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PlaneTorque April 2011


elcome to the 35 issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue, we take a look at recent CASA Maintenance Regulation seminar in Perth and a new Light Sport Aircraft.

under the new rules. You remember, the ones that will soon be law and where none of your current privileges will be eroded.

Feedback on CASA maintenance Regs presentation

Quite apart from the opportunity to catch up with a few old work mates I found the session a tad boring until it came to Q&A time.

“Exclusions” ie: systems you are not approved to maintain on these. To remove these exclusions, should you wish to, you must gain the necessary underlying exam credits and experience. Careful the training/exam part could, if done the wrong way, cost you many thousands of dollars. I am also left pondering the question: “What do GA maintenance organisations do if one of their clients operates a Low Capacity RPT service?” Run two sets of rules? Obtain an Instrument? Go out of business? Nasty!

How appropriate was it that this event was held at Burswood Casino? Have you attended one of these in your area? I went to the Perth event at th the Burswood Casino on 4 April evening.

Issue 35

To fix this CASA, in their collective wisdom, have decided (At least in the short term) to issue another “Instrument” (That’s why I referred to the IFR lamp one) to allow it under the new regulations. My guess is the average LAME is not all that familiar with the mountain of “Instruments” CASA has issued over the years for all manner of things. My suggestion is they make it a point to become so.

Due to time constraints I didn’t get a chance to ask a few questions. This was made up for by the gent sitting on my right who came well prepared. However in a subsequent email I asked about Low Capacity RPT Ops and their maintenance support company and if CASA had thought to run an internet based “Forum” so that the many questions and hopefully answers can be seen by all. I will let you know how that goes later. A plus for mechanical LAME’s will be the ability to replace defined LRU’s. This assumes OEM’s define LRU’s. Not all do so I can see another fly in the ointment here. I suspect there will be more to discuss on this subject over the coming months.

In my opinion, and in as fewer words as possible, I would sum it up this way: CASA’s position - Let’s not shoot the messengers present, but at times they did come across as a tad “Defensive”. Photo by: Alister Jupp

A new Light Sport Aircraft CoA

Even given CASA’s not insignificant A classy Weight Shift efforts to communicate these upcoming changes to the various stake holders it appears the general consensus of those present was these changes will bring about more negatives than positives. Indeed the financial burden that will be faced by the GA end of the industry will be Audience’s position (Mostly older significant. Even those middle level LAME’s) – Concerned, with some players will find the additional costs verging on the angry. hard to bear. Companies with a larger number of maintenance staff must now Looks like one significant glitch has (If they are in the RPT Ops arena) add already been found. Currently a LAME the burden of many additional I seldom get excited about individual can change a light on an IFR aircraft management tasks to their overheads. aircraft these days. Probably has thanks to an obscure CASA Instrument something to do with the number of (They couldn’t previously, but a pilot The new look licences now carry years I have been looking at them (46 could, go figure. Sorry I can’t find it on aircraft that were previously covered and counting), but this one got my CASA’s web site). And of course at the by a group licence approach. Eg: attention. I am not saying I will rush out moment he/she can sign out all B1900 series. Then to add to your a buy one or two, got to win lotto first, aspects of a VFR aircraft, but not woes you may find a list of Page 1 of 3

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Professional Aeronautical Consulting & Auditing Services ABN 23 104 977 942

PlaneTorque April 2011

Issue 35

but it almost makes this old LAME want to commit aviation as a PIC. I know, I can hear some of you groaning already, BORING!!! The truth is there isn’t anything sexy about doing CoA’s and in particular Light Sport Aircraft. But hang on (Pun intended) this one IS different. This aircraft is an “Evolution Trike”, model “REVO”, made in USA. st The CoA exercise was a “1 of Type”. And in case you haven’t been paying attention, this class of aircraft is beginning to look very flash in several key areas.

A rear cowl fits over the above lower engine/oil cooler areas. The fixed pitch Sensenich 69E propeller is very nicely finished off also.

You will note among the many options is a Night VFR kit. Unfortunately my reading of Australian CAO 95.32 (Exemption for Weight Shift aircraft) makes Night VFR a no-no. {Refer CAO 95.32 para 5.1 (h)}. The approved design standard used for the airframe (ASTM F2317) do not have Night VFR as an option either. ASTM 2245 for Take a look at this EFIS – Now this IS aeroplanes does in appendix A2. Also sexy! LSA aeroplanes registered with RAA are likewise restricted to VFR only under CAO 95.55. This is quite different for VH- registered LSA aeroplanes, where no such restriction applies under CAO 95.56.

Looking forward - steering/brake pedals. Note the finish.

Of course Weight Shift LSA can only be registered with either RAA or HGFA in Australia, CASA do not cover this design type. It does help if you take a few BS tablets before trying to make sense of some of the preceding waffle.

Engine is minus its top cover (For CoA Insp).

The finish and attention to detail is amazing. We completed this CoA project in Bunbury WA at Roger Bunny’s (The buyer) property.

Disc brakes on all three wheels. If you want to find out more please contact the Australian dealer.

You get a choice of wings to match your skill level and/or desired activities also. You don’t get that with 99% of most aeroplanes that I know of. (I left the 1% in there just in case some smart arse reader has one in his back pocket)

Apollo Aerosports Australia Pty Ltd Jon Newell 03 5622 0014 Web site: The web site is well worth your time as it’s packed with useful data (Lots of pilot stuff of course) and some great Page 2 of 3

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Professional Aeronautical Consulting & Auditing Services ABN 23 104 977 942

PlaneTorque April 2011

videos. You can even figure out the cost of purchase from the extensive “Prices” page.

What The! Where-What-When.

Issue 35 Now for our growing small adverts section. Most currently have a Safety or Standards flavour. More details on each @ PTA’s web site.

Answers in next months issue.

Breaking news (04.04.11) PTA becomes an Associate. Find out all about ASN in detail at their web site

Sun N Fun airshow (Florida, USA), Revo awarded the "Grand Champion LSA 2011" by the judges who looked at fit and finish, construction quality, adherence to standard aircraft practices and features and so on and declared Revo to be on top in the LSA category from other LSA present at the Last issue’s (March 2011) was taken in show like Remos, Flight Design CT, UK, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, Army Aeroprakt, Airborne, Euro Fox and Air Corp museum a few years ago many others. (Exact date not known) its of a Westland Scout with #2 big Bro sitting in it playing with his cyclic stick.

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So you think you are SMS ready or even compliant with international standards. Or perhaps you simply want a better way of inducting new staff or re-enforcing safety management on a regular basis with your existing team. I encourage you to take a few moments to visit IATSI’s web site via the link below for more details. You will not regret it.


Lakeland Airport – Sun N Fun venue

One of the good things about this early military helicopter was you could change an engine from woe to go in about four hours. I have actually done it a few times in jungle clearings in Malaysia in the late 60’s. Too many bad things to list herein about some of these life changing times.

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SMS-ProTM Lite

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