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Lost in Austen This four-part miniseries is a time travel parody of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Price is a contemporary London bank clerk who is transported back in time to her favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice. As she gets used to the Bennets and meets Mr. Darcy, she realizes her experiences are oddly out of step with the book and attempts to fix things. The result? Comic mayhem. 2 Sundays, April 5-26, 9:30 pm

Masterpiece Classic: Little Dorrit In the second part of this miniseries, romance and heartbreak are in the air as John Chivery proposes to Amy, Arthur vies for the hand of Pet Meagles, and Fanny Dorrit leads on playboy Edmund Sparkler.

2 Sundays, April 5-26, 8pm LIFE Mondays, April 6-27, 3pm


Frogs: The Thin Green Line Explore the world of frogs and the current world-wide effort to stop their massive extinction.

2 Sunday, April 5, 7pm LIFE Wednesday, April 8, 4pm

Globe Trekker: Malawi & Zambia Holly Morris retraces two epic journeys to Lake Malawi and Victoria Falls.

2 Thursday, April 2, 11pm

Jerusalem: Center of the World Draws on religious texts, the science of archaeology and oral traditions to determine why this city has occupied the minds of so many for so long.

Colour of War: The British Story


Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music In this classic 1969 documentary, Johnny Cash is captured at his peak; see him performing with his new bride June Carter Cash and in a rare duet with Bob Dylan.

2 Saturday, April 4, 10:10pm

2 Wednesday, April 1, 8pm LIFE Saturday, April 18, 3pm

Unknown Warriors Look back at W WII from a British perspective; explore the fear, hope and sacrifice of that time.

Rainy Lake Voyageurs Explore the science, history, culture and characters who make up the huge body of water on Minnesota's northern border.

2 Thursday, April 2, 8pm

Coming Home: Military Families Cope With Change This special examines the challenges faced by injured soldiers and their families. It salutes their courage and strength and offers strategies for coping.

2 Wednesday, April 1, 7pm 6

Live from the Artists Den

2 Wednesday, April 1, 7:30pm

Patty Griffin

The Big Show: Inherit the Wind

Influential musician Patty Griffin performs songs from the acclaimed Children Running Through.

Spencer Tracy and Frederic March go head-to-head as opposing attorneys in this blistering courtroom drama about the famed "Scopes Monkey Trial."

2 Wednesday, April 1, 11pm LIFE Sunday, April 5, 10pm

2 Saturday, April 4, 8pm a •vz April-May 2009

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