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TPA Product Profile

TPA Bog Mats enable clients to meet and maintain environmental protection targets, avoiding ground churn, disintegration and contamination, but also safeguard against expensive turf and paving. Further TPA Bog Mat details can be found at;

Timber Bog Mats

TPA’s durable, timber bog mats offer ideal temporary access solutions, providing a platform on which cranes and plant can travel when traversing the site. TPA is firmly established in the rail sector as “the” principle provider of safe, effective, value for money temporary roadways, walkways, RRAP’s & access systems. TPA Bog mats are laid very quickly and easily, utilising existing lifting machinery on site to lift and place the mats into position, without the necessity to join the m  ats together. The mats create an ideal platform under heavy cranes when they are in operation, protecting the ground from the impact of these larger machines. When the mats are laid to construct a platform or access pad, plant and vehicles carrying heavy loads can travel on them effortlessly. The Benefits • Bogs Mats are a product that TPA can easily integrate into temporary access and ground protection installations • Protects grounds and underground services from damage • Provides secure access for Plant, Machinery & Vehicles over soft ground • Limits impact upon the environment • Hardwood Timber is environmentally friendly, and from sustainable sources • Easy to stack, transport and offload • Existing machinery on site can be utilised to manoeuvre the mats therefore reducing on site costs • Quick and easy to install, they have lifting eyes provided as standard; simply lift and place the mats into position, no need to fix mats together • Heavy weight, meaning that they simply stay in place once laid • Heavy duty load capacities up to 250 tonnes

Ground Access

Bog Mat Specifications For embankment applications a maximum slope length of 10m (36 treads) should be observed. For longer lengths a suitable “landing” must be intro Dimensions • Product Dimensions (WxHxD): 2000mm x3000mm x80mm Weight • 320kg per panel

TPA Timber Bog Mats

Highlights Innovative Solution

All TPA temporary access solutions and products are designed to deliver maximum ground protection, safety and security on-site, combined with the speed and efficiency of our proven materials and assembly methods.

Material • Hard Wood • Eco non-chemical preservative

Temperature Range • -5OC to 50OC • 22OF to 120OF Colour • Natural hard wood colour, subject to age and useage variances

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TPA’s timber bog mats offer an effective means of ground protection - ensuring safe access for personnel, machinery and materials with the minimum of intrusive damage. TPA’s bog mats are available for nationwide hire.

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TPA Timber Bog Mats Product Spec Sheet  

TPA Timber Bog Mats Product Spec Sheet

TPA Timber Bog Mats Product Spec Sheet  

TPA Timber Bog Mats Product Spec Sheet