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elcome to the new issue of Education UAE, a publication that is not committed to one brand or group of schools, but to every child in every school throughout the nation. We are also fully inclusive and 100% behind the ‘UAE Year of Tolerance’, believing that everyone has a unique and valuable perspective. So whoever you are and whatever your point of view, we’ll recognise your contribution and listen to your ideas. Tolerance and harmony is something that the UAE genuinely understands. This is particularly true when we talk about our children, since one of the most important social tools a young person needs is the ability to be tolerant of others. This world is made up of people from different backgrounds who speak different languages, and follow a vast array of customs and religions. Therefore, all children, whether in the UAE or elsewhere, will be exposed to people with different beliefs than themselves.

That is why it is increasingly important for children to learn to welcome and accept others from an early age, which will make them not only morally strong, but give them an advantage in the future when they take their places in what is fast becoming a global society. As a result, we will always emphasise the need to promote tolerance and respect, which are fundamental to the development of a thriving and evolving nation. For there is no doubt that truly fair societies are more likely to be contented and prosperous. Education UAE aims to inform and entertain its readers, helping not only children, but also their parents and teachers, to lead rich and fulfilling lives, and in doing so support the nation’s desire to give every single child an equal opportunity to be happy, respected, and successful.

Rod Millington Editor-in-Chief

Rod Millington has been active in the commercial writing sector for over 30 years, with work published throughout Europe, North America, the Far East, and the Middle East. During this time, he has had the privilege to speak to a wide range of fascinating and entrepreneurial people, from captains of industry through to pop icons such as Sir Paul McCartney. In total, Rod has had over 25 million words committed to print across more than 35 publications for clients as diverse as FIFA, Cunard, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and Dubai Municipality.

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KHDA School Inspection Results Out Now

Stepping Forward

Good Mood Food

Results released early giving parents more time

A guide to a smooth transition from primary to secondary year

Two recipes for simple treats that your kids will love!


THE FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE INCLUDE... DID YOU KNOW? inistry of Education M 14 Student Support Groups To Empower Youth

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge

KNOW IT ALL! Debatable

52 Homework or Home-stress?


60 Autism Awareness

15 ‘Lema?’ Programme Sees Student Participation Rise


Knowledge and Human Development Authority


64 Screen Time Has an Upside

15 Dubai Has One of the Most Extensive Education Sectors, Report Says 16 Benefits in New Fee Framework

Travel Far

Sharjah Education Council

74 A Passage to India

16 Building a Knowledgeable Society


70 Taking in Tokyo

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Myth or Truth?

79 Shot for Thought

20 To Go Or Not to Go 25 Toddler Talk

What’s Good For Me?



27 Brighton College on Top of the World 29 First ‘Forest’ Planted in Al Ain

Higher Education

38 What it Looks Like Here

82 More Than Just a Mood


96 Declare War on Plastic Pollution with Joseph & Alexander

A bridge between civilisations Unlock your potential with world-class French education in the heart of Abu Dhabi

• • • • • • •

8 Bachelor Programmes taught over 3 years in French 1 Bachelor Programme in Physics taught over 3 years in English 1 Bachelor Programme in Records Management and Archival Science taught over 3 years in English 12 Master Programmes taught over 2 years in English 1 Master Programme in Teaching French as a Foreign Language taught over 2 years in French A foundation year in Intensive French for non-Francophone students A foundation year in Science

All degrees are awarded in France by either Sorbonne University or Paris Descartes University and are accredited in the United Arab Emirates. Executive Education programmes specially designed to meet the needs of the UAE’s job market. • • • •

Executive Diploma in Sports Management (in English) Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management (in Arabic) Arabic Media, Gulf Dialects and Cultures (in Arabic) Artificial Intelligence (in English)


Cover Story


A TOUCHDOWN FOR TOLERANCE Sports have always had a way of bringing people together. In a unique event hosted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), in partnership with Global Village, sports from over 50 countries were celebrated.

10 Cover Story

The UAE National Sports Day saw over 1,800 students come together to play sports from their countries, and celebrate tolerance and unity. “Every year when we have the National Sports Day, we try to send a message,” said Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA. “This year, because of the Year of Tolerance, we picked to host it at Global Village. We encouraged schools from different countries to practice their own sports. What we hope is to see the schools demonstrate, share, and introduce their own sport to other nationalities. And based off that, we are trying to create friendships and bonds, not because they are students, but because of the common factor that they all want to play sports.” The event kicked off from the Global Village Cultural Gate, with a student band welcoming students and teachers to the activities. A special ‘Zayed Torch’ honoured UAE’s Founding Father, as students paraded across different pavilions and took part in games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Hula Hoops, Tug of War, and Haft Sang. Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council said, “These initiatives are important in our effort to promote active living and we want to spread positivity and happiness. Such events motivate people to come together and enjoy with each other as we collaborate, experience, and appreciate new activities around Dubai.” Although celebration was the focus, there was a sense of healthy competition between the schools. Teachers and students all stressed the important message that events like this can share. Edgar Adriano, P.E. Teacher, The City School International Dubai, said, “Today’s event is so important because sport activities make students happy, healthy, and gives peace of mind.


Parents should be supportive of children’s physical education. Tolerance is teaching students that they can all coexist peacefully, especially in sports.” Shajaat Hussain, Science Teacher, Pakistan Education Academy: “This event is an important opportunity for students. We don’t want to confine them to books. These activities help their nourishment and brain development.” Kritika Dhakan, student (17), The International School of Choueifat, Dubai: “We tried Kung Fu and Yoga, they were really fun new experiences. Tolerance to me is being able to accept everyone’s differences. We should all unite together despite our differences; we

can’t all be the same or we’d be robots.” Master Hang Zang, Shaolin Kung Fu Training Club, shared how the sport he teaches begins with a show of respect for your opponent. “In Kung Fu, we bow to our opponent first. Bowing is a symbol of tolerance. This is respect, selfdefence, not for mistreating, we learn and teach respect. Kids are the future. An event like this allows for students to branch out and try sports they’ve never been introduced to before, and learn the values each sport teaches,” he said.



APPRECIATING DIVERSITY His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Tolerance’. This year will be focusing on the five main pillars that are designed to enhance the nation’s commitment to the values of co-existence and peace, locally, regionally, and internationally.

THESE PILLARS SEEK TO:  Deepen co-existence and peace among cultures and people by teaching the UAE’s youth about the values of tolerance.  Position the UAE as the global capital for tolerance, via a series of initiatives and projects, including dialogue between various cultures and nationalities.  Undertake multiple cultural programmes in order to help build tolerant communities.  Focus on legislative and policyoriented objectives that contribute to cultural and religious tolerance through dialogue.  Promote tolerance and coexistence through targeted media initiatives and projects. His Highness affirmed that declaring 2019 as the Year of Tolerance reflects the approach adopted by the UAE since its establishment: to be a bridge of communication between the people of the world and their various cultures, in an open and respectful environment that rejects extremism and emphasises acceptance of other people.

12 Did You Know?

NEWS SECTION Bringing you the latest education data, achievements, and development plans from local authorities, including Ministry of Education (MOE), Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), and Sharjah Education Council (SEC).


A NEW GENERATION OF SCHOOLS AED1.5 billion allocated to build the ‘new generation’ of Emirati schools. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, said, “Our aim is to introduce a range of new ideas in the next 50 years and foster the development of the new generation, which will accelerate our sustainable economic growth. The new generation needs to adopt different approaches and tools for the future. “When people have doubts due to economic volatility, we accelerate development, and when they are afraid of the future, we further raise our commitment to build it. We have created a vision for our nation’s development over the next 50 years,” His Highness concludes.



Design and Robotics Labs

Artificial intelligence facilities

Healthcare and environmental labs



KHDA SCHOOL INSPECTION RESULTS RELEASED EARLY Dubai school inspections were released ahead of time by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), in an effort to allow parents more time to decide on high quality education. Of the 176 private schools inspected by Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB), a total of 18 schools improved their rating in the academic year 2018-2019. Four new schools joined the ‘Outstanding’ category, including Jumeirah English Speaking School, Horizon English School, Dubai English Speaking School, and Kings School Al Barsha. Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of KHDA, said: “Ten years back, only 30 per cent of students received ‘good’ or better quality education and today this number has more than doubled to 70 per cent. It is important for us to keep pushing towards better quality education and keep up with Dubai’s aspiration and future needs. “Choosing a good school that fits the

Over 90 per cent of Dubai students study in private schools

needs of a child is a big responsibility for parents and we want to make it easier. Good education drives the future of our nation and we want parents to realise the important role they play when it comes to selecting schools offering good education,” Dr Abdulla added. Fatma Belrehif, Chief of DSIB, said, “Schools with noticeable improvements have been able to consistently integrate

inspection findings as part of their overall systematic school improvement plans.” She noted the number of schools offering ‘good’ or better quality education has increased from 38 schools in 2008 to 119 schools in the current academic year. To read the latest KHDA reports, visit

Key Numbers for 2018-2019 School Inspections Number of schools in Dubai


Number of schools in 2018-2019 inspection cycle


Overall Performance in 2018-2019 Overall Performance


All Students

Emirati Students





Very good

















14 Did You Know?




The National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing has launched student support groups in schools across the UAE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and as part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative, which targets students in cycles two and three.

The groups seek to empower students to support one another, share their stories and experiences, and talk about the challenges they face and how to address them. In addition to supporting the students, the groups allow them to develop their communication and


dialogue skills, embrace positive practices, and cultivate a sense of teamwork. An academic counsellor and an assistant academic counsellor, with experts in psychology, will administer the sessions. The programme provides coordinators with the necessary training


to hone their skills and expertise in directing discussions, which tackle subjects of interest to the students, from mental health and eliminating everyday stress to acquiring social skills and values to improve self-awareness.

The citywide census measured social and emotional wellbeing among students in Grades 6 to 12

81% of students surveyed are satisfied

Over 95,000 students were surveyed

from 181 schools GagliardiPhotography/

HAPPY STUDENTS, HAPPY TEACHERS! The quality of a school is sometimes measured by how happy the students are and in Dubai students are happy. According to new data revealed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), students in Dubai’s private schools have reported high levels of wellbeing and happiness.


For the first time ever, teachers and school staff were also covered as part of the wellbeing survey. More than 13,000 teachers, principals, school administrators, and support staff in Dubai schools shared their insights in a separate Adults@ School Wellbeing Survey. Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA, said: “The results told us that 95%

of adults in schools are thriving or functioning. Adults got the highest wellbeing scores around their own individual strengths, then the strengths of their team, followed by the strengths of their organisation. Schools and teachers should use the results of the wellbeing survey to share their strengths and focus on areas of improvement.”



DUBAI HAS ONE OF THE MOST EXTENSIVE PRIVATE EDUCATION SECTORS, REPORT SAYS A new report by the World Bank is calling on schools in Dubai to continue working together and to further improve collaborative practices. Titled ‘Collaboration Road: Dubai’s Journey towards Improved School Quality’, the report highlights Dubai’s success in creating more choices for parents, revealing ‘nine out of 10 students attend private schools, following one of 17 curricula.’ Dubai has one of the most extensive private education sectors in the world, the report states. Simon Thacker, the report’s author, said: “Dubai is a world in a city and it is booming. The simple idea for Dubai is to find ways where


good teachers can work together with each other. The report looks at the impact of collaborative initiatives on improving the education system.” Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of Knowledge and Human Development Authority, added: “Dubai is unique in its ability to bring together people and create a culture that values working together. It’s no longer about competition between schools, but finding new ways to grow and flourish together.” Dubai’s four collaborative initiatives include the What Works series of events, which brings educators from private schools together to share their best practices; Living Arabic, which holds events promoting the Arabic language by Arabic teachers for Arabic teachers; the Abundance project offers schools that rated ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very Good’ the opportunity to share their knowledge and best practices with other schools in Dubai; and the Lighthouse project, which encourages collaboration and networking between school principals around the study of specific topics.

Over 80,000 new students (a 40% increase)

76 new school




Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has launched a new guide that encourages schools to be ‘fully-inclusive’. All private schools will now have to ensure the formation of an inclusion support team to support the principal in achieving a vision of inclusive education. This includes moving away from the medical model of assessing any special needs and instead creating life-defining experiences for students of determination and their families. The measures are being introduced as part of Dubai’s move to become a fully-inclusive city by 2020, and are part of a new process aimed at creating system-wide change.





‘LEMA?’ PROGRAMME SEES STUDENT PARTICIPATION RISE Over 32,900 students from 66 schools across Abu Dhabi haven taken part in a series of interactive workshops, as an introduction to the fun side of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies. Known as the ‘Lema?’ (Arabic for ‘Why?’) programme, run by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), student participation increased by 36 per cent compared to the first term in 2018.

100 per cent of teachers felt that Lema? workshops increased enthusiasm for STEM subjects amongst students, a survery has found.

16 Did You Know?


BUILDING A KNOWLEDGEABLE SOCIETY His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, has said that the Sharjah Award for Excellence and Educational Excellence, is a milestone and one of the most important pillars of Sharjah’s strategy in building and developing an educated society.


Dr Saeed Musbah al Kaabi, Chairman of Sharjah Education Council (SEC), explained: “Since its inception 25 years ago, the Sharjah Award for Excellence and Educational Excellence has created great mobility in the field of education and encouraged many educators to participate in the award categories.” He stressed that the award is not seen in terms of winning and losing, but in the importance of educational standards that have been prepared by specialised experts. This edition of the award, which celebrates its silver jubilee this year, has already received a great response from students and teachers.

BENEFITS IN NEW FEE FRAMEWORK A new school fee framework is all set to make education more affordable by limiting school fee increases across Dubai’s private schools.

Evgeny Amanenko/

Trum Ronnarong/

Mladen Zivkovic/


Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), said: “The fees framework takes into account the cost of living and financial expectations of families in Dubai. These measures will ensure almost 90% of all students enrolled in Dubai’s private schools will no longer face fee increases above the set Education Cost Index (ECI).” Private schools that have maintained the same school inspection ratings will only be allowed to increase their fees in line with the annual ECI. Schools dropping in the annual ratings will no longer be allowed to increase fees. The KHDA estimates the average fee increases will be lowered by 35% in comparison to the provisions allowed under the previous fee framework. As part of the new framework, only schools improving in the annual school inspection ratings by Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) will be eligible for fee increases above the set ECI.


Dubai Statistics Centre 2019 Education Cost Index:


‘Weak’ to ‘Acceptable’ can increase up to two times the Eci

‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’ can increase up to 1.75 times the Eci

‘Very Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ can increase up to 1.5 times the Eci


Syda Productions/

OPENING DOORS THROUGH ONLINE EDUCATION We know that schools should not be a one size fits all approach, but what happens when physical schools are not able to cater to your family’s needs? There is a potential solution for them… iCademy Middle East is a K-12 full-time online school licensed by the KHDA, offering families the option of homeschooling within Dubai. Cody Claver, General Manager for iCademy says that its award-winning, online-based programmes and real time instruction are able to offer a truly individualised learning, matched to students’ strengths and ability levels. “Many students arriving in the UAE do so with low English proficiency levels, and therefore are not accepted into physical schools. At iCademy they have undertaken intensive programmes and have then gone on to graduate with a high school diploma and progress to university,” Cody explains. “Our regular assessments

monitor student progress and prevent the struggling learner from falling behind. The goal is mastery – what matters is not seat time but understanding the knowledge and acquiring the skills.” One iCademy student, Lillian Bate, commented: “iCademy has allowed me to continue with my gymnastics and academics. I am an elite gymnast and train six hours a day, six days a week, and I love the flexibility that iCademy gives me. Having the online teachers and curriculum allows me to access my studies wherever I am in the world, and they give me all the support I need to achieve great results in both academics and gymnastics”.

18 Did You Know?


A global sporting event for people of determination, the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, saw more than 7,500 athletes and 3,000 coaches from 190 nations compete in 24 different individual and team sports. Here’s what UAE schools did to get involved:

ADNOC Schools participated in the Torch Relay Ceremony, walking alongside 300 ADNOC employees. It was a proud moment for the students when they welcomed the Flame of Hope and met the UAE team.

Throughout the year, Aldar Acadmies Al Yasmina Academy has been celebrating the values of the Special Olympics: sportsmanship with joy, leadership, unity, bravery, and perseverance, in order to deliver the message ‘we are tolerant’. Claire Raidi, Head of Inclusion, said: “Our legacy is to now have all our students sign the Special Olympics pledge, ‘I pledge to look for the lonely, the isolated, the left out, the challenged, and the bullied. I pledge to overcome the fear of difference and replace it with the power of inclusion. I choose to include.’”

64 exceptional singers from Aldar Acadmies Al Yasmina Academy participated in a combined choir for the opening and closing ceremony for the Special Olympics. The choir

of 500 singers, composed of students from three Aldar Academy schools, performed alongside world-renowned artists such as Hussain Al Jassmi, Avril Lavigne, Keala Settle, and Luis Fonsi.


PROUD AND RESOLUTE At the World Games, Dubai Centre for Special Needs celebrates a number of its athletes bringing home hard-earned medals. Josie McIntyre, a 13-year-old Down syndrome student from New Zealand, competed as a rhythmic gymnast in three events, picking up the Silver Medal in the ball routine. Her family said, “It was a week of a hundred smiles, a hundred cheers, and a hundred hugs. Josie shone like the brightest star whilst performing. We are bursting with pride and love.” Abdullah Zubair Obaid Al Tajer, a 26-year-old Emirati from Dubai with intellectual disability, began swimming in competitions in 2004, and has since won numerous Gold Medals in Jordan, China, Syria, and the United States, to name a few, and has now picked up another Gold Medal in the individual 50-metres breast stroke. His 22-year-old brother, Mohammed, with a learning disability, picked up two Gold Medals in his chosen sport, horse riding, in the equestrian jumping and English equestrian competitions. Saif Al Ejlah, a 27-year-old Emirati from Sharjah with intellectual disability, won a Gold Medal in the pool in the 25-metre individual freestyle. His mother stated, “I am so proud of Saif’s achievements and that he represented his country with honour.” From left to right, top to bottom: Abdulla Zubair Obaid Al Tajer, Mohammed Zubair Obaid Al Tajer, Saif Al Ejlah, Josie McIntyre






ADOPT A NATION The School of Modern Skills welcomed 130 athletes and delegates from its adopted nation, Oman. The ‘Adopt a Nation’ initiative saw 4,000 athletes hosted by 50 schools and universities across Dubai. ADNOC Schools also hosted the Moroccan team, performing different activities for them that reflected UAE culture. At the end of the visit, the students presented an Al Ghaf plant to the team, as well as a good luck gift for each athlete.

Ten students from ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhal Female Campus were shortlisted to participate in the Art Unified Competition organised by Special Olympics World Games 2019.

As one of the sponsors of this year’s Special Olympics, Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy offered a chance for students to view the games and promote the message of tolerance. Grace, Year 8, said: “I liked how all the athletes were treated equally and how much respect they had for each other.”

Prior to the World Games, and following an inspiring presentation by the Special Olympics CEO, Peter Wheeler, Brighton College Abu Dhabi set up its very own student committee, registering over 70 pupils as potential volunteers for the various events that were planned in support of the World Games. The pupils on the committee also organised and ran a Special Olympics stall on National Day to raise awareness in the younger students through games and activities.

20 Excellence in Pre-School


“I Dr Muhammad S. Tahir is a child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist at the American Wellness Centre, in addition to being the chairman. He has also taught at The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell New York as an assistant professor.

t is very important that a child’s first educational encounter is a pleasurable and acceptable experience, especially because the child is about to leave the comfort of their home environment,” Dr Tahir explains. The interaction with children of the same age provides an opportunity to develop some important skills, he explains. “Pre-school and nurseries provide an initial experience for toddlers to mingle with other children of the same age. It helps them experience a new environment, and to break the routine of being at home. Social interaction helps them to learn to participate in group play, accept winning or losing, and learn to share. Toddlers also learn discipline through a structured environment, which helps them to develop responsibility.”

Sounds great, but Dr Tahir believes there is more to consider. “On the flip side sometimes the toddler is not ready, and parents do not realise. Going to pre-school or nursery under these circumstances can make the toddler develop anxiety symptoms, coupled with a negative experience towards such establishments,” he said. As parents how can we tell if our little one is ready for nursery or pre-school? Dr Tahir shares a few of his thoughts on this crucial subject.


“All children are different,” Dr Tahir says, “but there are a few simple questions parents can ask to detemine if their toddler is ready. Can he or she put their clothes on and be mindful that they must not take them off in public? Can the toddler listen and is able to follow instructions? Can they hold a pencil and cut with safety scissors, and can they write or scribble (demonstrating fine motor skills)? Can they share and play with

other children, and are they curious and willing to find out about new things?” If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then the toddler may thrive in pre-school.” Of course, when a toddler starts preschool it is also a big change for the parents, and this can cause a lot of different emotions. So what can parents do? “They may want to arrange a couple of visits for both the toddler and themselves to get acquainted with the environment

and routine,” says Dr Tahir. “It is also a good idea to get access to a live camera if there is this option in the pre-school you choose, so that you can view your child during the day. Even after doing all of this, it still may be difficult for many parents to adjust, but they do not have to cope alone, there is plenty of professional help available in order to overcome the anxiety.”

22 Excellence in Pre-School


L Witold Matulewicz is the cofounder and vice president of Natural Born Leaders and an early childhood professional with over 20 years of experience. He is a UKcertified Assessor-Evaluator in Early Years Professional Status, National Vocational Qualifications in Child Care Learning and Development, and National Vocational Qualifications in Playwork.

et’s start with the most popular, which is a play-based learning. The assumption here is that children learn best through play, which is right in general, with educators using playing as a vehicle to achieving certain learning goals. However, the adult remains the main author of the learning experiences, and activities will usually be structured and teacher-led. Child-centred learning, on the other hand, is more like a perspective - we put children’s wellbeing at the centre of education instead of, for example, the curriculum. This on its own changes a lot and is a starting point for the New Paradigm Education, where children are at the centre of our attention. However, childcentred education does not automatically mean it will be child-led. It may still be adult-led and structured, which is not the case in child-led play. In child-led play, we agree that the child knows exactly what tools, resources, environments, and experiences will support their learning and growth. We agree that children do not need to

be taught anything because they are perfectly capable of learning whatever they need on their own and in a much faster, more effective, and more enjoyable manner than we think. We don’t need to teach children what we know, as this takes more time and is generally not effective or necessarily in line with their needs. Instead, we need to enable environments for children to learn in a safe, joyful, and inspiring way. Child-led play boosts children’s self-confidence to the point where they are able to consciously create and shape their learning environments, establish positive and meaningful relationships, partner with adults, co-create with other children and adults, predict possible outcomes, plan short-term and long-term goals, and understand how they can best learn what they want and need to learn in the most effective and enjoyable way. These are all very advanced skills which most of us often do not expect children to demonstrate. Yet, children from their early years are fully capable of demonstrating these skills when adequately supported.



The key words to focus here are ‘teach’ and ‘enable environments to learn and grow’. The best example here is a baby starting to learn how to walk. Our role is never to teach them, it’s impossible to show a child how to walk and expect they will follow and do the same. Our role is to make sure we offer enabling environments for the child to move around safely, offer positive feedback, encouragement, and plenty of time and space for the child to experiment

with their growing body and the world. We don’t hurry the child because we understand that rushing a baby might be dangerous, negatively impact their physical growth, and discourage them from trying. We allow the baby to take their time, test and try, fall and stand up, until finally one day they are just able to walk! The same principle applies to any other learning, which is a natural and very intuitive process, and which unfortunately we adults

have been trying to overcomplicate. Educators who are successful in implementing child-led play are those who are able to look at the world through the eyes of a child and detach from their personal goals and ambitions. The educators of the future are those who are ready to truly celebrate children for who they really are, to consider them as their own authorities, the master learners.

24 Excellence in Pre-School


A Clarissa Dill is the manager at Jebel Ali Village Nursery, with a Masters degree in early child development and a Cache level five in nursery management.

t Jebel Ali Village Nursery, we take babies from six months up to children four years of age. We tell parents to try having the children with us for a few hours at first, working with them to gradually extend this. If they are not doing five days a week, we also recommend that parents bring the child in every day for two weeks to get them used to the environment. We offer a two-day trial session and are committed to giving the youngsters in our care a well-rounded, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience. In the warmer months, for instance, children go out into the fresh air first thing in the morning for about 30 minutes, but as soon as it is cooler we try to have them out as much as possible. Their outside time is not just about time for free play, but we are now also planning activities. For example, one class has been having lunch outside on the picnic tables every Thursday. We also have PE inside during the warmer months, but we use a field behind the school during the cooler months for pre-school and FS1 students to play on. Whatever is going on at Jebel Ali Village Nursery, we always let parents know whether a child has eaten or how their toileting is going.

APP’S THE NAME – COMMUNICATION’S THE GAIN iCARE KIDS APP Lara Hudson, Director at CreaKids Nursery, talks about how parents can check up on their toddler throughout the day by using the iCare Kids mobile application. Parents particularly like the ‘instant messaging’ notifications option that iCare Kids offers, allowing them to communicate with the administration team and the class team. They also enjoy the photo gallery, with many parents saying that this is the first thing they check every day to see what their child has been doing. The ‘daily report’ is a feature that they love too, as this narrative gives them information on the learning that has taken place in the class. We also use iCare Kids to share general information with parents about child development, healthy eating, and general wellbeing.


TODDLER TALK Saying ‘no’ to your little ones is not the end of the world – in fact, sometimes it is just what your child needs to hear. But if you are trying to get your child to listen to an explanation or to change their behaviour, then starting your response with a negative can mean you fail before you even begin. CHANGE YOUR TONE Moving from negative to positive speech with our kids is a positive parenting tool that has great benefits. Young children often don’t take in or understand the negative words we use. They miss the ‘don’t or ‘stop’ at the beginning of the sentence and can’t figure out why we are telling them to do the thing they are already doing when you may appear angry about it! So how do you change your tone from positive to negative?

Carissa Valentim-Du Toit is the centre manager at Hummingbird Pre-School DIFC. Having attained a Bachelor of Education Degree, she has taught in both nurseries and high schools in South Africa before moving to Dubai.

CHOICE OF WORDS It is key that you start by thinking about what you are saying and whether you can you get your message across without using any negative language. At Hummingbird, we have found the best practice is to not tell them what they ‘can’t do’ but what they ‘can do’. Examples include “Please walk inside,” and “Use your gentle hands with your friends.” SETTING THE TONE It’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. You need to ‘set the tone’ and respond in a calm, polite, and positive manner. It may be tricky and sometimes it may slip away right when you need to remember it. Nevertheless, as long as you try to make the majority of your interactions with toddlers positive, especially when you are guiding their behaviour, you are on the right path!

THE BUS THAT BYTES Innoventures Education’s Raffles Nurseries and Raffles Starters have launched a fun, engaging, and innovative initiative for young learners – Bug Bytes. Using a specially designed age appropriate bus, children between three and four years will have access to a whole world of new experiences, turning them into curious learners.

KK Tan/

The Bug Bytes customised air-conditioned bus will visit Raffles’ nurseries and schools across Dubai, and is equipped with HP tablets, robotic kits, LCD screens, an HP 3D scanner, and a printer. This initiative is part of the ‘World on Wheels’ project, which aims to bring mobile technology across the Innoventures Education network. Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education, said: “Innoventures Education schools and nurseries believe in using technology as a tool to accelerate the learning process, incorporating networked learning environments where students explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence through the use of technology, in a fun, child-friendly way.”

26 Excellence in Schools

HEADLINES 90 students from Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy took part in the Spartan Arabia Race at Al Ain Zoo, with two students placing first and second in their age groups.

Eight students from International Community School – Mushrif Branch received awards at the Abu Dubai Model United Nations (ADMUN) 2019 held at Al Nahda National School for Boys.

HAPPINESS IN THE LITTLE THINGS To celebrate the United Nations International Day of Happiness, Dunecrest American School in Dubai created an official Happiness Wall. Students, teachers, and staff were invited to support the UAE’s vision to be amongst the happiest countries in the world by adding #happynotes to the wall. It’s truly the simple things that lead to happiness, as students cited playing sports, enjoying nature, learning with friends, and spending time with parents as some of the things that made them happy!

NEW PARTNERSHIP ADDS UP Kumon Institute of Education – Abu Dhabi (KIE - AD) is partnering with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd (JODCO). This partnership has already enabled two ADNOC schools, Sas Al Nakhal and Madinat Zayed Elementary Campus, to implement the Kumon Math programme. Mr Masaki Tsuda (Manger, KIE - AD) commented: “Academic progress comes from the sense of achievement students have through study, something we are confident the Kumon programme will help them to attain.” The Kumon programme is an education system that aims to develop students’ academic ability and independence.

ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhal Elementary Campus joined the walk of Tolerance during the UAE’s National Sports Day, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance. Aldar Academies Al Yasmina Academy held its first Teach Meet, where select teachers presented effective teaching practices such as visible learning techniques, use of SOLO taxonomy, importance of feedback, and use of differentiation.


BRIGHTON COLLEGE ON TOP OF THE WORLD Brighton College students achieve top results in GCSE examinations in UAE and worldwide.

Brighton College Al Ain Four students have been presented with the Pearson Edexcel Outstanding Achievement Award for attaining top GCSE marks in the UAE and worldwide. Three Year 12 students attained the highest mark in the world for GCSE Arabic. One Year 12 student attainted the highest mark in the UAE for GCSE Spanish. Dr Ken Greig, Headmaster at Brighton College Al Ain, said: “These awards show the quality of education that is on offer here. Our students work hard and achieve very high standards and I’m delighted for them.”

THINK SCIENCE Think Science Fair 2019 saw 150 contestants from across schools and universities in Fujairah compete at the Zayed Sports Complex, where exceptional youth innovations were presented. There was a special focus on safety systems, with projects that included ‘Earthquake Safety Bed’, and ‘Drone Firefighter’. Additional

Brighton College Abu Dhabi Nine students achieved the highest GCSE grades in: Arabic, English, Italian, and Maths worldwide. Six students received a Gold certificate from the UKMT: this puts them in the top 10% of all students who took part across the world.

outstanding innovations were seen in the areas of energy, environment, and smart systems, with projects focusing on the utilisation of technology in the advancement of the educational system in the UAE. The Think Science Fair provided young people with the opportunity to engage with a strategic scientific network, as well as witness several interactive performances, workshops, and educational sessions. Yakobchuk Viacheslav/



Matthew Hill, Executive Business Manager at Oswald's Primary School and Academy St James, describes how using Staff Absence software has helped them reduce costs, improve standards and further support staff. For more information, go to

"As an executive business manager working across a number of schools, I can access information with SAM (bespoke online Staff Absence Management software) at any time, which I would not be able to do if the information was paper-based. I can log on at

IMPROVING MORALE SAM has enabled the school to keep on track with returnto-work meetings, helping us to pick up on welfare issues, make occupational referrals quicker, and allow staff to access the wellbeing package the Trust offers. This has improved morale and staff feel empowered as they understand the process. They appreciate the more formal approach and they feel supported. We feel that SAM is more of a supportive measure for the school rather than a managerial measure and helps to support staff in

any point and see a snapshot of each school’s progress and each absence, as well as the ongoing costs, and so can the head teacher. It gives you an overall picture. SAM’s reporting suite makes it easier to report to school authorities. Easily accessible detailed reports are available at

their working life. We are proud to have been one of the pilot schools that used SAM right from when it was first launched and would highly recommended it. As an executive business manager, I have implemented SAM in other schools and can now see the benefits of the software. It has improved the absence process overall, providing reports and statistics at the school level. It has helped to improve staff wellbeing and, due to teaching consistency, has helped to improve our pupils’ learning experience too.

the touch of a button. There is no extensive administration. Reports highlight areas that may need further investigation, as well as costs and trends that can then be acted on quickly," says Matthew Hill.

QUICK FACTS SAM tells you who has hit triggers, when tasks are due, centralises all documents, and quickly provides reports. An annual licence for SAM costs from approximately AED2,400 per year. Average reduction in absence days of 40%, taken from autumn and spring term results across 10 schools that have effectively used SAM since September 2015.

Save 10%

off a SAM licence by quoting UAE10 online or by phone +44 192 490 7319


FIRST ‘FOREST’ PLANTED IN AL AIN Brighton College Al Ain has launched the first official Forest School in Al Ain, which will provide holistic development for students, promote creativity, resilience, confidence, independence, and supported risk taking. Some of the planned activities students will experience include using tools, natural artwork, mini-beast hunts,

building shelters, exploring, and making observations about the flora and fauna. Jon McArthur, the junior school headmaster, explains: “Having experienced the huge benefits for children, both physically and mentally, of Forest Schools in the UK, we here at Brighton College Al Ain aim to tap into those benefits by educating children in the fresh air, right here in the desert.”

A WORLD TRIUMPH FOR AL BATEEN ACADEMY The World Scholar’s Cup is recognised as being one of the most joyful and challenging extracurricular activities in the world, with Aldar Academies Al Bateen Academy claiming a staggering 13 silver and eight gold medals through its three teams, which totalled nine delegates. Three teams from the school have now qualified for the global round, which will take place in either Australia, Singapore, China, or the Philippines. Aishwarya, Al Bateen’s top student in the Junior Division, said: “World Scholar’s Cup is one of the greatest experiences in the world! Sure, it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end.”




Contact +971 4 455 8612 Location Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower, 1 Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Social media @relocatemeuae @RelocateMeUAE @RelocateMe

Making the Right Choice One of the most important decisions parents have to make is choosing a suitable school for their children and this is often not an easy process! So what should parents look out for when making that all-important selection?


Curriculum When moving to a new country, most parents want their children to follow the same curriculum, style of teaching, and language of their home country, so these are generally the most important deciding factors when choosing a new school in the UAE.

Availability Many schools have waiting lists in certain age groups, so it is advisable to select at least two or three schools, as the choice may be limited to which ones have availability. Some schools in Dubai will accept applications and charge an application fee, even though waitlists in certain age groups are long and there is little chance of a place becoming available. We advise parents to be aware of this as application fees can be expensive, ranging from AED500 to AED1,000 per child.

Your Child’s Individual Needs It is important to visit the schools and observe them for yourself. This will allow you to ask questions, see the style and standard of teaching, and get feedback from the head teacher and other parents touring the school. It will also allow you to decide if your child will be happy in that environment. You will be able to see sports facilities and discover what extracurricular activities are available. It is always a good idea to involve your child in the visits so you can have their input, which can often help to eliminate any concerns a child may have about moving to a new school.

School Fees The range of private school tuition fees is huge. Determine your budget and

research the schools with available places within that price range. Be aware that tuition fees are often hiked up due to the facilities offered and scale of the school, high fees are not always a reflection of the standard of education.

Location and Transportation Options Another important factor to consider is the distance between your home and the school. Remember that traffic jams during rush hour and early school drop offs will certainly add time to your commute. If buses are available, consider how long your child will be travelling on the bus. Schools are mainly located around expat residential areas, so most families tend to choose the school before coming to the location of residence and securing a property.

In Dubai, KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) develops the education and human resource sectors, licensing educational institutes in both the public and private sectors. Dubai School Inspections Bureau (DSIB), an arm of KHDA, provides a comprehensive review of the performance of each school in Dubai. KHDA inspection reports place schools into five categories (Unsatisfactory, Acceptable, Good, Very Good, and Outstanding) based on a number of key indicators. These are a great place to start researching potential schools.

Other Factors to Consider Before Choosing a School

Obtain copies of your child’s school records for at least the last two years and any transfer cerficates that are required. Some schools may require your child to take an entrance exam, which will be used to assess their level and make sure they are placed into the right class. All the documents you require should be listed on the school websites.

• How many children are there per class? • How does the school help to integrate the children and get them settled? • Where does the school source its staff from and how qualified are they? • How will your child be supported outside lesson time? • What is the school’s style of teaching and how do they encourage children? • How does the school deal with difficult behaviour and bullying? • How does the school communicate with parents?

Ranking and Accreditations

Get in Touch

In Abu Dhabi, ADEK (Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge) is responsible for supervising, regulating, and spearheading development initiatives within the education sector, including public, private, and higher education. ADEK produces annual performance and inspection reports of all of the schools in the Emirate.

As a relocation consultancy firm with a decade’s industry experience, our education specialists will support and guide you through the schooling process, to ensure you have all of the knowledge required to make an informed decision. will ensure that your transfer goes smoothly from day one.

Admission Requirements

Integrate everything! Integrate everything! Fusion brings together your content, Virtual Learning on the Cloud Virtual Learning on the Cloud FUSION is a leading learning platform provider used across FUSION is Ita can leading learningby platform provider used the globe. be accessed students, teachers andacross parents

the globe. It can (with be accessed by students, teachers and in any language dual language support) and on anyparents device. in any language (with dual language support) and on any device.

FUSION is for everyone! FUSION is for everyone! No matter your location, language or curriculum, FUSION willyour adapt to meetlanguage your organisation’s needs. No matter location, or curriculum, FUSION will adapt to meet your organisation’s needs. Homework manager

Website builder

Set and mark homework easily, and keep parents updated about manager the progress. Homework

Design personal, classroom and subject-based websites for students, Website builder staff or public use.

Set and mark homework easily, and keep parents updated about the progress.

Design personal, classroom and subject-based websites for students, staff or public use.


Quiz and Form builder

Effortless automatic and manual marking allows teachers to stay in control of student activity. Markbook

Easily build your own self-marking quizzes, surveys, feedback and sign-up forms. Quiz and Form builder

Effortless automatic and manual marking allows teachers to stay in control of student activity.


Easily build your own self-marking quizzes, surveys, feedback and sign-up forms.

Single Sign-on + ADFS

Multi-lingual Parents Portal

Fusion integrates with your ADFS or other identity management services. No more passwords! Single Sign-on + ADFS

Our free APP keeps parents updated in real-time, daily or weekly in over 110 languages! Multi-lingual Parents Portal

Fusion integrates with your ADFS or other identity management services. No more passwords!

Our free APP keeps parents updated in real-time, daily or weekly in over 110 languages!

One system - All ages.

Assess & Reward students

Interfaces, themes and styles for any age or ability.

Set tasks and goals for students to achieve. Monitor their progress and award them Assess & Reward students automatically with certificates. Set tasks and goals for students to achieve. Monitor their progress and award them automatically with certificates.

Set interfaces for entire classes or users with One system - All ages. additional learning needs.

Interfaces, themes and styles for any age or ability. Set interfaces for entire classes or users with additional learning needs.

Content galore! Connect to 80+ content providers and link to popular cloud drive services. Content galore! Connect to 80+ content providers and link to popular cloud drive services.

Fusion and brings together your services subscriptions intocontent, a single services and subscriptions into single product so you can communicateaand product you canwithin communicate and share withso everyone your share with everyone organisation easily. within your organisation easily. We synchronise with your school data.

We synchronise with your school data.

New in 2019 New in 2019 Award Designer - Thanks to the valuable feedback from our schools Award Designer - Thanks to the this great feature will be launched very soon. valuable feedback from our schools this Book today andvery discover greata demonstration feature will be launched soon. how simple it can be to create Book a demonstration todayand and discover present awards. how simple it can be to create and

present awards. Booking Manager - Prepare and manage extra curricular activities, Booking Manager - Prepare androom bookings parent evenings. manageand extra curricular activities, room bookings and parent evenings. Digital Signage - Create slideshows from yourSignage VLE and -display on Digital Createthem slideshows screens around school. them on from your VLE your and display screens around your school. @mylearningltd


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CULTURAL IMPORTANCE LEARNING ABOUT THE MANY CULTURES AND TRADITIONS OF THE WORLD CAN OFTEN BE CONSIDERED JUST AS IMPORTANT AS STUDYING MATHS. THE CREATIVE SCIENCE SCHOOLS PLACE A STRONG EMPHASIS ON THE PROMINENCE OF THIS. “Creative Science Schools, run by Beam Education, have a culture and ethos that place faith and values at their heart,” explains Naveed Iqbal. “The schools promote a strong balance of knowledge across all subjects, plus strong Arabic language support. Students are therefore knowledgeable and appreciative of the heritage and culture that underpins and influences contemporary life in the UAE.”

Naveed Iqbal is the principal of the International School of Creative Science - Nad Al Sheba, Dubai.

So what types of parents choose Creative Science Schools? “Parents who value the way in which culture and tradition is embedded in academic achievement,” Naveed Iqbal responds. “Most of the parents are working professionals, with the majority being Emiratis. However, we also have many expats, the schools boasts over 50 nationalities, who help contribute towards a diverse parent community.”

There are five key points that parents are attracted when considering a BEAM school:


 Strong academic


learning in core subjects  The importance schools place on ethos and values  State-of-the-art facilities and resources  Strong leadership across schools  The schools’ uniqueness and links with universities and pathways for graduating students “Students learn that they are citizens of the world, and that their contribution towards society will pave the way for a bright new future. And thus, students understand that this comes with responsibility, learning, and good intentions. That is why we teach such key skills in ‘Moral Education’, lessons that are taught each week,” Naveed Iqbal concludes.

Iain Colledge, Principal of Raha International School, a member of the Taaleem family of schools, explains the benefits of using the Seesaw mobile application at his school.

In the Primary Years Programme, Seesaw is used as an innovative reporting tool for students to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, learning, and progression. Seesaw provides parents with access to their child’s work, allowing them to view constructive comments by both student and teacher. Parents no longer have to wait for conferences or reports to gather feedback on how their child is progressing in the classroom. They love the Seesaw app for its immediacy, ease-of-use and effectiveness, enjoying that ‘behind-the-scenes’ snapshot of the inquiry happening in their child’s classroom.”

34 Excellence in Schools


THE IMPORTANCE OF A SMOOTH TRANSITION “There have been many studies carried out into the effects of transitions in secondary students,” shares Matthew Roberts, Assistant Head Teacher at Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi. “This research concluded that a poor transition can contribute to a negative impact on wellbeing, future difficulties with learning, and students not achieving their full potential. Transitions are found to be most useful when the schools have strong links.” He continues: “The role of both the primary and secondary school is the most vital in transition between settings. An effective working relationship between the two schools is crucial. Schools with the closest links are found to offer successful transitions.” Simon Corns, Headmaster at Brighton College Abu Dhabi agrees a smooth transition can mean better results. “It

is essential that pupils are secure and supported at all points of transition as they move from one phase of education to the next. The better the experience for them, the better they are apt to perform,” he says. WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR Transitioning from primary to secondary years is a time of anticipation and apprehension for students and parents. New surroundings, new friends, new challenges, and new choices will all have to be tackled. With this in mind, what can parents do to help make the move simple and trouble-free? Ulrike Suwwan, Educational Consultant at the German International School Dubai, believes that parents can support their children best by allowing them to get along with this transition at their own pace. “This sometimes requires parents to consciously let go and step back, while giving the child

the chance to explore different strategies on how to overcome challenges, building resilience and self-esteem along the way.” “There are many reasons why a student may be unhappy in a new school, but most can be addressed and solved,” Simon Corns shares. “It is often difficult to tell whether it is simple trepidation about being placed in a new environment or whether there is a more serious underlying factor. As a rule, if a child seems unhappy, I would strongly advise parents to contact the school and see how the child is when they are not around. Sometimes the picture is complex, so all concerns in the initial stages are worth mentioning, allowing the school and parents to work together to find a solution.” “A student newly joining a school or a section in the school will be closely monitored by his or her teachers,” says Amal Shahine, Principal at Horizon Private School – Branch, Abu Dhabi.


Amal Shahine, Principal at Horizon Private School – Branch, Abu Dhabi

Matthew Roberts, Assistant Head Teacher at Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi


“If they notice that the child is not adapting easily to the new environment, the teachers will contact previous teachers, as well as the parents, in order to learn more and find ways to help the student adapt quickly. “Parents should directly inform the school if they notice that their child is not interested in coming to the school in the morning or is not happy when going back home in the afternoon.” When moving to secondary, students should be brimming with excitement at the chance of a new challenge in a new school, but a little concern is normal too, even healthy, with Sheela Menon, Principal at the Ambassador School Dubai, saying: “Entry anxiety is common. To allay it, going to the school orientation helps, and for parents connecting with other parents, who have experienced and seen it all before is good. This helps to normalise fears and most students will feel assured within the first week, with the school routine establishing a sense of familiarity.

EXPECTATIONS CHANGE As students transition through school, we must also remember that what and how they are learning is also changing. “At this stage of their education, there are also increased expectations on their academic performance,” shares Matthew Roberts. “Children become more aware of the importance of their learning, as they creep towards the years of formal qualifications, such as GCSEs, IBs and High School Diplomas. Students have to deal with these pressures, all whilst learning about social rules in their early teenage years, which is a lot for a child aged 11 to be carrying on their shoulders. It’s a difficult task as an adult, think about your first day at a new job or university!” Sheela Menon adds: “Don’t be surprised to find that your child doesn’t want you to be as visible in secondary years as they might have been during the primary years. Remember that children will still need your support outside of school, and that it’s all part of the way they develop that sense of being independent.”

Sheela Menon, Principal at the Ambassador School Dubai

Simon Corns, Headmaster at Brighton College Abu Dhabi

Ulrike Suwwan, Educational Consultant at the German International School Dubai



Curriculums taught International Baccalaureate (IB) American British Contact +971 4 321 9336 Location Motor City Times Square Centre The Springs Social media @TutoringClubDubai @Tutoringclubdubai Tutoring Club Tutoring Club

Your Child’s Door to the Future Parents want to provide their children with the best possible education in order to allow them to get the grades they need to pursue their dreams. Starting early with a tutor can make a significant difference, particularly when that tutor is an educator at Tutoring Club, a student-centric education centre that was established in the U.S. in 1991 and in Dubai since 2014. Tutoring Club aims to build independent learners, and who have skills in reading, writing, and maths that are above their grade level.


Centred on the Student Students of all ages, who receive individualised attention and focus tend to develop essential skills faster, and this is exactly the method that Tutoring Club follows. In addition to adaptability and individuality, a successful education programme requires an open and comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. The students at Tutoring Club enjoy programmes that are centered around their needs and that build character and leadership skills, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy their academic journey, achieve more, and build lasting relationships.

Modelling Excellence Tutoring Club hires passionate educators to deliever the ‘Amazing Maths’, ‘The Write Way’, and ‘Rx Reading’ programmes. These programmes, developed by industry experts at Tutoring Club’s education laboratories overseas, are regularly refined to meet the growing needs of students. It is very important for college-bound students to develop the necessary skills so that they may score high on standardised exams such as SAT. During such exams, students use different comprehension skills and Tutoring Club is equipped to simulate these examination scenarios and conditions.

Success, Nothing Less Education is not a one size fits all, which is precisely why it is important for parents to choose the programme of study that best fits their child’s needs. When it comes to after-school programmes, it is recommend that you look for well-established providers with a track record of delivering a quality service. Tutoring Club ensures there is an adequate and comprehensive assessment process before and during their programmes; the programme is adaptable to the student’s progress; and the resources available are vast and versatile.

38 Excellence in Higher Education

HIGHER EDUCATION: WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE HERE Dubai has been successful in developing its status as an international city with a focus on economic diversity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In this context, the development of a world-class education system is of great importance.

The high-quality higher education now available in Dubai will equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to contribute to Dubai’s economic development. Since the establishment of KHDA in 2007 and the ‘Universities Quality Assurance International Board’ (UQAIB) in 2008, student enrolment in Dubai’s Higher Education Providers (HEPs) has increased by 64.3% to over 60,000, encouraging investors and foreign HEPs to establish facilities in Dubai, according to the latest report by KHDA. As of the

academic year 2017-2018, Dubai was home to 62 HEPs, both local and international and from countries like the UK, USA, Australia, India, Austria, and Russia. These universities offer a wide range of programmes at different levels, with both full-time and part-time options available. HEPs give students the opportunity to earn internationally recognised degrees without leaving the city, which as a result attracts international students to Dubai. This focus aligns with Dubai’s strategic goal to be a quality higher education hub for the region.

62 HEPS*




*Higher Education Providers

























SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN “Students are our true wealth, they are the motivation behind all of our efforts.” His Excellency Dr Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills


 Full Scholarship by H.H. Sheikh

Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for Emirati Citizens enrolling in an Undergraduate Programme  Academic Merit Undergraduate Scholarship for all students  Intensive French Diploma

Scholarship (International Students and UAE Residents)

For more information visit



The Ministry of Education has unveiled a new set of standards to be used for licensing higher education bodies in the UAE and accrediting their academic programmes.

Scheduled to go into effect as of September 2019, the launch forms a component of the UAE’s National Strategy for Higher Education and serves to achieve the country’s ambitions for enhancing the quality and global reputation of its local higher education sector. The new accreditation standards cover 11 academic and administrative aspects of higher education institutions, specifically: governance and administration; quality assurance; scientific and research activities; students; faculty; educational facilities; health, safety, and environment; legal compliance and public disclosure; educational resources; financial capacity and sustainability; and community service and integrity. Detailed indicators have been put in place to measure each standard and provide a meticulous explanation of its

requirements. One of the new standards, for instance, pertains to faculty members. It determines the ratio of faculty members to number of students in a particular discipline and the criteria for selecting faculty members according to the requirements of various specialisations within the university. His Excellency Dr Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi said: “With the new standards, we look forward to creating a positive environment at higher education institutions, where graduates leave with in-depth knowledge, having developed the necessary advanced skills to meet the requirements of the future. We are confident that the coming years will see more UAE universities join the ranks of the world’s top 100 universities, further enhancing the reputation of Emirati education and the opportunities it affords to students in the region and the world.”


 100% Chancellor’s Full Scholarship  50% Provost’s Academic Scholarship  30% Chancellor’s Academic Merit


 10% Early Bird Scholarship

For more information visit


 10% Early Bird Scholarship

For more information visit

401873 FP.indd 1

4/17/19 6:19 PM






How Nanotechnology is Transforming the Solar Industry About the author Dr Joumana El Rifai is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She is a strong proponent of the power of unique teaching methodologies in instilling a passion for STEM in future generations. Contact

+971 2 656 9555 Location Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi Social media @SorbonneAD @sorbonnead @SorbonneAD Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD)

What do you picture when you hear about nanotechnology? Very possibly, Tony Stark’s nano suit in The Avengers! That is how mainstream the discussion around what used to be niche technology has become. At the start of the century, nanotechnology was considered the next big idea. Nano research has managed to cross scientific disciplines, finding numerous applications in chemistry, medicine, physics, and computer science. While the innovation in nanorelated fields is awe-inspiring, its use is more impressive. From developing nanomaterials for the automotive industry through to its role in medical research and onto its practical application in solar cells – leading to the advancement of the solar industry and research concerning solar cell efficiency – the impact of this technology is truly life changing. This brings us to two important questions: what does the term ‘nano’ imply, and how can nanotechnology help improve solar cell efficiency? Let’s look at some numbers: the prefix ‘nano’ is defined as one billionth; for example, one nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a metre. Nanotechnology involves the fabrication of structures with dimensions within the range of one to a few hundred nanometers. That is small. To put it in perspective, one human hair is approximately 20,000 nanometers in diameter. Structures fabricated in the nanoscale are the smallest human-made devices. So, how can these tiny structures help improve solar efficiency? The growing need for a sustainable, clean energy source has driven the interest in

solar cell or photovoltaic technologies. The main challenge facing the solar cell industry is its inability to compete, due to high cost and inefficiency, with the more traditional means of power generation. While cost can be reduced using certain materials, such as amorphous silicon-thin films, it comes at the expense of the cell’s efficiency. Current research trends suggest that incorporating nanotechnology will help improve solar cell efficiency, in addition to significantly lowering cell production costs. Solar cell efficiency depends primarily on the amount of sunlight it is able to convert to electricity, with most of the losses occurring because only a small portion of the light is being captured, or because there is a reflection off the solar cell’s surface or the material’s absorption properties. Current research has been performed to limit these types of losses and, improve efficiency involves the use of nano-wires to increase absorption. At Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, we are collaborating with other institutions on unconventional methods to fabricate and utilise these nano-structures, for the improvement of cell efficiency. Concerns in conventional nano-structure fabrication processes involve the high temperature and fabrication cost. Another drawback of standard nano-structure fabrication techniques is the reliance on an etching process that results in material waste. Our goal is to produce solar cells that guarantee a high efficiency, while at the same time lowering fabrication costs, making the cell economically competitive. So, yes, Tony’s suit may be the first image that appears when you hear about nanotechnology. Now, when it’s sunny outside, I hope the technology behind it will also come to mind.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT UNIVERSITY Students and their parents have much to contemplate when it comes to university choice. American University of Sharjah (AUS), breaks it down into bite-size chunks, with the following five factors at the top of the list when making this life-changing decision.

OFFERING Key to university success is finding the right degree programme. Through its four colleges, AUS offers 27 bachelor’s programmes, 14 master’s programmes, and a PhD in engineering. These programmes cover the sciences, mass communication, architecture, design, multiple fields of engineering, business, finance, and more. The curriculum is modelled on the American-style liberal arts tradition, which means students can take a variety of courses beyond those just offered in their major, and even have the option of studying abroad. REPUTATION AND ACCREDITATION AUS is a top-ranked private university in the UAE, and among the ‘Top 50 Universities under 50 Years Old’

University City, Sharjah

+971 6 515 5555

(QS Rankings). AUS programmes are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the UAE Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Affairs Division. AUS has also been accredited in the USA, by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since June 2004. ACCESSIBILITY AUS provides merit-based, high-quality university education, regardless of race, gender, or background, verified through the higher percentage of international students than any other world-ranked institution (Times Higher Education World University Rankings). It is further supported by the awarding of AED80 million in merit and need-based grants and scholarships each year, with firsttime students potentially receving up to 75% discount in tuition and fees.

FACILITIES AUS has one of the region’s few fullservice campuses, with approximately 29% of students living in dormitories. AUS life is convenient, with a health centre, pharmacy, bookstore, bank, food outlets, laundry services, post office, and two well-stocked supermarkets available on campus. STUDENT LIFE While academic excellence is no doubt a priority for any student, university is also a great time to pursue other interests, and AUS is just the place to do it. AUS boasts an Olympic-size pool, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, tennis and squash courts, fitness centres, an Olympic running track, soccer fields, a baseball diamond, a cricket ground, and more.




AUS Sharjah

American University of Sharjah

LLking for a new home? Our fully serviced studios and one-bedroom suites can be rented on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

For enquiries, please contact Sayana Sambueva Email:

Your new home away from home Located in Dubai Production City (IMPZ), just across the City Centre Me’aisem mall - Element Me’aisam offers fully furnished studios & one-bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchen, an outdoor swimming pool,

a Techno-Gym equipped fitness center and much more. Everything you may need to make your stay an enjoyable experience is right here, including complimentary Rise® breakfast, Relax Evenings, bikes-to-borrow and even a bar in our sister hotel, Aloft Me’aisam next door. Element Me’aisam Dubai Dubai Production City, P.O. Box 485085 +971 4 248 7777












Permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. The academic qualifications granted by this institution and certified by KHDA shall be recognised in the Emirate of Dubai by all public and private entities for all purposes.


Located within DIAC, the 50,000 square metre facility will open in September 2021 and provide an academic home for up to 4,500 students

A PROGRESSIVE DEGREE The University of Birmingham Dubai has announced the addition of a postgraduate certificate (PGCert) in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (ISEN). One of the world’s top 100 universities and a part of the Russell Group, the university is encouraging people across the region to apply now. As part of the UAE National Agenda, inclusion is a key focus area within all UAE schools. This part-time course is therefore designed for in-service teachers, school leaders, education policy leaders, and all those working directly or indirectly with children of determination around the world. The programme supports Dubai’s new inclusive education policy framework and has been approved by KHDA to start in September at the university’s Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) campus.

A new purpose-built campus is to be constructed, too. Located within DIAC, the 50,000 square metre facility will open in September 2021 and provide an academic home for up to 4,500 students. University of Birmingham Dubai’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir David Eastwood, commented: “We welcomed our first students to the University of Birmingham Dubai in September, and we have now begun the next exciting stage of our contribution to UAE society. This innovative and iconic facility has been designed to echo our beautiful and historic Edgbaston campus in Birmingham, whilst

providing a flexible, modern setting for our students in Dubai, to obtain maximum benefit from our teaching and research expertise.” The University of Birmingham Dubai already offers a variety of programmes, including Business, Economics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Teacher Training degrees. It is launching new study programmes for 2019/20 in areas such as Accounting, Banking and Finance, International Commercial Law, Psychology Teacher Training in Arabic and Special Educational Needs.

46 Excellence in Higher Education

Academics | Know it All 47

FOSTERING A LOVE OF READING! Taking the time to read to our children is the most important thing we can do as parents. All it takes is 10-20 minutes per day to foster a love of reading! At Amity Early Learning Centre, we begin sharing our love of reading with children from a very early age. That is why our pre-school has a large library area to encourage all children


Lisa Lewis is an early years educator and leader with over 20 years’ experience, and is now manager at Amity Early Learning Centre. She believes in inspiring young learners in an inquiry based environment, and fostering a love of learning through the Arts, Music & Science.

 Keep the story short and do a ‘picture walk’. Just looking through the pictures and labelling them is a great way to start.  Use puppets and lift and flap books, some with texture. Count the objects in the pictures.  Use animated voices and sing along.  Work within the child’s development stage. Question whether you have their attention. Let them do actions and move around. Can they make the noises?  Take books with you wherever you go, have them on a low shelf so children can easily pick them up.

to read. Reading is one of the hardest skills to master as a child. For this reason, Amity lets the kids choose their own books, an approach designed to awaken the enjoyment of reading.


48 Know it All | Academics


Lisa Riggerger is the principal at Clarion School, with 12 years of leadership experience.. Prior to that, Lisa spent two years as a literacy consultant in the USA.

“In order to become someone who meaningfully engages with text, children need to be read to,” says Lisa Riggerger. “They need to see their grown ups reading in their personal lives, for delight, curiosity, discovery, and mastery. And to close the loop of building readers, children need to read in their own lives, to themselves, to their younger siblings, to grown ups, and especially to their stuffed animals!” Lisa Riggerger explains that if reading is really in your life, the possibilities of what you can explore and where you can go are endless. “Each family should enjoy and participate in the tangible delight of bringing home a new book, opening it for the first time, and noticing the smell. As you read with your child, stop and share when they come across a word, a phrase, or a sentence where they are attracted to the imagery or the sound of the language. We all must make time to both read to children, and to listen to our children read to us.

“Reading continues to be the most important vehicle for giving children access to knowledge.”

Š 2019 Marvel

Dive into a new adventure

Keep your kids active in the pool or on the beach with their favourite Disney characters in our new junior collections.

Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls

Nurturing Budding Aspirations of Pharmacy Sciences Education

Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls (DPC), the first pharmacy education institution in the Gulf region, was established in 1992 to meet the growing needs of healthcare professionals. The programs are accredited by the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs. The beginning of a long journey to excellence and continued development was set forth by the astute visionary Haj Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lootah under the leadership of Professor Dr Saeed Ahmed Khan.

We serve the healthcare community by nurturing competent and professional pharmacists while promoting a learning environment that fosters innovation, leadership, continued professional development and quality assurance making DPC one of the leading institutions for pharmacy education in the world. Students who study pharmacy can assume an integrated and accountable role in the practice model by having defined responsibilities for patient care.

ABOUT THE DEAN Professor Dr Saeed Ahmed Khan, Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Delhi, is a founding member and dean who supports and develops the College so that students and faculty have the best possible experience.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)

OUR JOURNEY SO FAR The first batch of 27 students was enrolled to the Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) program.


A tie up with the Dubai Hospitals Authority (DHA) and Global Pharma gave their students the opportunity to participate in educational internship programs. Their recent venture with one of the biggest players among pharmaceutical companies, the Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries’ Julphar, offers student with professional practice experience to enhance their skills.


The Bachelors received full accreditation from the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHSR), UAE. Thus representing worldwide recognition.


The first educational institution to be awarded the Dubai Quality Appreciation Program (DQAP), a testament to the College’s excellence.


MoU signs with SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services) for clinical pharmacy hands on experience.


A proud moment in the history of the institution as they got initial accreditation from the CAA, for the Master of Pharmacy programs with two specialisations in, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Product Development.


The college was honoured with the GCC Pharma Outstanding Education Award in the GCC Pharmaceutical Congress, making them among the top 5 institutions in pharmacy education.


The first group of graduates specialised in either Clinical Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Product Development.



Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) Specialising in: • Clinical Pharmacy • Pharmaceutical Product Development




Certificate Course in Professional Regulatory 3 MONTHS Affairs


Email: Website: Contact Number: +971 4 2120333 Location: Al Mizhar, Dubai Facebook: @DubaiPharmacyCollegeforgirls Twitter: @pharmacycollege

52 Know It All | Debatable

Monkey Business Images/

HOMEWORK OR HOME-STRESS? HOMEWORK CAN BE VIEWED AS ‘HOME-STRESS’ FOR PARENTS, BECAUSE OF THE SUPPORT STUDENTS OFTEN NEED. SO WHAT DO EDUCATORS HAVE TO SAY? Simon Jon Dodd, a science teacher at Aldar Academies Al Ain Academy, explains: “There are intrinsic benefits of regular homework tasks above and beyond the clear review of class material. For the parents, it is an opportunity to see what their child is learning at school. For subject teachers, it is one measure of how well class material has been understood or misunderstood, which feeds into the planning process.” Racha Mustapha, the assistant vice principal teaching and learning, ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhal Female Campus, also concurs: “I agree with the concept of homework. Students are given

time in class for instruction and practice. This is usually done with the teacher’s support. Investing a little independent time at home allows students the opportunity to review the material and to reinforce the concepts taught.” Sarah Coetzee, the head of Year 1 at Aldar Academies Al Muna Academy agrees, but with one proviso: “Homework is good, as long as there is balance! It should be matched to the child’s needs and be engaging and challenging. In this way, children will be willing to connect with their own learning and will make progress.”


Phil Yates, an assistant head teacher at Al Rabeeh School – Abu Dhabi, says: “There is little academic research to suggest that homework directly improves attainment. Well thought out homework can, however, help to create positive learning behaviours, preparing students for the next phase of their education, where they take greater ownership of their learning.” Bushra Mansoor, the head of middle school at Springdales School Dubai, says, “Children’s happiness must be the focal point of their education. We will never have to debate on the topic of homework if there is a paradigm shift in the mindset while assigning it. The day that teachers will drive learning through classroom and real life integration, and set such assignments where children just can’t wait to reach home and throw their bags to dive into finding the answers, we will stop discussing if we do need to assign homework at all in the first place.” Lisa Ripperger, the principal at Clarion School disagrees with the concept of homework, saying: “Recent research on the value of homework consistently shows that young children do not benefit from homework, and in some cases creates frustration. The best thing parents can do, and the only thing that is proven to have a positive impact on learning in the long term, is a regular reading routine.” Janecke Aarnaes, the head of school, Dwight School Dubai, comments: “Our school implements a no-homework policy. We believe in providing individual time for students to complete their academic work during a slightly extended school day to allow more down-time at home. We reinforce their learning in a setting where they have access to their teachers. This way, students have more personal time to focus on their hobbies, extracurrilcular activies, and family life. As a school which is not driven by homework, we’re proud to develop responsible, self-directed learners.”

Have an opinion?

Is homework beneficial to your child? Visit to participate in our poll

Rozhkov Yuriy/

54 Know It All | My Journey

MY JOURNEY… TO TAKING OFF IS YOUR DREAM TO FLY ACROSS THE WORLD AT THE CONTROLS OF A COMMERCIAL JETLINER? WE TALK TO HARRIS KYNIGOS, AN AIRLINE PILOT WITH ETIHAD AIRWAYS, WHO ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO ASK! What was your career path? I started my commercial pilot career in 2006 with Aegean Airlines in Greece as a First Officer on Avro RJ-100. In 2009, I moved to Olympic Airlines, also in Greece, as a First Officer on the Airbus A320. My career was expanded further when I joined Etihad Airways in 2011, which in addition to having the opportunity to fly the Airbus A320 and A330 saw me promoted to Captain and Type Rating Instructor. I was involved in the airline’s Training and Development programme, responsible for developing the actual training modules. Currently, I am part of the technical team in the Flight Operations Department, giving me the opportunity to be qualified as a Functional Check Flight Pilot.

Where did you get your pilot certification and what were the qualifications required to become a successful pilot? I started my Private Pilot License (PPL) in a flight training school in Cyprus, where I’m from. I obtained my Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) at Oxford Aviation Training in the UK. To obtain my ATPL, I had to complete 14 ground training modules and achieve a passing grade of 75% in exams. In addition, several flight training modules followed, such as my Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi-Engine rating and Instrument Rating (IR), which equated to approximately 250 hours of flying. Furthermore, in order to become a successful pilot, you must have good depth perception, a quick reaction time, good communication, and problem-solving skills.

55 Background image courtesy of StudioSmart/

How long did the training take? Do you still have regular training sessions? The initial pilot training took me approximately two years. As per the regulations and company requirements, pilot competencies must be assessed and evaluated every six months. This includes ground training and exams. How often do you have to take medical tests? The medical for a commercial pilot is Class 1. This must be renewed once a year from the age of 18-60. However, from 60-65, it has to be renewed every six months. Who is your aviation hero? I believe one of the most ‘black swan’ events that happened in aviation history was on 15 January, 2009. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger III is an American retired airline captain who landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River off Manhattan after both engines were disabled by a bird strike; all 155 people aboard survived. What advice would you like to give someone who is an aspiring pilot? Studying to be a pilot isn’t easy, but it is definitely worth it. There is no easy way to the cockpit, but once you get there, the view from the office window is spectacular and priceless. It just needs patience and strength.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS WHEN APPLYING FOR FLIGHT ACADEMIES IN THE UAE:  Minimum 17 years of age  A high school degree with excellent results in General Maths and Physics  Excellent English language proficiency skills  Pass a psychomotor test  Be in good physical health There are currently six flight academies in the UAE to choose from.

Harris Kynigos,

Airline Pilot, Etihad Airways

56 Know It All | Our World

GO GREEN Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) will once again bring everyone to work ‘Together for a Better Environment’. This slogan will be made even more meaningful this year, with it being the Year of Tolerance. EEG has always functioned as an inclusive platform that welcomed and engaged all sectors of society for one common goal protecting and conserving the environment. EEG has engaged students and schools in all of its educational, recycling, outreach, and action programmes, including an Environmental Drawing Competition; Can Collection Day and Drive; Inter School Environmental Public Speaking Competition; One Root One Communi-Tree (Phase 1 and Phase 2); Recycle. Reforest. Repeat.; Your Can for a Tree; Paper Walk; and Neighborhood Recycling Projects, amongst others. As a result, an increasing number of schools and establishments are making green initatives a focus. Students are actively being educated to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Families can get involved in all of these programmes, too. Check out the website and social media platforms for all ongoing and upcoming events.

Since 2007, EEG has planted over two million indigenous trees in the UAE. This has resulted in the mitigation of over 12,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide in the country.

Kendall Clark/

Data collected in the first two months of 2019

2,839 GALLONS of gasoline saved


7,421 MILLION BTU energy saving

1,449M3 VOLUMES of landfill saved


Here’s a look at what some schools have been doing themselves to focus on ‘going green’.  Raffles Starters

From a very early age, children are introduced to creating awareness on the importance of saving resources, reusing, and recycling. They are encouraged to use the easily accessed recycling bins for paper and plastic, as well as learn to dispose of waste in the correct manner.

 Raffles International School

The environment club has channeled its efforts towards sustainability, with club members organising presentations across the school on the harmful effects of plastic, and also starting a campaign to collect plastic bottle caps.

 Dubai International Academy

The school’s Model United Nations (DIAMUN), one of the largest and most anticipated MUN conferences in the Middle East, returned for its 11th edition. Delegates discussed and debated the impact of technology through its theme ‘Globalisation through Technological and Environmental Advancements’. The schools has also partnered with Simply Bottles to eliminate the use of plastic from the community and to stop polluting the marine life. Simply Bottles take single used plastic bottles and converts them into fabric. A further partnership has been agreed with EEG, which will see the academy taking part in an art competition for creating awareness posters.

For the first time, DIAMUN was completely paperless and ran entirely on an application that connected all participants together, and allowed them to debate and discuss resolutions using the app

58 The Lounge Vadim Sadovski/

OUT OF THIS WORLD Deposits are now being accepted for a future stay at the Aurora Station, the first ever luxury hotel in space. Slated for launch in late 2021, with its first guests stepping aboard in 2022, it will be an experience that is ‘out of this world’ – quiet literally.

“We developed Aurora Station to provide a turnkey destination in space. Upon launch, it will go into service immediately, bringing travellers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before, while still providing an unforgettable experience,” explains Frank Bunger, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Orion Span. “Orion Span has additionally taken what was historically a 24-month training regimen to prepare travellers to visit a space station and streamlined it to three months, at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to make space accessible to all, by continuing to drive greater value at lower cost.”

Facts About the Aurora Station Orbits the planet every


200 MILES Above the Earth’s surface


(AED293,852) deposit per person

90 MINUTES for 12 days


(AED34.9 million) per person for a room

During their stay, travellers will enjoy the exhilaration of zero gravity and fly freely throughout Aurora Station, gaze at the northern and southern aurora through the many windows, soar over their hometowns, take part in research experiments, such as growing food while in orbit (which they can take home with them as the ultimate souvenir), revel in a virtual reality experience on the holodeck, and stay in touch or live stream with their loved ones back home via high-speed wireless Internet access.


The University of Sharjah is pleased to announce the opening of the admission for the Fall Semester 2019/2020 for Bachelor programs in the following colleges • Sharia & Islamic Studies • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences • Engineering • Sciences • Business Administration • Law • Communication • Medicine • Dentistry • Pharmacy • Health Sciences • Fine Arts and Design • Computing and Informatics • Early admission for all colleges: From 21st April until 23rd May 2019 All applicants will be competing for a limited number of seats available in each program

New college: puting • College of Caotim and Inform cs

Apply Online: For more information on available programs & admission requirements, kindly visit the university website or contact us at the following number:


60 The Lounge

LOOK – NO HANDS! Dubai has taken a major step towards autonomous vehicles with the launch of its Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy.

Dubai’s transportation strategy is expected to save AED22 billion in annual economic revenues by reducing transportation costs, carbon emissions, and accidents, as well as raising productivity

AUTISM AWARENESS The month of April is also known as World Autism Month. The 14th annual autism awareness campaign for Dubai was launched on World Autism Awareness Day. Organised annually by the Dubai Autism Centre, the campaign highlights the importance of community support to promote social inclusion and integration of individuals with autism. The campaign, which includes several presentations across schools and public departments, aims to increase public awareness and a better understanding of the various challenges related to individuals with autism and how early intervention is important.

Aiming to transform 25% of the total transportation in Dubai to autonomous mode by 2030, the strategy includes the launch of ‘Dubai World Autonomous Transportation Challenge’. This throws the gauntlet down to the world’s most innovative international companies, academic institutions, and centres of research and development to test the latest advances in this technology by providing transportation solutions and scenarios that are realistic and tailored for the streets of Dubai. Moreover, driverless vehicles would not only be better for the economy and the environment, they would be good for commuters, too, allowing them to get some work done or even watch a movie whilst moving through rush hour traffic.

Electric school buses are being introduced, too. Engineer Mohammad Thair Dakaika, Emirates Transport, says, “The vehicles will be lightweight in comparison with current buses, since they will be manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. They will also be extremely safe, with features that include a motor and battery fire suppression system and a monitoring system that incorporates cameras and sensors. Moreover, passengers will notice an increase in comfort, since there is no vibration or noise.” The introduction of electric school buses is an extremely constructive step in an age where high, harmful air pollutants from vehicles needs to be cut drastically and as a matter of urgency.

Coming Soon: Coming Soon:

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LEARNING NEW WORDS Knowing a larger pool of words can help in being more precise in your language. Here are some new words to add to your daily vocabulary.

DEGUST (VERB) Meaning: Taste (something) carefully to appreciate it fully. AED99 (Kinokuniya Bookstore)


Example sentence: The restaurant critic chewed his steak slowly, making sure to degust each delicious bite.

My Indian Kitchen by Swayampurna Mishra When it comes to cooking, simple is a relative term. What is simple for a top chef can be challenging for a novice. Therefore, when I saw the claim that Swayampurna (Swayam) Mishra’s new book, My Indian Kitchen, was ‘exceptionally easy and palatable for beginners’ I was not immediately convinced. However, having now been using the book for the past couple of weeks, I can confirm that Swayam really does make everything rather simple and straightforward. Swayam found inspiration for her book from her mother’s cooking and her Indian heritage. She still lives in India too, unlike many modern authors of Indian cookbooks who compose their masterpieces in places such as London and New York, so you cannot get more authentic. And authentic is what it is all about as far as Swayam is concerned, for My Indian Kitchen is written in a way

that will allow you to fool any dinner guest into believing you are a master of Indian cuisine … no matter what your background or cooking experience! Swayam’s refreshing approach means that home cooks can tackle exciting recipes that burst with intricate flavour combinations and complementary textures. From one-bowl meals like Spinach and Chickpea Curry through to Masala Stuffed Flatbread and Honey and Saffron Crepes, the recipes in My Indian Kitchen are wide and varied (there are 75 in all), with something to suit all tastes and occasions. My Indian Kitchen should entice everyone to try Indian food, or, if already a wizard with a karahi in the kitchen, expand their knowledge and love of one of the world’s truly great cuisines. Well written with clear instructions, all recipes are accompanied by stunning photographs, taking you on a visual journey through India’s tantalising tastes and aromas.

APOTHEOSIS (NOUN) Meaning: The highest point in the development of something; a supreme example. Example sentence: The apotheosis of the television show was when they announced the winner.

SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE) Meaning: Upbeat, optimistic, or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. Example sentence: She has an exquisitely sanguine disposition!

64 Parent Corner

SCREEN TIME HAS AN UPSIDE Raise your hand if you have had to wrestle a screen out of your child’s hands. Of course you have. And so have I. On the other hand, I have quietly thanked Steve Jobs for saving my sanity on a long flight or an eight-hour drive.

Christine Nasserghodsi is the co-founder of Mirai, a strategic innovation consultancy, and she is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Christine is also mum to two lively boys, two rescues dogs, and two stray cats.

Ivanova Tetyana/


Feeling conflicted about our children’s attachment to something we didn’t grow up with is nothing new. Parents in the 1970s worried that Sesame Street would destroy our attention span. Parents in the 1950s thought that rock n’ roll would lead to the death of civilisation. This sense of conflict is amplified by the messages we receive from the media. In October, 2018, the New York Times published a piece asserting that

many Silicon Valley parents ensure that their children’s lives are devoid of screens. Entirely. Conversely, philosophy professor and researcher Jordan Shapiro tells us in The New Childhood that we should embrace some online time. As an educator and co-founder of an innovation consultancy, I would like to share five reasons to be optimistic about our children’s digital lives:

 Online games provide opportunities

to collaborate in remote teams. This summer, I watched my 12-year-old negotiate time differences to set up a battle royale, or something like that with his friends. He was in a cabin in the mountains in the US. One boy was in Iceland, another was in the UK, and yet another was in Dubai.

 Children can become creators,

not just consumers of content. I do not really want my children’s career aspirations to include ‘gaming YouTuber’, but there is something to be said about creating content for an audience.

 Children are equipped to learn

in real time. Yes, we need to support our children in assessing the value of a source, but children can learn anything from how to make brownies to the capital of South Dakota through a simple search. The barrier between wanting to learn something and being able to learn something has been greatly reduced.

 Children can actually become more

effective learners. New Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Embibe can serve as a learning coach for CBSE students. Similarly, Gradewise can help students track their GCSE, iGCSE, or Cambridge curriculum progress from the first day of secondary school to the day of their exam.

 Parents and teachers can use

digital tools to better support their children’s learning. The AIbased Lexpore allows teachers to engage in rapid, accurate reading assessments to know how best to support readers and when to refer students for special interventions. Likewise, Kinteract can be used as a digital portfolio across a student’s learning journey, allowing them to easily share their work with parents, and tagged to curriculum outcomes.

Of course, as Shapiro reminds us, it’s all about balance. We need to ensure that our children’s online time is tempered with time playing sports, dreaming up imaginary games, doing chores, and even hanging out with friends in Starbucks.









NATURE BASED LEARNING IN DUBAI XPark Jr has launched Dubai’s very first Urban Forest Programme, where kids between the years of 3 and 11 can learn outside the confines of four walls, without the distractions of screens and devices.

Contact MRS CANDICE FANUCCI +971 55 527 8931 Location Kite Beach, Dubai Social Media @xparkjr @xparkjr

Each two-hour Urban Forest Programme costs AED100 per child and includes guided activities, learning, and snacks from Park House Café.

They’ll not only get to run around and explore our beautiful environment, but also learn to work as a team. They will enjoy adventures like building dens and campfires; learn to make and use tools, dig in the dirt, and plant vegetables. They will also have the opportunity to be introduced to animals and learn how to care for them, as well as get creative using all sorts of natural materials likes leaves, rocks, twigs, seeds, and more. The result of all this is a place where children develop a love and respect for Mother Nature. Urban Forest programmes are widely recognised around the world as benefitting children both physically and emotionally. XPark Jr sessions put urban kids in touch with nature, giving them opportunities to rediscover the lost skills of good old-fashioned outdoor play. A two-hour package, tailored to meet the curriculum for each year group, provides innovative outdoor teaching with a broad range of activities. XPark Jr wants to offer kids an outdoor experience that many of us were fortunate enough to grow up with, but that sadly is now lacking in our modern world.

The objective of the programme is to spark curiosity and inspire wonder, while arming kids with valuable skills and promoting independence, confidence, and creativity. The Urban Forest Programme will allow children to run, make noise, get their hands dirty, and experience AVAILABLE manageable risks and ON WEEKDAYS a healthy amount of ONLY freedom, all under the supervision of a highly qualified and passionate team. It’s more fun than you can ever imagine!

68 Parent Corner

Rapeepat Pornsipak/

PARENTS, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY ‘WORKING 9 TO 5, WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING’, AS THE OLD DOLLY PARTON SONG GOES. However, in the UAE it’s more like 9 to 6, which provides one extra hour of opportunity for getting tired and stressed. And like all dubious things in life, such as fast-food and lying in the sun, some people get a taste for stress. Yet you don’t have to buy into this mindset. Just a few little tweaks can make you more relaxed, without compromising your productivity or well-being. Adam Zargar, Owner and Lead Coach at UAE Coaching, believes that social media

is our biggest energy drainer, explaining: “We actually may be aware of this problem, yet it becomes almost like an addiction and a difficult habit to break. Most of us wake up and instantly reach out for our phone to either check social media or emails. To combat this urge, be focused. When at work give it 100% focus, and the same at home. Imagine your child wants to show you something, yet you are doing work at home or are on the phone and miss the opportunity. Quality time with the people

you love is vital, so set a time limit for social media, and stick to it.” Nehad Tadros, UAE Chapter President at International Coach Federation, agrees that our phones are one of the top time stealers and distractions, but also feels that our emotions deplete us too: “We are all driven by our emotions. Emotion is energy in motion. Emotions can drain us, or they can generate more energy within us. I believe we need to coach ourselves and do more self-reflection to spot the areas that


Adam Zargar, Owner and Lead Coach at UAE Coaching

The Eliseev Family

we need to focus on. Observe yourself and do regular selfchecks to see where your time is going. The more you manage and plan your time, the more you can limit distractions and time wasters.” Alex Eliseev, working dad, also agrees that surfing the web and social networks is a waste of time and energy, adding: “You’ll never miss something really ‘important’ – if you do, you’d be called immediately, be it work-related or family-related. When at work, concentrate solely on that; when at home, put all work aside and forget about it. Everything can wait. I know of only one recipe for balancing the needs of job and children – proper planning and scheduling

in advance. Otherwise it becomes a total mess.” Bhavna Tahilramani, a working mum and managing partner at Lime Concepts, believes, like Nehad Tadros, that emotions are at the root of the problem: “I think the biggest energy drainer is guilt. Working mothers tend to feel guilty about not being able to give enough time to family. That is why I rely a lot on my ‘support team’ – the cook, nanny, and my office team. I depend on them and delegate everything. I only do things that I have to or want to. I prioritise, and this helps me feel like I have some kind of balance in my life. For instance, I like to put my daughter to bed, it’s my priority and I rarely miss it.”

Nehad Tadros, UAE Chapter

President at International Coach Federation

The Tahilramani Family

70 Bon Voyage | Travel Far



TAKING IN TOKYO With over 30 million tourists visiting Tokyo last year, it is safe to say it has become a tourist destination of choice. As Japan’s capital city, it is one of the most populated cities in the world. It has something for everyone with its unlimited choices for shopping, entertainment, food and cultural, and historic sites.

Brought to you by:

72 Bon Voyage | Travel Far

INFORMATION Abu Dhabi International Airport to Narita International Airport Duration: 9 hours 50 minutes Direct Flight Economy Class Tokyo Transfer Options as follows Bullet Train Car Rental Van Rental Airport Transfers Guided Tour Transfers



Tokyo Tower Standing 333 metres high in the centre of the city, Tokyo Tower is the world's tallest, self-supported steel tower and, thanks to its central location, offers an interesting view of the city, despite being only at a relatively moderate height. Opt for the Top Deck Tour that provides a hands-on panoramic experience on ‘The Future of Tokyo’. This tour can be booked in advance, with a multilingual voice guide system available in 13 languages. Price Range:

The Knot Tokyo Shinjuku With many spots within the hotel exhibiting modern Japanese culture, The Knot is directly infront of the lush green Shinjuku Central Park. The hotel was also designed with a strong connection to this park in mind, welcoming all that live, work, visit, and have fun in Shinjuku. Price: from AED299 per night for a Standard room



Suggested time: 1 hour Tip: Book online and save Senso-Ji Temple The most famous and photographed temple of Tokyo. It is the oldest Buddhist temple in the capital. Suggested time: 1 hour Price: Free Tokyo Disneyland Embrace the wonder and fantasy of Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea. Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in Japan. It seems like there is no off-season here! There are seven themed areas that can keep the family busy for hours. Price: AED310 per person

KEY: Number of people Breakfast available Multilingual staff Family-friendly Children’s activities Sean Pavone/

Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED4,679 per person for a Standard room 2

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel As the official hotel of Tokyo Disney Resort, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel offers quick and easy access to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea by monorail. Price: from AED649 per night for a Standard room Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED5,019 per person for a Guest room 2

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Located in the heart of Tokyo, The Prince Park Tower will give you spacious rooms with great views of the city. Want to spend a night in? There is a bowling alley and karaoke lounge in the hotel. Price: from AED1,259 per night for a Deluxe room Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED5,659 per person for a Standard room 2


RECOMMENDED TOURS Tokyo Morning Tour Visit Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace Plaza, and Senso-ji Temple with an English-speaking guide on this sightseeing bus tour of Tokyo. The tour includes:  Guide  Tickets Price: AED189 per person Suggested Duration: 4-6 hours Full Day World Heritage Mt. Fuji Golden Tour Visit Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site, including Oshino Hakkai and Shiraito Falls, accompanied by an English-speaking guide on this bus tour. Price: AED279 per person Suggested Duration: 11 hours Supakit Boonsak/

AN AUTHENTIC TASTE Sushi Traditionally made with delicately wrapped seaweed and vinegared rice with slightly torched seafood. You can grab a piece of this Southeast Asian dish with chopsticks and dip it into soy sauce or wasabi, or both! Tempura Tempura is a dish of battered and fried fish, seafood, or vegetables. Originated in Japan in the mid16th century, special care is given to the way the ingredients are cut, as well as to the temperature of the batter (ice cold) and oil (very hot) for deep-frying. Udon Udon is a dense and chewy noodle made from wheat flour that originated from Southern Japan. It’s one of the most popular foods in Japan due to its delicious taste, inexpensive price point, and versatility.

Subbotina Anna/

74 Bon Voyage | Travel Near


A PASSAGE TO INDIA India is often described as one of the most vibrant, colourful, and spiritual cities in the world. With its diversity and cultural riches, from the millions of temples through to artwork that rivals the best of the Italian Renaissance, we take a quick look at three cities that can provide an enriching trip for your family.

Brought to you by:

75 Images Courtesy of Shutterstock

DELHI The capital of India, Delhi is a place where the rich history of ancient India merges with the modern. With over 1,000 flights into the city a day, Delhi is no stranger to tourism. WHAT TO DO


The Red Fort Named for the colour of the sandstone used to build it, the Fort was once the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty. It now houses a number of fascinating museums highlighting the city’s history. Price: AED13 Suggested time: 2-3 hours Tip: Charges may apply if you plan to carry your camcorders

Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place Located in central Delhi, this hotel assures an unforgettable stay featuring on-site dining outlets, a Business Centre, and a Club Lounge. Price: from AED339 per night for a Superior room

India Gate This 42-metre high stone arch of victory, honouring Indian soldiers who died during World War One (1914-18), is located close to the official Presidential home, and in the heart of the city. Price: Free Suggested time: 1 hour


Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED1,569 per person for a Superior room


INFORMATION Abu Dhabi International Airport to Indira Gandhi International Airport Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes Direct Flight Economy Class

The Leela Palace New Delhi This hotel is a perfect blend of Lutyen's architecture and the glorious past of Indian royal families. Price: from AED769 per night for a Premier room Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED2,389 per person for a Premier room


Private Old and New Delhi Full-Day Combo Tour Experience India’s capital city, including the Humayun Tomb, Parliament Street, Lotus Temple, and Jama Masjid. The tour includes:  Hotel pick-up and drop-off  Transport by air-conditioned private vehicle  Professional English-speaking guide  Private tour  Rickshaw ride/TukTuk ride  Packaged mineral water Price: AED110 per person

KEY: Number of people

Breakfast available

Multilingual staff


Children’s activities

76 Bon Voyage | Travel Near Images Courtesy of Shutterstock


BENGALURU Cosmopolitan Bengaluru (also known as ‘Bangalore’) is one of India's most progressive and developed cities. It is the capital city for the state of Karnataka and is often looked at as the centre of India’s high-tech industry. WHAT TO DO


Lalbagh Botanical Garden This garden is a home to a variety of flora and many different kinds of birds, a glass house, an aquarium, and a lake. Price: Free Suggested time: 3 hours

Fairfield By Marriott Bengaluru Rajajinagar

Vidhana Soudha The biggest legislative building in India, this imposing structure is made of granite in a Neo-Dravidian style with a few Indo-Saracenic architectural elements thrown in, like its golden dome. Price: Free Suggested time: 2 hours

This premium accommodation is a blend of contemporary style and warmth to provide premium accommodation for the discerning traveller. Price: from AED299 per night for a Fairfield Guest room Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED1,389 per person for Fairfield Guest room

RECOMMENDED TOUR Conrad Bengaluru Indulge in a luxurious stay in rooms and suites with picturesque views of the Ulsoor Lake. Price: from AED639 per night for a King Deluxe room

Private Full Day City Tour of Bengaluru Visit Bengaluru’s most significant attractions, including Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace, and Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple.

Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED1,889 per person for King Deluxe room

The tour includes:  Hotel pick-up and drop-off  English speaking guide  Transport in a private vehicle  All sightseeing as per itinerary in A/C vehicle Price: AED140 per person



KEY: Number of people

Breakfast available

Multilingual staff

Abu Dhabi International Airport to Kempegowda International Airport Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes Direct Flight Economy Class


Children’s activities

77 INFORMATION Abu Dhabi International Airport to Cochin International Airport Duration: 4 hours and 5 minutes Direct Flight Economy Class


Also known as ‘Kochi’, this is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala. WHAT TO DO


Cochin Backwaters Famously called the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’, Cochin Backwaters is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Price: AED60 per person Suggested time: More than 3 hours

The Dunes Kochi Comfort meets convenience at The Dunes, a contemporary design fourstar business-class hotel perched right in the heart of the city. Price: from AED169 per night for a Deluxe room

Crowne Plaza Kochi Enjoy your stay overlooking the magnificent backwaters in the spacious rooms and suites this hotel has to offer. Price: from AED359 per night for a Deluxe room

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary Immerse yourself in a vibrant haven of wildlife and spend your day birdwatching. Price: Free Suggested time: 4 hours

Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED1,259 per person for Deluxe room

Package for three nights (including flights and accommodation) Price: AED1,539 per person for Deluxe room


RECOMMENDED TOUR Private Half-Day Kochi City Tour with Chinese Fishing Nets and Museum. Tour includes:  Hotel pick-up and drop-off  Transport by private airconditioned minivan  Lunch  Driver/guide  Entry/Admission Mattancherry Palace  Entry/Admission - Paradesi Synagogue  Entry/Admission - Church of Saint Francis  Entry/Admission - IndoPortuguese Museum Price: AED150 per person 2


Images Courtesy of Shutterstock

MULTI-DAY TOUR ITINERARIES  Tours 5 Nights/6 Days Golden Triangle  Description Destinations include: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Rates include hotels for the duration of the trip, all tours and transfers  Price per person From AED1,210 per person sharing *Children rates differ from package to package

Tel: +971 2 599 0700 Facebook: @etihad.airways

Instagram: @etihadairways Twitter: @EtihadAirways YouTube: Etihad Airways

TERMS & CONDITIONS Prices are starting prices, including applicable taxes, and fuel surcharges. Packages include return Economy Class flights with Etihad Airways departing from Abu Dhabi, priced per person sharing a twin room. Book from 30 March - 30 May 2019. Travel from 30 March – 31 July 2019. Terms and conditions apply including high season surcharges, restrictions on offers during special events travel period. Airport transfers are not included unless otherwise stated. Hotels are based on “Room Only” basis unless otherwise mentioned. Conditions apply.

Myth or Truth? | Health and Nutrition 79

SHOT FOR THOUGHT The World Health Organisation has listed ‘vaccine hesitancy’, the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite the availability of vaccination services, as one of the top 10 global threats in 2019.

F Dr Caecilia Verlinden is a Dutch specialist in family and anthroposophical medicine with over eight years of experience under her belt. She graduated from Utrecht Univeristy in the Netherlands, and went on to work in Zambia and specialise in anthriposophical medicine.

ear is a powerful emotion. When people are afraid, they react. With regard to vaccine hesitancy, this fear has been fuelled by social media - bad news travels fast, and is often taken out of context. There only has to be one child with a severe side effect; even if a million other children did not get any side effects, that one case will be the story you hear about. People tend to believe the media, even if there is no source of evidence presented: people do not question that. So my advice is to always look and find out if the actual evidence is mentioned! The evidence itself might not be easy to interpret: is an informative website that introduced an international certification mark that can help you to find out if the information you found is trustworthy. Another thing is that nowadays people do not easily trust the government or doctors. A lot of parents feel that immunisation is being imposed on them.

For example, if polio is no longer around, why would I inject my child (and induce pain and fear) with a polio vaccine? However, the fact is that none of the diseases we give vaccines for are fully eradicated yet, except for Polio Type 2 and Type 3. Polio Type 1 is still found in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. So even polio could still spread again if we stop vaccinating. A lot of the fear-mongering on the internet revolves around the claim that vaccinations cause autism and diabetes. Let’s tackle these claims one at a time. Vaccinations do not cause autism. In 1998, there was an English doctor that saw children getting the first symptoms of autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. But autism can be a hereditary disease where symptoms usually first get noticed between one and two years of age, exactly the time when the MMR vaccine is given. This misinterpretation of a link between the two is easily made. In the years after, lots of research has been done to find out if this claim could

80 Health and Nutrition | Myth or Truth?


be true, and none of the researchers found any relationship between immunisation and autism. The claim concerning diabetes comes from a study where researchers found a relationship between vaccines and the onset of diabetes in mice. For humans, a lot of very well controlled studies have been done over the past few decades, which all prove there is no increased risk of getting diabetes. There are studies that suggest a relationship between the two, but personally I have never seen any hard evidence that proves any vaccine would cause diabetes. I do not see much of an anti-vaccination trend in the UAE, but I do see confused questions from a lot of parents, primarily because immunisation schedules are different from their home countries. There are also parents overwhelmed by the fact their baby got two injections right at birth. What is more, they were

Blue Planet Studio/

not informed about that and did not have time to actually think if they wanted to give them to their child. This does not help with the trust in the health system, and thus does not help when it comes to complying with immunisation. Ultimately, it is the parents’ decision whether to postpone the immunisation schedule, or not to vaccinate at all. This decision, however, should be based on the right information and then respected.

“Vaccinations do not cause autism.�

Parents may only be choosing a sun screen cream based on SPF rating to prevent sun burn, without realizing there is more to consider.


VA rays have the ability to cause permanent damage to your skin and the star ratings found on sun cream products indicate the level of protection offered against this. Soltan prides itself on offering families the highest level of protection against UVA across a range of products. Soltan Suncare Expert, Clare O’Connor: “At Soltan we believe that there should be no compromise where sun care is concerned. Obviously parents are already thinking about sunscreen but

we’re encouraging them to make sun protection a top priority this summer, and only choose 5* UVA protection. Either you have fully protected your family with a 5* rated sun cream or you haven’t. “Many leading sun care brands only offer a 3* UVA rating, allowing up to 40% of UVA rays to penetrate skin. Soltan is the UK’s only suncare brand that offers 5* protection for the whole family, preventing up to 100% of UVA from permanently damaging skin.”


Exclusively at

82 Health and Nutrition | What's Good for Me?




JUST A MOOD Someone with a personality disorder thinks, feels, behaves, or relates to others very differently from the average person. Let’s gain some insight into this often-misunderstood condition.

Susan Koruthu is a social care professional licenced under the Community Development Authority Dubai, specializing in teens, parents, marriage, personality, and performance. Along with being the director of professional practices at Sceptre Global, she also holds a PhD, MSW, MSc, and MBA in Applied Psychology, and is the author of ‘Listen Mom & Dad, I Am Your Teen Speaking’. Contact +971 4 239 8711

What is a personality disorder? Personality disorders are long-term patterns of behaviour and inner experiences that are significantly different from the normal expected ones. It is a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning, and behaving, where those affected have trouble in perceiving and relating to situations and people. This leads to significant problems and limitations in relationships, social activities, work, and school. At what ages do most symptoms start to show? Personality disorders usually begin in the teenage years or early adulthood. If unaddressed, what do personality disorders look like in adult life? There is a range of scenarios. Anti-social behaviour, for instance, will see disregard for others, acting aggressively, and violating other rights. Oppositional Defiant Disorder will see those affected become destructive with their own lives and the lives of others, with substance abuse, depression, Bipolar Disorder, psychosis, and relationship issues. With Narcissistic Personality Disorder, there is an ‘I’m okay, you’re not okay’ attitude, fragile self-esteem, the abuse of others, and a need to constantly seek approval. Cychlothymic

sees mood swings between short periods of mild depression, hypomania (an elevated mood), and a high risk of later developing Bipolar I or II Disorder and suicidal thoughts. At what point should parents seek professional help? When the behaviour gets uncontrollable, if continuous complaints are received from school, when the child never listens, is too submissive or depressed in a regular pattern, too hyperactive, risks life by doing adventurous actions, when they show some obsessive compulsive behaviour such as frequent hand washing, or are always worried about body image. Also, fearful, destructive and vindictive behaviour, which is not controllable by parents or teachers. What help is available? Neuroplasticity is an excellent tool, helping to stop and disconnect the person from wrong behaviour and form appropriate new beliefs and behaviour through cognitive behavioural therapy. By applying regular social skills, therapy and cognitive therapy can help, for instance, to deal with avoidant personality disorder successfully. The duration of the therapy depends on the severity of the disorder.

84 Health and Nutrition | What's Cooking?

TAKE YOUR TASTEBUDS ON A TROPICAL TRIP You are what you eat, and sticking to a healthy diet does not have to be overly complicated. To prove this point, we present a few mouth-watering recipes to try with aรงai berries that are nutrient dense, enriched with vitamins, minerals, healthy omegas and powerful antioxidants, proving the old maxim that all good things come in small packages. These easy to make recipes are provided by B.You, a pioneering globally acclaimed aรงai brand that gives customers innovative, convenient, and versatile premium plant-based products, allowing them to be a better version of themselves. All of B.You products are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, halal, and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. RomarioIen/


TIP Use 1 frozen banana and 1 fresh one in this recipe to guarantee that smooth desired texture.

THE TROPICAL BOWL Ingredients  200g of B.You Organic acai puree  2 bananas  50ml of coconut juice (or any liquid of your liking) Toppings  Blueberries  Nuts, granola  Cacao nibs  Sesame Directions Add all the ingredients in the blender, and then blend for about 50 seconds or until it is creamy. Nutritional Information | 350ml Energy value 443Kcal / Carbohydrates 53g / Protein 8g / Total fats 17g / Saturated fat 7g / Fibre 13g / Sodium 22mg

86 Health and Nutrition | What's Cooking?

TIP If necessary, add a little coconut water or vegetable milk to help the blend the mixture.

INTENSE D-TOX Ingredients  200g of B.You Organic acai puree  200g of frozen blueberries  5g of B.You acai powder  30g to spinach  4 capsules (1 c. of tea) of spirulina

Toppings  Grated coconut  Cocoa nibs  Strawberry  Sesame seeds  Pumpkin seeds

Directions Add all the ingredients in the blender, and then blend for about 50 seconds or until it is creamy.

Nutritional Information | 400ml Energy value 228Kcal / Carbohydrates 40g / Protein 3g / Total fats 9g / Saturated fat 2g / Fibre 11g / Sodium 17mg


Ingredients  200g of beets  1 frozen banana  5g of B.You açai powder  A pinch of cinnamon powder  50ml of vegetable milk Toppings  Pumpkin seeds  Flaxseeds  Sesame seeds  Cocao nibs Nutritional Information | 350ml Energy value 153Kcal / Carbohydrates 36g Protein 4g / Total fats 3g / Saturated fat 2g / Fibre 6g / Sodium 76mg

B.You Contact Website: Social media @benatural.byou

Directions Add all the ingredients in the blender, and then blend for about 50 seconds or until it is creamy.

TIP The beets must be cooked and chilled to make the texture creamy.


GOOD NEWS, MUMS AND DADS! Coming all the way from Sydney, Australia, Jones the Grocer is a food emporium focused on providing au naturale and wholesome gourmet food. KIDS EAT FREE Children under 12 years old can now avail a free meal off the kids’ menu, when combined with two breakfast, or two main course orders for adults from the café or specials menu. The kids’ corner offers outdoor games and activities such as drawing and colouring with crayons only a few feet away, keeping your little ones happy before, during, and after a meal! This offer is not in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

INTERACTIVE KIDS MASTERCLASSES Inspire your little ones with the art of culinary through the alltime favourite Smoothie Bowl & Ice Cream Decoration, under the supervision of trained chefs. Better yet, you can also enrol the kids for a Biscuit Baking & Decoration course to put their creative doodling to test. WHAT TO EGGSPECT THIS EASTER* Check under your plate for an Easter sticker when you dine in; you might just be the lucky winner and have the dish on the house! Even more, the Jones the Grocer counter will be home to classic hot buns and egg-shaped macarons. *Easter activities take place from 19th to 27th April.

Jones the Grocer is open throughout the day for dine in, delivery, and take away during Ramadan Contact Social media @JonestheGrocer @jonesuae @jonesthegrocer Jones the Grocer

a foodie-fun time for parents and kids alike!

kids eat & play free*

interactive kids masterclasses

party catering

colouring activities & games

*terms & conditions apply dubai: al manara | abu dhabi: al muneera - al mamoura - raha gardens - khalidiya

88 Health and Nutrition | What's Cooking?


With Rhea Kukreja

Ever since she could hold a spoon, Rhea Kukreja has dreamt of becoming a chef and a cookbook author. Raised in a big Indian foodie family that eats, sleeps, and dreams about food, as well as having lived in multi-cultural and food-centric cities like Mumbai and Vancouver, she is now fully-equipped to become the formidable food warrior needed to conquer her current home – Dubai. Here, she shares two recipes for simple treats that your kids will love!

CHOCOLATE BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE We are all quite aware of the importance of fruit, but for some reason our kids find it hard to believe or understand. This recipe is written for our little picky eaters who drive their mummies nuts and run away at the sight of an apple or a banana. Now, did I mention this recipe has chocolate? Ooooh! There, caught your attention. This smoothie has chocolate, bananas, and also some blueberries, but I promise it is just going to taste like a chocolate blueberry ice cream. If you don’t believe me, try it.

Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 10 mins

Total time: 15 mins Servings: 2



2 bananas 1 cup blueberries 2 teaspoons of raw cocoa powder 1 tablespoon of oats 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt/ regular yogurt 150ml milk (any nutmilk or cow milk) 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 3 tablespoons of a natural sweetener (honey, agave, maple)

Combine all the ingredients and process until thick and smooth. Serve immediately.


HOMEMADE NUTELLA Who doesn’t love Nutella? In fact, what’s there not to love! Nutella is a perfect combination of nuts and chocolate turned into a buttery spread that can take your breakfast or dessert to a new heavenly level. Back in the day, when I was not very conscious about what was going in my mouth, I used to mindlessly eat spoons full of Nutella every other day. It was only until a few years back that I consciously started cutting down sugar from my diet, meaning that Nutella was out of my life for a very long time. However, I always emphasise the fact that one must find a healthy alternate rather than completely giving up on a favourite treat. With this in mind, I came up with this very simple recipe for homemade sugar free Nutella that is better for chidren. Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 10 mins

Total time: 15 mins



200 grams roasted hazelnuts 3 tablespoons raw cocoa powder 2-4 tablespoons coconut oil ½-1 cup almond milk (or any other nut milk) 4-5 tablespoons agave syrup 1 tablespoon vanilla essence A pinch of salt

Toast the hazelnuts in a skillet on low to medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes until they start turning brown and fragrant. Nuts tend to burn very easily so make sure they are supervised at all times. Put the toasted nuts in the food processor and blend at high speed. The mixture tends to stick to the sides, which means you will have to scrape it from the sides and start blending again. Add the coconut oil, agave, salt, vanilla essence, raw cocoa powder, and almond milk, and blend again at high speed until the mixture turns into a smooth paste. Press the mixture through a strainer to remove any chunks, or you can just avoid this step if you like your spread chunky (I kept mine chunky). Let the mixture cool down and store it in an airtight glass jar. The mixture tends to thicken once cool, but it is still spreadable. Enjoy!

MunchRight Contact Social media @munchright @munchright

90 Health and Nutrition | What's Cooking?

BUT FIRST, BRUNCH Struggling to find the perfect place to brunch with the little ones? Education UAE has you covered; the following are five of our favourite family brunches in the UAE.

Date & Time 1-4pm, Fridays and Saturdays Contact +971 2 818 8888 Location The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal Social media @ritzcarltonabudhabi @ritzcarltonabudhabi


Packages from

AED 320

FRIDAY BRUNCH AT GIORNOTTE This award-winning brunch shines with its masterfully presented live cooking stations serving everything from freshly shucked oysters to wagyu beef. Children will delight in the sweet wonders of candy floss, popcorn, waffles and chocolate fountains while parents explore the cheese station and beverage stations. A Jazz duo perfectly completes the experience. Offer: Kids between 6-11 years old dine for AED90* *Terms & conditions apply

The Casually Luxurious Experience Set amidst beautifully manicured gardens, gurgling fountains, and Venetian-inspired buildings, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal offers a luxury beach resort experience minutes away from the city centre. Located in front of the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi offers breath-taking setting and features perfect for a family staycation. Recreational Facilities A 2,000 square meter stand-alone spa caters to men and women and offers 16 private treatment rooms as well as a private beach and outdoor plunge pools. An expansive, fully-equipped fitness centre offers stateof-the-art equipment, a studio for group or private fitness classes, and personal trainers on request. A major scene-stealer is the massive 1,600 square meter outdoor swimming pool that accentuates the stunning landscape of the hotel.

Packages from

SATURDAY BRUNCH AT LI JIANG From the bustling open kitchen of this contemporary Southeast Asian restaurant come expert chefs serving a tempting variety of pan-Asian delicacies. Enjoy family time indulging delicious dim sum and authentic rice and noodle dishes, with live entertainment serving as the perfect backdrop. Offer: Kids below the age of six dine free

AED 215

Ritz Kids Children are encouraged to explore the world around them through an array of daily activities; such as recycling arts and crafts, and adventure-filled treasure hunts. Want to offer your child a day’s experience in Italy? You can now host birthday parties at Dolce, an Italian-style cafÊ offering homemade ice cream, themed cupcakes, complementary birthday cake, and exquisite light fare. At the same time, adult guests can indulge in a decadent afternoon tea or high coffee.


EXCLUSIVE RATES FOR UNITED ARAB EMIRATES TEACHERS & SCHOOL PARENTS Situated alongside Media City and Internet City with a much coveted address, Fraser Suites Dubai rises above Sheikh Zayed Road occupying the top 23 levels of Sidra Tower, overlooking the Arabian Sea and Mall of Emirates. 85 Hotel Rooms - 180 Serviced Apartments - Gym - Wellness - Multiple Restaurants Tennis Court - Squash Court. With award-winning service and extensive gold-standard facilities; conference rooms that can cater up to 200 delegates; relaxed dining venues - Fraser Suites Dubai has it all.

Contact the hotel for exclusive rates (short and long stay) Reservations: +971 (0)4 777 2 777, Email:, or Whatsapp us on +971 55 4985359 - Newly Opened Fraser Suites in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Muscat, Oman.


LONDON SOCIAL BRUNCH Embark on a journey through London’s major tube stations indulge in a range of culinary delicacies at the award-winning London Social Brunch. With live music playing all the British classics, enjoy traditional roasts along with Italian, Caribbean, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese dishes spread across 12 live cooking stations, all tweaked and enhanced to reflect London’s unique style. Offer: Kids below the age of five years dine free, while ages 6 to 12 dine at 50% off.

Date & Time 1-4pm, every Friday

Packages from

AED 395

Contact www.

+971 4 318 6150 Location The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai (JBR)

Social media @ritzcarltondubai @ritzcarltondubai @ritzcarlton

Date & Time 12:30-4pm, every Friday


Packages from

AED 195

Inspired by Mexico’s famed wrestling sport Lucha Libre, the Mucha Lucha Brunch is a four-round Latin fiesta of haute Mexican food. Experiment with colourful cocktail creations, treat your taste buds to authentic tacos, guac, and ceviches, and wash it all down with fresh fruit margaritas and Mexican hops.

Packages from


Contact +971 4 567 1159 Location Seasons Restaurant, Pullman Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers, Duba

Social media @pullmanjlt @pullmanjlt

This ultimate brunch for families offers an enticing variety, with something to suit everyone, including the finest assortment of barbecue grills, seafood, and chicken dishes, along with kids’ entertainment and animation. Offer: Kids below the age of 12 dine free

Location Aloft Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Social media @LuchadorDubai @luchadordubai

Offer: 20% discount when booking using the promo code: LuchadorTPG

Date & Time 1-4pm, every Friday

Contact luchador.palmjumeirah@ +971 4 247 5550

AED 119

94 Look Good, Feel Good | Beauty


THE ‘WOW’ IS IN THE RESULTS Gentlemen beware of stealing your other half’s skincare products. They are not formulated for men’s skin. However, skincare should be part of every man’s grooming routine, and in tandem with Nº7, we’ve done all of the hard work for you and selected a range of products that will help you to both protect and improve the condition of your skin.

AED 50


AED 165


AED 160


*All products available exclusively at Boots Pharmacy

Syda Productions/



Your skin deserves to be pampered, so why not try this homemade face mask? It can be made in the comfort of your own home with ingredients from your kitchen and is suitable for all ages and skin types. This mask will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


1 tbsp oatmeal, finely ground 1 tbsp live, organic yoghurt (skip the flavoured yoghurt) A few drops of honey

METHOD:     

ix yoghurt and oatmeal in a small bowl M Add a few drops of honey into the mixture Apply the mask all over the face and relax for 10-15minutes Rinse off with lukewarm water Apply moisturiser

BENEFITS OF YOGURT Gently exfoliates Anti-oxidant

BENEFITS OF OATS Natural remedy for acne Soothes sunburned areas

BENEFITS OF HONEY Locks moisture Heals scars


96 Look Good, Feel Good | Beauty

DECLARE WAR ON PLASTIC POLLUTION WITH JOSEPH & ALEXANDER Environmentally conscious fashion label, Joseph & Alexander, hosted its first regional brand launch event, presenting its Spring Summer 19 collection at Rixos The Palm Dubai. The latest collection, designed to ‘awaken the imagination and provoke curiosity’ through its compelling artistic narrative, seeks to shed light on critical world issues, such as the global movement to clean up the plastic oceans.


98 Look Good, Feel Good | Beauty

Specialising in affordable childrenswear, Joseph & Alexander's founding vision is to spark an ‘educational conversation’ through its visual designs and production methods; a brand that operates ‘consciously’ using recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink, and reusable packaging. Each pair of Joseph & Alexander shorts is manufactured by collecting a dozen plastic bottles, which are then chopped into flakes, melted into pellets, extruded into yarn, spun into fabric, and finally transformed into a stylish pair of Joseph & Alexander shorts. The brand's founder, Alana Sorokin, said she felt compelled to launch a brand that made a true difference after learning of the devastating environmental impact of ocean plastics. She subsequently chose to work exclusively with recycled fabric created from plastics found floating in the world's oceans, as the textile foundation of her playful collections. The brand further donates 10% of its annual profits to the Plastic Oceans UK foundation. “The future of the planet relies on the hands of businesses," says Alana. "The consumer can be educated, but the are flooded with mass-market choice and affordability, and it is up to the industry to take leadership in developing A sustainable blue economy. "We can mould plastics, but it is moulding the mindset that truly counts.''


Contact +65 9 476 4996 Social media @JosephandAlexander @josephandalexanderstyle

Swim classes for all

All levels

Parent and toddler Beginners Stroke correction Pre squad Mini to Elite Squad Adult Program


Summer Camp this August in Crol Centre, Spain

Swim camps

For all levels during each school holiday

• Hamdan Sports Complex, Emirates Road • Sunmarke School , Jumeirah Village Triangle • Regent International School, The Greens • Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills • Dubai Ladies Club, Jumeirah

Join us today, contact us on 050 1754747 or email us on Visit our website for all details:




FHD Screen




112 per month*




Flat AED 150 Off for Students DUBAI: Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road • Dubai Mall • Ibn Battuta Mall (China & Egypt Court) • Mall of the Emirates • City Centre Deira • City Centre Mirdif Burjuman Centre • Mankhool, Al Rafa • Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Mall • Mushrif Mall • Dalma Mall • Al Wahda Mall • Marina Mall • Abu Dhabi Airport, Duty Free (Terminals 1 & 3) AL AIN: Al Ain Mall SHARJAH: City Centre Sharjah • Mega Mall • Safeer Mall RAS AL KHAIMAH: Al Na eem Mall

CALL TOLL FREE: 800 344357





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*Keyboard sold seperately.


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