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TPA Product Profile

TPA’s temporary access EPZ Demarcation Solution provides clearly Demarcated Safe Areas of Work for onsite personnel within Electricity Transmission Projects.

EPZ Demarcation

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TPA’s specifically designed demarcation system for use within the Electricity Transmission Sector. Providing critical safety from the system for personnel working on EPZ’s or near to OHL’s, towers & substations. TPA is firmly established in the Electricity Transmission & Distribution sector as “the” principle provider of safe, effective, value for money temporary roadways, walkways & access systems. TPA’s Demarcation Solution eliminates many of the Dangers to personnel arising out of inadequate demarcation when working on Electricity Transmission sites. The Benefits • Clearly Demarcating Safe Areas of Work • Controlling Safety Distance • Provides full support for; Permit for Work / Sanction for Work • Demarcation of Risk Management Areas and General Hazard Zones • Yellow cones / Yellow and black plastic chain or barriers • Clearly identified entrance and exit route • No risk of ‘blowing over’

EPZ - Safe System of Access / Egress

Demarcation Solution

Demarcation Specifications Highlights Standard Kit comprises of; • •

x42 Panels x14 Posts

• •

Outside edge sizing : 308 sqm (x42 panels).

Innovative Solution 5 or 6m access can be applied. Simple connection on 90 degree corners.

Fully size and configuration customizable based on project/site requirements.

• •

• •

Strengths Safe working area 500mm within the EPZ perimeter. Access and egress identified in a different colour of chain to your preferred choice. Quick releasable posts for easy & quick access Simple and easy connection to the post without any tools required.

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TPA Demarcation Solution - Product Spec Sheet  

TPA Demarcation Solution - Product Spec Sheet

TPA Demarcation Solution - Product Spec Sheet  

TPA Demarcation Solution - Product Spec Sheet