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TPA Product Profile

PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY & LIGHT DUTY ROADWAY TPA’s LD Mats can be deployed in areas of high theft risk and are lighter than others to transport. Further TPA LD Mat details can be found at;

TPA’s LD Mat is strong and yet still lightweight, these interlocking mats are perfect for Pedestrian Walkway & Light Duty Roadway. TPA’s LD Mat is a a low cost, easy to deploy plastic ground protection panel for a wide range of uses within the construction, groundwork’s and events industries.

LD Mat

At just 32kg, the LD Mat is easy to handle and simple to install by a two man team. When used for temporary access or ground protection there is a range of connection options to create access routes or walkways, working pads, storage depot areas or event flooring. The LD Mat has many uses on jobsites, not just for temporary access due to its weatherproof properties whilst being safe and easy to deploy. Ideally suited for the following applications: • LD Mat is a product that TPA can easily integrate into temporary access and ground protection installations • Protects grounds and underground services from damage • Provides secure access for light weight Plant, Machinery & Vehicles es over almost any ground • Limits impact upon the environment • Easy to stack, transport and offload • Supports load capacities of upto 40 tonnes

Plastic Pedestrian Walkway & Light Duty Roadway


LD Mat Specifications

Highlights Innovative Solution

Dimensions & Weights •

Product Dimensions (WxLxH): 2410mm x 1200mm x 11mm

Thickness: 14mm with tread

• Unique single surface tread patterFast and easy to install • Traction surface for safe vehicle and pedestrian use

Product Weight: 32kg

• Made from 100% recycled Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Material •

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

LDPE grade with excellent dimensional stability, high stiffness and high impact strength

• Connection options for different ground conditions and equipment • Resistant to degradation caused by weather conditions

100% recyclable

• Safer, cost effective and lightweight

Multi-Purpose •

Temporary Pedestrian Walkway

Temporary Lightweight Roadway

Ideally suited for; Events & Festivals Outdoor Exhibitions Compounds Car Parks + Many more

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TPA LD Plastic Mat Specification  

TPA LD Plastic Mat Specification

TPA LD Plastic Mat Specification  

TPA LD Plastic Mat Specification