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“Win a TR11 Hoodie” Competition Winner! HANNAH TUFFERY, Age 11 from Longfield, Falmouth She’s a TR11 girl TR11 Hoodie Courtesy of WhyJeremy? You can visit them at Hannah and Hayley 2

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JULY 2013

Page Number The Flip Flop Shop COMPETITION 4/5 Enys Gardens CHARITY 7 Pink Wig FUNDRAISING EVENT 8 Embrace Dance Fitness TIMETABLE 9 Go on TRy it! Bokwa Fitness SPORT 12 Connect. Aphasia - A Personal STORY 14 Waterside Skincare BUSINESS NEWS 16/17 Cornish Karma CHARITY 18 TRi11s and TReats. Local Chiropractor Helyn Morris 21 Comfy Shoes 2U 26 TR11 Regular Church Programmes and Services CHURCH 27 Your Postcode - Your Community What’s On in TR11 28/29 Tide Times (Falmouth) and Garden TR11cks - Cathy Wallwork 30 PorTRait Waterside Skincare new staff 31 Dear Readers, Well done to Hannah Tuffery the competition Whyjeremy? Hoodie winner! Don’t forget to keep telling me about your local events, groups or classes for the What’s On pages (free listings). For those interested in advertising - call me on 01326 313633 I would love to hear from you! PLEASE do not forget to mention TR11 Local Community Magazine when you contact TR11 advertisers. Fingers crossed for a very hot July! Hayley x

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FOOTSTEPS COFFEE SHOP (Under King Charles the Martyr Church, Falmouth.) Fridays From 11am-3.30pm Lovely home-made soup and cakes, a warm welcome and a little peace.

Contact Hayley Neate on: 01326 313633

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Enys Gardens


“A Puppy  is  not  just  for  Christmas”  and  “Enys  Gardens  is  not  just  for  bluebells”  





mily es from a fa s of activiti rt . n so l io al at ic g if Offerin CU qual an RYA or B to ay d n fu 01326 318771



RCVS accredited  Veterinary  Hospital       Car  Parking   Friendly  knowledgeable  receptionists   Modern  laboratory  and  diagnostic  equipment   Pets,  horses  and  farm  animal  work     Free  nurse  clinics     Wide  range  of  pet  accessories  and  foods  

• • • • • • •

Vets on  call  24  hours  a  day   2  RCVS  certificate  holders   Animal  Acupuncturist     Animal  Physiotherapist   Animal  Behaviourist   Puppy  socialisation  classes   Dog  walking  groups  

Rosemullion Veterinary  Practice  Limited   Falmouth  Veterinary  Hospital,  66  Melvill  Road,  Falmouth,  Cornwall  TR11  4DD   TEL:    01326  313991  WEB:  Facebook:     Want to see your BUSINESS here? Please Email

St Gluvias,  Penryn,  TR10  9LB

Danni and  Mark  together  with  our  good   team  of  volunteers  have  been  busy  in  the   flower  garden  and  the  New  Zealand  garden.   We  have  planted  Cornish  apple  trees  in  the   new  orchard  with  more  to  come  in  a  year’s   time  and  the  Candelabra  primulas  along  the   pond  continue  to  spread.  There  are  many   unusual  and  interesting  plants  and  trees  to   discover.  Can  you  spot  the  tall  wisteria   clambering  up  the  fir  as  it  would  in  the  wild;   have  you  found  the  Peruvian  laurel  with  its   amazingly  aromatic  leaves  and  the  tall   Ginkgo  biloba  behind  the  cafe  which  is  just   coming  out  into  full  leaf;  come  and  sit   quietly  in  the  summer  house  and  gaze  over   the  parkland;  enjoy  a  tea  and  cake  or   indulge  in  a  cream  tea  in  our  new  family   run  cafe  garden. Enys  Gardens  is  a  garden  for  all  seasons  and  you  can  enjoy  a  tranquil  setting  with   many  natural  areas  of  woodland  and  shrubs  as  well  as  more  formal  areas.    We  are   open  on  Sunday  7th  July  2.00  to  4.30pm  so  why  not  bring  along  the  family  and  pick   up  a  children’s  trail  leaflet  from  the  history  room  for  a  great  afternoon  out.  Usual   opening  times  in  the  week  are  Tuesday  and  Thursday  afternoons  form  2.00pm  to   4.30pm Entrance  fee:    Adults  £5/Seniors  £4/Concessions  £2  Dogs  welcome Treverva  Male  Voice  Choir  Concert  at  Enys  Gardens  on  28th  July  2013  from  2pm.     See  website  for  more  details  regarding  tickets   If  you  would  like  to  volunteer  to  help  in  the  gardens  or  car  park  please  contact   Enys  on  01326  259885  or  via  the  web  site.  Registered  Charity  No.  1095000 Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers


Pink Wig  Event   Ladies  all  over  the  County  are  dusting  off  their  pink  wigs  in   preparation  for  the  2013  Pink  Wig  Event  in  Falmouth  on   th Friday  August  9 ,  supporting  Breast  Cancer  Campaign  and   Cornwall  Breast  Care  Team,  including  the  Mermaid  Center  in   Truro  and  St.Michaels  Hospital  in  Hayle  where  the   oncological  breast  surgery  is  carried  out  by  some  of  the  best   surgeons  in  the  country.   Founder  of  Pink  Wig  Event,  Sally  Hicks-­‐Wood  said  “This  year  we  are  hoping  for  a  bumper  turn   out.  We  have  built  a  very  loyal  group  of  supporters  over  the  past  4  years  and  each  year  numbers   increase.  Its  amazing  to  see  so  many  women  coming  together  for  the  same  cause.  Some  of  these   ladies  travel  a  very  long  way  to  attend  the  event.  I  find  it  an   incredibly  moving  experience  every  year.”   There  will  be  a  parade  of  Pink   Wiggers  leaving  the  Moor  at   6.30pm,  led  by  the  fantastic   Falmouth  Marine  Band  once  again,   through  to  the  Events  Square  where  the  fun  will  begin  with  Gillian   Sadler  from  Embrace  Dance  getting  all  the  ladies  warmed  up  with   a  few  lively  routines.  There’s  live  music  from  the  amazing  Neonluv   Chickens  who  played  last  year  and  have  kindly  donated  their  time   again  this  year.  DJ  Tash  Berks  will  also  be  back  for  the  second  year   so  between  them,  the  dance  floor  will  be  buzzing!  Everyone  gets  a   free  welcome  drink  upon  arrival,  pink  cocktails  and  pink  bubbly  will   also  be  available,  crepes,  curries,  a  photographer  and  a  raffle  with   some  fantastic  prizes  donated  from  many  local  business's.       Also  supporting  the  Pink  Wiggers  this  year  are  2  local  men  serving  in   the  RAF,  George  Taylor  and  Dave  Hennessey,  who  are  going  to  be   covering  a  distance  of  216  miles  over  6  days  on  foot,  following  the   coastal  path  starting  in  Bude  on  July  22nd  and  finishing  in  Falmouth   on  July  27th.  This  is  more  than  a  marathon  a  day,  an  amazing   challenge.       You  can  donate  by  going  to  the  web  site  news  page  at  and  you  can  also  buy  tickets  and  t.shirts   for  the  Pink  Wig  Event  in  August  from  the  site.  T.shirts  are  £11  and   go  from  size  8-­‐22  and  tickets  are  £13.50  each.      


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Tel. 01326 211850

Cornwall wetrooms is a wetroom specification and installation specialist with a focus on first class customer service. Whether you’re looking to convert your bathroom to level access, to address mobility issues, or simply to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, your wetroom will be designed and installed to match your exact needs. Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5JW

Mylor Bridge Falmouth

We are proud to deliver wetroom solutions that not only enhance our customers’ lifestyles but also increase the value of their property. If you’d like to speak to us about what we can offer, get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

8 till 5 Mon-Sat

We are happy to make large quantities for functions (pasties/sausages/burgers etc) Manager: Bryan Carey


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Go on TRy it! Ruth has spent most of her working life caring for and teaching children of all ages, abilities and background. In February this year she decided to follow her other great passion of Dance-Fitness and trained to become a Bokwa Instructor. Bokwa is a new and completely different approach to group exercise. The participants will learn steps that are structured and based on the form of letters and numbers whilst engaging in an energising and addictive cardio work out routine. The classes are totally inclusive in which people of all ages and abilities can do the same moves at the same time but at their own comfortable level. Bokwa is easy to learn and easier to follow. Ruth will encourage you to spice things up a little and add a little of your own flavour to the dance, as you become more comfortable and creative with the movements.

Supporting Homes, Small Businesses and Primary Schools throughout Cornwall Services provided include: ‡ PC and Laptop repairs ‡ Sales of new and refurbished hardware ‡ CCTV specialist (remote viewing RIKRPHRURI¿FHRQDFRPSXWHU smartphone or iPad) ‡ Wireless networks ‡ Data cabling ‡ Provision of internet services including Superfast Broadband Monthly IT maintenance contracts available; contact us for further details: Tel: 01326 312664 Mobile: 07771 347848 Email: Web:

Mention TR11 Magazine and get your first class absolutely FREE!

6.30pm-7.20pm Tuesday’s @ The Space, Penryn Rugby Club, Kernick Road, Penryn. (Free Parking) Mention TR11 Magazine and get your first class absolutely FREE! 6.30pm-7.20pm Tuesday’s @ The Space, Penryn Rugby Club, Kernick Road, Penryn. (Free Parking)

For all fitness levels, ages and abilities

Beginner? Arrive 20 minutes early to learn some Bokwa steps with Ruthie

Age 11-16 years very welcome when accompanied by an adult.

For all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Age 11-16 years very welcome when accompanied by an adult.

For more information contact Ruthie 07521 428653

For more information contact Ruthie 07521 428653


Beginner? Arrive 20 minutes early to learn some Bokwa steps with Ruthie

In to SPORT? Got something to say about it? Email your details to

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Connect Aphasia: A Personal Story th On  the  evening  of  July  4  2005,  I  returned  from  my  new  job,  with  what  I  imagined  to  be  a   migraine,  the  pain  intensified  until  I  passed  out  and  was  rushed  to  Treliske  by  ambulance,  then   transferred  to  Derriford  for  a  brain  operation  as  I  had  suffered  a  double  brain  aneurysm.   Unfortunately  a  week  later,  I  then  had  a  stroke.   After  returning  home  after  a  total  of  eight  weeks  in  various  hospitals,  I  felt  isolated,  lost  &   lonely;  no  one  understood  my  stutters,  or  my  desperation  to  be  normal  and  independent.     Through  the  post  I  received  bright  happy  information  about  a  charity  called  Connect  that  was   full  of  people  like  me!  As  soon  as  I  re-­‐  assessed  to  be  allowed  to  drive  I  applied  to  become  a   befriender,  I  was  trained  for  a  day,  and  then  C.B.  checked  and  was  allowed  to  visit  a  lovely  lady   called  Rita.  Together  we  attended  the  Truro  conversation  group  at  Carnon  Downs,  we  were   warmly  welcomed  to  a  group  of  people  who  had  the  same  difficulties  as  us!  They  were  patient   when  my  brain  “froze”  looking  for  words  and  they  slowly  became  an  extended  family,  always   ready  to  share,  help  or  advise  if  they  could.  I  wasn’t  alone  anymore.     There  are  an  estimated  250,000  people  who  aphasic  in  Britain,  more  than  the  combined   number  of  M>S.  And  Parkinsons  sufferers.  However,  no  one  has  ever  heard  of  it!     Aphasia  is  a  communication  difficulty,  usually  after  stroke  or  brain  injury;  it  may  affect  speech-­‐   message  out  or  understanding-­‐  message  in,  or  both.  As  we  are  all  individuals,  aphasia  can  affect   us  in  different  ways.  To  help  raise  money,  Connect  have  started  building!  Anyone  may  sponsor   a  brick.     If  you  know/  are  someone  who  has  aphasia  and  would  like  to   discover  more  information  please  phone  01209  716501.     Connect  was  formed  13  years  ago  by  2  speech,  Language  therapists  in  London,  who  realised  the   lack  of  help  for  aphasics,  Cornwall  became  the  first  satellite  from  London  some  6  years  ago.   There  are  now  flourishing  conversation  groups  in  Falmouth,  Truro,  Camborne,  St.  Austell,  Bude,   Helston,  Penzance,  Wadebridge,  Liskeard  and  Launceston.  These  groups  are  informal  chats  over   coffee  &  biscuits,  reinforcing  camaraderie,  understanding  and  humour.     Personally,  Connect  has  given  me  back  some  confidence,  I  have  even  been  able  to  take  part  in   training  healthcare  professionals  to  communicate  with  aphasic  sufferers,  and  even  became  an   ambassador  to  promote  the  conditions  difficulties  and  Connects  amazing  help.     Life  is  worth  living  again!     Claire  Acton-­‐Page  

Email: Cornwall office Telephone: 01209 716501


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£10 OFF

Redeemable against any Waterside  Skincare  are  thrilled  to  announce  that   treatment over £20.00 with Beth or Antoinette. they  have  taken  on  two  new  members  of  staff.   Beth  Dellerue  is  a  fully  qualified  level  three   To be used by 31st July 2013 beauty  therapist  with  extensive  salon  and  spa   Cannot be used in conjunction experience  and  has  also  been  self-­‐employed.   with any other offer or promotion. Please bring this Antoinette  Crook  is  a  newly  qualified  level  three   voucher to your appointment. beauty  therapist  keen  to  gain  experience  and  has   Tel: 01326 389322 been  a  self-­‐employed  therapist  since  qualifying  at   level  two.  Both  therapists  are  very  excited  to  be  working  in  a  more  clinical   environment  and  are  very  keen  to  carry  out  the  aesthetic  treatments  that  Waterside   Skincare  are  so  well  known  for.   Owner,  Debbie  Gallagher  says  “I  have  handpicked  Beth  and  Antoinette  as  I  know  they   are  both  fantastic  therapists  that  will  deliver  great  treatments  to  our  clients.  I  am   looking  forward  to  working  with  them  both  and  introducing  new  treatments  to   Waterside  Skincare  in  the  future”.      

Award Winning celebrity endorsed, anti-ageing CACI NON SURGICAL FACELIFT has introduced the brand new Jowl Lift This targeted treatment will improve the appearance of sagging jowls and lift, firm and define the jawline and neck INTRODUCTORY OFFER £25 or £200 for a course of 10 with Beth and Antoinette. CALL NOW 01326 389322 or book online at 16

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Don’t miss  Waterside  Skincare’s  fantastic  introductory  offers  with     Beth  and  Antoinette  during  July:   Relax  and  unwind  with  Full  Body  Massage  £30,  release  tense  aching  muscles  with  a   Back,  Neck  and  Shoulder  Massage  £20.     Luxury  Pedicure  to  pretty  up  your  feet  £20  add  the  callus  peel  to  remove  hard  dry  skin   for  an  extra  £5.     Or  perhaps  have  stunning  long  lasting  nail  colour  with  Gelish  gel  polish  £18,  or  hands   and  feet  £34.     Waxing  buy  one  get  one  free  (cheapest  free),  have  an  eyelash  or  brow  tint  and  get  a   free  eyebrow  shape!     And  from  15th  July  enjoy  a  Luxury  10  area  Environ  Vitamin  Facial  for  £70  (save  £20),  3   area  Environ  Vitamin  Facial  for  £45  (save  £15)  or  an  Environ  Hydraboost  Facial  for  £55   (save  £20).     These  are  limited  introductory  offers  so  grab  your  bargain  while  you  can!     To  book  call  Lizzy  on  01326  389322  or  visit   Please mention TR11 when contacting our advertisers


Cornish Karma Makes People Smile

Good will  gestures  are  sweeping  across  the  Duchy  as  people  get  in  line  to   “pay  it  forward”,  or  should  we  say  "pay  it  drekly”?       Under  the  banner  of  Cornish  Karma,  people  are  buying  cups  of  tea  and   coffee  in  participating  cafes  and  takeaways  ready  and  waiting  for   strangers,  just  to  make  them  smile.       Cornish  Karma  is  based  on  the  Suspended  Coffee  idea  –  which  is  being   embraced  across  the  world,  as  people  buy  a  hot  drink  for  themselves  and   a  ‘suspended’  one  to  be  kept  aside  for  a  homeless  person;  to  be  given  out   by  the  café  or  takeaway.       Taking  the  world  by  storm,  the  idea  has  been  widely  circulated  on  social   media  sites  such  as  Facebook  and  Twitter,  various  websites  and  BBC   News.       The  big-­‐hearted  people  of  Cornwall  are  going  one  step  further  with   Cornish  Karma  and  asking  “why  stop  at  a  coffee?”  and  “why  not  for   everyone?”         In  answer,  a  small  group  of  local  business  people  are  driving  things   forward  across  the  county:  Rory  Jenkins  from  Embado  in  Perranporth,   Helen  Mulhern  from  Eventy  –  Marketing  &  PR  in  Penryn,  Jayne  Gray  from  Castle  Beach  Café  in  Falmouth,  Taor  Morris  from   Leopard  Print  in  Truro  and  Rebecca  Heane  from  Cream  Cornwall  in  Falmouth.       Helen  Mulhern  explains:   “Many  of  us  saw  Suspended  Coffee  on  Facebook  and  wanted  to  embrace  it  in  Cornwall.    On  sharing  the  idea  with  friends  and   family,  it  soon  became  clear  that  people  here  want  to  do  more  than  coffees  and  help  anyone  that  needs  a  lift,  not  just  the   homeless.    The  look  on  someone’s  face  when  they  find  out  that  their  coffee  has  been  paid  for  is  worth  every  penny,  as  many  of   them  then  join  in  with  the  idea  of  “paying  it  forward”  and  buy  a  drink  for  the  next  customer.”       Taor  Morris  added:  “Our  little  group  has  not  worked  together  before,  we  came  together  over  Facebook.    It  really  struck  a  chord   with  us  and  we  sort  of  gravitated  together  to  take  it  forward.    If  anyone  would  like  to  join  our  little  committee  to  help  spread   Cornish  Karma,  the  more  the  merrier!”       Some  of  the  establishments  already  supporting  the  scheme   in  Cornwall  are  Castle  Beach  Café,  Café  Cinnamon,  Cavendish  Coffee   House  and  Mylor  Cafe  in  Falmouth;  Roskillys  in  Helston;  The  Beached  Lamb  Café  in  Newquay;  Hidden  Hut  at  Porthcurnick;  Kelly’s   Zumba  in  St  Ives;  Charlie's  Café  and  Deli  in  Tintagel;  and  The  Watering  Hole,  The  Seiners,  Chapman’s  Butchers,  Pavilion  Boatshed   Restaurant,  Wash  &  Wa,  xGriff's  Grill,  and  Perran  Dairy  in  Perranporth.       Rebecca  Heane  points  out  that  the  only  limit  in  Cornwall  is  people’s  imagination:   “It  could  be  a  pasty,  parking,  or  an  ice-­‐cream  –  anything  that  a  customer  wants  to   purchase,  in  agreement  with  the  establishment,  held  in  “suspense”  for  someone  else  -­‐   either  in  need,  or  simply  to  make  them  smile.  Chapmans  Butchers  in  Perranporth  are   running  the  scheme  with  pastys  whilst  Kelly’s  Zumba  in  St  Ives  has  received  a  ‘suspended   Zumba  class’!”       Rory  Jenkins  has  helped  spread  the  word  in  his  hometown  of  Perranporth  saying:   "The  support  from  Perranporth  has  already  been  overwhelming  and  I  believe  we've  really   been  leading  the  way.    I'm  delighted  that  more  and  more  establishments  are  coming  on   board  from  across  Cornwall  and  people  are  being  made  to  smile  throughout  the  county."       Castle  Beach  Café  was  the  first  establishment  to  support  the  scheme  in  Falmouth  and   owner,  Jane  Gray,  explains  how  the  scheme  will  benefit  a  wide  range  of  people:   “We  are  so  excited  at  Castle  Beach  to  be  the  first  café  in  Falmouth  to  take  on  board  the   scheme.  It  is  really  rewarding  to  be  part  of  this  and  will  help  the  Cornish  community.  We   hope  that  people  will  be  so  generous  that  we  will  have  suspended  items  left  over  at  the   end  of  the  day,  in  which  case  we  will  donate  the  surplus  using  vouchers  to  Foodbank  to   distribute  to  anyone  who  needs  them.”       If  you  would  like  to  purchase  a  suspended  item,  please  check  for  participating  venues.       For  further  info,  to  post  your  support  or  spread  good  will,  visit  


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       

     

  

     

       





  




            

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TRills and TReets With local chiropractor Helyn Morris

•Bathrooms •Wetrooms •Kitchens Have you ever wondered about where some of our everyday expressions come from?

•design •supply •installation 15% discount on products with this advert The Coachworks, Penryn, TR10 9AT T: 01326 379911 E: 20

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As a chiropractor working with the amazing connections in our joints a nervous system have found some of these to be surprisingly true. For example "I wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot" or "put your best foot forward" historically refer to our natural preference for left or right and the dominance of one side of the body which can also cause muscle imbalances. "All fingers and thumbs" goes back to writings as early as 1546 and refers to our dexterity which is controlled by the nervous system. One of my favourites refers to the vertebrae at the top of our neck which some people call the rocker bone. Neck problems can cause all sorts of symptoms so the saying "off your rocker" is perhaps not so far from the truth. Many patients certainly seem to feel a lot more in balance both physically and mentally after treatment. Lots of other phrases link our bodies to our feelings and actions too..knee jerk reaction, spineless, weak at the knees, head over heels and many more. Our ancestors understood a lot about " mind over matter" but given how much pain and ill health can affect our feelings of well being. "Matter over mind might" a good catch phrase too. So if you're feeling "bone tired", "stiff necked” or "unsteady on your feet" it could be time to stop being "stiff upper lipped" and seek my help. However if you are feeling "legless" please don't come to see me! I prescribe water and a good nights sleep! And if you're suffering from horripilation you might just need to relax and get some more sunshine. I know I do. Wishing you a healthy mind in a healthy body. FB. Falmouth Harbour Chiropractor

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Andy McNair Building & Maintenance

New builds Extensions Renovations Plastering Groundworks Fencing Decking General Maintenance For more information Tel: 01326 316986 Mob: 07540 088962 Email:

It TRuly works!


“After advertising in the TR11 magazine, I have received more local enquiries, It has increased my work load in the local area and I will continue to use the TR11 magazine as my main source of advertising in the future.� Andy McNair Builder Tel : 07540 088962 01326 316986

Mawnan Smith's annual Cornish Craft Market has been running for 35 years and attracts artists and craftspeople from the TR11 area and further afield to exhibit and sell quality crafts and pictures, all of which have been designed and made in Cornwall. The event is popular with local people and visitors alike and the profits we make go to the maintenance of the Memorial Hall in our village. The Hall is the hub of our village and is used by a huge number of people and groups throughout the year. The market is our main fundraising event and runs for two weeks. It's a great place to buy holiday gifts or Christmas gifts or to stop and have a cup of tea, lunch or cream tea. Many local people are involved in this event and it is popular as a social event. SATURDAY 3RD - SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST 10-00 - 6.00PM MEMORIAL HALL SAMPYS HILL MAWNAN SMITH ADMISSION FREE


H A I R D R E S S I N G 51 K I L L I G R E W S T R E E T , F A L M O U T H . T R 1 1 3 P W


Please mention this advert when booking. Tel: 01326 313975

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Keeping it battered in your area!! The Cornish Codfather is based in Falmouth and has been operating since September 2012. The business is really starting to flourish and owner Daniel Walters, a local man, has previously owned a sushi company, but thought he’d try his hand at battering the best. From Daniel’s customers’ feedback and responses he is doing exactly that! Some of his customers drive a 20-mile round trip to go and get the best fish and chips! Daniel said “Another customer said he couldn’t believe I’d pleased his wife! reply was I don’t remember, I must have been drunk! This couple are connoisseur of the dish and used to get their chips from a Chinese and their fish from a fish n chip shop – and after trying everywhere in and around Falmouth…they’ve stuck with the Don!” “I recycle all of my oil and use locally caught or sourced fish whenever I can. I also use vegetable oil, which is a lot lower in saturated fats when compared to other oils, making it considerably healthier. Everything is cooked fresh to order. I can take preorders on the phone by calling 07934 116 924.” Daniel will be attending and catering for wedding fairs and events including the Penryn Cricket Clubs Tournament in August, as well as the Newlyn Fish Festival and many others. However, he still has some space for bookings for any kind of function – weddings, birthdays, village fetes/fun days, shindigs, doos and even don’ts…so why not drop him a line or send him a message on Facebook?

The Cornish Codfather Fish 'n' Chips & Hot Snacks Menu

Small Cod n chips - 5.50 1/4 lb Burger - 3.00 Large Cod n chips - 6.50 Chicken Burger - 3.50 Whiting n chips - 5.00 Chicken Nuggets - 3.50 Scampi n chips - 6.00 Sausage small - 80p Calamari - 3.00 Jumbo - 1.30 Chips - Cone - 1.40 Med - 2.00 Lrg - 2.50 Cheese - 50p Fish cake - 1.00 Mushy peas - 1.00


Onion rings - 1.50 Curry sauce - 1.00 Chocolate bars - 70p Drinks - 1.00

Call for pre-orders, bookings, partys or functions



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Find The Cornish Codfather: Mondays: Mawnan Smith (near the bus stop) Tuesdays: Mabe (Weal Darras, past the shop, first on the right) Wednesdays: Golden Bank (bottom of Swans Reach) Thursdays: Mawnan Smith Fridays: Fal docks lunchtime 12-1.30pm, Mabe 5-7pm Saturdays: Devoran (next to village hall)

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Over the  last  2  years,  Comfyshoes2u  has  established  a   reputation  for  quality  service  and  customer  focus.  Based   in  Falmouth,  the  business  was  set  up  by  Rob  and  Judy   Penfold  providing  a  unique  service  by  taking  a  selection  of   high  quality,  comfortable  shoes  direct  to  people  in  their   home  environment.  Comfyshoes2u  is  an  ideal  service  for   those  who  find  it  hard  to  travel  to  town  centres  and   don’t   enjoy  shopping  by  Internet.  

at no extra cost to carehomes, residential & private homes with a selection of comfortable shoes and slippers.

Rob and  Judy  have   attended  several  Ladies   Church  groups,   Luncheon  Clubs,   Residential  Homes  and   Sheltered  Housing   Groups  allowing  them   to  display  their  full   range.  Rob  also  provides  an  informal  talk  on  his  30  years   experience  in  the  retail  shoe  business.    Afterwards,   everyone  has  an  opportunity  to  try  on  the  shoes,  sandals   and  slippers  at  their  leisure.  It’s  a  relaxing  experience,   stress  free  with  no  obligation  or  extra  cost.  

quality shoes, sandals & slippers extra -wide gs no obligation or extra cost styles for men & women Come and see our Summer Range

Covering all of Cornwall 01326 317921

Comfyshoes2u supply  a   selection  of  men’s  and   women’s  shoes,  sandals   and  slippers  from   “Hotter”,  the  well-­‐ established  and  highly   regarded  British   company.  These  are   high  quality  shoes  that   are  comfortable,  wide  fitting  and  made  in  the  United   Kingdom.  Although  Comfyshoes2u  stock  a  wide  range  of   shoes,  customers  who  prefer  a  specific  style  or  colour  can   order  from  the  catalogue  at  no  extra  cost.  Rob  likes  to   emphasise  that  it  is  not  simply  about  providing  shoes  but   more  importantly,  providing  a  friendly,  bespoke  and   tailored  service.    

Rob’s 30  years  experience  in  the  shoe  trade  means  he  can   help  customers  to  find  the  correct  and  most  comfortable  fit   that’s  just  right  for  their  feet.  Several  podiatrists  and   chiropodists  in  the  local  area  have  recommended   Comfyshoes2u.       They  also  stock  “Cosyfeet  “products  including  diabetic  socks,  tights,  stockings  and  slippers.  


TR11 Regular Church Programmes & Services:

Want to see your BUSINESS here? Please Email

ST MARY  IMMACULATE  Killigrew  Street,  Falmouth  01326  312763  Our  regular  Mass  times  are  6.30  pm   Saturdays  and  10.45  am  Sundays,  there  are  also  weekday  Masses  -­‐  subject  to  change    

FALMOUTH PARISH  CHURCH  OF  KING  CHARLES  THE  MARTYR  -­‐  Regular  Services       st




Sunday 8.30  am  Holy  Communion  10.30  am  Sung  Eucharist  on  1 ,  2  and  4  Sundays,  Sung  Matins  on  3  and   th 5  Sundays  6.00  pm  Sung  Evensong  Thursday  10.30  am  Holy  Communion    

THE SALVATION  ARMY  -­‐  Falmouth  Temple  Corps,  Brook  Street,  Falmouth,  TR11  3RJ  Corps  Officers:   Lieutenants  Alison  &  Mark  Godwin  Tel:  01326  314567       Our  weekly  programme  consists  of  Monday  -­‐  5.30-­‐7.30  pm  -­‐  Pasta  Night  (all  welcome)  Come  and  enjoy  a   bowl  of  Pasta  and  coffee  for  £1  Tuesday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at  12.30   pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea  and  coffee  for  £3.50  Tuesday  -­‐  1.45pm  Home  League  (A  ladies  fellowship   meeting)  Wednesday  -­‐  9.30  to  11:30  am  Parents  and  toddlers  (£1.50  per  family)     Wednesday  -­‐  5.30  to  6.45  pm  Kid  Zone  -­‐  Fun,  Games,  Music,  Craft  and  Christian  Teaching  for  Primary  school   age  (Years  1-­‐6)  50p.  Tuck  shop  extra  Wednesday  -­‐  7.00  pm  to  8.15  pm  is  Nexus  (Youth  Venue)  Games,  Music   and  Chat  for  Senior  School  age.  (Years  7  to  11)  50p  Tuck  shop  extra   Thursday  -­‐  10:30  am  Coffee  and  Chat  followed  by  Community  Lunch  at  12.30  pm  A  two  course  meal  with  tea   and  coffee  for  £3.50  Thursday  -­‐  Evergreens  at  2pm  (Entertainment  and  fellowship  club  for  the  Over  60s)   Saturday  -­‐  various  coffee  mornings  Sunday  -­‐  Worship  Services  10.30  and  5.30pm    

EMMANUEL BAPTIST  CHURCH  Western  Terrace,  Falmouth,  TR11  4QJ  Tel:  01326  315249  

Monday Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  F4L  am     nd Evening  –  Aerobics  6.30-­‐8.30  pm  /  WI  2  of  Month  /  Weight  Watchers  5.30-­‐7.45  pm    Tuesday  Little  Treasures   nd th Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  Memory  Café  (2 +4 )  1.30-­‐4.30  pm   Evening  –  Brownies  Wednesday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CORE  Shallal  Dance   5.00-­‐6.30pm  /  Children’s  Theatre  5.15-­‐7  pm  /  Evening    -­‐  Scouts  Thursday  FFT  am  /  Bounce  Dance  pm  /  FFT  pm   rd /  Kidz  Klub  pm  /  Evening  (3 )  E/D  Meeting  Friday  Little  Treasures  Parent  and  Toddlers  9.30-­‐11.30  am  /  CU   Breakfast  Term  Time  /  Lip  Reading  (part  year)  /  Beavers  5.00-­‐6.30  pm  /  Evening  –  Youth     st Saturday  Todlins  9.45-­‐10.45  am  07977  418566  /  Torch  1  Saturday  of  Month  am  /  Family  Evening   Sunday  Morning  Service  at  10.30am  with  Junior  Church  and  Sunday  evenings  normally  7pm.        

BUDOCK PARISH  CHURCH  Churchtown,  Budock  Water,  Falmouth,  TR11  5BZ  Tel:  01326  376422:   nd




Sunday Services:  Holy  Communion  8.00am  every  Sunday,  10.00am  2  and  5  Sunday  and  6.30pm  1  and  3   st nd Sunday  monthly.  Morning  Prayer  10.00am  1  Sunday  of  Month.  Evening  Prayer  6.30pm  2    Sunday  of  month.     rd th Morning  Worship  10.00am  3  Sunday  of  month.    Family  Communion  10.00am  4  Sunday  of  month.  Songs  of   th Praise  or  equivalent  6.30pm  5  Sunday  of  month.   Weekday  Services:  Mon,  Tues,  Thurs  9.00am  Morning  Prayer  and  Weds  10.30am  Holy  Communion.    

FALMOUTH METHODIST  CHURCH  Killigrew  Street    Falmouth,  TR11  3PG  01326  211549.     th

Sunday services  at  10.30am  -­‐  1st  Sunday  of  every  month  cafe  style.  4  July  -­‐    mid-­‐week   st Communion  10.30am  Rev  Arthur  Cowburn.  Sunday  21  July  Communion  service  with  Rev.  Peter  Facer.     Falmouth  Community  choir  practice  on  Wednesdays  10am  -­‐  12  noon  and  Falmouth  Vocalz  at  8pm  -­‐   9.30pm.  Coffee  mornings  Every  Tuesday  and  Thursday  9.30am  to  11.30am  and  Friday  9am  to  11.30am.   th th Extra  coffee  morning  Saturday  6  July  Amity  Theatre  10am  to  12  noon.  Saturday  12  July  Table  top  sale  in   th th Wesley  Hall  10am  to  12  noon.  Amity  Theatre  Summer  show  Friday  5  and  Saturday  6  July  at  7.30pm.   th th Blood  Donors  Monday  15  and  Tuesday  16  July.     All  Methodist  Churches  in  TR11  or  near,  service  times:  Flushing  6pm,  Mawnan  Smith  11am,  Mylor  10.30am,   Penryn  10.30am,  Trenoweth  which  meets  in  Mabe  Village  Hall  10.45am  



TR11 Children’s Centres

The Park Centre, Park Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 2DJ 01326 312493 Mon-Thurs 09.00-5.00pm Fridays 09.00-4.00pm

MONDAY Here’s Looking  at  You  Baby  Understanding  how  infants  0-­‐6months  communicate  through  playing  and  talking  and   how  this  understanding  can  help  your  baby’s  development.  6  week  course  -­‐  Bookings  only.   WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  Falmouth  Toy  Library  Join  the  Toy  Library  and  borrow  toys  for  2  weeks  for  a  small  fee.  Toys  range  in   cost  from  20p  -­‐  £1  maximum.  Open  during  Half  Terms  9:30am  -­‐  11:30am  Last  loan  date  28th  June  2013  All  toys  must  be   returned  by  19th  July  2013   WEDNESDAY  Incredible  Years  (6-­‐12  years)  Parenting  Programme  providing  support  &  advice  on  managing  children’s   behaviour.  10  week  course  -­‐  9:30am-­‐10:30am  For  next  available  course  or  for  more  information  contact     Bridget  Olds  on  01326  311779   WEDNESDAY  NEW  VENUE  Bongo  Babes  A  music  group  for  0-­‐2  years  (nursery  rhymes  old  and  new,  other  rhymes,  world   music  and  classical  for  good  measure!)  This  is  a  drop  in  group  run  by  parents  which  runs  during  term  time  only.     10th  July  -­‐  31st  July  1:30pm  -­‐  2:30pm  Bongo  Babes  charge  £2.00  per  family   THURSDAY Time  Out  for  ADHD  1:00pm  -­‐  3:00pm  Aimed  at  parents  and  carers  of  children  aged  5-­‐12  years  of  age,  this  free   term  time  only  course  covers  increased  understanding,  how  ADHD  affects  the  individual,  practical  suggestions  to  try  at   home,  support,  advice,  routines,  rules,  rewards  and  much  more.  For  further  information  or  to  book  contact  Bridget  Olds  on   01326  311779  or  email   FRIDAY  Midwife  Parent  Craft  Labour  Workshop  Classes     th 2.00pm-­‐4.30pm  12  July.  You  and  your  partner/friend  are  invited  to  attend  one  of  these  friendly  and  informative  sessions   with  the  midwives.  You  need  to  be  28  weeks  or  over  to  attend.  Please  book  in  advance  01326  312493   FRIDAY  Midwife  Living  with  Baby  Classes  1:00pm  -­‐  3:00pm  19th  July.  You  and  your  partner/friend  are  invited  to  attend  one   of  these  friendly  and  informative  sessions  with  the  midwives,  focusing  on  bathing,  feeding  and  bonding.  You  need  to  be  28   weeks  or  over  to  attend.  Please  book  in  advance  01326  312493.    

The Lighthouse Centre, Jubilee Road, Falmouth, TR11 2BB 01326 317796 Mon-Thurs 09.00-5.00pm Fridays 09.00-4.00pm

MONDAY YMWA  Young  Mums  Will  Achieve  A  group  for  young  mums  and  pregnant  young  women  between  14  and  19  years.   Free  travel,  free  onsite  crèche,  free  lunch  and  refreshments.  Term  time  only  9:30am  -­‐  4:00pm  For  more  information  or  to   book  a  place,  please  contact  Rachel  Marks  on  07990  567530  or  0845  2232567  rachel.marks@st-­‐   MONDAY  Daisy  Birthing  Daisy  Birthing  is  a  gentle  relaxed-­‐active  birthing  concept.  A  weekly  programme  combining  yoga   inspired  moves  alongside  breath  work,  relaxation  and  self  hypnosis  techniques  giving  weekly  relief  and  long  term  birth   benefits.  Daisy  Birthing  charge  for  this  service.  6:30pm  -­‐  8:00pm  Contact  Becky  Bennett  on  07976  834567  for  information.   TUESDAY  Extended  Feeding  Group  This  is  a  group  for  mums  that  are  continuing  to  breast  feed.  10:00am-­‐1:00pm  This  group   will  run  on  the  LAST  Tuesday  every  month.  For  more  information  please  contact  Vicky  on  07814  752497   TUESDAY  Here’s  Looking  at  Your  Learning  Journey  A  chance  to  get  together  with  other  parents  that  have  attended  a  here’s   looking  at  you  course.  Bring  along  your  learning  journey  and  we  can  update  them  together.  Starting  16th  &  23rd  July   1:30pm  -­‐  3:00pm  Bookings  only.   WEDNESDAY  Here’s  Looking  at  You  Little  One  Courses  (6  -­‐  12  months  and  12  -­‐  24  months)  To  help  you  understand  your  baby   and  how  they  are  expressing  themselves.  6  week  courses.  Bookings  only.  For  next  available  course  please  contact  The  Park   Centre  on  01326  312493   WEDNESDAY Bongo  Babes  A  music  group  for  0-­‐2  years  (nursery  rhymes  old  and  new,  other  rhymes,  world  music  and   classical  for  good  measure!)  This  is  a  drop  in  group  run  by  parents  which  runs  during  term  time  only.  1:30pm  -­‐  2:30pm   Bongo  Babes  charge  £2.00  per  family   THURSDAY  Cornwall  One  Parent  Support  (COPS)  NEW  VENUE  For  one  parent  families.  10:30am  -­‐  12:00pm  Ring  Liz  to  find   out  more  on  01726  65417   THURSDAY  YMWA  Young  Mums  Will  Achieve  A  group  for  young  mums  and  pregnant  young  women  between  14  and  19   years.  Free  travel,  free  onsite  crèche,  free  lunch  and  refreshments.  Term  time  only  9.30am  -­‐  4.00pm  For  more  information   or  to  book  a  place,  please  contact  Rachel  Marks  07990  567530  or  0845  2232567  rachel.marks@st-­‐   FRIDAY  Summer  Time  10:00am  -­‐  11:30am  Come  along  and  join  Lynn    Benson,  Play  Supervisor,  having  fun  with  arts  and   crafts  with  a  Summer    theme.  Suggested  donation  £1.   SATURDAY  Lighthouse  Dads  For  all  dads  and  their  children.  Breakfast  between    9:00am  -­‐  10:00am  Session  runs  from  9:00am   -­‐  12:30pm  All  dads  welcome.    Meeting  at  the  Lighthouse  Centre  on  the    13th  &  27th  July  


gn Sing andthSi rnings. on Wednesday mo

s in Falmou We have two classe 14 months+.   s+ and stage 2 for nth mo 6 for 1 ge Sta coc tan sam or www.singandsign or 07591 556 400

ptist Church, ddlers: Emmanuel Ba To & t ren Pa res asu ren Lewis. Little Tre th. 01326 315249. Ka ou lm Fa ce rra Te rn Weste days 9.30am-11.30am , Wednesday and Fri ys da es Tu s, ay nd Mo

Your Postcode Your Community Strawberry Tea Party Lots of fun activities for all of the family. Meeting at The Lighthouse Centre Wed 10th July 2013 1:30pm - 3:30pm Buy a Cream Tea for Charity!

Toy Library at Budock Water Parent & Toddler Group 9:30am - 11:30am Budock Water Village Hall Starting contact The Park Centre on 01326 312493

Bump to Breast Post Natal Support Annie Fearn, Children’s Centre Play Supervisor in attendance for extra support Thursdays 10:30am - 12:30pm Zumba Fitness Laura Talbot Open during Half Term Wednesday 6:00 -7:00 PM Gemini Dance Falmouth Health Centre Studio, Thursday 6:30 - 7:30 PM 01326 434782 Mango's Bar, Friday 9:30 -10:30 AM Bosvale Community Centre

'Angelic Meditation group' mon 1.30-3 and wed 10-12 £5. in Fal mouth call Theresa on 07708565820 www.unityofheart.w

Falmouth Quilters Exhibition @ Mylor Church. 25/26th July 10am-9pm and 27th July 10am-4pm Raflle proceeds in aid of CORNWALL HOSPICE CARE 01326 378079 A. Jones


Friends of the Princess Pavilion & Gardens: Thursday 18th July 2.30-4.30pm Cober Valley Accordian Band FREE OF CHARGE Prize Draw Raffle

List your EVENT/CLASS here for FREE 01326 313633


Garden TR11cks July-Things to do in your garden Cornish gardens are often less colourful in July with camellias and rhododendrons having finished flowering and hydrangeas just starting. However summer is the best time for perennials and roses. Keep deadheading repeat flowering plants such as roses and catmints to prolong their flowering season. Keep an eye out for pests in the garden - check your lilies for the bright orange lily beetle or the slimy brown grubs and pick them off and squash them. Green and black fly can also be a problem - I just rub them off by hand but you could spray with an insecticide. Spread nets over soft fruit bushes to keep the birds off your ripening fruit such as blueberries and currants. Many vegetables will be ready to harvest - courgettes and beans will be in full swing. Keep on top of picking the young fruit regularly to keep them producing for longer. Tomatoes will just be starting to ripen - keep nipping out the side shoots to concentrate their energy into the fruit. Keep sowing salad plants eg. radish, lettuce and carrots for continuous production. And hopefully get out in the sun and enjoy your garden!

Flowering plants for June Abutilon x suntense - a fast growing tall plant (up to 4m high) for a sunny sheltered spot against a wall. This semi/evergreen has grey felted leaves and luminous lilac flowers through the summer which almost glow in the dusk. Rosa de Rescht - one of my favourite roses as it has everything - it is a gorgeous deep cerise pink with a very strong fragrance. It is compact in habit, very healthy – I’ve never seen it get diseased - with light green leaves which set off the flowers and it continues to flower all through the summer into the autumn even if you forget to deadhead - perfect!


JULY 2013

Contact TR11 if you would like a portrait profile about you! What Makes Me Happy:

ACnrt oo ionke t t e

Sitting on the beach with my toes

My Favourite Food:

in the warm sand


My Favourite Film:

My Hobbies:Walking with my dog


Annok, Baking, making my toe nails

My Favourite Book:

pretty, and playing my guitar

Sepulchre by Kate Moss

My Favourite item of clothing:

Luxury item I last bought:

My Proudest moment:

Life would be simpler if...

Completing my last Beauty Therapy

care There were more hours in the day course Waterside Skin My Simple pleasure: My Top Tip: 01326 378030 Tea and cake at theEden Project

High Water

Meet the girls from Waterside Skincare






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Time 1 2 3 4 5


Low Water





What Makes Me Happy: Family


Take your make-up off before you go to bed



My blue silk Monsoon dress

A Manuel Rodriguez Guitar




Beth erue Del

PorTRait My Favourite Food:

My Favourite Film:

Italian Food

Man on Fire

My Hobbies:

My Favourite Book:

Trampolining and Swimming

The girl with the dragon tattoo

My Favourite item of clothing:

Luxury item I last bought:

Black leather jacket

52 inch wide screen tv

My Proudest moment:

Life would be simpler if...

Having my daughter

I was richer

My Top Tip:

care Waterside Skin My Simple pleasure: 30 80 37 26 013 Chocolate

Treat people how you would like to be treated

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