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Project Guidelines

Rationale: It has been said that spirit within an educational institution makes the backbone of its structure. It is what makes the place come alive and become more than just buildings filled with rooms and desks. Pride is defined as having a feeling of honor, dignity, and sense of value. Likewise, it is satisfaction taken in achievement, possession, or association. Driving Question: What would make you more proud of your school? Or, How can we make our school better? Project Overview: Your group will form an investigation into ways that will instill pride in our school. You will be working to complete a project proposal portfolio and to prepare an oral presentation. Each team will present their projects in front of a panel of judges May 3rd and 4th. The winning team will be awarded $1000.00 to be used in the completion of their winning project. Group Tasks: • • • •

Decide on a project (project must have approval by both your mentor teacher and the principal.) Each team must create an oral presentation (no less than 5 minutes/no more than 15 minutes) in which to present your project proposal (Guidelines will be provided). Each member must participate in the oral presentation of their project proposal. Each group must complete a project proposal portfolio (Guidelines will be provided).

Assessment: •

Rubrics will be provided for your portfolio and oral presentation.

Due Dates: •

See Project Lion Pride Calendar


Group Name: ____________________________________________________________ Group Representative Name: ________________________________________________ Overall Project: __________________________________________________________ Purpose and Goal: ________________________________________________________ Principal: Check One _____ I have discussed this project with group representative and find it is ACCEPTABLE _____ I have discussed this project with group representative and find it is UNACCEPTABLE Principal Signature: _______________________________________________________ Mentor Teacher: Check One _____ I have discussed this project with group representative and find it is ACCEPTABLE _____ I have discussed this project with group representative and find it is UNACCEPTABLE Mentor Signature: ________________________________________________________

Project Lion Pride-Portfolio Requirements

Project Proposal and Approval Form: Your team will need a letter of permission/ approval from your mentor and principal. These documents will be attached. You will need to designate a representative from your team to get the needed signatures for your project before you can continue with your project. This should not be put off. Title/Cover Page: Title of Project School Name Name of Mentor (Teacher) Team Name Team Members Table of Contents: Components of the proposal should be presented with accompanying page numbers. Body Outline: I. Project Overview/Abstract: An abstract is a brief summary of the most important points of your team’s project proposal. It is a highly condensed version of the proposal itself. After reading the abstract, the reader knows the main points that the authors have to make. Although the abstract appears first, it is generally the last part written. Only after the proposal has been completed can the authors decide what should be in the abstract and what parts are supporting detail. The abstract will introduce your team’s project and explain how it will benefit the team and the school community. II. Purpose Statement: One or two paragraphs stating the needs your team’s project will attempt to fill or the problem it will solve. You will also include why their project is important. III. Project Goal: One ultimate goal of the project and what your team hopes to accomplish. ***Parts II and III can be combined on the same sheet—be sure to label.

IV. Learning Steps: What your team will have to learn in order to complete your project? This should be a page and a half to a page long. V. Limitations/Obstacles: Any identifiable obstacles, limitations, or risks that might prevent the successful attainment of the project goals must be considered and analyzed. This should be a page and a half to a page long. VI. Project Steps and Time Line: What steps are needed to complete your project? And, A tentative time line for all activities to be carried out during the project. VII. Resources Needed: A description of the resources (supplies) needed to perform the project. VIII. Estimated Cost: Be sure to include any advertising, media cost, or promotional fees. This will need to be itemized. IX. Parental and Student Agreements: These documents will be attached.

Project Lion Pride Progress Check Reports

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin

Throughout the Project Lion Pride project your group must keep up-to-date progress reports of the effort, results, and time you have spent working on your project. These reports describe the work completed and the tasks planned. • • • •

Describes specifically and precisely what tasks have been completed during work sessions. Notes work your group plans to do prior to or at the next work session. Review of any problems that you have experienced and how you intend to handle them. Reflects on what you have learned during the time spent on your project.

In basic terms, these progress reports indicate how much of your project you have completed. Tracking your progress is an important part of documentation. Each report builds on the previous and allows your group to document all that it has accomplished. Progress reports also provide you with the opportunity to document the skills and learning elements of your project as you progress through the numerous stages. •

Your group will complete a total of 4 progress checks throughout this project, one every other work session.

Project Lion Pride Progress Check

Date:_______________________ Progress Report # ____________ Group Name: ______________________________________________ Our group had the following goals:

We accomplished the following:

Our next steps are:

Our most important concerns/problems/questions are:

We learned:

Project Lion Pride: Guidelines for Oral Presentations

1. Write a letter of introduction for the judges (one copy of this letter must be included in the portfolio). The judges will read this letter before listening to your presentation. 2. Practice your presentation several times until you feel comfortable with its format and content. Also, be sure to time your presentation to be sure that you do not exceed the allotted time limit. 3. Anticipate questions that the judges might ask you and plan the answers you would give. The judges may not ask these exact questions, but this will give you an opportunity to practice answering questions. 4. Wait for a signal from the judges before you begin your presentation. 5. Introduce yourself to the judges. 6. Remember you are making a formal presentation. Dress appropriately. If you are unsure of what to wear consult your mentor teacher. Your team will have points deducted if you are not dressed appropriately. 7. Do not chew gum. 8. Be aware of your body language. Avoid nervous gestures that may negatively affect your presentation. 9. Maintain eye contact with the judges. 10. DO NOT READ YOUR PRESENTATION! Sample Questions for Preparation • • • • •

Why did you choose this project? What interest you about this project? What insight or experience did you gain from working with your mentor? What did you learn about yourself through completing your project? How has what you have learned in school prepared you for completing this project? If you could change something about your project, what would it be?

Project Lion Pride: Presentation Practice Checklist

Team Name: _____ 1. Presentation meets guidelines for length. _____2. Presentation includes the use of at least one visual aid. _____ 3. Speakers maintain eye contact, use appropriate language and speak clearly with good volume. _____4. Speakers respond accurately and effectively to questions. Comments, suggestions, or concerns:

Team has rehearsed presentation, and I find it ACCEPTABLE/UNACCEPTABLE

Mentor Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________

Project Lion Pride: Portfolio Checklist

Your team’s portfolio will give the judges a first impression of you. Make sure your impression is a strong one. Spend time sprucing up your team's portfolio contents. Clean up any errors or any items that are messy or unclear. Check to make sure that the forms you have included are not sloppily written and that your materials are organized. Let your portfolio shine and let the judges see how competent, skilled, and capable your team really is! Your portfolio contents should include all the items below typed and in this order: _____ Typed Cover Page with: Title of project, school name, name of your team's mentor (teacher), team name, names of team members _____ Typed Table of Contents _____ Typed Letter to the Judges _____ Abstract/Project Overview _____ Project Proposal Approval Form with all required signatures _____ Typed Purpose Statement and Project Goals _____ Typed Learning Steps Reflection _____ 4-Typed Progress Checks _____ Typed Limitations/Obstacles Reflection _____ Typed Project Steps and Timeline _____ Typed Report of Resources that will be needed. _____ Typed Report of your projects Estimated Cost _____ Parental and Student Agreements-Contracts-Permission Slips-Etc. Signatures of all members: __________________________________________________

Project Lion Pride: Written Report Formatting Standards • The body of your portfolio must be limited to 25 pages. (Images and graphs are included in the 25-page limit. The title page and table of contents are not included in the 25-page limit. • Text must be in 12 point, Times New Roman font. • Margins should be 1.25 inches on left and right, and 1 inch top and bottom. These settings should be default settings. • Page numbers should be indicated in the Table of Contents. • Pages must be numbered in sequence, starting with the Project Overview/Abstract and ending with Estimated Cost. • Lines should be double-spaced typed. • Pages must be 8.5 by 11 inches (standard sheet of paper) • Report cover must be used. Clear is preferred and looks better. • Tables, charts, or images may be used throughout your portfolio. Remember though to keep it neat and professional in appearance. • Plagiarism of information will result in disqualification. Use of outside information must be cited. • MLA standards for citation and referencing must be used.

Project Lion Pride: Letter to the Judges

One of the first impressions the judges will have of your group will come from this letter. The purpose of this writing is to give the judges an introduction to your group as a whole and to give them a vision of your pride project. This letter, therefore, must be in your best writing. Guidelines: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Remember your audience. Copies of the letter must be provided to each judge at the time of your oral presentation. The letter to the judges should follow standard business letter format. A copy of the letter should be included in your portfolio. Suggested Outline of Letter to the Judges

P.O. Box 259 Howe, Oklahoma 74940 February 8, 2012 Project Lion Pride Judges Howe High School P.O. Box 259 Howe, Oklahoma 74940 Dear Judges: Paragraph I: Introduce your group and explain your pride project. Paragraph II: Provide the goal and purpose of your project. Discuss the knowledge, insights, and observations your group has gained throughout the planning process. Paragraph III: Write a statement of your appreciation. Sincerely, Signatures (handwritten/IN CURSIVE and IN INK!) Names (Typed)


All team members are expected to be professionally dressed for their presentation to the judges. Please use the following guidelines: Females: 1. Blazer/Business suit with a dress blouse. 2. Skirt or dress slacks with a dress blouse or dress sweater. 3. Business dress 4. Dress Shoes (covered pumps, heels, or flats). 5. Dress or skirt length should not be more than three inches above the knee. 6. The top of the side or back slits no higher than three inches about the knee. Males: 1. Business suit with matching slacks, dress shirt, and necktie or bowtie. 2. Dress shirt with slacks with necktie or bowtie. 3. Appropriate dress shoes and socks. 4. Blazer or dress sweaters are optional.


The following examples are considered inappropriate: Skirts/Dresses: short or mini skirts, denim or cocktail dresses, jeans of any type; clothing with open sides, low cut fronts, midriff tops. Jackets: outdoor wear, denim, baggie, or crop jackets Slacks: denim slacks or jeans, sweatpants of any type, or stretch pants with or without stirrups Shirts: collarless (for males); aloha shirts, sweatshirts of any type, bare midriff, tank tops, or tube tops Footwear: athletic shoes, sneakers, sandals, open toe/back or sling back shoes, hiking boots, “army� boots, work boots, cowboy style, or platform shoes. Miscellaneous: sunglasses, hates, earrings for boys, body piercings. Hairstyles and colors will not be judged, however, points may be deducted from the score if the judges deem it to be inappropriate or distracting.

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Project Lion Pride PBL Documentation  

Student PBL packet.

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