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PlaneTorque Torque May 2011


elcome to the 36 issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue, we take a look at a new AME licence (Mine) and recent LSA build standards but in particular ASTM’s.

In KISS terms the FAA do not automatically accept the latest ASTM revisions. Indeed FAA acceptance may lag one or two revisions behind the published ASTM itself.

My new AME licence

Unfortunately our own AC states that acceptable standards are even more outt of date than those of the FAA and it does not give any cluses on how later revisions to ASTM’s will be accepted.

Old compared to new Following is my old (Still current at the moment) AME licence, quite a simple document I think you would agree:

CASA (God bless them) will make my new AME licence look like this:

Issue 36

So what does a “Reasonable IoA holder” do? Well up until now I have insisted the Statement of Compliance (SOC) refers to the latest ASTM approved revision status of each ASTM that was in use at the time the aircraft raft was release from the factory. My logic being that each LSA is built to the latest standard (Hopefully). Most Not exactly sticking to a KISS approach now is it! Looks like if it’s not OEM’s have had no difficulty in signing too heavy and got wings, regardless of their SOC to reflect this. how they are flapped, flapped then I can sign it out. A tad flippant of me I know, but my legal bills are going to skyrocket in order to fight my way through th the Manual of Standards for this subject subjec before I can better bett understand my privileges Retirement is looking more privileges. like an option every day.

Light Sport Aircraft ASTM’s So you think you know all about Australian LSA build standards.

The CASA sports aircraft office is with the airworthiness standards sta staff looking into this matter and will hopefully fix up the AC asap. Here is just one example: ASTM F2245 – Design & Performance


A recent LSA CoA project brought into focus the current revision status of our CASA issued AC 21-42(1) 21 (Revision dated 23 Feb F 2006). More correctly how far out of date the AC was. Also the fact that the FAA regulations use a process of accepting “ASTM Consensus Standards” and certain revisions by a Notice of Acceptance. Page 1 of 2

Revision Status 10c 09 04

We also need to keep in mind that not all NAA have accepted the FA FAA approach to LSA standards. I would suggest our CASA need to revise the AC asap in such a way that ALL grey areas are removed. If you are involved in this area of GA/Sport flying I highly recommend you keep a watching brief on the rules.

PlaneTorque Torque

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Professional Aeronautical Consulting & Auditing Services ABN 23 104 977 942

May 2011

What The! Where-What-When.

Now for our growing small adverts section. Most currently have a Safety or Standards flavour. More details on each @ PTA’s web site.

Careful it’s not as obvious as it might first appear. Answers in next months issue.

Last issue’s (April 2011) was taken at Jandakot Airport here in WA a few months ago. It’s a wooden pusher prop that has suffered an “Insect Strike”.

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Issue 36


PTA Newsletter May 2011

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