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PlaneTorque November 2009

elcome to the twenty first issue of PlaneTorque. In this issue we take a look some items of interest from CASA.

CASA form 337 Or is it form 726? Pardon! What the! I see lots of these (FAA Versions) in FAA log books but not in our CASA ones. Why is this? Why is this form not listed on “CASA Airworthiness forms” on CASA’s web site? You can find it if you do a search though.

It might be buried in the set of projects under development. It might also have died a natural death because who in CASA is going to file all the forms if the use is mandated? Basically its one thing to follow the FAA but it’s quite another to do so without adding value to the safety equation (In my opinion).

See draft AC43-20 Well shock, horror. AC43-20 is still in its draft format dated November 2001. It’s embedded in a NPRM 0109MS which is itself 223 pages in length. Try as I might I could not track the progress of the form through the maze of CASA reg changes.

What The! Where-What-When?

GLOBAL WAR ON ERROR® Don’t forget to check out PTA’s web page. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. I have personally just completed the engineering course and I believe I am the first in the world to do so.


In the FAA system they must employ a small army of clerks, filing these babies away. You can also purchase them, should you need to which is most useful during your pre-buy reviews.

Issue 21

CS 06/01 Increase of the MTOW for Aircraft Operating Under CAO 95.55 In a nutshell the RAA were seeking to expand their coverage to all aircraft under 750 kg MTOW. This project has now closed (09.10.09) with CASA deciding not to proceed. There is no explanation offered on the CASA web site. Now is this due to non RAA interests prevailing or will we simply see the transition occur in the soon (Don’t quote me) to be released CASR Part 103?

Some really useful software Its not often one comes across FREE software that is also useful. Here (Again a personal opinion) are two that might appeal so some of you.

Answers in next months issue.

Last months was taken in Malaysia in 1967 on a road under construction through the jungle. The helicopter was a Bell 47 that suffered a turbo-charger failure on take off. That’s me operating the HIAB crane on the recovery truck. Three POB, one in outside streatcher being medivaced. Only additional injuries incurred by medic clambering through cracked bubble. Engine etc held in by safety cables only after impact.

Useful Links An independent review into the broader issues surrounding the loss of the RAF Nimrod MR2 Aircraft XV230 in Afghanistan in 2006 /books/842.pdf For more information visit the aviation safety knowledge base SKYbrary:

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Its not often one comes across FREE software that is also useful. Here (Again a personal opinion) are two that might appeal so some of you....

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