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PlaneTorque Torque July 2011


elcome to the 38 issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue, we take a look again at the new LAME licence system, IoA Holder reporting & Cert of Approval holders EPM’s.

LAME Lic. Sexy looking new Part 66 Licence

the CoA application form but until CASA get around aroun to updating that form you will also need to advise us u of the CoR holders ARN. Want to know more, please visit CASA web site under the “Services/Delegates Services/Delegates tab”. tab

Cert. of Approval Holders New CASA form – Hard to find.

During several recent audits it would appear that CASA are insisting CAR 30 organisations o lift their game with respect to their MOM/EPM/Exposition MOM/EPM/Expositio So by now certain of my august (Whatever you call yours procedures readers would be holding in their hands their new Part 66 AME licence. I manual this month) contents. You are asked to submit a new CASA form don’t know about you guys and girls but I find it all a tad confusing and I live 019. At the moment this form is not and breathe BS paperwork. I am going listed on the CASA web site under its Forms” section. You need to go to to have to put a little cheat sheet in the “Forms manuals section and then the page folder that briefly explains what I can that covers Cert. Cert of Approvals and you and therefore what I cannot do. Now will find the link there. call me cynical but I thought one significant objective of all these Take a look at section M on that form. changes (Not just Part 66) was to My advice is use that section and carry make the words easier to understand out a gap analysis. and therefore not open to too many interpretations. On the plus side some of us old farts got flash gold writing on the folder cover. Does that make you feel special or what? OK I know the above looks more silver than gold but you will need to trust me, mine is gold lettering.

I am also left wondering what our American counterparts will think about this new system.

Best of luck because some of you will be up for a lot of writing and quite p possibly changes in the way you need to do business.

Issue 38

it’s a bit of a trick question. I was after “Rainbow”, the aircraft are obvious, surely! The “Where” was a challenge and the ““When” allowed certain smart arses to say during a raining period. Now for our growing small adverts section. Most currently have a Safety or Standards flavour. More details on each @ PTA’s web site.

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What The! Where-What-When.

IoA Holders Reporting to CASA

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SMS-ProTM Lite

New reporting system now active. This little snippet is probable not of much interest to you if you are not involved in issuing or seeking a Answers in next months issue. Certificate of Airworthiness. If however, like me, you hold a CASA Instrument for issuing CoA’s we are now required to log each new project into an internet based reporting system as soon as a project starts and upon completion. On the plus side this removes the quarterly reporting requirement. ( 2011) was taken at However in order to open a new job we Last issue’s (June must have certain data, most of it is on Adelaide Airport in South Australia. OK Page 1 of 1

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PTA Newsletter for July 2011