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TPF Sports - Who We Are Utilising global supply and fulfulment centres, TPF Sports integrated fulfilment solution is delivering operational efficiencies, innovation and excellence around the management, servicing & execution of national participation & membership programs.


100 14 100 Years

of collective staff expertise

Capacity to process over


+ 20,000

parcels daily



Over million direct parcels since 2009


Over million

Variable & Dynamic


products produced

staff internationally


lines of data

programs in 2017

print capabilities

Unequaled scale and services

Proven Capability Who We’re Doing It For

TPF Sports Future With rising domestic charges what is TPF Sports doing to future proof your business & bottom line into the future? Current/Future Domestic Realities:

Rising Mail Costs

Rising Labour Charges

Future Proof Vision:

Increased Warehouse Capacity

Decreased mail costs

Pay as use product supply

TPF Sports is committed to investing in the Canterbury Bulldogs to ensure the long term viability of your membership program Inability to meet growing volumes

No local production or supply

Unequalled labour force and capacity

On demand print technology

TPF Sports Connects Fans With Brands

Growing your membership base Nourishing and rewarding members Retaining members Commercialising your offer Adding extra revenue streams Product / offer flexibility Reducing stock risk Pre-Xmas guarantee deadlines

TPF Sports focus is to provide fans with a fully immersive membership experience.

TPF Sports is filled with passion and desire to innovate, continually growing to be at the top of our game as market leaders.

Personalisation of product is a great tool to engage members from the start of their membership journey, when they receive their renewal, to when they receive their pack in the mail.

Personalisation of Product

Data and personalisation enhances the emotional connection between the member and the club.

Personalisation of product should aim to deliver the right product or service at the right time.

Research shows that providing personalisation on a mass scale is not necessarily beneficial, a strategic approach and targeting specific segments and groups with this tool is where its value lies.

Personalisation of Product Toddler

Personalisation of Product Junior & Teen

Personalisation of Product Baby

Personalisation of Product Pet

On-Demand Product

Specific products will be available in the TPF Sports warehouse to be drawn upon as data is provided. i.e decorated and packed 'on-demand'.

Reduced overall spend and product wastage Opportunity to distribute funds into higher perceived value items as stock is paid for on use Eliminates the need for stock quantity forecasting Opportunity to introduce and trial new categories without stock risk Flexibility of ordering for small membership categories - i.e. no minimum order quantities

On-Demand Product Model

Personalised Design (Name)

Generic Design (Player Image)



Enhanced emotional connection Flexibility to run targeted member campaigns High perceived value of item

Considerations: Delayed dispatch time

Allows member choice of favourite player on item Greater member interaction and choice Speed up dispatch time Reduced Stock Risk Promotion Flexibility

Considerations: Will not affect dispatch timings

On-Demand Product Savings Packs and Items

Based on an estimate of having 10% of stock remaining at years end for the below categories


10% estimate of stock remaining EOY



$ 10.43


$ 3,129.00


$ 16.67




$ 14.16




$ 12.16




$ 16.16



20,000 20,000

0.39 0.24

2,000 2,000

$780.00 $480.00

Cap Lanyard Scarf Bag Tag Plastic Packaging Pet Frisbee Ball Tag Certificate Toddler

If at years end Bulldogs Football Club have 10% of stock remaining for the below categories you would stand to save $ 18,193.55 on your total program spend.


Lanyard Colouring Book Pencil Case Bag Tag Plastic Packaging Teen

Bulldogs Football Club would only be charged for the products that are dispatched direct to members

Total Ordered

Bucket Hat Height Chart Certificate Toddler Window shade Socks Certificate Card Letter Total

$ 18,193.55

Packaging Concepts Packaging is the first impression you make with a consumer, so make sure you build a strong branding by choosing a clear and unique design.

It’s vital that every interaction with your member makes them feel valued and leaves a lasting impression.

Members often share an amazing packaging experience on social media.

75% 40% Research show

of shoppers will recommend products they like to their friends and followers on social media

And nearly

of consumers will regularly share packaging.

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality (AR) gives clubs the opportunity to create innovative campaigns that integrate the digital world into the real world.

AR is one of the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries.

AR can be used to enhance fans interaction with your club.

AR is popular with a wide range of consumers – basically, anyone with access to a smart-phone.

AR is recognised as a creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement.

AR technology can be integrated into product to bring them to life.

Augmented Reality: Packaging Augmented reality can be used to enhance the pack delivery experience for members.

? What

Integrating the digital world in to the real world via the pack delivery experience

? How

Scan member pack on arrival with a smart phone to view a welcome video message

? Why

A new dynamic to the membership pack delivery experience with the ability to share on social media

Augmented Reality: Email NotiďŹ cation

Hi Dani, Thank you for your support of the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Football Club and for signing up as a 2019 Member. Your pack is now on its way! Before it arrives, make sure you have downloaded the LAYAR App onto your phone so you can scan your pack to unlock a member exclusive message from the players. #proudtobeabulldog Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Football Club Member Services

Augmented Reality:

Match Day & Community Engagement Augmented reality can be used to enhance fan interaction with your Club.

? What

Integrating the digital world into the members Gameday experience

? How

Scan post card with a smart phone to be taken to an AR experience on Matchday

? Why

A new dynamic to the Gameday experience with the ability for the member to share on social media

Retention & Acquisition: Community Drive

Junior development programs at community engagement levels are an effective tool for clubs to connect with children in order to build future fans and members.

An AFL club who distributed

30,000 15% fan development packs

saw a take up of

junior fans

who renewed the following year as a paid junior member

= 4,500

? What

? How

new paid junior members.

Effective low cost product that is easy for players and supervisors to hand out in large volumes at clinics or school visits, accompanied by a clear, concise and easy call to action

Offer promoted is a FREE membership; Fans are directed to an online website to sign up as a FREE junior member, with access to 3 home games (as allocated by the club) Offer extended to bring a friend for FREE to each game and discounted offers for adult tickets to accompany the junior fans can also be included

? Why

Enhances data collection Expands the fan base Captures a targeted and engaged audience to communicate & promote out to potential members Opportunity to up-sell / upgrade from the FREE membership take up

Retention & Acquisition: Sales Promotion - Golden Ticket

Incorporating a sales promotion into a membership program can be used as a tool to entice a non-member to purchase a membership, or drive retention by engaging with existing members.

Promotions are an effective way to market your product. A well-planned, seasonally relevant focus on themes or solutions wrapped around your products will ensure your customers take note of and value, and that prospects will be enticed to try for the first time.

? ? What How A basic no frills, no technology, no barriers sales promotion mechanic - Open the pack to see if there’s a ticket inside

? Why

A Golden ticket is added into a membership pack at random and is linked to a big ticket / member exclusive prize The ticket offers can be split across several tiers – Gold, Silver, Bronze with different prizes or promotions linked to each The offer can be valid to push early membership sales and behaviour such as auto renew sign up

Exclusive offer only available via a membership purchase Drives loyalty and boosts engagement Incentivises both existing and new members

Retention & Acquisition:

Sales Promotion - Early Bird Gift Incentive A sales promotion designed for fast, short term results – Incentivising early sign-up for both new and renewing members.

? What


increase on Memberships sold in the same period compared with the previous year.

Provide loyal and new members with an exclusive window to secure their seat and take advantage of a limited edition item/gift as reward

? How

• CO M M




IN •

resulting in a



Make your incentive a compelling item that your member will value. An NRL club offered an early-bird commemorative gift celebrating their premiership wins,

9 87 - 201

RENEW OR JOIN BY 5PM FRIDAY OCTOBER 30TH To receive a limited edition commemorative coin with your membership pack

An exclusive, low cost, member gift is included in packs sold to a prior to the specified renewal/sign up period The item is set at a specific quantity, and only available to members who sign up in the timeframe outlined or ‘while stocks last’

? Why

Rewards and recognises loyal members Incentivises new members Rewarding member behaviour that is preferred

Match Day Attendance Drive: Loyalty Program






Rewarding members for game attendance will directly correlate to increased match attendance numbers throughout the season


? Why

• MY

? ? What How

• MY

Driving match day attendance by rewarding members

Tracking match day attendance by member and rewarding set milestone attendance rates



Match Day Attendance Incentive: Winning Key

Drive match day attendance by incentivising members with a chance to win a prize.

? ? What How ? Why


Winning key cards distributed within membership packs to incentivise and reward match attendance.

Incorporating an exclusive prize in an interactive manner to a growing membership base will assist in membership engagement, along with driving match day attendance.

WINNING KEY? Bring your key along to our Home Game on Thursday April 26th to see if it unlocks the treasure chest!

Match Day & Membership Drive: Collectable Bobbleheads

High value, exclusive member merchandise is a great tool used to engage fans and create a need to purchase.

Incorporating a high value & desirable (exclusive) product collection into a smaller membership base category which is manageable

? ? What How

Incorporating a high value and exclusive match day collect item into a new and growing membership offer will assist in driving match day attendance as well as fan engagement with players, which will result in driving membership numbers

? Why

Members receive their basic pack entitlements in the mail along with their membership card and a ‘Bobble Head’ collection voucher which they can only redeem by attending an AFLW home and away home game

Program Delivery 7 - 10


TPF Sports Dispatch Timings: Home Delivered

December 24th, 2016 Files < 1,000 records Files < 1,001 - 5,000 records Files < 5,001 - 10,000 records Files > 10,000 records Post-December 24th, 2016 Files < 1,000 records Files < 1,001 - 5,000 records Files < 5,001 - 10,000 records Files > 10,000 records

- all packs dispatched within 3 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 3 - 4 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 5 - 6 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 7 - 9 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 2 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 3 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 5 working days of file approval - all packs dispatched within 7 working days of file approval

Files Dispatched

Data processed

Approval of data

Receipt of data

Implementation Timings 20 weeks 19 weeks 18 weeks 17 weeks 16 weeks 15 weeks 14 weeks 13 weeks 12 weeks 11 weeks 10 weeks 9 weeks 8 weeks 7 weeks 6 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 1 week GO LIVE

Order confirmation signed/Artwork briefed Artwork Artwork Artwork approval from Club and NRL

14 21 25 05 12 Product Sampling commences 19 Product Sampling 26 Product Sampling 02 Product Sampling 09 Product Sampling 16 All product samples received & approved by Club 23 System build and data management 30 System build and data management 06 System build and data management 30 System build and data management 13 System build and data management 20 System build and data management 27 Finalising build and Ticketing approvals 11 3rd Party Stock to be received Product completed & barcoded, stock checked into warehouse 18 25 Final system checks & testing 01 First data file received

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Bulldogs 2019 presentaion 18april