Infraworld infrared cabins and saunas 2020_21

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d e r a r f n I paS ge loun

The infrared Grenada spa lounger with integrated infrared heater provides essential relaxing effects to increase your quality of life. You can specifically address the back by the adjustable infrared ABC radiation. The curved shape of the reclining area relieves the spine and relaxes the muscles. The slight rocking function of the metal frame puts the body in a deep state of relaxation. This reduces blockades so that life energy can flow freely again.

GRENADA Item no.: S2406

The spa lounger Grenada with integrated VITALlight infrared heater, which addresses the back through a large recess, is continuously adjustable by using the remote control for your comfort. • Frame: 10 mm powder coated steel sheet • Reclining area: shell made of moulded plywood with highly elastic foam • Armrests: height adjustable • Head rest: individually adjustable • Cover: artificial leather - black, water repellent, lightfast • Radiator: VITALlight IPX4 infrared heater • Power: 500 Watt • Control: ON/OFF and continuous radiator intensity adjustment with remote control • Weight: 82 kg • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 175 x 58 x 105 cm Maximum user weight: 120 kg

100 cm 90

49 cm


105 cm

B: 58 cm

175 cm


Artificial leather has many advantages. It is water-repellent, lightfast, attractive, insensitive to dirt and can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, it is extremely durable and solid. Infraworld uses only high-quality materials and has orientated its choice of suppliers towards the high quality criteria of the German automotive industry and medical technology. Colour: black