Infraworld infrared cabins and saunas 2020_21

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INFRARED SURFACE HEATING FOR SAUNAS Our surface heating system allows the simultaneous use of infrared elements and sauna heater. The elements are manufactured in cassette construction and are completely enclosed. Easy assembly and use without limits underline the quality of this product. The elements can be adjusted with the sauna controls C1, C3 and T3 or with our digital control set "plug & play".

back part

bottom part

Single elements

Wooden frame of spruce or aspen, colour of surface heating red, 230 V Item no.: B3365 B3366 B3367 B3360 B3332 B3330 B3333 B3345 B3346

Wood spruce spruce spruce aspen aspen aspen aspen aspen aspen

Description side part back part bottom part side part side part back part back part bottom part bottom part

range of colours

Back part

Bottom part

W x H x D (incl. wooden frame) 450 x 820 x 50 mm 850 x 820 x 50 mm 925 x 330 x 50 mm 300 x 820 x 50 mm 450 x 820 x 50 mm 650 x 820 x 50 mm 850 x 820 x 50 mm 650 x 330 x 50 mm 850 x 330 x 50 mm

Techn. data 230 Watt 460 Watt 180 Watt 130 Watt 230 Watt 350 Watt 460 Watt 125 Watt 170 Watt



Item no.: Types of wood B3361 spruce B3373 aspen Decide yourself the dimension, colour of your heating panels and the type of wood. Please take into account that it has to be based from a given height for surface radiators (see sketch). The width can vary between 200 and 1180 mm. The dimensions include the wooden frame. The elements have a power of 630 or 730 Watt/m2. A total power of 3000 Watt should not be exceeded; otherwise the panels would have to be connected to a power circuit breaker. Description back part base part

W x H x D (incl. wooden frame) up to 1180 x 820 x 50 mm up to 1180 x 330 x 50 mm

Techn. data approx. 730 Watt/m2 approx. 630 Watt/m2

range of colours



Foot warmer mat Item no.: A5030

Electrically heated foot warmer mat for infrared cabins: comfortable, constant heat emission across the entire surface. Depending on the substructure (wood, concrete), the maximum surface temperature reaches 30 - 35 °C with an ambient temperature of 20 °C. Connecting cable with Europlug approx. 1.8 m. Waterproof, wear resistant and wipeable material. High level of safety thanks to the flexible surface heating element without wires. 230 V~, 70 W, CE, IP67 Dimension: 420 x 650 mm

Connection kit for foot warmer mat Item no.: A5038

Cable with distributing plug for the connection of the infrared cabin surface heating under the bench.



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