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2021 TPTA Annual Conference This year's conference will be virtual! October 23 & 30, 2021

OFFICERS: Michael Geelhoed, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, President Dana Tew, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS, Vice-President Gail Zitterkopf, PT, DPT, CLT, CKTP, Speaker of the Assembly Jennifer Frerich, PT, DPT, OCS, Secretary Barbara Gresham, PT, PhD, Treasurer Ronna Keagle, PT, DPT, OCS , District Executive Committee Representative



Capitol Area: Central: Coastal Bend: East Texas: Greater El Paso: Heart of Texas: Midwest: North Texas: Panhandle: Permian Basin: South Plains: Southeastern:

Nominating Committee: Erica Parazo, PT Bylaws Committee: Rupal Patel, PT, PhD Ethics Committee: Robert Sandoval, PT, PhD Government Affairs Committee: Dana Tew, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS Membership & Public Relations Committee: Erica Parazo, PT (Co-Chair) Nick Purcell, PT, DPT (Co-Chair) Practice & Professional Development Committee: Kai Williams, PT, DPT Payment Policy Committee: William "Bill" Lewis, PT, DPT Tom Waugh Leadership Development Program: Denise Gobert, PT, PhD

Fall 2021

Ronna Keagle, PT, DPT, OCS Robert Sandoval, PT, PhD John Fisher, PT, DPT Polly Bowers-Maness, PTA Lucinda Vizcaino, PTA Kristi Trammell, PT, DPT Justin Tammany, PT, DPT, MBA, ScD Carling Butler, PT, DPT Spencer Church, PT, DPT Mikala Reznik, PT, DPT William "Bill" Lewis, PT, DPT Lauren Szot, PT, DPT

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2022-2023 TPTA Strategic Plan

2021 Leadership Candidate Slate

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PTA Education Summit

Fall 2021

MEMBER UPDATES Congratulations to TPTA member Gayle Dean Deyle, PT, DPT, DSc, FAPTA, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy for being honored as a 2021 APTA Catherine Worthingham Fellow Fall 2021

TPTA Leadership Elections are open! The candidate slate and online voting are now available on Voting will be open through October 17th. To vote, you must be a professional (PT or PTA) TPTA member. The following positions are open for online voting: Secretary Speaker of the Assembly Chief Delegate PTA Caucus Rep. Nominating Committee (2 positions) Delegates-at-Large (6 positions)

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s I am writing this the world around us is changing yet again. The Delta variant is spiking in communities across the country and Texas is seeing hospital beds filled to capacity. School is about to start and everyone is wondering what happens next. Our Annual Conference will be virtual again this year. In a survey we did of our membership, twothirds of those who responded preferred a virtual conference for this year. There was a mixture of health and safety concerns and concerns over the cost and time attending Annual Conference takes. You can read more about the opportunities in this issue. A virtual conference allows more people to take advantage of the educational opportunities as there is no limit to class size and we are able to record the sessions and keep them on our website for a period of time after the conference. It will still be extremely important that you plan to attend the Assembly, live at the scheduled time, so that we can conduct the business of the association. We appreciate all who have contacted us about this decision to move to a virtual conference and we look forward to bringing you the best learning experiences possible. The TPTA Board met recently and had a very productive Strategic Planning session. You can read more about it in this issue, but we have some new goals for legislative action, membership gains and outreach to the public about PT. In the political world, the 2nd Special Session of the Legislature has been called. The stalemate between the Democrats and the Republicans continues (as of this writing.) The Legislative Budget Board

reappropriated enough money to keep the legislative staff paid through the end of September. Everyone seems to be searching for an “end game” to this, but no one seems to know exactly what that looks like. An additional curveball is about get thrown into the mix as the US Census Bureau has announced that it will release the 2020 census results on August 12th. Once those numbers are released the Legislature can begin the process of redistricting. They must draw new maps for all the State Representative, State Senate and Congressional Districts. This is always the most divisive and contentious matter before them. People will be fighting to ensure that their party gets districts they can win and within the parties, individuals will be fighting for their districts to be drawn to their liking. In a Legislature where there is absolutely no trust across party lines, or between the Senate and the House, or with the Governor, this could be an even longer, more bitter process than usual. Finally, a huge Thank You to Jerre van den Bent, PT for his many years of service to the TPTA PAC Board. Jerre has been personally responsible for raising tens of thousands of dollars over the years to maintain TPTA’s ability to make an impact in the state’s political process. Even more importantly he has been a great friend and calm, cool steady voice in leading the political component of TPTA. No matter how difficult a situation we were dealing with, we could always count on Jerre for a laugh. Keep in touch my friend. Please join me in thanking Jerre in the only way that would really matter to him. Donate to TPTA PAC today!

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Fall 2021



e’ve all done it when working on an assignment for work or school that is due in the near future. Heck, I did it earlier today when I sat down to write this update. You get a notification from a friend with a link to something posted on the internet, and then an hour later, you realize you are at the bottom of a rabbit hole of distractions wondering how you got there. And now you are one hour closer to your deadline with no productivity to show for it. Since March 2020, losing focus on our goals has been happening more and more, both to us individually, and to our association. Not that we didn’t have a good excuse—the pandemic fundamentally changed our lives and our way of doing things, and made it impossible to focus on a future that held so much uncertainty. And from a practical standpoint, the daily necessities of carrying on in the midst of so much chaos required us to shift focus from future priorities to current realities. Our last TPTA strategic plan was approved in 2018. We had some great successes as Summer Fall 2021 2017

a result of that plan, but by early 2020 it was time to update our future vision and goals. We had full intentions of holding another strategic planning session in April 2020, but the world changed in March, and we had to keep postponing our strategic planning session, leaving us in limbo as an association. By mid-2021, we finally felt we had enough normalcy to hold an in-person strategic planning session in July 2021 to plot a course for our association for the next 2 years. I am proud to say we now have a clearly established vision, mission, goals, and objectives to guide us and give us focus for the next 2 years. Ideally, if we keep our focus on these goals, and minimize the distractions that will continue to pop up on a daily basis, our association will continue to grow and improve to champion the profession of physical therapy in Texas. I’m not foolish enough to think the pandemic is over, and that we won’t face challenges along the way, but by maintaining focus on our plan, we will continue to build momentum for the future and do great things for us as an association and for the Texans we serve.

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The 2021 TPTA Annual Conference will be virtual

Annual Conference is Going Virtual!! We have listened to our membership and the majority prefer a virtual conference for this year due to health and safety, and time and cost, concerns. A virtual conference gives us the opportunity to present more classes and allows members to obtain more CCUs at a much lower cost. No travel, no hotel rooms and you can attend the classes on your own schedule. Last year’s Virtual Annual Conference was a success, but we learned many lessons and this year’s will be even better. The Board and Staff of TPTA are looking forward to providing you with the best learning opportunities possible. Check the TPTA website for updated details.

October 23 & 30 page 7

Fall 2021

Proposed 2022-2023

The TPTA Board of Directors and staff met in July 2021 an to guide the association over the next two years. Please jo October when the plan will be formally adopted. Vision Statement Empowering society to optimize health and movement Mission Statement The Texas Physical Therapy Association champions the profession of physical therapy to advance practice and optimize the movement, health, and wellness of people Goals 1. TPTA will continue to pursue an active legislative agenda including the pursuit of fair co-pays, direct access expansion, and MPPR (multiple procedure payment reduction). Champions: GAC Chair and Committee, Payment Policy Committee, TPTA ED A. Create legislative agenda for 2023. 1. Pursue direct access to 30 days for all 2. Eliminate 1 year wait for direct access practice for new graduates 3. Pursue fair co-pay legislation by changing PT provider status from specialty provider to primary provider B. Explore the possibility of expanding direct access to Worker’s Compensation C. Collect $100,000 in PAC funds by November 2022 D. Identify other associations with whom to collaborate regarding pre- authorization and visit limitation reform E. Explore options for eliminating MPPR (multiple procedure payment Summer 2017 Winter Fall 2021 2021

reduction) at the state level

2. Maximize public awareness of the value of physical therapy. Champions: Membership and PR Committee, District Chairs, Staff A. Leverage APTA PR campaigns 1. #choosePT 2. Identify Texas PT ambassadors for the #PTMovesMeTexas campaign 3. Interact with the APTA Prevention, Health Promotion and Wellness Council to promote health promotion and wellness 4. Special Olympics Fitness Screening Program 5. Move Together (PT Day of Service) B. Create direct-to-consumer marketing materials 1. Come to PT to stay well and healthy, prevent injury and disease 2. Create patient oriented direct access materials C. Overhaul social media approach and active monitoring and updating/ reposting 1. Assign to staff, include in job description 2. Consider soliciting businesses to contribute to PR campaign 3. Add a consumer focus area to the TPTA Website 4. Use Twitter, Instagram,

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3 TPTA Strategic Plan

nd created a new Strategic Plan for 2022-2023 designed oin your fellow TPTA members at this year's Assembly in Facebook, YouTube 5. Promote free and low-cost CE options from TPTA and APTA D. Increase engagement of PT businesses 1. Explore the development of a PT Business Council Program that would partner with TPTA in PR efforts 3. TPTA will increase member value and engagement. Champions: Membership and PR Committee, Staff, Nominating Committee, Practice Committee

graduating students (via personal connection, phone calls, email promotions, etc.) 2. Develop an early professional special interest group 3. Collaborate with TSPTA to create a mentorship program to promote membership when students convert to graduates C. Recruit at least 2 people to submit interest forms for every position for the next 2 years election cycles at both state and district levels. 1. Improve explicit job description of positions, orientation. (video that can be stored and viewed)

A. Increase membership numbers to 10k 4. Evaluate the current chapter structure and members by December 2024 develop, adopt, and make a plan to implement 1. Add a large “Renew/Join” a new TPTA structure. button on TPTA web page indicating that TPTA Champions: Bylaws Committee, Executive is a chapter of APTA Committee, District Chairs 2. PR strategies (see Goal 2) 3. Campaign to educate about A. Collect information about how other monthly membership option chapters implemented a new structure 4. Educate members about the B. Collect input from districts and Texas Assembly, HOD, leadership members to evaluate the current development structure and inform the development of 5. Build relationships through a new structure networking, educate C. Develop a new structure members about Assembly, HOD and leadership development D. BOD adopt structure (page/video to orient to promote E. Create a timeline for implementation existing resources) F. Communicate new structure to districts B. Increase student to early professional G. Communicate new structure to membership retention by 10%. (current members plus 10%) 1. Aggressively advertise the monthly dues payment option to page 9

Winter Fall 2021

TPTA 2021 Leadership

TPTA Leadership elections are now open online through October 17th Delegate, PTA Caucus Rep., Nominating Committee, and Delegates-atvote. Please take time to review the Candidate Statements (below and Secretary (Select 1) Megan Flores, PT, MPT, PhD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy Present Employment: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences & Riverkids Pediatric Home Health Position: Assistant Professor (USAHS) and Physical Therapist (Riverkids) City: Austin APTA Member: 9 years TPTA Member: 9 years Advancing our profession through service is something I value and I am honored to be nominated for the position of Secretary for the TPTA. This role fits my personality perfectly! My strengths include systems organization, innovative thinking and meticulous note taking with attention to detail. I have always been a “pre-crastinator” (the opposite of a procrastinator) as I am able to perform tasks effectively and efficiently with ample time to spare. Communication and problem solving are important assets that help me productively collaborate with team members. I have previous board leadership experience as Region VII Director for 2 years at the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy prior to their reorganization. I learned a great deal about leadership and service during this tenure and I am excited about this opportunity the serve the TPTA. I look forward to advancing the physical therapy profession to optimize movement, health, and wellness of my fellow Texans. I have been a practicing physical therapist for 17 years and I am board certified as a Pediatric Clinical Specialist. Most of my clinical experience has been dedicated to neurorehabilitation of pediatric and adult patients. I have worked in a variety of settings including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, home health and hippotherapy. My current full-time position involves teaching in a DPT program and advancing research to improve our profession, and I continue to practice in home health pediatrics. My diverse clinical and educational background will help me represent the wide range of PTs and PTAs that make up the TPTA. I am confident that my experience, strengths, and passion will help me successfully aid our organization toward achieving our goals. Thank you for considering me to serve as Secretary for the TPTA. I would be honored to have your support. Myla “Myles” Quiben, PT, PhD, DPT, MS Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric and Neurologic Physical Therapy (GCS, NCS) Present Employment: Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health Professions: University of North Texas Health Science Center Position: Chair and Associate Dean City: Fort Worth APTA Member: 19 years TPTA Member: 11 years It is an honor to be slated as Secretary to support the TPTA leadership and serve our members. I have a passion for service and for the profession as evidenced by my prior service to TPTA and nationally to APTA. As your Secretary, I will bring unique insights to current professional issues as a clinician, researcher,

Summer Fall 2021 2017

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p Elections are open

h. Open p[ositions include Secretary, Speaker of the Assembly, Chief -Large. Only professional TPTA members (PT & PTA) are eligible to d online) and then VOTE! and an academic. As a clinician with experience in diverse settings, I am acutely aware of the needs of our patients and therapists, and the many challenges in clinical practice. In my work as an academic administrator, I am well informed of the issues that influence practice and therapists in Texas. As an academic and researcher, I am keenly aware of the critical issues in higher education and the challenges of our DPT students. I will bring the voice of these individuals to the executive leadership and provide authentic, strategic advice to the Association. I bring to the TPTA prior service to the Boards of APTA Geriatrics, Texas Geriatric Society, National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC), and the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS). Additionally, I have served in the TPTA Nominating Committee and TX Delegation, the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, and the Arkansas Chapter Delegation. As a Texas Delegate, I am engaged in discussions on current motions in the House. These experiences have provided me with an understanding of and skills in working with executive committees, boards, varied leadership styles and diverse individuals – all working towards a common vision. Throughout the pandemic, communication is critical when working with incomplete and often changing information. I bring a depth of experience in communicating with and working in diverse teams, and in leading during challenging times. My colleagues describe me as an efficient, quality-driven individual who values excellence, integrity, and professionalism. I am excited with the opportunity for service and humbly ask for your vote to serve as the TPTA Secretary.

Speaker of the Assembly (Select 1) Gail Zitterkopf, PT Present Employment: Memorial Hermann Position: Pelvic Floor Program Manager City: Katy APTA Member: 21 years TPTA Member: 12 years Thank you for the opportunity to be slated for Speaker of the TPTA Assembly. As a 2003 Northern Arizona University graduate, turned Texan I’ve been fortunate to experience mentorship by the best! As a PT student and new graduate, I was fortunate to have Cynthia Driskell, PT, GCS serve as my mentor, and I learned the roll of Arizona Chapter President as well as Modulator of the Arizona Town Hall (Arizona’s Speaker of the Assembly). Over the years I have a long list of mentors who have lead by demonstration. I would also like to see members who have been less active become more engaged in their profession as well as the decisions that shape physical therapy practice during the Texas Assembly. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Texas Assembly needed to become virtual in an expedient time period. With change, knowledge is gained and depending on the health of Texas, I will be prepared for a virtual or a live conference. I will work to improve greater involvement, to allow the Texas Physical Therapy Community to shape the professions future. I completed the TPTA Tom Waugh Leadership program, and in my project included planning and hosting a GAC Fundraiser as a part of Legislative Day in 2015. I believe I am qualified to serve as Speaker because of my awareness of important issues at the state and national level. page 11

Fall 2021

Chief Delegate (Select 1) Lois Stickley, PT, PhD Present Employment: Texas State University Position: Associate Professor City: Georgetown APTA Member: 41 years TPTA Member: 41 years I am passionate about the profession of physical therapy and leadership. I am proud to have been a physical therapist for 39 years and a TPTA member for 41 years. I joined the Association as a student because I didn’t know that not joining was an option. For me membership has never been optional, being an active member is part of my professional identity. Being a leader in our profession is also an important part of my identity, I want to influence the continued development of our profession. Some of my personal characteristics and strengths that are assets for this role include excellent communication and interpersonal skills; passion, energy, and a positive attitude; and a network both in Texas and across the country that allows me to be effective. I believe these strengths have allowed and will continue to help me serve the Chapter as Chief Delegate. I have experience at several different levels of the Chapter and Association. In all my positions, whether elected or appointed, I always have served diligently and completed my terms with integrity. My leadership experiences in the TPTA include serving at the District, Chapter, and Association levels. I served as the District Chair for the Panhandle District twice (1996-1998, 2008-2014), Capital Area District Secretary (2019-2020), the District Chair Representative to the TPTA Executive Committee (2013-2018), as Delegate to the House of Delegates for three terms (1994-1995, 2009-2011, 2019), including Chief Delegate (2012 and 2020-2021), as TPTA Membership Co-Chair (2012-2015) and as Speaker of the Texas Assembly (2015-2018). I have completed both levels of the Leadership, Administration, Management, and Professionalism (LAMP) courses. I believe these experiences allow me to see the needs of members while having a global understanding of how the TPTA and APTA function and the important role that our Chapter plays in the Association. If elected, my goal is to ensure that the Texas Delegation continues to be prepared and play an active role in the House of Delegates. Texas was the co-maker on three important motions this year. I have experience as a Delegate and as Chief Delegate and so I know the expectations and I am familiar with the House and its processes. I will represent TPTA members interests and will be responsive to members input into the development of motions. Thank you for considering me to serve as your Chief Delegate.

PTA Caucus Rep (Select 1) Jordan Lormor, PTA Most Recent Employment: UAB Medicine and Jefferson State Community College Position: Acute Care & Inpatient Rehab PTA (UAB) and PTA Program Laboratory Assistant (Jefferson) PTA Program: Wylie APTA Member: 5 years TPTA Member: 1 year It is a privilege to be slated for PTA Caucus Representative for the state of Texas and I would be honored to serve as advocate for my fellow Physical Therapist Assistants. The physical therapy profession is ever-changing, and it is vital that the physical therapist assistants’ interests, needs, and issues remain a topic of discussion during governance and decision making. Previously I have served as the PTA Caucus Representative for Alabama. During my time on the board, I pushed for the PT Compact Act, Cash pay PT services, and direct access. If elected, I will vow to champion for all PTAs in the state of Texas with the same fervor I bring to patient care and student education. I graduated summa cum laude in 2017 as a Physical Therapist Assistant from Jefferson State Community College where I was also awarded the Physical Therapist Assistant Student of The Year. After graduation I got Summer Fall 2021 2017

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a job as a PTA at a trauma 1 hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Primarily I worked in the acute care unit and on weekends I would work at the inpatient rehab facility. In 2019 I decided I was as passionate about educating future PTAs as I was about helping my patients with therapy. I began working as a PTA lab assistant for Jefferson State Community College that fall. At that same time, I was elected as the PTA Caucus Representative for the state of Alabama. While serving as PTA Caucus Representative for Alabama I participated in several district calls, board meetings, and conferences. I wrote letters to senators, made calls to advance the PT Compact act, and prepared documents for board meetings and HOD. When COVID became a reality, I had to leave my jobs and stay home with my kids. In that time, we also made the move to Texas. My kids are now back in school, and I am ready to get back to work in the field as well as getting to work representing the PTAs of Texas! Luke Markert, PTA, BS Present Employment: Del Mar College Position: Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education City: Corpus Christi APTA Member: 20+ years TPTA Member: 20+ years It is an honor to be slated as a candidate For PTA Caucus representative. If elected I will serve with dignity and intense passion to advance the profession. I have been a physical therapist assistant since 1995. I currently work as the Director of Clinical Education and core faculty member at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. I believe that I have leadership experience and skills required to represent my PTA colleagues at the national level. My leadership experience includes three terms as the PTA Caucus Representative, including a threeyear term as an officer on the Nominating Committee, and three terms as the Coastal Bend District Chair, including a one-year term on the TPTA Executive Committee as the E.C. Representative. I also served one term as a member the Nominating Committee for the PTA Educators SIG of the Academy of Education. An effective PTA Caucus representative is one who is able to influence others. The ability to influence requires good listening skills, teamwork, and most importantly patience. Serving at the district, chapter, and national levels has given me the opportunity to develop these skills. I am excited about the possibility to serve again in this capacity, and I appreciate your consideration.

Nominating Committee (Select 2) Jon Anderson, PT Present Employment: Ensign Services, Inc. Position: Senior Therapy Resource City: San Antonio APTA Member: 15 years TPTA Member: 15 years I am honored and thrilled to be slated for TPTA’s nominating committee. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to be a clinician, an administrator, a resident, an educator, and even a patient. The value of what we do “our profession” should solidly be locked in outcome data, or what got the patient from here to there. Over recent years, we have been bombarded with costly administrative burdens, devalued by payers, and encroached upon by other healthcare professions. Now more than ever, it’s important as Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants that we step up and lead the Rehabilitation space, and we do this by knowing our data as it relates to getting the patient from here to there. The time has arrived to unify academia and clinical in a way that page 13

Fall 2021

propels us forward to do things like. . . wait for it. . . drum roll . . .prescribe a wheelchair/assistive device. . .(gasp) or better yet order imaging to better understand how to treat our patients and get to the efficient outcomes. Leveraging emerging technologies and being at the forefront of this allows us to own the space and become the clinicians of choice. . .in other words who is the best in the world to do this and get paid for it. I have personally witnessed this in working with payers to get paid for PTs providing Dry Needling, and Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation. We need people leading our profession that can get these kinds of WINS so the students of tomorrow can enjoy the profession we LOVE today and make a good living. Guess what I know some of these people and will work hard to continue to get these folks involved and in the right spots to create change. Additionally, we can develop and GROW others who have the passion but may need mentoring to be the next amazing leader. . .we just have to connect the dots for them. A lot of my role with Ensign Therapy has been just that. . .finding the right people for the right spots and helping these amazing clinicians’ practice at the top of their profession. The TPTA Nominating Committee is similarly focused in finding the right people for the right spots and developing a pipeline of talent that ensures our profession never looks back, and continually raises the bar. As a past president of the TPTA SIG, Tom Waugh Fellow, TPTA Practice Committee Chair, TPTA Payment/Policy Committee Member, APTA Post-Acute Care Committee, and most recently TPTA DEI Taskforce Member, I have a good understanding of how our system works with a large network of therapists/assistants. Let’s work to continually elevate TPTA and be the change that what started here creates the necessary positive change to make our profession the best in the world! Kristen Barta, PT, DPT, PhD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy Present Employment: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Position: Assistant Professor City: Austin APTA Member: 21 years TPTA Member: 21 years It’s an honor to be slated for the Nominating Committee Member position. Being able to serve the Texas Physical Therapy Association has been a career goal and I’m excited for the opportunity. My connections within the physical therapy profession in Texas are strong as I became a member of the APTA in 2000 as a student and have maintained my membership. Sixteen of my nineteen years as a physical therapist have been in Texas which has afforded me the opportunity to make numerous contacts within the state. For the past eight years, I have taught full time at The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and have developed more contacts through the students and alumni of my university. These connections will be beneficial for promoting recruitment of members for association leadership positions. In addition, I am very organized and able to meet necessary commitment deadlines. This quality is imperative to adhere to nomination and election dates, organize and verify candidate application packets, tabulate results, and report to the Committee Chair and Texas Chapter for a successful election. Throughout my history as a clinician and an academic faculty, I have been assigned roles such as PTA supervisor, CCCE, student module organizer, course coordinator, and student organization faculty advisor because of my interpersonal and organizational skills. Due to past experiences and responsibilities, I am confident in my abilities to complete the required tasks of a Nominating Committee Member in an efficient and accurate manner that will be a benefit to the association. Having an opportunity to serve at the state level would be a true honor and a way to give back to a profession that has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I have always participated at a local level within my clinics, university, and community, and believe it is time for me to devote my energy and abilities on a larger scale. I am interested in the Nominating Committee specifically because this committee connects with various entities. I find the process of recruiting skilled therapists for open positions, working with networking platforms, and creating reports for the Board of Directors intriguing and rewarding. Assisting at the beginning of the process to elect members that will strengthen the Texas Chapter would be a privilege. My energy and passion to work within the Chapter would make me an ideal member of this team.

Summer Fall 2021 2017

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Anne Gould, PT, DPT Present Employment: Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Position: Physical Therapist City: Edinburg APTA Member: 10 years TPTA Member: 2 years I am honored to be considered to serve on the Nominating Committee for the Texas Physical Therapy Association. In my 12 years as a licensed physical therapist, I have practiced within a variety of settings across the nation and in each step and location of my career I have been committed to pursuing life-long professional development. When I moved to Texas in June 2019, I sought opportunities to continue to grow within the field. I currently serve as the Coastal Bend District Delegate of the TPTA. I feel privileged to interact with district members, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from their physical therapy experiences. I am also a mentee of the Tom Waugh Leadership Development program. This program has expanded my knowledge and understanding of the leadership roles within the Texas Chapter. I am eager to utilize my newly acquired resources to connect with the other Texas members from across the state. I believe the virtual integration of our association’s response to COVID has created an increase in opportunities for individuals who historically have not been able to actively participate due to geographical and previous in-person demands. I have previously served as a Chairperson for the New York State Physical Therapy Association’s Marketing and Engagement Committee from 2017-2018. In this role, I led the committee in creating an Opioid Speakers Bureau. This Bureau consists of a pool of members and non-members who are subject matter experts from across New York State. Our committee submitted an Eblast for volunteer applicants and vetted the applicants. We used this process to gather a group of qualified physical therapists to apply their skills in addressing the Opioid epidemic as it relates to the profession of physical therapy. I am excited for the opportunity to serve on a state committee again and would look forward to ensuring that TPTA has a diverse set of nominees and transparent elections. I am energetic, efficient, and eager to learn from others as we work collaboratively to advance physical therapist practice to optimize the movement, health, and wellness of people in Texas. Thank you for considering me for this role. I would be honored to earn your vote. Matt Huey, PT, MPT, Dip MDT, CCI, CMTPT, FAAOMPT Present Employment: Premise Health Position: Physical Therapist City: Coppell APTA Member: 14 years TPTA Member: 3 years I am greatly honored to have been chosen to run for the Nominating Committee for the Texas Physical Therapy Association. Texas has stepped up to be a leader in the physical therapy profession and it is extremely important that Texas continues this role. To ensure that Texas is this leader, we need to have great leaders in place. The way that we will find these great leaders is to make sure we find people who represent all the areas of physical therapy both as clinicians and patients. It is key that we not only find people who practice in the different areas of physical therapy but also factors that are often overlooked such as different generations or socioeconomic backgrounds. Texas has a wealth of diversity within its borders. I want to foster this diversity into our profession.

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Fall 2021

Mark Lester, PT, DPT, PhD Present Employment: Texas State University Position: Associate Professor City: Georgetown APTA Member: 20 years TPTA Member: 11 years I am honored to be considered to serve as a Nominating Committee member for the Texas Physical Therapy Association. I’ve been an active association member since I was a PT student nearly 20 years ago. Over the course of my career I’ve been an ardent supporter of and advocate for our profession as a clinician, administrator, researcher, educator, and mentor and I am excited about this opportunity to serve TPTA members. This is a responsibility, that if selected, I will take seriously and will do my best to represent the interests of the Texas Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants in considering future leaders of our profession and giving voice to the outstanding accomplishments of our members. In my 30 year career, I’ve grown and evolved as our profession has advanced. I’ve worked across the gamut of the physical therapy profession, starting as an aide and completing my PTA degree before going on to PT school. I returned to school to complete my transitional DPT as well as a PhD in Rehabilitation Science. During my tenure as a PT in the U.S. Army, I developed expertise in orthopedics and sports medicine, movement disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, burn and polytrauma rehabilitation, and primary care. I developed direct access pathways for PT services for patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders and established physical therapy services in austere environments. I’ve been an active research scientist for over 15 years, focused on improving access to care, screening and evaluation and outcomes for patients with neuromusculoskeletal, vestibular, and movement disorders. I am a firm believer that we should constantly lean forward to advance the physical therapy profession and as a member of the nominating committee, I would advocate for the recognition of TPTA members whose accomplishments have met this end and leaders whose actions will foster the evolution of our profession. Mayowa Oyelami, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy Present Employment: Harris Health System Position: Physical Therapist II City: Houston APTA Member: 5 years TPTA Member: 5 years It is an honor to be slated for the position of Texas Physical Therapy Association Nominating Committee. Since I began my journey in physical therapy at Texas Woman’s University, leadership and representation have always been important to me. As the common adage alludes “representation not only reflects, but actually changes reality.” At the TWU Houston campus, I gained leadership experience by serving as Student Government Association Treasurer; Student Service Fee Committee Liaison; the first ever Pioneer Ambassador and the first ever Houston-area APTA National Advocacy Dinner Planning Committee Member. After PT school, I enrolled in the Harris Health System Neurologic Residency, where I spent 13 months training as a clinician, educator, researcher, and leader. During this time, I noticed there was a lack of communication and understanding between disciplines when deciding patient disposition following hospital admission. With the help of my leadership team, I attempted to improve this communication problem by creating an interprofessional collaborative experience (IPE). This IPE, led by neurologic PT residents, involves collaboration between second and third-year medical students and PT students treating patients together in the neuro ICU and discussing discharge recommendations from each discipline’s perspective. This ongoing IPE experience has led to improved communication, understanding and appreciation for the respective role each discipline plays as part of the health care team. Currently, I serve as a faculty mentor at Harris Health Systems Neurologic Residency Program, and I am ready to serve the broader physical therapy community in a direct leadership role. The essence of a good leader is the ability to recognize and optimize the strengths of those they serve in order to maximize their Summer Fall 2021 2017

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potential. As a nominating committee member, I will be committed to finding the most qualified candidates, while using the guiding principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion to work towards the betterment of our profession.

Delegate at Large (Select 6) Michael Braitsch, PT, DPT Present Employment: Tribe Wellness Position: Owner, Lead Therapist City: Dallas APTA Member: 5 years TPTA Member: 5 years I am a private practice owner, an advocate for our profession to inter-professional organizations, an active board member in community organizations, and try wherever possible to spread the word about our movement expertise. I’ve served on TPTA nominating committee, worked with the APTA geriatrics section, consulted members of congress about our profession, served the International Parkinson & Movement Disorders Society, served on medical advisory boards, performed community wellness research, often spoken at national and international conferences about PT, and regularly work with graduate students, PTA students, and pre-PT students in the hope of keeping our future bright. I want to find as many ways as possible to make it easy for patients to see us and for us to be highly regarded experts in the eyes of our healthcare peers as well as in the opinion of the general public. In recent years, I've gleaned a greater understanding of opportunities we have to make a difference in how PTs practice in Texas. I would be honored to play a role as a delegate in supporting these changes and representing PTs in Texas at the House of Delegates. Derrick Campbell, PT, DPT, ScD, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Present Employment: University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, DPT Program Position: Associate Professor, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education City: Austin APTA Member: 8 years TPTA Member: 5 years It is an honor to be slated as a candidate for a TPTA Delegate at Large Position to the APTA House of Delegates. The House sets policy and elects the APTA Board of Directors and members of the APTA Nominating Committee. As your delegate, I will bring a robust passion for service to the physical therapy profession. As a clinician of 28 years with experience in diverse settings, I am very aware of the needs of our patients and clinicians, and the many diverse factors that face clinical practice. As an Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor, and current chair of the Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education, I am acutely aware and involved with the issues in higher education and the challenges our DPT students and clinical stakeholders face. I will bring the collaborative voice and spirit of these individuals to the Delegates and serve as a liaison to facilitate discussion with students, clinicians, academic institutions, and clinical partners. As a strong collaborator and team player, my colleagues would describe me as a compassionate and efficient individual who values student-first engagement, excellence, and professionalism. As an educator and lifelong learner, I bring knowledge and talents of engagement with stakeholders on topics of advocacy, clinical education, and ethical considerations. My engagement in APTA, ACAPT, CAPTE, and the Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education has helped me to learn more about the policies faced by our profession at the local, state, and national levels. As your delegate, I will bring a collaborative spirit to facilitate discussion to advance the profession forward and to be a voice to ensure that our constituent membership is well represented. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve and humbly ask for your vote to allow me to represent you as a TPTA Delegate at Large.

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Fall 2021

Michael Connors, PT, DPT, PhD, FAAOMPT, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Present Employment: Athletico Physical Therapy City: Arlington APTA Member: 20 years TPTA Member: 17 years

Physical Therapy.

I am honored to be nominated for the TPTA Delegate-At-Large position. I have been a PT for 18 years in the outpatient realm. I have practiced in a multitude of settings in my career, from acute care to academia, home health to outpatient orthopedics. At present, I serve as the Vice President of Clinical Operations for Texas and Arizona for Athletico

In my past professional service, I have been involved at the local, state chapter, and national levels with APTA and TPTA. In my past role as Chapter President, I had the pleasure of serving as a Delegate to the House of Delegates. I have a passion for governance and helping to set the future optics of our practice through the process. As a delegate for 4 years, I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration I was able to participate in with our Texas delegation as well as the other Delegates. As a PT with almost two decades of experience, I feel I bring a wealth of knowledge combined with a passion for our profession that can help shape the future of PT through the governance process. In my current position, my passion is to help create opportunities for our colleagues to achieve their professional goals in their desired timeframe. Katherine Franklin, PT, DPT Present Employment: Baptist Health System San Antonio Position: Neonatal/Pediatric ICU Physical Therapist City: San Antonio APTA Member: 7 years TPTA Member: 7 years Katherine A. Franklin, PT, DPT is a physical therapist in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units at Baptist Health System in San Antonio, Texas. Katie received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University, and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas State University. She is currently a PhD student in the School of Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University with research interests in the intersection between disability studies and physical therapy practice. Outside of clinical practice, Katie works as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist focused on designing and creating beautiful, functional spaces that can be enjoyed by those of all ages and ability levels. I have had the privilege of serving as a delegate over the past year, and am eagerly looking forward to my first in- person HOD in Washington DC in September. Under the guidance of some incredible mentors, I have learned so much about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at the national and state levels to enact change within our professional organization. Outside of my work as a delegate, my professional focus and future goals center around improving the future of the PT profession through a commitment to bettering myself (currently pursuing a PhD in physical therapy) and giving back to future PTs (currently working as a clinical instructor and adjunct faculty member with the long-term goal of becoming a full-time PT educator). An opportunity to continue my service with the HOD in the upcoming years would be a big step toward accomplishing that goal of helping to improve the future of our profession. Over the past nine months, I've had a small taste of what it means to serve as a representative member of this year's HOD, and I have really enjoyed the process. It has been a meaningful learning opportunity, and I would welcome the chance to increase my involvement in future years. Thus far, I've made it a priority to jump in and learn as much as I can along the way as an active member of the Texas delegation. I have some ideas for future motion concepts that I would love to share if offered the ability to serve again. I would welcome the opportunity to represent Texas as a delegate to the APTA HOD, and would greatly appreciate Summer Fall 2021 2017

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your support. Denise Gobert, PT, MEd, PhD, CEEAA, Board-Certified Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy Present Employment: Texas State University Position: Professor City: Round Rock APTA Member: 24 years TPTA Member: 22 years I would be honored to serve as a Delegate at Large to represent our chapter at the upcoming APTA House of Delegates. I currently hold the position and would like to continue an effort to represent our chapter during a very special time. My recent service at both the state and national levels therefore I feel very capable of representing the interests of our chapter. My experience includes I have service for over 5 years as TPTA Speaker of the Assembly which has allowed me to work with the Executive Committee in addition to the Government Affairs, Public Relations, and Professional Development committees. Last of all, also serve proudly as Chair of the Tom Waugh Leadership Development Program Committee which has spearheaded the leadership careers of several members at both the state and national levels. Based on the afore-mentioned past service, I would love to continue working in behalf of our Chapter as we strive to support and protect physical therapy practice in an ever-changing healthcare climate in Texas. The APTA’s HOD is going to decide on several proposed by-law changes includes the following: • Continue to develop “Grassroots” Communications. Through communication links including written, verbal and digital (i.e. internet social media), we need more innovative ways to increase member and non- member information sharing about current practice patterns and needs at both the district and state levels. The recent challenges of the epic CoVID Pandemic have revealed some weakness and also some opportunities which we can now use to our advantage. This could help to “add value” to membership and support recruitment and retention of valued members. • Support Our Chapter Efforts in Public Healthcare Policy: It is quite evident that physical therapy practice is being challenged to provide effective, efficient patient services. The financial conundrum continues as we seek better reimbursement payment models to improve patient access to physical therapy services. It is time for us to sit at the national table to share a competent voice to help shape and support clinical practice patterns for the good of our patients in Texas. • Support Our Chapter’s Strategic Plan: Last of all, I would like to continue working diligently to develop and promote resources to help our goal champions complete the TPTA’s Strategic Plan which includes fair representation of all members including our physical therapy assistants and increased member engagement at all levels. In conclusion, I feel that my long-term active involvement in our professional organizations has helped to qualify me for the position of Delegate at Large. Therefore, I ask for your vote and stand excited about the opportunity to possibly represent and support the interests of Texas physical therapists on a variety of levels. If elected, you can count on me to build on our excellent legacy of past leaders to continue our outstanding Texas tradition!

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Fall 2021

Matt Huey, PT, MPT, Dip MDT, CCI, CMTPT, FAAOMPT Present Employment: Premise Health Position: Physical Therapist City: Coppell APTA Member: 14 years TPTA Member: 3 years I am honored to have served for the past 2 years as a Delegate at Large for the TPTA. Texas has provided me the opportunity to finish my Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy along with my Fellowship with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. The North Texas District accepted me to serve on their board as treasurer as well. I have seen how Texas is a leader for the physical therapy profession and want to continue this into the future. I believe that the best way that Texas will continue to help the profession is to listen to the voices of everyone, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, APTA/TPTA members and especially non-members of the association. I also believe that it is very important to listen to the next generation of therapists joining us. They are facing issues in the profession now, that if not addressed, will greatly diminish the work that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants perform. I believe that we need to address the issue of student loan debt because if the cost of physical therapy school continues to rise, fewer people will go into it. The younger therapists are screaming for direct access and have all the tools and knowledge to be primary care providers. All therapists deserve to have their voices heard and that is what I want to bring to the House of Delegates. Mark Lester, PT, DPT, PhD Present Employment: Texas State University Position: Associate Professor City: Georgetown APTA Member: 20 years TPTA Member: 11 years I am honored to be considered to serve as the Delegate-at-Large for the Texas Physical Therapy Association. I’ve been an active association member since I was a PT student nearly 20 years ago. Over the course of my career I’ve been an ardent supporter of and advocate for our profession as a clinician, administrator, researcher, educator, and mentor. I am excited about the opportunity to give a voice to policy and leadership decisions our national body on behalf of the TPTA. This is a responsibility, that if selected, I will take seriously and will do my utmost to represent the best interests of the Texas Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants. Having begun my career nearly 30 years ago as a Physical Therapy aide, completing my PTA degree, attending PT school and subsequently completing my transitional DPT and a PhD in Rehabilitation Science, I have developed a unique perspective of our profession which I feel will allow me to serve the interests of students, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Physical Therapists well. In addition, during my 26 years in the military, I’ve had the opportunity to develop first hand experience in multiple areas of practice to include outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, primary care and direct access, adult neurological rehabilitation, acute and outpatient burn and polytrauma rehabilitation and establishing practices in austere settings. I believe with this experience I can bring a unique voice to the discussion of advancing PT practice across multiple settings. As a research scientist and educator, I am acutely aware of the tremendous advancements we have made in evidence based practice, but also recognize our continued need to improve quality of care for our patients. I am equally aware of the burdens faced by our students as educational costs continue to soar and reimbursement for patient care plateaus or is threatened by cuts, creating an untenable situation for young professionals. Finally, I recognize the need for greater diversity, inclusion, and equality within our professional ranks that will not only enhance our professional culture, but ultimately improve the services we provide and outcomes for our patients. These issues are a few of those that I would advocate for if chosen for this position. I’m a strong team player and have served in multiple positions at the local and federal level to include steering committees for the Department of Defense and National Institutes of Health which I believe will Summer Fall 2021 2017

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serve to help me advocate for our Texas Chapter members and champion policy decisions that will enhance our profession and the future of Physical Therapy. David Norris, PT, MS Present Employment: Greater Therapy Centers Position: Regional Director City: Fort Worth APTA Member: 32 years TPTA Member: 5 years It is an honor to be slated to continue serving as one of your delegates to the APTA House of Delegates. The House of Delegates is responsible for electing the national leadership for the Association and setting policy. As a current delegate, I have taken both of those roles very seriously and have worked to make the most informed decisions possible to move our profession forward. I have been an active member of the APTA for over 30 years at the district, state, and national levels. For the last 4 years, I have served as one of your TPTA Delegates and am currently the Assistant Chief Delegate. Prior to moving to Texas, I was as a delegate for 15 years in the State of Indiana, including 4 years as Chief Delegate. In addition, I also served as the Vice President, Chair of the Nominating and Membership committees and as a Regional Director at Large. Nationally I have been the Chair of the HPA Section’s Nominating Committee as well as the Tech SIG Nominating Committee and currently serve as a PT PAC Ambassador. As a delegate, I can continue to help shape the future of our profession by representing the views of Texas Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants at the national level. I have previously been successful in listening to and representing various viewpoints of colleagues and will continue to work diligently to make sure that their concerns are voiced. Through my many years in the House of Delegates and other leadership positions, I have developed a nationwide network of contacts. My ability to gather and express Texas views effectively, combined with access to a broad network of national contacts, would allow me to help the Texas delegation continue to influence changes in APTA policies that affect us all at a local, state, and national level. I humbly request your vote so that I may continue to represent you and help to advance the “Texas Perspective”. Thank you. Erica Parazo, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy Present Employment: Liberty Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc. Position: Physical Therapist City: Fort Worth APTA Member: 6 years TPTA Member: 6 years I am truly honored to be slated to continue to serve as a Delegate- at- Large for the state of Texas. I have been an active member in the APTA and TPTA since my time as a physical therapy student and I have a strong ongoing record of service to the profession. I am currently completing my first term as a Delegate- at- Large in Texas. During this time, I navigated our Association’s first virtual House and I am currently a co-maker of RC 9-21 Adopt: American Physical Therapy Association’s Commitment to Being an Anti-Racist Organization. I have undoubtedly received incredible mentorship from experienced House members and have strengthened my familiarity with parliamentary procedure, House rules, motion language, The Hub, and the process of governance at the national level. In addition, I currently serve as the chair of the TPTA Nominating Committee, Co-Chair of the TPTA Membership Committee, TPTA Central District Secretary, and an APTA Centennial Scholar. These elected and appointed positions and experiences have allowed me to work with House delegates and other leaders in our profession across the state of Texas and the nation. I also offer my unique perspective as a Filipino- Mexican American and new graduate in my various roles. If elected, I will be a continued asset to the Texas delegation. page 21

Fall 2021

I humbly ask for your vote and continued support. Thank you for your consideration.

Adam Roggia, PT, MS, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Present Employment: Texas Physical Therapy Specialists Position: Director City: San Antonio APTA Member: 11 years TPTA Member: 3 years


Thank you for your consideration for delegate at large. I believe this role to be vital part of keeping our profession's voice alive. I have been an active APTA member for almost 12 years. During that time, I served in APTA state positions as HOD alternate delegate (Texas 2019-2021); Alternate HOD Delegate (WA state 2016-2017), and district co- chair (WA state

My roles in managing and directing private practices have included being a Vice President of Operations, multi-site clinic director, and clinic manager. I currently serve as a multisite director in San Antonio. I am currently completing an MBA from Texas A&M International University. I earned my DPT from Marymount University, have a Master’s degree in Sports Conditioning and Performance from Southern Utah University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University. I look forward to serving our state again in a delegate capacity. Dana Tew, PT, DPT Present Employment: Optim Position: Owner/Program Director City: Houston APTA Member: 15 years TPTA Member: 15 years It is my honor to be slated for the position of TPTA Delegate-At-Large representative for the APTA House of Delegates. Throughout my career as a physical therapist I have devoted my professional and personal time to advancing the profession that I love. I am the owner of OPTIM Physical Therapist, an outpatient private practice in Houston, and the Program Director and owner of OPTIM Manual Therapy, a continuing education program. As a small business owner, we have grown OPTIM Manual Therapy from a single location with 6 participants, to 6 locations serving over 400 PT’s and PTA’s. I take great pride in the growth of the program and know first hand how important communication, leadership development, organization, planning, and prudent financial management is to the success of any business enterprise. As a private practice PT I also understand the importance of prioritizing what we do as a profession. I believe the APTA should prioritize the basics of what makes us successful as physical therapist, physical therapist assistants, and students. I hope to assist in bringing motions and voting for motions to the APTA that prioritize legislation that improve patient access, improve reimbursement, improve awareness, and get a handle on student debt. My past service to the profession includes: Southeastern district Treasurer, 8 consecutive years as a delegate to the APTA House of Delegates (including 2 years as Assistant Chief Delegate), APTA Residency and Fellowship Credential Council, as well as AAOMPT external reviewer. I currently serve as TPTA- Vice President, TPTA Governmental Affairs Chair, and TPTA-PAC Board member, APTA- Private Practice Section- Key Contact, and AAOMPT Council Advisory Committee. I serve as an active advocacy voice for the profession and have spoken at the state capital, multiple district meetings, universities, federal advocacy dinners, and started a Facebook group to help other PT’s engage with the organization. In 2018 I assisted the TPTA-PAC increase fundraising from an all time high of 39,000 to over 120,000. In 2019, I was honored to assist the TPTA staff, Summer Fall 2021 2017

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TPTA lobbyist, and the governmental affairs team to bring direct access to Texas. The diversity of my professional roles and experience has provided me with knowledge and awareness of the work required keeping our professional organization strong, efficient, forward thinking, and secure. I would consider it an honor and privilege to continue my service as a delegate. I humbly request your support in my bid to continue to serve you.

New APTA Monthly Dues Option New in 2021! APTA now offers a setand-forget monthly dues payment plan, available to all new, returning, or renewing APTA members. Once set up, there's nothing more to do: The monthly installments will be made through an autopay system, and you can even arrange to have your membership auto-renew each year. Look for this option when you join or renew (online payment required). Full terms and conditions are provided at this link. page 23

Fall 2021

PTA Education Summit The Future of PTA Education and Physical Therapy Practice: PTA Education Summit

The APTA Academy of Education is conducting a Summit on the future of PTA education. The summit will address current challenges in PTA education, with the goal of formulating prioritized recommendations for future work that will prepare PTAs to better meet the demands of contemporary physical therapy thus strengthening the PT/PTA team. If you or someone in your program or organization can provide informed input to this critical dialog, we urge participation. Detailed information on participant expectations and qualifications for this multiphase Summit can be found at our Summit website. Broad and diverse representation will lead to Summit outcomes that can influence PTA scope of work and, potentially, the elements of physical therapist practice that PTAs support. Please consider participation after visiting the Summit website - as well as forwarding this information to your colleagues whose experience and viewpoints can inform and influence these efforts. Thank you in advance for your consideration and any assistance you can provide. Pamela K. Levangie President APTA Academy of Education

A huge thank you to Jerre van den Bent, PT for his many years of service on the TPTA PAC board. Please join us in thanking Jerre in the only way that would really matter to him. Donate to TPTA PAC today!

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Capital Area District Monday, September 20, Torsional Spine Deformity: Changing the Way we Think About 2021 6:00-7:30pm Scoliosis Treatment

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BCMS Webinar Series Part II: Deflecting a Payer's Audit

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm

Greater El Paso District GEPD Revitalization and Elections Thursday, September 23, 2021 Meeting 6:00-7:30pm

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