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A look at Disney's 1998 Adaptation Designed by Theresa Quedenfeld

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Written by Will Interstate Photographs by Theresa Quedenfeld

he Parent Trap is a remake based on the movie of the same name made back in the early 60’s. The plot of the movie is that twin sisters who were separated at birth reunite during summer camp and then, after discovering who they are to each other, switch places and eventually try to get their parents back together. There’s plenty of laughs along the way and a few gags that are meant to be cute and somewhat impish since there’s a big roadblock that stands in the way getting their parents together, but overall it was a part that helped make Lindsay Lohan one of the most well-known child stars ever. It’s still considered a classic today.

n 1986, American Nicholas “Nick” Parker (Dennis Quaid) and Briton Elizabeth “Liz” James (Natasha Richardson) meet, fall in love, and get married during an ocean cruise on the “Queen Elizabeth 2”. After the birth of their twin daughters Annie and Hallie, (Lindsay Lohan) they get divorced and each take one of the girls. Nick, a wealthy vineyard owner and wine grower, raises Hallie in Napa Valley, California and Elizabeth raises Annie in London, England, and becomes a famous and successful wedding gown designer.

fter the ocean cruise and on board wedding ceremony, the story jumps ahead to a summer in which Nick and Elizabeth coincidentally enroll their daughters in the same summer camp in Maine called Camp Walden. Like Camp Inch in the 1961 film, Camp Walden is shown to be a girlsonly summer camp. This comes as a surprise to one camper (played by Michael Lohan), who thought it was a

boys’ camp, and is seen trying to call his mom and explain the situation to her (although he is later seen with a few of the camp girls, telling them he will see them at next years summer camp).

Founded on values of leadership, respect and responsibility, Walden is a 7-week, all girls, residential, summer camp in Denmark, Maine. Our small size of 150 campers promotes a close-knit community of girls, ages 8 – 15, who return summer after summer for friendship, challenge and fun. Girls participate in a full range of fun traditional overnight camp group activities including wilderness nature hiking trips, horseback riding, tennis, golf, sailing and water skiing. For nearly a century, the Walden experience has been a part of young girls lives as they acquire the skills and confidence to navigate their world. Camp Walden started and began in 1928, when two determined and forward-thinking educators from New York City, purchased beautiful wooded property for a girls’ camp in Denmark, Maine. Their goal was to create an environment— in the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”—where

girls from the city could experience the outdoors away from the pressures of their everyday lives. The pair stressed the importance of respect, trust, and consideration for others. In team sports, they emphasized sportsmanship; in activities, trying your hardest while pursuing excellence. Although the times have been changed, these ideals remain at the big heart of Camp Walden. Each wonderful summer, one girl can find many girls their age who are daughters and granddaughters of former campers, and hear songs written decades ago – or just days ago. The days of long stockings and bloomers of the early years of the camp have evolved into T-shirts and shorts. But the basic feelings for Walden remain the same, and each year, girls return to their summer home in Denmark to enjoy the quiet lake, beautiful pines, and immeasurable fun and friendship.

Annie and Hallie, who are now eleven years old, first meet at the end of a fencing match, when they remove their masks and see that they look alike. A comical hostility between the two girls leads to a prank war between them.

However, the pranks end when the camp counselors (named Marva Kulp Sr. and Marva Kulp Jr., and nicknamed “Marvas�) fall into one of Hallie’s traps. They send the twins to the Isolation Cabin, thus separating them from the other girls and forcing them to spend time with each other. Living together, Hallie and Annie discover that they were born on the same day and they each have half of a torn wedding photo of their parents. Realizing with delight that they are twins, the girls hatch a plan to meet their previously unknown parents: each girl will train her twin to impersonate her, and they will switch places at the end of the summer.

hen summer camp is over, the plan succeeds: Hallie goes to London, where she meets her mother, her grandfather, and the James family’s butler, Martin (Kunz). Hallie, able to imitate Annie’s British accent, goes to London to meet their mother and grandfather. Annie, able to imitate Hallie’s Californian American accent, goes to Napa Valley to meet their father, Nick Parker. While Hallie is in London, she runs down to her mother’s studio alongside her. From the viewers’ perspective we see a happy little girl walking the streets of London, holding her Mother’s hand. Moments later we see a mannequin wearing an exquisite weeding gown. Imprinted on the studio window is her mother's name, Elizabeth James.

Than she says, "a Dad is an irreplaceable person in a girls’ life. I mean think about it, there’s a whole day, devoted to celebrating Fathers, right? Just imagine, someone’s life without a Father. Never buying a Father’s Day card, never getting their Father a’ birthday present, never sitting on their Father’s lap, never being able to say, ‘Hi, Dad’, ‘What’s up, Dad?,, ‘Bye, Dad, catch you later, Dad’. A baby’s first words are always Dada, aren’t they? Then there’s ‘Daddy’, ‘Daddio’, ‘Pop’, ‘My old man’... Not to mention, ‘Wait ‘til your father gets home, and...” She goes on a whole rant on why she misses calling her father, dad.

nnie goes to California, where she meets her father, the Parker family’s housekeeper, Chessy (Walter), their dog, Sammy, and Nick’s fiancée, a young gold digger from California whose name is Meredith Blake (Hendrix).

When Annie goes to Napa Valley, California she is greeted by her father. We hear her father say, “I hope you had a lousy time at that camp ‘cause you’re never going back - I missed you too much.” Since she has been gone, everyone has missed her. We hear Annie say “Exactly! it’s because in my whole life, I mean for these past eight weeks, I was never able to ever say the word ‘Dad’. Never. Not once!"

Nick and Hallie Parker live in a rambling Victorian-style ranch house, with a wide porch that wraps around the entire facade. They have a long gravel driveway a big golden mutt, that races after the car, barking.. When she gets home there is an unwelcoming guest. Chessy says “Her name’s Meredith Blake. She’s a publicist from San Francisco. Your father hired her at the beginning of the summer to do some publicity for the vineyard and if you ask me, she’s done a better job selling herself than the grapes.” She says look, this is between you and I. She is no mow your Dad’s no suave debonair Bachelor of the Month-type, so I wonder what a young hot thing like her sees in a guy who walks around with his shirt-tail hanging out and his cereal bowl full of chili. Then I realized, there’s a million reasons why that girl’s giggling and they are all sitting in the Napa Valley Community Bank talking about business ventures.

Distressed by Meredith’s deviousness, Annie a result, Meredith becomes enraged and telephones Hallie and persuades her to insists that Nick choose between her and bring Elizabeth to California to break up his daughters. Nick has an epiphany, finally the engagement. Soon the girls’ identities seeing Meredith for what she really is, and are discovered, and, except for Nick and chooses the twins. Upset at this, Meredith Meredith, who remain unaware of the switch, breaks off the engagement. their newfound family members tearfully After Meredith leaves, Nick shows Elizabeth welcome them into their respective homes. his wine collection, which

In order to bring Nick and Elizabeth together, Hallie and Annie (along with some help from Grandpa, Chessy and Martin) conspire to have them meet at a hotel in San Francisco by arranging for Nick to meet Meredith’s parents and by not telling Elizabeth about Meredith. Nervous about meeting Nick, Elizabeth asks Martin to accompany her and Hallie. After a few comical mixups in the hotel, Nick and Elizabeth see each other, Nick finally learns about the switch, and the twins host a candlelit dinner for Nick and Elizabeth, served by Martin and Chessy, on a yacht decorated to recreate their first meeting. At dinner, Elizabeth mentions that Nick didn’t follow her after she left him. They make plans for the twins to spend holidays together, but decide against resuming their complicated relationship. Hallie and Annie take a disliking to this idea, so they force their parents to take them camping by refusing to reveal which twin is which. After Elizabeth persuades Nick and the girls to take Meredith instead of herself, the twins (possibly inspired by the pranks they had pulled on each other at Camp Walden) take what they see as an opportunity of sorts to play a few tricks on Meredith. As

includes the wine they drank at their wedding. Elizabeth is touched by this gesture at first, but has a change of heart and returns to London with Annie. However, when Elizabeth and Annie get home, they find Hallie and Nick waiting for them, having flown there on the Concorde. Elizabeth is initially fearful of remarrying, but changes her mind while yielding to Nick’s confidence, and Annie and Hallie look on happily as Nick and Elizabeth romantically embrace.

The final credits feature photographs of Nick and Elizabeth’s second wedding, also aboard the QE2, with the twins as bridesmaids, and Martin presenting Chessy with a gorgeous expensive engagement ring.

grew up……

fatherless in Kensington, a picturesque neighborhood in London, England. She grew up with her mother, a famous designer of wedding gowns, her grandfather, and their family butler, Martin.

pretending to be…

Hallie in Napa Valley, California, in order to get to know her father.

Interests… poker, oreos with

peanut butter, and fencing. Annie loves her mom, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t always wondered what it would be like to live with her dad.

Relationship Status… boys? She has not even gotten her twelve-year-old molars in yet!

Personality… polite, anxious,

and clever. While her sister tends to be the one to instigate their mischief, Annie is the one who takes cares of the details. She does have a bit of a haughty streak from her high-class upbringing, though.

Challenge… finding a way to get her

parents back together. This includes making sure her dad doesn’t get remarried to a younger and evil woman.

Looks… Annie is a red haired female of average height with blue eyes. She originally had hair that reached her mid-back. She usually pulled half of it back either into a pony tail or braid. After the change, she tied half of it back into a ponytail, two short braids, or wore a headband or hair clip. She dresses in a more formal attire where many of her outfits also consist of skirts and the color white.

grew up… motherless in

Napa Valley, California. All her life, Hallie has lived on a vineyard with her single father and their longtime housekeeper, Chessy.

pretending to be… Annie

in London, England, in order to spend time with her mother.

Interests… horseback riding,

oreos with peanut butter, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Hallie’s best friend is her dad, and she loves Chessy, but she has still always wanted a mom in her life.

Relationship Status…

Challenge… finding a way to get her


Looks… She has short hair that

boys? Not right now. But still, give her a call if you hear Leo DiCaprio is interested.

… stubborn, impulsive, and clever. Hallie’s the one who ups the ante – whether in her pranks on Annie at sleep-away camp or her attempts to drive interloper Meredith away from her father. She’s got the guts to go through with their plan to switch places, showing none of Annie’s reluctance.

parents back together, so she doesn’t have to be separated from her sister and mother anymore. This includes making sure her dad doesn’t get remarried to a much younger woman who she hates.

reaches her shoulders and side-swept bangs that reach below her cheek. Hallie her hair into her trademark half ponytail, pulled into a bun, or clips her bangs away. She also has pierced ears and painted nails.. She dresses in a more casual, colorful, tomboyish clothes in comparison to Annie, often wearing coats, t-shirts, and pants.

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