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TPA Product Profile

Kerb Ramps TPA’s Kerb Ramps are safe and durable for both outdoor and indoor industrial use.

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TPA’s Kerb Ramps, An effective and convenient way to allow vehicles, barrows, wheelchairs or other wheeled traffic to mount kerbs more easily.

Kerb Ramps

Avoid dangerous and expensive accidents and mishaps in car parks, factories, warehouses, industrial plants, shops, garages, loading bays, and other high traffic areas with TPA’s heavy duty kerb ramps. The ramps are an effective, convenient, and costeffective way to allow wheelchairs, barrows, trolleys, vehicles, and a variety of wheeled traffic to mount kerbs more easily and safely. Comprised of tough rubber moulding with yellow reflective panels, TPA kerb ramps are ideal for just about any application or location in which there is wheeled traffic from time to time. The all-rubber construction and 40 tonne load capacity makes these ramps suitable for all weights and types of vehicles, and they can be easily positioned on most kerbs. Eliminate awkward pavement access without having to invest in expensive concrete or modifications to the structure. Safe and durable for both outdoor and indoor industrial use. Benefits & Features: • TPA Kerb Ramps can be used individually or together to provide ovide a wider ramp for easier access • Suits all weights of vehicle • Rise height of 100mm to 150mm– suits most kerbs • Rubber heavy duty construction • Supports up to 40 tonnes • Channels located at base to allow for rainwater and cables

Available for Hire NATIONWIDE

Hire Desk: 0870 240 2381

Kerb Ramps

Kerb Ramps Specifications Innovative Solution

Dimensions & Weights •

Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 600mm x 300mm x 100mm


Heavy duty kerb ramp

All rubber construction

Black rubber ramp with yellow

Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 600mm x 360mm x 150mm

Reflective panels


Capable of supporting loads of up to 40 tonnes

Quick deployment

Widely used to allow vehicles, trolleys and wheelchairs to mount kerbs with ease

Suitable for industrial and commercial applications

Both models feature two channels located at the base of the ramp to allow rainwater or cables to run through

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Product Design Protected by Patent(s) Document Issue date: 29/11/16 Document Version: 1.1

TPA Kerb Ramps Product Spec Sheet  

TPA Kerb Ramps Product Spec Sheet

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