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The Electric Company Follow a group of kids with unusual literary superpowers on the brand-new Electric Company! A mix of comedy, awesome special effects and a light hip-hop flavor keep elementary kids entertained while they improve their literary skills and learn that reading is cool! 2 Fridays, 4pm, Saturdays 7am LIFE Sundays 10am

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Call for a story! StoryLine is a phone system that children can call at any time (24/ 7) and listen to a story for free. The U.S. Commission on Reading Report “Becoming a Nation of Readers” states that, "Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading."

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StoryLine’s goal is to increase literacy by making stories accessible and making literature enjoyable. And it is simple enough for a child to access independently. Kids can call and hear a new story each week read by local performing artists. Each month there is an over-riding theme and StoryLine publishes a flyer with the stories to be read aloud and a list of 20 or so additional titles for that theme.


So give it a try; call 952.352.1350


and get your kids excited about reading today! • a


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