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Schindler - Hugo M. Ramos

floor are estimated based on the current population data.

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How is PORT a sustainable technology for high rise buildings?

Eco Module is one of the unique features of PORT. During high traffic periods, it finds the best, or most optimum solution for both the least possible average waiting times, and least possible power consumption. During periods of low traffic, it puts certain elevators into stand-by mode to save power while still providing an excellent traffic performance. This innovative technology can be used not only in new buildings but can also be added to existing elevators in older buildings.

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And now Schindler has developed myPORT; what is the thinking behind this?

myPORT is a cutting-edge technology that will change the dynamics of urban mobility forever. This unique smartphone-based service for personal mobility offers a seamless three-step identity verification on entry and provides “e-banking level” security with no inconvenience to the user.

Once inside the building, myPORT allows users to move throughout the building with the use of just their smartphones. Schindler’s myPORT is in constant communication with the building’s PORT Technology elevator interface to provide building owners, managers, tenants and visitors with realtime information. You can also send special authorization codes via SMS text messages to grant access to building visitors and much more.


Finally, we would like to ask about ‘Schindler Ahead’, which we understand is the new digital solution for elevators and escalators?


It certainly is, and it enables a whole range of new digital products and services. So, whether you own, manage or use an elevator or escalator, you will benefit from higher uptime, thorough insights, and greater convenience. Put simply, Schindler Ahead is the world’s first fully digital closed-loop maintenance, emergency services and information system. Imagine a platform where all involved parties are connected and

necessary information is shared in real-time with full transparency in your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Schindler Ahead connects equipment, customers and passengers with Schindler Contact Centres and technicians via its digital closed-loop platform. Similarly using the system, we can update advertising screens within elevators as and when needed. It can also be used intelligently – the system can, for example, be programmed to display food advertising when it is expected that the elevators will welcome lunchtime traffic at certain times of the day, all while allowing touchless interaction by the end user. Schindler Ahead will also allow for predictive maintenance based on big data analytics, allowing us to deliver a whole new level of service to our customers as well as pushing our ethos of safety and quality even further.

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Emirates Projects Magazine Issue 101  

Emirates Projects Magazine Issue 101