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TPA Product Profile

Unlike any other GS6 system on the market TPA’s temporary access GS6 Height Restrictor Solution securely attaches to TPA’s aluminium panels, requiring no ground penetration and removes any opportunity for unauthorised movement.

GS6 Height Restrictor

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TPA’s specifically designed GS6 Height Restrictor system for hire, providing critical safety for personnel working on or near to Overhead Lines. TPA is firmly established as “the” principle provider of safe, effective, value for money temporary roadways, walkways & access systems. TPA’s GS6 Height Restriction Barriers for Overhead Distribution such as Power Lines have been designed to provide an industry bespoke solution which is lightweight, secure and easily transportable. The Benefits • Unique TPA panel fixing method provides total structural integrity and prevents unauthorised moving. • System does not penetrate the ground. • Panel connecting bolt passes through the specifically designed panel attachment foot, providing total stability. • Clearly Demarcating Safe Areas of Work. • HSE GS6 Compliant. • Safe non-electrically conductive material of construction. • High Visibility GS6 Compliant Red and White Alternating Sections. • All Clamps are hand controlled and adjustable providing full kit assembly without the use of tools.

GS6 - Safe System of Access / Egress

Height Restriction Barriers

GS6 Barrier Kit Specifications


Kit comprises of x4 Telescopic Poles fitted with top crossbars hooks, x4 (A) panel attachment feet or (B) base plates and plastic bunting. Dimensions • Collapsed Pole Length: 171.4cm • Extended Pole Length: 600cm • Base Section OD: 42mm • No of Sections (per Pole): 6 • (B) Solid Base Plate Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm • Securing Tube Height: 50cm


Weights • Total Weight (Both Poles and Bases): 37kg • (B) Solid Steel Base Weight: 13.5KG (each)


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Innovative Solution •

The kit also contains TPA’s specially designed panel attachment feet (A), which removes the requirement to penetrate the ground or sit upon the grounds surface.

Strengths The Poles operate by means of a quick release, hand controlled clamping system and all components of the Pole can be maintained and replaced easily should the need arise. The system itself is comprised of four fibreglass telescopic poles which reach any size up to 6 metres when extended. These poles are non-conductive and should be placed either side of the road of the designated area.

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TPA GS6 Height Restrictor - Product Spec Sheet  

TPA GS6 Height Restrictor - Product Spec Sheet

TPA GS6 Height Restrictor - Product Spec Sheet  

TPA GS6 Height Restrictor - Product Spec Sheet