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DUBAI MUNICIPALITY HOLDS 3RD PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION HAPPINESS FORUM WITH THE THEME, “EASY ACCESS” Dubai Municipality concluded the 3rd People of Determination Happiness Forum organised at Children’s City Theater with the theme, “Easy Access.” Ahmed Al Badwawi, Director of Knowledge Management Department said that the forum supports "My community is a place for all" initiative, aimed at transforming Dubai into a city friendly for the People of Determination as well as the UAE Government directives to empower them by ensuring their active participation in a society aware of the values of life and dignity, in addition to reflecting the keenness of Dubai Municipality to achieve its strategy for the People of Determination. During the forum, a detailed presentation was made on the Dubai Universal Design Code project, which deals with accessibility standards for the People of Determination in buildings. The forum witnessed the participation of five governmental bodies in the country, including Dubai Club for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, DEWA, Community Development Authority, and Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, to showcase their experiences in the area of accessibility of People of Determination to facilities, services and information as well as the best practices applied, in addition to the personal involvement of the People of Determination in transferring their experiences.

Dubai Municipality supported and trained Engineer Maitha Al Nuaimi, GIS Specialist, to be the first Emirati lady to obtain a 3D Camera Drone license in Dubai from the Civil Aviation Authority. Al Nuaimi is the first Emirati engineer to be named captain of this type of aircraft in Dubai. The move is based on Dubai Municipality’s keenness to support, train and develop the skills of its cadres in various fields and its strategy aimed at refining these skills and developing them in order to reach the distinguished goals and achievements at the national level. Mariam Al Muhairi, Director of Geographic Information Systems Department in Dubai Municipality, said: "The development of the talents and skills of the Municipality staff is one of the most important priorities that we are keen to constantly implement and make it a reality. We always strive to provide the supportive environment that helps them to raise their performance to offer the best, which is reflected in enhancing the quality of services provided by Dubai Municipality to the community.”

Dubai Municipality has always endeavored to accomplish its mission and consolidate its achievements to support the category of the People of Determination through their integration with all segments of the society, providing equal opportunities to develop their abilities and potentials, enhancing community commitment towards persons of this category, and intensifying efforts to promote services aimed at them as well as ensuring their effective participation with the community, promote community commitment with all groups, and make the city friendly to the People of Determination.

“The Municipality has laid the foundations for providing spatial data and maps to government agencies, the private sector and individuals in the Emirate of Dubai, as well as for using the latest technologies in spatial data collection, development, scrutiny, archiving, analysis and making them available to decision-makers of all executive, planning, regulatory and legislative levels, with the aim of improving the business environment and enhancing levels of the growth of productivity," said Al Muhairi. By obtaining the license, Al Nuaimi will be able to use a specialized drone owned by Dubai Municipality and

equipped with cameras with advanced technical standards in the field of 3D maps production. She has undergone two types of training, one on the criteria of operating the drone and how to control it remotely and the other on how to use 3D imaging technology. The support of Dubai Municipality to Al Nuaimi reiterates its belief in empowering women and providing them with all possible means to achieve their ambitions and objectives and also reflects the Government's vision of supporting UAE women in all fields.

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