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PlaneTorque October 2010

elcome to the thirtieth issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue, we take a look another look at records and their role in the continuing airworthiness battle, CASA AWB 26003 and Air Safety Navigators Pty Ltd.

So bearing in mind that last statement I believe you can quickly see it is not simply a matter of maintenance records. As the class of aircraft increases then records that carry journey/sector information; fuel uplifted; Take Off weights etc; become more and more important. In some cases those same (Lets call them A story based on facts. “Aircraft Journey Logs (AJL)”) AJL will Contents desensitised for all the obvious also carry crew info; engine data reasons. possibly; oil uplifted; but most As most of my readers will know one of importantly both scheduled and the hats that I wear is that of a CASA unscheduled maintenance tasks. Approved Person for Certificate of Airworthiness issue. In previous Newsletters you might have read about my labouring the point for the need to keep accurate aircraft maintenance records. OK we all know the legislation says as much, but all too often once the first CoA has been issued, the appropriate management of each aircraft’s records can often get the raw end of the deal due to amongst many factors, limited resources.

Missing Records!

Issue 30

authorities had enough data in their records to make the problem go away, this time. Had the aircraft gone to a different country then the outcome might have not been so rosy. The moral of this story, for me anyway, is the MC should ensure that he has at his call ALL records when accepting a new aircraft onto his watch. If not all then an acceptable, documented position that is itself placed on the aircraft’s “Do Not Destroy” file. This should be a function of the hand over process from one MC to the next. Owners/Senior managers who are tasked with new purchases must ensure they play their part in this essential process also. Better still pay somebody who knows how to work a scanner or digital camera to create a digital record of all existing records. Top up those digital records at least bi-annually.

This back-up process applies just as much to the GA end of our business as it does to the medium/big end of town. So your boss picks up a nice aircraft, Have you got any idea how much time previously well maintained, complete this will save your company when the but verbose records included. It’s a aircraft next needs moving or selling? hard worker, averaging over 2,500 Potential buyer says. OK I am sending hours and 3,000 landing a year. You my maintenance Guru in to check the operate this aircraft for nearly six years. Your company is expanding and records. You can say. Before he your boss wants to relocate this faithful comes let me send him a CD of its beast onto the new contract in another history up until X months ago and current computer inventory. Will nearby country. As the resident Maintenance Controller (MC) it falls to impress the socks of the boss and the buyer. Your boss must though first you to ensure all records are passed agree to a catch up phase which of onto the new MC in your new sister course will cost. company in the next country. You pull the archived records, most were put there by earlier MC’s long disappeared over the horizon. Low and behold Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing some of those original (You remember Systems. the verbose ones) records can no longer be found. Have you read this AWB? Even if you have, did you realise that even if you What went wrong? Put simply the are a LAME endorsed on type you still archive system was assumed to be need to take a course and obtain a bullet proof. There are never enough certificate to be legally able to perform hours in your day to find the time to certain maintenance tasks? The check on such mundane matters. You course is run by Fire Protection have no “Process” in place to ensure Association of Australia. all records are archived iaw the relevant legislation (It's different for accounts and aircraft maintenance guys). A man’s machine!

Corp jet in Tulsa USA outside BizJet’s facility

It is just not good enough to retain the current logbooks in a ship shape condition. You really do need to be able to go backwards to the airframe date of manufacture WITH NO GAPS, often at a moments notice. I am sometimes asked “Why is this necessary, the aircraft had an Export CoA issued” or “It’s been operating OK for X years”. Not a bad starting point I will concede. However all too often (Regardless of which NAA this is issued by) these documents do not give the Australian person responsible for issuing our CoA (Be they like me or CASA employees) all the info that is needed. The main area of concern here is the structural integrity of the airframe. Ie: How was it operated in its previous environment, what if any major repairs have occurred and why?

CASA AWB 26-003

This real event (Well close enough for my purposes) did though have a happy ending. The regulatory Page 1 of 2

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Professional Aeronautical Consulting & Auditing Services ABN 23 104 977 942

PlaneTorque October 2010

It costs A$85 to none-members.

The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act (1989), Part VIA, Section 45B makes it an offence to, amongst other conditions, discharge Halon where “the discharge occurs in circumstances where it is likely that the scheduled substance will enter the atmosphere.” Some extinguishing system maintenance and overhaul procedures may not ensure or provide for the Halon to be captured.

smoko room wondering what all the fuss was about. Nice one guys! Damage to aircraft/engine was negligible. Damage to my pucker valve required immediate attention by way of a fresh pair of jocks.

Last issue’s (September 2010) was taken at White Gum Farm, just outside York here in WA on 19th November 2009. This is a LSA, Motorised Hang Glider training school. Truly impressive place. You could eat your dinner off the floor. Now for our growing small adverts section. Most currently have a Safety flavour. More details on each @ PTA’s web site. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Me and a dead Baron, Port Hedland somewhere around 1976. Do you like the long sexy socks?

Cause was determined to be badly timed magnetos. Boy did that apprentice get a talking to and I have to admit I was at fault also for not adequately supervising him.

Air Safety Navigators PTA becomes an Associate. Find out more by going to: Airworthiness>Continuing Airworthiness>Airworthiness Bulletins & On a personal note: I was many years ago now doing a ground run on a Beechcraft Baron at a North West airport, some of you will know it, Port Hedland. Not the world’s favourite holiday spot I can assure you. Very hot, dry, red dust everywhere, flies etc. Anyhow, there I was trying to start the left engine. Top cowl removed. It coughed, barked but refused to start. OK, one more try I say to myself. BIG MISTAKE! One rather loud back-fire followed by an inbuilt BBQ was the result. No engine fire system of course and the cabin unit was still in hangar. So with my pucker valve working overtime, I jumped out, ran the 30 meters to the hangar, yelling my lungs out, grabbed the wall fire extinguisher, ran back and luckily put the bugger out. Only then did my fellow workers casually exit the

Issue 30

I am please to announce that I have joined forces with Air Safety Navigators as an associate auditor and engineering technical resource. Air Safety Navigators Pty Ltd is a WA based aviation safety audit and risk management company specialising in support for aviation operations within the mining and resources sector.

PTA becomes the exclusive Australasian agent for all True-Lock’s unique fastener range, from military tanks to Bell 206 helicopters, over a 1,000 FAA STC’s and growing in place. Would you like a CD explaining in detail these great products? Contact me for your CD and also receive a FREE gift. PTA becomes an SMS 101 affiliate of International Aviation Training Solutions Inc. of Canada. So you think you are SMS ready or even compliant with international standards? Or perhaps you simply want a better way of inducting new staff or re-enforcing safety management on a regular basis with your existing team. I encourage you to take a few moments to visit IATSI’s web site via the link below for more details. You will not regret it.

Find out all about ASN in detail at their web site

What The! Where-What-When.

SMS-ProTM SMS-ProTM is a web based; complete Aviation SMS that fully supports ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada & IS-BAO compliant SMS requirements. PTA is now a registered SMS Partner. SMS-ProTM is a registered trademark of NorthWest Data Solutions of Alaska, USA.

GLOBAL WAR ON ERROR® Don’t forget to check out PTA’s web page. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. Global War on Error® is a registered trademark of Anthony T. Kern 2005-2009.

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