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PlaneTorque Torque March 2011


elcome to the 34 issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue, we take a look at IT off-site backups, Australian Standards and the now commenced changes to legislation pertaining to maintenance in Australia.

Floods and other bad stuff. How is your business situated with regards to loss of key IT data, are you adequately mitigating your risks?

software as a continuous improvement issue.

PTA becomes a SIA S Global Affiliate No matter what business you are in, good standards are always a winner. I have for many years subscribed to various Standards published by Standards Australia so when I was invited to join their affiliates program I jumped at the opportunity.

Find out more by following the link on PTA's web site: connections/standards-australia/ Even my IT savvy son Alister believes the recent series of weather events are a major wake-up call for those of us (Big and small businesses alike) that rely on computers as one of our tools. In the short term I have put in place a nightly on-line back-up service for everything in “My Documents” folder (All PTA folders reside in this main folder) plus commenced using Google’s Gmail. I use iDrive for “My Docs” and I am finding it very good. Gmail took a little getting used to after having used MS Outlook for over 15 years. Once I had it set up to my liking I really warmed to it though. Of course the main reason for this change was it’s automatically backed up. You get the better part of 7 GB of FREE on-line storage. You can access all your emails from any computer that has an internet connection. The Calender feature is also very good. Tasks could be better but heh! its free. Longer term we are investigating setting up a network of dedicated file servers across our family businesses. Ie: Each family business will back-up its data on a file server located several suburbs away. None of us live near rivers so hopefully that (When we get there) will a reasonable method to not only reduce the risk of not having good back-ups in place but also the ongoing cost of paying for the service.

CASA’s new look AME licences Significant changes are underway, take care they may affect you. Graphics herein from CASA web site.

By now every LAME in Australia would have received in the mail a series of leaflets and booklets explaining the upcoming AME licencing changes. Much info is also available on CASA’s web site. DO NOT miss the CASA presentations that are soon so to start at a facility near you.

In my case, I have also logged this issue in my on-line SMS ProTM Lite Page 1 of 2

Issue 34

The only real problem I have is this decision to split implementation across a line defined by operational activities. Ie: Initially much of the change only applies to those people/companies supplying RPT services o or supporting same.

Now that little GA operator you service just happens to hold a CASA AOC for low capacity RPT Ops. Guess what what, the upcoming changes will affect you the LAME LAME, your company and the operator. Have you therefore completed as a matter of some urgency a gap analysis? Can you find such an aid on CASA’s web site? Is that a “No” and “No”, well you are probably not an orphan because currently there isn isn’t one, but you do need to get your head out of the sand and do something. You might like to first up start a risk assessment a and log your finding in your companies Safety Management

System database database. Don’t have one of these babies? Not a problem let me show you how to get a FREE one that compliments ICAO, FAA etc requirements. In its FREE form, it is very basic but it is internet based and fast becoming a world leader in a very competitive field. Need a gap analysis carried out? Contact PTA and we will see how we can help you out.

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Professional Aeronautical Consulting & Auditing Services ABN 23 104 977 942

PlaneTorque March 2011

An interesting take on what motivates people.

What The! Where-What-When.

Take a few minutes of your time and watch this You Tube video.

Now for our growing small adverts section. Most currently have a Safety or Standards flavour. More details on each @ PTA’s web site.

PTA becomes an Associate. Find out all about ASN in detail at their web site

I subscribe to a lot of reading matter, this one got my attention. I suspect because I didn’t actually have to read much, just watch some wiz on a white board draw, whilst someone else spoke to the subject. atch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc

Issue 34

Answers in next months issue. The person in the photo and his older USA based brother are not allowed to answer

PTA becomes the exclusive Australasian agent for all True-Lock’s unique fastener range, from military tanks to Bell 206 helicopters, over a 1,000 FAA STC’s and growing in place. Would you like a CD explaining in detail these great products? Contact me for your CD and also receive a FREE gift. PTA becomes an SMS 101 affiliate of International Aviation Training Solutions Inc. of Canada. So you think you are SMS ready or even compliant with international standards. Or perhaps you simply want a better way of inducting new staff or re-enforcing safety management on a regular basis with your existing team. I encourage you to take a few moments to visit IATSI’s web site via the link below for more details. You will not regret it.

Last issue’s (Feb 2011) was taken in an aircraft store somewhere in Australia in 2009 by me. If you do look this up you will notice a whole range of other videos by the same organisation. Could any of the ideas discussed in this presentation be adapted to your organisation?

The errors in storage are: 1. Not correctly supported 2. Exposed to light 3. Top level (Nose wheels) unsafe

SMS-ProTM SMS-ProTM is a web based; complete Aviation SMS that fully supports ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada & IS-BAO compliant SMS requirements. PTA is now a registered SMS Partner. SMS-ProTM is a registered trademark of NorthWest Data Solutions of Alaska, USA.

SMS-ProTM Lite SMS-ProTM Lite is a FREE web based; basic functions only, Aviation SMS. PTA is now a registered SMS Pro TM Lite user. TM SMS-Pro is a registered trademark of NorthWest Data Solutions of Alaska, USA.

GLOBAL WAR ON ERROR® Don’t forget to check out PTA’s web page. I cannot recommend this Human Factors training highly enough. Global War on Error® is a registered trademark of Anthony T. Kern 2005-2009.

Share this newsletter with a mate. Registered Office: 12 Axewood Place Beechboro WA 6063 Australia

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PTA Newsletter March 2011

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