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Heavy Duty Panel

HD Panel

Ready to get you access to anywhere...

TPA’s commitment to the research and development of its products has resulted in the best portable roadway systems on the market today. Our unique captive nut design links the panels together in a secure fashion, which is a vital consideration if the installation is taking place at a remote or vulnerable site. The reduction of slips, trips and falls is imperative for some clients, particularly at events and festivals. Designed To Look After Your Contract. • 3m Wide load bearing temporary access roadway & walkway for all ground conditions • Structurally designed box sections for maximum strength & durability • Rapid deployment - quick and easy to install Unrivalled Application & Capability • Large Stockholding of traditional aluminium panel systems • Suitable for a vast spectrum of ground conditions and access requirements • Strength by design ensures suitability for a diverse weight range

Portable Roadway


HD Panel


Dimensions • Product Dimensions (Width x Length): 3000mm x 2450mm (+/- 2mm)


The box section has two sides, 1) low profile side (pedestrian friendly) and 2) high profile side (giving high mechanical grip).

Square Meter • 7.35mtr sq Box Section Properties • Width of section = 260mm • Depth of section = 52mm Weight • 270kg per panel Material • 6063 T6 Grade Aluminium • Limiting stress for bending and overall yielding =160 n/mm2 • Limiting stress for local capacity of the section in tension or compression = 175 n/mm2 • Limiting stress in shear = 95 n/mm2 Load Bearing Capacity • 250 tonne point load • 1000 tonne gross train weight over ground 2% CBR Temperature Range • -5OC to 50OC • 22OF to 120OF

Protective The HD Panel is primarily used to provide a 3.0 metre wide load bearing temporary access road for all ground conditions. Its load distribution properties allow the heaviest vehicle to travel on the softest ground safely.

Construction The width and configuration of the HD panel temporary road is variable depending on site conditions / allowable bearing pressure and the total load to be carried.

Quick A system of 50 liner meters can be fitted by 2 people in 1 to 2 hours.

Fire Requirements • See separate Fire Test Report Colour • Bare Aluminium Installation Time • 50 linear metres can be installed in 1-2 hours per crew

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TPA Traditional HD Panel  

Ready to get you access to anywhere TPA’s commitment to the research and development of its products has resulted in the best portable roadw...

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