Infraworld infrared cabins and saunas 2020_21

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Audio system with Bluetooth Item no.: W4455

This audio system allows you to transfer music from external music sources like MP3 player, iPod, Smartphone etc. via a speaker into the sauna or infrared cabin. ON/OFF and volume regulation are carried out by remote control. The device is put onto the roof or under the bench. It is connected directly to the device via a jack plug or via Bluetooth. - socket for loudspeakers, AUX input RCA-type or jack - remote control (ON/OFF, volume +/-), power pack, jack plug cable - storage shelf Design 150 in aspen Dimensions (HWD) device: 40 x 80 x 93 mm

Speaker Slim Item no.: W4454

Very flat loudspeaker suitable for assembly onto boards, back panels, roofs, glass panes, etc. The sauna or infrared cabin acts as a resonator and music is transmitted into the interior of the cabin. Rated power/Music power rating: 25 W Impedance: 8 Ω Voice coils-Ø: 32,5 mm Speaker cable: 4 m


Loudspeakers for sauna Item no.: S2242

1 pair of double-way loudspeakers suitable for saunas and infrared cabins, 30 Watt, temperature resistant: up to 110 °C, UV resistant, white Dimension: Ø 153 x 77 mm Installation depth: 55 mm

Wooden frame for sauna loudspeakers Item no.: W4428

2 wooden frames in alder, for an easy assembly of the loudspeakers (item no.: S2242). Dimensions (LWH) = 200 x 200 x 70 mm