   Chair  mid  way  through  the  year.  Despite  her  other  commitments  as  the   mother  of  young  children  and  as  a  teacher  she  has  devoted  countless   hours  to  the  Club.  As  well  as  all  the  usual  matters  facing  any  Chair  she   immediately  had  to  address  financial  and  employment  issues  and  put   turnaround  measures  in  place.    

In doing  this  she  has  lead  by  example  including  acting  as  unpaid  bar  staff,  cleaner,  social   events  organiser  and  general  problem  solver  and  inspiring  other  members  to  give  their  time   and  expertise  to  the  Club.  She  has  also  overseen  a  successful  application  for  a  £50,000  Sport   England  grant  and  the  updating  of  the  Club  constitution  in  line  with  the  LTA  model.    

Just as  important  is  the  way  she  has  done  this.  She  is  always  cheerful,  welcoming  and   accessible  to  members  and  their  queries  while  also  being  quietly  authoritative.  Her   inspirational  leadership  has  created  a  unified  team  ready  to  take  the  Club  forward  for  the   foreseeable  future.    

• Wireless networks • Provision of internet services including Superfast Broadband

Senior awards  Nomination:  Cliffy  Banfield  

“There were  3  people  nominated  in  the  category  of  Senior  Volunteer  of  the  Year,  (senior   being  the  position  the  member  holds  in  a  club).  I  won  the  award!”  Explains  Cliffy.  

• Sales of new and refurbished hardware

• Data cabling

Volunteer of  the  Year  award  

Unisex, colouring, children, weddings etc. Free consultations See Facebook for Price List or call 07548 151828 Receive 10% OFF with this advert

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“We have  recently  had  our  squash  courts  refurbished  and  they  look  lovely.  I  am  very  excited   about  what  is  happening  at  FSC  at  the  moment.  We  are  moving  forward  in  many  directions.   New  deals  are  being  agreed  daily  and  hopefully  FSC  will  soon  be  the  biggest  Tennis/Squash   and  Racketball  club  in  Cornwall.”  She  continues.    

“Our fitness  suite  is  still  in  demand  and  as  a  Spring  offer  we  are  offering  a  50%  discount  on   room  hire.  So  we  will  be  charging  10  pounds  per  hour  now  for  long  term  hire  and  15  pounds   per  hour  for  once  off  hire.”  Cliffy  explains.   For more information: Call 01326 311056 Find Us: Western Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 4QJ Want to see your STORY here? Contact Hayley 313633 /


“CST(Collagen Stimulation  Therapy)  is  the  activation  of  growth  factors   (without  destroying  the  integrity  of  the  skin)  by  pricking  the  skin  with   needles  to  induce  collagen  and  elastin  production  in  order  to  smooth   scarred  and  wrinkled  skin”  Dr  Des  Fernandes.    

COLLAGEN STIMULATION THERAPY™ - UNLOCKING YOUR BODY’S POWERS OF REJUVENATION Incredible results for ageing skin, sun damage, scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels.

Collagen Stimulation  Therapy  was  developed  and  pioneered  by  Dr  Des   Fernandes  in  1997.  CST  is  used  as  an  alternative  to  laser,  heavy  peeling   and  dermabrasion.  During  this  painless  procedure  your  skincare  professional  will  apply  a  topical   anaesthetic,  a  small  instrument  containing  the  micro  needles  is  then  rolled  over  your  skin  to   create  thousands  of  microscopic  channels  in  the  lower  levels  of  your  skin.  This  procedure   produces  the  body's  response  to  injury  to  release  powerful  growth   factors,  which  are  part  of  a   natural  healing  process  resulting  in  increased  collagen  and  elastin   production.  A  potent  vitamin  A  treatment  is  then  applied  to  the   treated  skin  taking  advantage  of  a  10,000  times  better  penetration   of  product  at  this  stage  for  optimum  collagen  production.    

CST harnesses  your  body’s  natural  powers  of  healing  to  tighten  your   skin  and  achieve  incredible  results  to  address  signs  of  ageing  skin,   sun  damage,  scarring,  stretch  marks,  uneven  skin   tone/pigmentation  and  dilated  capillaries.  Used  in  conjunction  with   the  Advanced  Nutrition  Programme’s  nutritional  supplements  to  aid   collagen  production  and  topical  Vitamin  A  products  to  aid  collagen   and  elastin  production  and  improve  overall  skin  health,  this   revolutionary  treatment  is  a  simple  and  affordable  way  to  help  hold   back  the  ageing  process  on  the  skin  and  reduce  scarring.      

“I have never seen my skin look so dewy before. My cheeks and forehead are visibly smoother after three sessions and I’ll be going back for more” Suzanne Aaaronson, Skin Matters - London

Research in  Germany  produced  by  Prof  Aust  showed  that  CST  in  conjunction  with  topical   Vitamin  A  (from  Beta  Carotene)  produced  an  increase  in  epidermal  strength  of  a  whopping   658%  after  just  4  treatments  and  was  so  effective  on  scarring  that  this  treatment  is  available   today  on  Germany’s  equivalent  of  the  UK's  NHS.    

This revolutionary  CST  procedure  is  available  at  Waterside  Skincare  in  Penryn.  Opening   treatment  packages  start  from  as  little  as  £1249  for  our  Silver  package  saving  over   £580  on  our   normal  list  price.  To  see  if  CST  can  help  you  call  Lizzy  TODAY  on  01326  389322  and  book  your  

FREE CONSULTATION  and  to  APPLY  FOR  ONE  OF  OUR  EXCEPTIONAL  ONETIME  ONLY,   INTRODUCTORY  TREATMENT  PACKAGE  OFFERS  FOR  CST,  ONLY  3  AVAILABLE!   See the difference around the eyes and on the frown lines

Speak to Lizzy today on 01326 389322 to book your FREE

CST CONSULTATION and find out about our special introductory packages - ONLY 3 AVAILABLE AT OUTSTANDING PRICES!


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More than  just  a  racket  sports  club!   • Gym   • Fitness  classes   • Yoga  and  Pilates   • Bar  and  meals   • Great  facilities  for  functions  of  all  kinds   • Martial  Arts  classes   • Circus  skill  workshops  

 Pop in  and  experience  the  warm,  friendly   atmosphere.    Membership  categories  to  suit  all  ages  and  pockets.    We  have  just  been  awarded  a  grant  from  Sport   England  to  improve  our  facilities.    Come  and  be  part  of  the  fastest  growing  sports  club  in   Falmouth.    Come  and  see  for  yourself  what  we  have  to  offer.    

Contact us:  

Western Terrace     Falmouth             TR11  4QJ  

               01326  311056  

TR11 Local Community Magazine Advertising-Special Offer! Getting 2013 off to a good start! • 4 months for the price of 3 OR • 8 months for the price of 6 OR • 14 months for the price of 12 IF you are willing to put in a Full page, Half Page, Quarter page or Eighth page sized advert in APRIL 2013 Issue!! You could have an editorial page thrown in if you are a sports/fitness club, charity or church! They do not have to be consecutive months-you can choose which ones you want throughout the year, to suit you. (Doesn’t include Front/Back Covers or Inside Front/Inside Back Covers) Interested?

Call Hayley 01326 313633 /

FOOTSTEPS COFFEE SHOP (Under King Charles the Martyr Church, Falmouth.)

Buff Design Ltd

Visual identity packages for new start-ups and small businesses LOGO DESIGN BRANDING EXPERTISE WEBSITE DESIGN ADVERT/PROMO MATERIAL WEB & LOGO PACKAGES from £295 SPECIAL TR11 PRICES Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all enquiries M: 07760 198 147 E:


March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 2013 Fridays From 11am to 3.30pm ‘Best value in town’ Lovely home-made soup and cakes, a warm welcome and a little peace. Raising funds for: Penryn and Falmouth Foodbank, (after school) Kidzklubs, Street Pastors and St Petroc’s home for single homeless people in Falmouth

Run by a committed team of volunteers from Falmouth and Penryn Churches Together since April 2011, assisted by University Students.

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5 1


S T R E E T ,

. F A L M O U T H

T R 1 1

3 P W

01326 313957


• • • • • • •  

RCVS accredited  Veterinary  Hospital       Car  Parking   Friendly  knowledgeable  receptionists   Modern  laboratory  and  diagnostic  equipment   Pets,  horses  and  farm  animal  work     Free  nurse  clinics     Wide  range  of  pet  accessories  and  foods  

• • • • • • •

Vets on  call  24  hours  a  day   2  RCVS  certificate  holders   Animal  Acupuncturist     Animal  Physiotherapist   Animal  Behaviourist   Puppy  socialisation  classes   Dog  walking  groups  

Rosemullion Veterinary  Practice  Limited   Falmouth  Veterinary  Hospital,  66  Melvill  Road,  Falmouth,  Cornwall  TR11  4DD   TEL:    01326  313991  WEB:  Facebook:    

Wedding Cakes

ing the best in Boutique style salon goffer with our in house cutting and colourin and Sophie y Beck n nicia tech colour Tel: 01326 313975

Colour Technicians at Vogue Sophie and Becky have trained for many years in the art of hair colouring. They are able to offer a wide range of colour services from natural highlights to hi fashion editorial colour placement, full heads, glossing, dip dye and colour correction services

By Jacky Law

Cupcake Towers Celebration Cakes Wedding Favours Edible Gifts Photo Cakes

01326 250735

What do romantic fish sing to each other? “Salmon-chanted evening”

25 % Discount at HL Please check out the Back Cover

Sugar Magic is a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme


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Go on TRy it! Pilates can benefit everyone Pilates is a method of exercise, which emphasises the balanced development of both the mind and the body. It was designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles, improving posture and balance, leading to a clear relaxed mind. Particular focus is given to strengthening the deep core muscles of the torso that are fundamental to creating a body that is pain free and moves with ease.

         

 

  

Typically expect to pay £5 for a mixed ability 1-hour class, of 15-25 individuals. Freelance instructors offer classes according to ability i.e. Beginner, Improver/Intermediate or Advanced. Expect to pay £6-8 for a class of 8-10 Individuals. A one-to-one session will cost £25-40 per hour. The less people in your class the more attention you will receive and potentially the quicker your progression.

              

Instructors may offer a free familiarisation lesson. This covers the fundamentals of the Pilates method and is a great way to fast track an individual, before they enter a class. If your choices are made on reputation, the STOTT Pilates brand is recognised throughout the world as the Industry market leader. The Pilates Institute and Polestar Pilates UK, also have a reputation for excellence.



Pilates gives balance to an individual’s fitness programme and when combined with a well-balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, aerobics or swimming and resistance training such as weight training, will enable an individual to achieve optimum levels of health and fitness.


To ask advice or book a class contact Ty Morgan Falfitness Pilates 07815 305095 - Tell TR11 about your INTEREST - Please call Hayley 313633 Email



     

 


Pilates exercises can be modified so that an individual experiences a safe and challenging workout. It is used in rehabilitation, for women rebounding from childbirth, with athletes and dancers and everyone in between. Medical practitioners, including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and GP’s, often refer patients to a Pilates Instructor as part of their treatment plan.

 

  

  


           



 

  

  

 

            

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TR11 Regular  Church  Programmes  &  Services:  

St Mary  Immaculate,  Killigrew  Street,  Falmouth  01326  312763  Our  regular  Mass  times  are  6.30  pm   Saturdays  and  10.45  am  Sundays,  there  are  also  weekday  Masses  -­‐  subject  to  change    

Falmouth Parish  Church  of  King  Charles  the  Martyr  -­‐  Regular  Services       st nd th Sunday  8.30  am  Holy  Communion  10.30  am  Sung  Eucharist  on  1 ,  2  and  4  Sundays,  Sung  Matins  on   rd th 3  and  5  Sundays  6.00  pm  Sung  Evensong  Thursday  10.30  am  Holy  Communion    

The Salvation  Army  -­‐  Falmouth  Temple  Corps,  Brook  Street,  Falmouth,  TR11  3RJ  Corps  Officers:   Lieutenants  Alison  &  Mark  Godwin  Tel:  01326  314567       Our  weekly  programme  consists  of  Monday  -­‐  5.30-­‐7.30  pm  -­‐  Pasta  Night  (all  welcome)  Come  and  enjoy  a   bowl  of  Pasta  and  coffee  for  £1  Tuesday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at   12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Tuesday  -­‐  1.45pm  Home  League  (A  ladies   fellowship  meeting)  Wednesday  -­‐  9.30  to  11:30  am  Parents  and  toddlers  (£1.50  per  family)     Wednesday  -­‐  5.30  to  6.45  pm  Kid  Zone  -­‐  Fun,  Games,  Music,  Craft  and  Christian  Teaching  for  Primary   school  age  (Years  1-­‐6)  50p.  Tuck  shop  extra  Wednesday  -­‐  7.00  pm  to  8.15  pm  is  Nexus  (Youth  Venue)   Games,  Music  and  Chat  for  Senior  School  age.  (Years  7  to  11)  50p  Tuck  shop  extra   Thursday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at  12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal   with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Thursday  -­‐  Evergreens  at  2pm  (Entertainment  and  fellowship  club  for  the   Over  60s)  Saturday  -­‐  various  coffee  mornings  Sunday  -­‐  Worship  Services  10.30  and  5.30pm    

Emmanuel Baptist  Church,  Western  Terrace,  Falmouth,  TR11  4QJ  Tel:  01326  315249  

Monday Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  F4L  am     nd Evening  –  Aerobics  6.30-­‐8.30  pm  /  WI  2  of  Month  /  Weight  Watchers  5.30-­‐7.45  pm    Tuesday  Little   nd th Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  Memory  Café  (2 +4 )  1.30-­‐4.30  pm   Evening  –  Brownies  Wednesday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  Shallal   Dance  5.00-­‐6.30pm  /  Children’s  Theatre  5.15-­‐7  pm  /  Evening    -­‐  Scouts  Thursday  FFT  am  /  Bounce  Dance   rd pm  /  FFT  pm  /  Kidz  Klub  pm  /  Evening  (3 )  E/D  Meeting  Friday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐ 11.30  am  /  CU  Breakfast  Term  Time  /  Lip  Reading  (part  year)  /  Beavers  5.00-­‐6.30  pm  /  Evening  –  Youth     st Saturday  Todlins  9.45-­‐10.45  am  07977  418566  /  Torch  1  Saturday  of  Month  am  /  Family  Evening        

Budock Parish  Church,  Churchtown,  Budock  Water,  Falmouth,  TR11  5BZ  Tel:  01326  376422:   nd th st Sunday  Services:  Holy  Communion  8.00am  every  Sunday,  10.00am  2  and  5  Sunday  and  6.30pm  1   rd st nd and  3  Sunday  monthly.  Morning  Prayer  10.00am  1  Sunday  of  Month.  Evening  Prayer  6.30pm  2     rd th Sunday  of  month.    Morning  Worship  10.00am  3  Sunday  of  month.    Family  Communion  10.00am  4   th Sunday  of  month.  Songs  of  Praise  or  equivalent  6.30pm  5  Sunday  of  month.   Weekday  Services:  Mon,  Tues,  Thurs  9.00am  Morning  Prayer  and  Weds  10.30am  Holy  Communion.    

Falmouth Methodist  Church Killigrew  Street    Falmouth,  TR11  3PG  01326  211549.     th Sunday  services  at  10.30am.  7  March  mid-­‐week  Communion  10.30am  Rev.  Arthur  Cowburn.  Falmouth   Community  Choir  practice  on  Wednesdays  10am-­‐12  noon  and  Falmouth  Vocalz  at  8pm-­‐9.30pm.  Sunday   th th 17  March  Bring  and  Share  lunch  following  service.  Maundy  Thursday  28  March  Tenebrae  service   th 7.15pm.  Saturday  30  March  CD  Fayre  10am.  Coffee  Mornings  every  Thursday  and  Friday  9.30-­‐11.30am.   nd rd th 2  and  3  April  Lions  Booksale  10am-­‐4pm.  4  April  mid-­‐week  Communion  Rev.  Peter  Facer.  Choir   continue.  Coffee  Mornings  every  Thursday  and  Friday  9.30-­‐11.30am   All  Methodist  Churches  in  TR11  or  near,  service  times:   Flushing  6pm,  Mawnan  Smith  11am,  Mylor  10.30am,  Penryn  10.30am,  Trenoweth  which  meets  in  Mabe   Village  Hall  10.45am  




  Project  Invictus  –  a  scheme  to  build  a  “ground-­‐breaking”  adolescent  mental  health  unit,  in  Cornwall,  for  13  -­‐25   year  olds  has  been  backed  by  over  1200  people  in  just  2  weeks.   Cornwall's  NHS  Foundation  Trust  is  developing  plans  to  build  a    £5  million  specialist  centre  on  existing  land  at   Redruth,  Truro  or  Bodmin  following  pressure  from  the  Invictus  Trust.   The  Invictus  Trust  was  set  up  following  the  death  in  2010  of  18  year  old  Ben   Cowburn  from  Truro.    Ben  took  his  own  life  after  a  very  short  period  of  mental   illness  while  a  patient  at  Longreach  House,  Redruth  an  adult  mental  health  unit.   The  Cowburn  family  set  up  the  charity,  in  the  wake  of  Ben’s  tragic  death,  to   raise  awareness  of  teenage  mental  health,  reduce  stigma,  offer  on-­‐line   resources  and  to  lobby  for  specialised  services.   As  the  NHS  responded  to  Ben’s  death,  announcing  their  plans  for  pioneering  specialist  services,  which  will   bridge  between  child  and  adult  services,  local  MPs  threw  their  weight  behind  the  scheme  for  13  –  25  year  olds   –  believed  to  be  the  first  of  its  kind  in  the  UK.   Sarah  Newton,  MP  for  Truro  and  Falmouth,  said:  "The  Cornwall  Foundation  Trust  deserves  credit  for  taking  on   board  the  compelling  case  made  by  the  Invictus  Trust  that  young  people  facing   mental  health  issues  need  better  care  within  Cornwall.”   "It  is  good  to  see  the  Foundation  Trust  highlighting  the  issue  of  teenage  mental   health  and  working  with  other  NHS  organisations  to  find  the  land  and  resources   to  develop  a  Cornish  adolescent  mental  health  unit.  I  will  continue  to  work  closely   with  all  partners  as  this  progress  continues,  and  will  do  all  I  can  to  help  ensure   that  this  much-­‐needed  resource  is  built."   George  Eustice,  MP  for  Camborne,  Redruth  and  Hayle,  said:  "There  is  a  very  powerful  case  for  a  dedicated   adolescent  mental  health  unit  in  Cornwall  and  I  am  very  pleased  to  see  that  the  Cornwall  Foundation  Trust  are   working  with  other  groups  like  the  Invictus  Trust  to  start  putting  together  a  business  case  and  to  progress  a  plan   for  this  important  facility.  Teenagers  suffering  from  mental  health  conditions  have  specific  needs  and  are   especially  vulnerable  and  I  think  that  having  a  dedicated  unit  could  really   contribute  to  their  recovery."   Phillip  Confue,  chief  executive  of  the  Cornwall  Partnership  NHS  Foundation   Trust,  said:     "Working  with  the  Invictus  Trust  and  across  organisations  including  our  new   commissioners  Kernow  Clinical  Commissioning  Group,  we  have  a  real  opportunity   to  develop  a  new  unit  for  young  people  with  a  mental  health  problem  that  will   enable  them  to  be  admitted  to  hospital  in  Cornwall,  receiving  care  closer  to  home.  This  can  be  very  traumatic  for   them,  maintaining  good  links  with  family  and  friends  is  vital  at  this  time.  It  is  also  important  that  young  people's   needs  are  met  in  an  appropriate  youth  environment  and  that  we  don't  force  them  to  become  adults  too  soon."   The  Cowburn  family  are  convinced  that  the  outcome  for  Ben  could  have  been  very  different  had  he  been   treated  in  a  recovery  focused  environment  with  other  young  people  rather  than  being  accommodated  with   predominantly  elderly,  chronically  ill  patients  and  staff  focused  on  their  particular  needs.   Mr  Confue  said:  "With  the  commitment  of  the  local  NHS  this  service  will  enable  Cornwall  to  have  a  real  centre  of   excellence  delivering  the  highest  possible  care  to  our  young  people.  Our  next  steps  are  to  develop  the  formal   business  case  to  allow  our  commissioners  to  fully  support  this  development."    

Project Invictus  has  established  an  H.M.  Government  petition  and  urge  everyone  to  pledge   support  by  going  to   For  more  information…­‐invictus-­‐e-­‐petition/   Articles  on  www.thisiscornwall    search  for  Invictus  Trust   Email  Invictus  on   Call  Steve  Cowburn  07770  430950      Sharon  Cowburn  07768  381116   WANT TO SEE YOUR CHARITY HERE? Call Hayley 313633 /


Falmouth  RFC  

(At  the  Heart  of  your  Community)  

   You  may  have  noticed  changes  taking  place  at  Falmouth  RFC  in  the  past  few  years  as  the   committee  and  members,  under  the  leadership  of  Kim  Conchie  (Chairman),  work  hard  to   sustain  rugby  and  keep  The  Recreation  Ground  as  a  green  space  at  the  heart  of  the   community.  Many  community  groups  use  our  facilities,  such  as  the  Misty  Mountain  Line   Dancers,  Pendennis  Brass  and  Falmouth  Euchre  Club.  And  in  September  last  year   Falmouth  RFC  became  the  SW  Regional  winners  of  the  RFU  Community  Awards  Scheme.   The  club  has  also  recently  been  awarded  the  most  prestigious  `RFU  Accreditation`,  the   first  club  in  Cornwall  to  receive  the  new  award.  

       Spring is on its way! The days are getting longer, the ground is heating up and plants are shooting out of the ground (including the weeds). The list of things to do is long but I have included just a few... Cut back ornamental grasses & perennials that you left for their winter structure ready for the new growth to take over. Sow seeds eg. tomatoes, cucumbers, hardy annuals etc. and plan your seed sowing programme for the next few weeks. Mow your lawn, if needed, on dry days.


Protect new shoots from slugs. They particularly like dahlias, hostas & delphiniums. Copper pipe or strip is a great deterrent and less harmful to other wildlife than slug pellets.


Mulch borders with spent mushroom compost or bark. This prevents annual weed growth, gives an attractive ďŹ nish and gets worked into the soil as an improver by worms. It should be about 5cm deep but donĘźt cover the crowns of herbaceous plants, which could rot off.

Recently,  RFU  grants  have  been  awarded  to  the  club  for  replacement  of  furniture  and  to   improve  floodlighting;  the  unsightly  stand  has  been  demolished  and  a  strip  of  tarmac  laid   in  front  of  the  clubhouse  making  access  easier  and  greatly  improving  the  look.    

The  on-­â&#x20AC;?field  performance  of  the  `Eaglesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  has  been  erratic  this  season,  but  a  recent  four   game  winning  streak  has  put  them  in  6th  place  in  the  Tribute  Cornwall  &  Devon  League.  As   part  of  the  clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  aspirations  it  has  recently  announced  the  appointment  of  Phil  Angove   and  Graham  Whitmore  as  club  coaches  for  season  2013/14.  Phil  &  Graham  are  highly   respected  coaches  and  will  be  a  huge  asset  for  Falmouth.  The  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;One  &  Allâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  fulfil  all  their   fixtures  regardless  of  results  and  enjoy  their  rugby.  The  mini/junior  group  continue  to   grow  but  lacks  players  in  the  older  age  groups  from  U14  to  Colts.     So  much  for  the  success  story.  There  is  still  much  work  to  be  done.  This  is  where  you  can   get  involved  and  `BE  PART  OF  ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  which  is  our  motto.  The  club  needs  new  players  (all   ages),  volunteers,  sponsors,  and  spectators.        

WHY  NOT  CUT  OUT  THE  VOUCHER  AND  COME  ALONG  AND  WATCH  A  GAME?   Our  next  home  game  is  SALTASH  on  Saturday  9th  March.   Contact  JEFF  MADDERN  to  find  out  more.  Mobile  07967378723    




FREE  ENTRY   1  ADULT  &  1  CHILD   TO  FALMOUTH  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;EAGLESâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;   FIXTURE   AT  FALMOUTH  RFC   THE  RECREATION  GROUND   Valid  until  20th  April  2013  

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Plants for March: Magnolia stellata - it might not be as eye catching as the huge tree magnolias but this gorgeous shrub grows up to 3m high and ďŹ ts most gardens. It is covered in white starlike ďŹ&#x201A;owers in March & April. Pulmonaria â&#x20AC;&#x153;Diana Clareâ&#x20AC;? - a small vigorous semi evergreen woodland perennial which has very silver topped leaves and intense violet blue ďŹ&#x201A;owers aging to pink. These plants are useful for moist shady spots underneath deciduous shrubs.

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W r i t t e n by J e ssi c aS t u d d e n

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Each clue is a day or a significant event in March - one being just for Wales

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Spending as much time at the beach as possible, going fishing and cycling

Favourite item of clothing: Track bots and a Hoodie

Proudest moment: Cuddling each of my two children Hannah and Josh for the very first time. A few tears shed!

Simple pleasure: Walking down to Swanpool beach, having a coffee and

gan T y Mitnoessr FalF

enjoying the amazing view MARCH 2013

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Treat people as you would like to be treated

Favourite Food:

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A home cooked Sunday roast – my brother in laws’ is probably up there with the best!

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autobiographies, currently reading Bradley Wiggins – My Time

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Yeh lets embarrass him - Ritchie Perrin

Favourite Book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – yeh I know it’s a children’s book. I also enjoy sports

Life would be simlper if... More people took time to stop and listen………………to what others have to say

Luxury item I last bought: A ‘Canali’ Italian wool suit

What Makes Me Happy: Watching the world’s best football team win, most weeks - Man Utd

Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption – Morgan Freeman is a wonderful actor with a very therapeutic, calming voice

Time Zone UT(GMT)

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