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Urban Youth for Africa The Kalamazoo Deacons Conference is hosting a trip to Africa for Kalamazoo Public Schools sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The participants will go to Senegal in West Africa from June 30 to July 16, 2011. They will live with Senegalese teenagers to learn about the history and culture of Senegal. The cost is $3,450 and the students will raise money beforehand to remove some of the burden from their families. There will also be team meetings for tripgoers every Tuesday night to plan for fundraising and prepare for the trip. This oppotunity will let students learn about living conditions in continents other than North America.

Red T-shirts for the American Heart Association The Loy Norrix National Honor Society will be selling red shirts to raise money for the American Heart Association. The shirts will be worn at the Red Out basketball game against Mattawan on March 3rd. If you wear the purchased t-shirt you will get into the game for free. The shirts cost $10 prior to the game and $12 at the game. They will also be sold during all three lunches and in the athletic office until February 25th. If there are any questions contact an NHS member or the Athletic Office.





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Kalamazoo Public Schools Adopts New Homework Standards Jeremy Petersen Staff Writer

For the 2011 school year, Kalamazoo Public Schools have adopted a new homework standard. This standard is directed toward helping students further their education and prepare themselves for college. It requires that for each grade level, students be assigned ten more minutes of nightly homework. The “K-12 Homework Standards” handout that was given to teachers when the standard was adopted in the fall of 2010 stated that first grade students should receive ten minutes of nightly work. By their senior year in high school, students should be expected to receive 90 to 120 minutes of nightly homework on average. In adopting this standard, KPS is staying consistent with the national average while still attempting to make class time fulfilling. The new standard could be very beneficial, especially with the switch to trimesters causing shortened class time, making it harder for students to get their work finished in class. Loy Norrix principal Johnny Edwards, who previously taught math in middle school, values homework, although he feels that homework needs to be meaningful and engaging. That is, the homework needs to be relevant to the material being


Senior Jazmine Demink works on revising an english paper to improve her grade. She uses her time wisely in school so she can have free time in the afternoon.

taught in the classroom. “Assigning homework for the sake of giving homework is not meaningful,” said Edwards. This view coincides with the K-12 Homework Standard definition of homework, “a relevant task/activity assigned to

students as an extension of the learning process and supports the practice of skills.” Edwards explained the concept in a way many students at Loy Norrix can relate to. “If an athletic team fails to practice prior to a game, the

team can not expect to show up and compete at the highest level,” said Edwards. That being said, the new standard is not perfect. This is especially true in the high school setting. Because students have five different classes, it can be hard to keep track of exactly how much homework a student is actually getting. When applied to weekend and break homework, the standard does not give any specific specifications. Teachers are at their own discretion to assign work during these times. If homework on the weekends is necessary for students to further identify themselves with the subjects being presented to them in class then it should be assigned accordingly. However, the homework standard is not the best standard for some classes. In classes such as art, gym, or automechanics, it can be very difficult for a student to take home work and do it. Nancy Mollhagen, head of the art department at Loy Norrix, explained that the homework standard has negatively affected her classroom, because only about five percent of her students have turned in any of the assigned homework. She then reflected upon her own experience at Loy Norrix, where she graduated with a class rank of 23 out of a total 536 graduating. See KPS page 3

Counselors’ Busy Schedules Cause Tension for Loy Norrix Students Racheal Koole News Editor

Loy Norrix Blood Drive On March 11, 2011, the American Red Cross and the Loy Norrix National Honor Society will be hosting their annual blood drive at Loy Norrix. Blood donors must be at least 17 years old, healthy (able to perform normal activities), and weigh at least 110 pounds. Students must also have identification on the day of the blood drive. Donors may not give blood if they have donated in the last 56 days. General tips for a successful donation are eating a healthy meal and drinking plenty of water before and after giving blood. There will be an informational assembly on February 24th during 2nd period if there are any questions or concerns about the blood drive.

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Every school year, the Loy Norrix Guidance Department’s queue of student schedules to take care of is renewed. In recent years, schedule structures at Loy Norrix have been changing, causing increased problems for students and counselors alike, which has also caused cancellations and delays in guidance office appointments. The juniors and seniors have had three different types of schedules since their freshman year here at Norrix, creating a challenge for counselors to keep track of the different schedules. Recently students have reported that counselors do not pay attention to their needs and wants in high school. Students say that it is difficult to make schedule changes when they need to. Counselors are human and they may forget, but what a lot of students do not know is that the counselors have rules to follow given from a higher authority, both the School District and the Michigan Department of Education. They also do a lot more than just meeting with students. They have to work on EFE/EFA class schedules, credit retrievals, transcript errors, connecting with past schools of transfer students, schedule conflicts, and many more things that students do not realize. If someone were to look at a counselor’s calendar, they would see that it is filled with meetings back-to-back. The counselors sometimes even work during their lunch to get caught up. Students have also complained that it takes a while to get appointments set up. Depending on the time of the year, it may take up to a week or even two weeks. “I’ve tried at least four times to get an appointment and each time she was too busy or so backed up, so I couldn’t


Junior counselor, Susan Benton, looks at her email while getting ready for the rest of the day. She checks it constantly to keep updated with her work.

get an appointment [in the time frame],” said junior Meredith Farrer. Farrer also included that one time she waited half an hour for the counselor to show up for an appointment, which she never did. Sophomore Olivia Lyszyk also has problems setting up appointments and believes communication is the main problem. “The communication needs to be better between the counselors and students,” said Lyszyk. Times like these show that counselors are busy but also have to adjust to sudden changes, which means canceling some appointments that were already scheduled. Loy Norrix alumna Kate Pifer knows that counselors have other responsibilities to deal with. “Counselors just already

have a lot more on their plates, so sometimes students would get frustrated with scheduling appointments, but what those students don’t realize is that counselors help students who [have home issues],” said Pifer. Junior counselor, Susan Benton, has had this problem and had to cancel a few appointments. She has to choose which issues need to be solved first. “We kind of have to prioritize with emergencies,” said Benton. The counselors claim that everything is so busy because their caseloads have changed a lot since the switch to trimesters. Freshman counselor Rebecca Learner believes that the second year will be better. “I think next fall will be a smoother start [because it is the second year of trimesters],” said Learner.

With the constant problems happening between counselors and students there has to be some solutions that will benefit both students and counselors. Pifer feels that students should be able to have the same counselor all four years of high school and it would help some of the problems students encounter throughout high school. “I would want the same counselor each year just because it would be really hard to have needs met if you were meeting a new counselor each year,” said Pifer. Junior Clairece Schultes also agrees that students should have the same counselor each year. “We should have the same one judging by our graduation year because if you have one counselor, they’ll be able See COUNSELORS page 3



February 2011

World News

Students Appreciate Diversity in Literature Ginger Neal Staff Writer

Taco Bell Sued for False Advertisement Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, an Alabama law firm, is suing Taco Bell restaurants because their beef does not meet the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements to be considered as beef. The claim is that the beef that is used is only 35 percent actual beef while the rest is a mix of ingredients including water, modified cornstarch and maltodrextrin. A dietitian states that some of the ingredients can be harmful to some consumers. The solution the law firm wants is Taco Bell to start saying mixed meat and not just beef.

“Diversity in literature is a wonderful, new, fresh perspective on an old subject with new authors that come from different backgrounds. Diversity in literature exposes students to different experiences, situations, and cultures,” said Loy Norrix behavior specialist Ajamian Gardner. Reading mandatory novels in English class can be boring at times. Loy Norrix is encouraging students to become more engaged in reading by adding culturally diverse literature to the English curriculum. Classes that involve high reading expectations are adding books that represent various ethnicities: “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” “The Bluest Eye,” “The Alchemist,” and “House on Mango Street.” African American and female authors are getting a chance to shine. In World Literature this trimester, students will take a multicultural approach on literature. “Twelfth grade students will attempt to understand the


Senior Bazsa Miller spends extra time outside of the classroom in the library reading culturally diverse novels. Miller is taking advantage of the new diverse books brought into the Loy Norrix school library this year.

Post-Colonial African American female writer and their threeway battle against imperialism, canonization, and sexism. The students will also read PostColonial African literature, which has grown drastically in quality and in recognition,” said twelfth grade English teacher Bettina Smith. “The Bluest Eye,” written by Toni Morrison, was a very

popular text in the Novels of Choice class according to English teacher Steve Griffin. The majority of students who read the novel were African American females. “Several students who read the novel connected to issues that the main character experienced, this led to in-depth discussions about each student’s personal life experiences,”

said Griffin. He went on to say “others thought it was too intense.” Junior Ray’Von Jones has experienced diversity in literature throughout her high school career. “We need diversity in literature because we are a very diverse school,” said Jones. Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) is a twice-a-week occurrence where all LN students have to read for the first fifteen minutes of class. Students have the choice to bring novels, magazines, text books, comic books, or any type of reading material to class. The school also provides books and magazines for students. “We want students to enjoy reading,” said Sveri May. Loy Norrix spent over $30,000 on books strictly for SSR. Students and teachers are very excited to see more diverse literature in classrooms and the library. This year, Loy Norrix received a wide variety of novels written by African American authors. Our schools’ population consists of different races and cultures. Therefore, the diversity in its literature is essential.

Teens Driving Safe Under the Harsh Weather Conditions DeChelle Jones Editor-in-Chief

Taiwan to Begin PottyTraining Pigs Taiwan recently conducted an experiment, learning that pigs can be toilet trained. The farmers that start to train the pigs receive money to help with building the toilets. The place would have bars above the floors in the pigpen. Then the pigs would go about their business in that one area. The Taiwanese government believes that the 180 million liters of water used daily now to dispose of waste would decrease by about half. Some of the benefits of potty-training pigs are better manure, less pollution of water sources and longer living pigs.

Roaring Debate over Michigan’s Price Scanning Laws Recently in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder announced his plans to repeal the Pricing and Advertising of Consumer Items Act. The act requires items to be marked clearly with the price. It is supposed to help eliminate the chance of cashiers overcharging someone for an item. Michigan is one of only two states still required to price items with individual stickers. All of the other states can use any other methods they want to, such as electronic pricing units. Snyder wants to repeal the act as a way for Michigan to save money. According to Snyder it costs Michigan $2 billion to price every item with a price tag. He believes it could save businesses money if the act is repealed and would allow businesses to use the money for more practical uses.

In the summer and fall, there was no snow or ice covering the road ways. So as teens drove, all they had to worry about was the fact that they had to stop for pedestrians and other cars. As winter begins, snow starts falling and accumulating. When snow falls, ice starts to overlay the street and at times there is that nasty slush that some people underestimate. “They [teens] have to be cautious [when it comes to the snow, ice and slush] because it is a whole different way they must drive. You must drive safely at all times [and] you must be more careful,” said senior Dominique Essix. While driving under these

harsh weather conditions, teens should know the proper precautions to take while driving in the hazardous weather. “I think that teenagers should always be cautious when they are driving, regardless of the weather,” said senior Tyler Selph. Teens tend to underestimate the dangerous conditions and some are not able to recognize the hazardous situations. “I’ve driven for about a year and a few months, so I know how to control myself once the weather is dangerous [and hazardous]. Teens must know how to do this [drive under such harsh conditions] because you’re not driving for you; you are driving for others too,” said Essix. During this winter, we have seen a lot of rain, snow, sleet,

and even ice. “I’ve seen a lot [this winter] and there has been a lot of snow this winter. We’ve had two snow storms and it’s been very chilly,” said Essix. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S teens, males especially. A way to prevent teens (or any other people for that matter), from getting hurt in car accidents in these harsh weather conditions is to make sure that everybody wears a seat belt. There are also more ways to ensure that you are staying safe during the winter while driving. Ten ways to make sure that you are being a safe driver is: make sure that your tires have grip, make sure you can see out of your windshield and rear window, turn the defrost on when there is snow and ice on your car, check to make sure

that your lights are on. Make sure that you have room to stop at all times just in case you have to stop relatively quickly, and watch for black ice. If you do slide on the ice, make sure that you do not move your wheel too much because it reduces traction and when you do regain traction, your car could move in all types of different ways. Finally, watch for icy intersections. Unfortunately not all accidents are due to winter conditions, some accidents are due to the fact that people just are not driving safely, but the weather is a big factor. “I think that the number of accidents doesn’t have to do with the weather, as much as the amount of people that are on the phone while driving. People should concentrate on their driving,” said Selph.

Start of Something New

Loy Norrix Football Player Commits to Siena Heights Daequan Mitchell Staff Writer Blood, sweat, and tears is what it took for Loy Norrix senior Grant Lawson to earn a college scholarship. Lawson signed with Siena Heights University on February 11, 2011 getting a full-ride scholarship for football. Lawson has played football for Loy Norrix for 3 years

I will do [well] as long as I stay focused and work towards getting my degree

(two years varsity) and was determined to play at the next level. Lawson has came a long way, his sophomore year he played the first two games of the season for the freshmen team. Despite that, he didn’t let that stop him from playing hard and working hard everyday in practice and in games. Lawson

- Grant lawson senior


Grant Lawson talks with the Siena Heights football coach. Lawson recently committed to playing for the NAIA school.

also achieved goals that not every football player can say they have. He made AllConference 1st team, and made All-State honorable mention. “It feels relieving, because I don’t have to worry about trying to find a college to get into,” said Lawson about finally signing with a college.

Siena Heights University is a catholic school that was founded in 1919. Next year will be Siena Heights first year as a school with a football team. “I think I will do [well] as long as I stay focused and work towards getting my degree,” said Lawson about the success of his college career.

News High School vs. KAMSC



Students Must Decide Whether to Pursue Extensive High Level Learning in Math and Science Robby Cox Staff Writer The Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center (KAMSC) is the Harvard of Kalamazoo county high school level learning. KAMSC only accepts the top 100 entrants into its grueling program. Not all students stay in KAMSC, however, and each graduating class loses quite a few students along the way. Many students drop out of KAMSC because of workload, sports, and the social strain being in KAMSC entails. The students that stay get accepted into top colleges, (See their acceptances at KAMSC online). This does not mean that if you attend Loy Norrix you cannot pursue higher education; it is just done less frequently by the non-KAMSC students. KAMSC’s environment is one that is focused on learning. Disruptions are minimal at KAMSC, and the staff is proud of that fact. KAMSC promotes learning and the kids there must have a desire to learn and work hard in class, otherwise they are in the wrong place. If you want to get into the best colleges, KAMSC is for you. They have staff that go and talk to colleges and market KAMSC, which allows many KAMSC students to get scholarships and into top colleges. The Hyle scholarship is also a major draw to KAMSC, as it offers a full ride to Kalamazoo College and attending KAMSC is seen as a


Seniors Giancarlo Anemone and Faiz Khaja work on reconstructing a face muscle model. This is one of the many assignments in their Biomedical Science class at KAMSC.

way to improve your chances of recieving this award. Two years ago, this scholarship was opened to KAMSC students, after originally only being for KPS students. Although many students from other schools in KPS win the Hyle as well, KAMSC is a good thing to have on the application. But do you need to go to KAMSC to get into schools like Michigan and Michigan State? The answer is NO. Loy Norrix students that did well in their classes go to these schools. Brian Craig, a former Loy Norrix student and KAMSC dropout, now goes

to Kalamazoo College. Craig dropped out of KAMSC, and one of his reasons was so that he could be “more connected to Loy Norrix and I am glad I did it,” Craig added. Some people also believe that part of high school learning is learning how to effectively socialize with all sorts of people. In this respect Loy Norrix is the much better option, as it is extremely diverse. This diversity helps many after high school because they know how people that are not in the top classes or study every day act. Being a KAMSC dropout is not the same as a high school

News Websites too Lenient on Commenting

Website Comments Can be a Problem for the Community Christina Brown Copy Editor The bells on the store door chime as a customer walks into the shop. A young man in his late teens walks up to the counter with an inquisitive look on his face. The clerk behind the counter swings around and asks in a rather discourteous tone, “Can I help you?” It is at this point that everything goes fuzzy. A few minutes later the bells on the door chime again as the young man goes racing out of the store empty handed. The only thing that has changed is the look on the young man’s face as he runs, hearing nothing but the stomping of his own two feet on the pavement. A few hours later an article covering the incident goes streaming through the unbarred walls of the World Wide Web. People leave their reactions to the article in comments and the newscast allows them to be posted with no regard as to the validity or appropriateness of the comment. Within minutes, breaking news can hit the internet, spread to every computer screen or cell phone connection, be read, judged and commented on; it happens that fast. To aid in this spread, every major news source across America has their own website where reporters post up-todate news stories that happen within the community and around the world. The top news websites boast high ratings from readers and allow them to leave comments, both negative and positive, regarding each news story. But where should the line be drawn? Many of the comments being posted are ones that resemble the Facebook statuses of some fourteen-year-old girls trying to “deal” with what is already a petty problem. Racist and sexist remarks, as well as back and forth banter among readers quickly becomes an

dropout because you still go to high school and generally take hard courses. “Being at [Loy] Norrix has helped me socially, and I still am being challenged,” said sophomore Ryan Eklund. Eklund is in Advanced Placement (AP) United States History, which is a tough class at Loy Norrix. AP classes help students get into top colleges and are helpful when applying to schools like the University of Michigan. Students that have attended Loy Norrix and taken hard classes have gotten into top schools, so why even go to KAMSC if

you can get into these colleges anyway? “I enjoy the camaraderie of students with similar interests, and I like being with people who want to learn,” Steven Vorbrich, a KAMSC/Loy Norrix sophomore stated. This may be true. KAMSC requirements are pretty steep and one must go through an intense process to even be thought about in getting into KAMSC. KAMSC is very picky and with all the applications they even have a waiting list. Graeme Timmeney, a KAMSC/Loy Norrix Sophomore was on the waiting list and got in, even though he had an impressive middle school resume. “The process was tough, but I am glad I made it into KAMSC,” Loy Norrix student Marty Graube stated.“KAMSC is just one way for me to achieve my goals.” For many of the students the change is hard when being taught in two different buildings. The decision to go to KAMSC is sometimes forced upon someone at a young age, and generally parents are also major contributors to applications to KAMSC, so most students do not really know what they are getting into. Kids like Vorbrich, Timmeney, and Graube adapted well and thrived in the environment, while others feel the need to go about high school in a different fashion. It’s up to the student to decide what is best for them.

KPS from Page 1 “When I was in school, we had study hall, and we got everything done,” said Mollhagen. She explained that because of the required study hall, she never had any homework. She said that she does, however, understand that times are different, and that not as many students read for fun anymore. Mollhagen, who is an avid reader, believes that reading for fun is the best way for one to be educated. She also believes that many students do not do their homework because there are not immediate rewards from it. “If we got rid of one administrator and used that money to pay kids to do their homework, it could be as successful as bottle recycling,” said Mollhagen. Students at Loy Norrix have mixed feelings about the policy.

Some students feel like it is a great policy. “As you get older, you should be able to handle more work and responsibility,” said Andrew Jung, who believes that the new policy is beneficial to the education of students. Other students, however, feel that the policy is too strenuous. “One hundred and twenty minutes of home work a night is ridiculous. If I wanted to do work at home every night I would be home schooled. It’s called school so you can do the work there,” said senior Scott Markley, who does not feel that the policy will positively affect the school. Within the next school year, the kinks in the policy will either work themselves out or the policy will fade away just like many other policies that KPS has adopted.

COUNSELORS from Page 1


issue. The focus is no longer on the content of the article, but the character of both the criminal and the victim. For many news websites, the biggest question being asked now is: should comments be allowed on the website? It is true that removing the ability for people to comment would also remove their right to freedom of speech. However, if news websites continue to allow these remarks, our society will soon transform into a never ending gossip page with all the aspects of cyber bullying. Many people have complained about the issue, saying some of the comments are cruel and insensitive. In response to these complaints, most websites have put in place a username system. This

requires those who want to leave comments to create a username account, which helps to reduce the amount of commenting being done. Other sites require users to post their opinions in a blog linked to another website. Under this system, the name and some basic information about the person is given to the reader which can help ensure accuracy. This also redirects the reader and by doing so, lessens the chance that others will take the time to read the comments. If a news site, or any site for that matter that allows commenting, has not already changed their requirements, they should consider one of the above options. This would limit the amount of negativity in today’s society and bring about unity throughout the area.

to progress us physically and emotionally since freshman year. They’ll be able to help us not fail,” said Schultes. Having the same counselor each year would also allow families to get connected with the counselor. “I felt like I really got to know the family,” said Benton referencing a time when counselors were assigned students by last name and followed the students for all four years. When Pifer was at school she had the same counselor each year. Not only that but her brother had the same counselor as she did. “I didn’t know any different at the time, but I would say it gave me a sense of familiarity and a sense of community,” said Pifer. There is also the problem of counselors having a lot of students to work with. In Loy Norrix there are about 1,400 students and over 400 of the students are freshman and another 264 students are juniors. That is a lot of students for one counselor to have each year and it shows as more problems arise. A solution to the student-

counselor ratio problem in Farrer’s mind is to hire more counselors to work at Loy Norrix. “Either have more counselors or, I don’t know, more counselors,” said Farrer. Lyszyk has her own solution that would put student scheduling on the internet and free up time for the guidance counselors too. “I feel like online scheduling, where you can see the schedules, would work,” said Lyszyk. Her idea is to allow students to see their schedules and to click why they need to see the counselor when setting up an appointment. “It would be a lot easier for students and guidance officers,” said Lyszyk. Counselors are here to help students in high school and graduate on to college. As they are helping students, they are open to any suggestions that will improve the relationship between counselors and students. The counselors work hard to improve students’ lives. “We do try. We really do try,” said Benton. “I really want the best for students.”



february 2011

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Textbooks Are Being Replaced With Technology Staff Editorial Throughout middle schools and high schools, teens are now using Google and the Internet as their main source for education or to get information, but should schools use technology for teaching instead of textbooks? Recently, schools have been throwing out books and replacing them with laptops. Lincoln Middle School in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is even using smart-phones instead of textbooks. Smart-phones are the new mobile phone that offer the same aspects as a computer. They have been using this technology in schools as a part of the students’ academic classroom work, computers, books, and even as their teachers. According to a Project K-Net student, smart-phones are like a teacher in a student’s pocket. But according to Physorg, a website reporting on science and technology, some students are misusing their privileges of the smart-phones. Smart-phones [like any cell phone] are able to take photos. After a photo is taken the phone allows for zooming in or out. This ability allows students to cheat on tests and quizzes. Because students take their tests and quizzes on their smart-phones, the teacher would not know if the student was cheating. The student could simply save then exit out of their test, look up a photo which

may contain answers, get their answer, then return to their test. Although this may sound like something any student could do with or without a smart-phone, it would be harder for a student without a smartphone to cheat. For a student to pull out their cell phone during the middle of a test is an obvious show of cheating. As for a student with a smartphone, all their work is done on the phone and it would be harder for the teacher to tell whether the student is cheating or just inputting an answer. Smart-phones are not the only technology schools are using today. Some schools like Kalamazoo Christian Schools are becoming dependent on laptops instead of textbooks.

Can You Really Fall in Love in High School? witnessed] lasted for the whole four years and some for two or three, but they [usually] break up,” said senior Asia Haywood. Love in today’s society is a very strong word. Some people will not use the word unless they really feel it. Most students express this feeling too soon, which usually causes other problems in life. These problems could be pregnancy or early marriage leading to divorce after high school. According to Professor’s House, two percent of high school students get married early and more than half are divorced. When a student is in high school they should not have to feel like they need to love someone or be loved by someone else besides friends and family members. Sure everyone needs love, but do they really need to feel like the See LOVE page 7

Racheal Koole News Editor Madison Luckett Opinion Editor Jazmine Houston Opinion Editor Assistant Jocelyn Jensen Veronica Hughes Feature Editors Brittaney Tyson A&E Editor Haley Pfeil Sports Editor Omar Al-Jayyousi Sports Editor Assistant Jared Eckley Comics Editor Cristina Bryant Photo Editor Nikki Hegler Photo Assistant Editor Karylle Hillard Web Master Lucas Leibold Web Assistant

Brittaney Tyson A&E Editor Watching teen movies in high school makes most teenagers believe that they will find their true love in high school and soon after marry that one particular person. No high school student should believe in such a thing. Love in high school is overrated. High school students are not mature enough to even figure out the meaning of love. Many couples in high school claim that they are in love and then break up after two weeks, which is crazy. “Some relationships [I have

Can Long-term Exposure from Computers be Dangerous?

Hunter Lee Calvin Leinenbach Marta Grabowski Joey Birdsall Web Team

Omar Al-Jayyousi Asst. Sports Editor

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The world is in love with computers and all that they have to offer us, but it can also be dangerous. According to a research headed by Emmanuel Stamatakis and fellow specialists, it could double your chances of having a heart attack. Some side effects of using the computer too much are, bad posture, eye disease, throbbing hands, and computer stress

Tisha Pankop Adviser


Should students be allowed to wear pajama pants to school? Why or why not?

injuries (sitting incorrectly or too long at the computer). “It makes you lazy,” said senior Andre Smith. This does not have to be a major problem if everyone remembers how to use correct posture while on the computer and walk away for a moment to give the eyes a break from the computer like with everything it is important to be responsible. There are clinical terms used for addictive behavior over Internet activities, such as being addicted to instant messaging and playing games. The clinical name for this is Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). Then there are people who are addicted on the usage of the Internet, this is called Internet Disorder Addiction See COMPUTERS page 5


Junior “Yes, because people might feel more comfortable in pajama pants.”

loss of work for every student in the school. Teachers are no longer giving lectures and standing in front of the room to teach, so students are forgetting about the most common method of learning: reading and writing. This loss may cause a lack of education with the youth. Textbooks affect student learning and reading skills. For a student to be able to read a chapter and write a summary of what they learned shows a lot about their individual ability to synthesize information. Every student needs to have the ability and common knowledge to pick up a JARED ECKLEY/ KNIGHT LIFE textbook and read and interpret on their own. Students need to Although there are benefits be able to find answers in their to using the Internet for school book and not have the easy way use, like for presentations or out by being able to just type for researching information for their question in Google and an assignment, there are many copy/paste an article already problems or possible issues that written. could arise. With students copying The cost of a laptop is and pasting, it is taking anywhere from $400 to $500. away from the importance of Imagine the cost for every writing. Hand-writing articles student in school to receive a would decrease the amount laptop. Think of the fact that of plagiarism and increase students in school mistreat the neatness of the students’ their textbooks, draw graffiti handwriting. everywhere, and could care Lectures are another less because it is just school common way of learning property. that help students remember Another major issue with material. laptops instead of books is Having a teacher stand laptops can crash, the Internet in front of the class while the might be down every other day, or computers may go down at See TEXTBOOKS page 7 any time and that would cause a

Change We Can Snack On

Marta Grabowski Staff Writer Bosco sticks, french fries, Snickers, fruit snacks, ice cream, and cookies are just some of the delicious treats that are sold at the snack line in the Loy Norrix cafeteria. Sure, the snack line may not be the best source of nutrition for the students of Loy Norrix, but it is what the students enjoy and what they buy. One of the first things many Norrix students do when they walk into the cafeteria is check to see if the snack line is open. When it is open, students flock to the counter and start forming a line to purchase some snacks. When it is closed, the lack of tasty treats can upset some students. “I live off Bosco Sticks and when I don’t get them it upsets me,” said junior Brenden Groggle. Bosco sticks are simply breadsticks stuffed with cheese. Unfortunately, the anger is getting worse because the snack line seems to be closed more than it is open. Even though almost all students would love to have the snack line open daily, it is just not possible. The reason is simple: the snack line cannot always be open due to the lack of kitchen staff. “If we don’t have a cashier then we can’t open the snack line. I would love to have it open all the time, but it is more important to serve nutritious food [in the regular lunch times],” said Lois Lovett,

kitchen manager. The students of Norrix have the choice of purchasing their food from either the snack line, during the occasional times when it is open, or from the lunch line which provides them with an array of healthier food choices. While the snack foods that students consume from the Loy Norrix snack line may not be the most nutritionally sound option, there are more options than to just eat unhealthy snacks. Healthier food choices are a great step in the effort to decrease the rate of obesity, especially in teens, and luckily the Loy Norrix cafeteria has healthier options in the lunch line. Soon we may not have a snack line at all. Congress recently passed a bill that will dedicate $4.5 billion over the next 10 years to help the fight against childhood obesity. The new legislation will help to expand free school meals and it will also regulate what foods can and cannot be sold in schools, which could end the sales of the sugary and caloriefilled foods most student’s love. Even though the snack line does not have the most nutritionally balanced food choices, the students of Loy Norrix would still like to see it open more often while it is still allowed by law. Many students believe that a good way to make this happen would be by having students run a program that would manage the snack line. “It would be really good, students could learn about marketing and business,” said junior Nora Carpenter. Carpenter is a firm supporter of a student-run snack line. In the past there was a school store, which was run See SNACKS page 7




Senior “Yes, because it’s not like they are revealing. Plus people are comfortable in them, but I don’t even wear them.”

“No, because it’s something you are supposed to wear at home. You do not go out in public.”

Money Can’t Buy Me Love


Valentine’s Day is Not Just an Obligation

February 2011

Valentine’s Day is Overrated

PROPS Stuart Wheaton Copy Editor

Marta Grabowski Web Team

GwenDeYoung Business Manager

Whether it celebrates Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage or is the anniversary of the death of St. Valentine who carried love notes back and forth between imprisoned lovers, Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 14th of February, has become “the” designated day to show how much you sincerely love someone. On Valentine’s Day the emotion of love is demonstrated by giving overpriced chocolates, flowers, jewelry, balloons, stuffed animals, and cards. These purchased trinkets are a far cry from the emotion-centered and simpler origins of a day to commemorate love and affection. Valentine’s Day is one of those “Hallmark holidays,” like Sweetest Day, when you are expected to show how much you really love a person by buying a card; but how is giving someone a meaningless gift a way to show your undying love? If someone truly loves you, then it is fairly safe to say you would know it without any gifts or cards. If the depth of your love depends solely upon your receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates from your special someone, then I think you need to reevaluate your relationship with that individual. Besides, if someone genuinely loves you, they shouldn’t feel obligated to show you their love only on Valentine’s Day. Every person needs and wants to know that they are loved and while it does feel nice to get cards and candy, do material possessions really make you feel loved? What about people who don’t get cards and candy on Valentine’s Day? Does that mean they are not loved? They have to see everyone else around them being totally immersed with the day and bragging about all the cards and flowers they received while they themselves have nothing. Remember in elementary school when everyone got a card from everybody in the class? Perhaps we should go back to that simpler time. You could still have that special card for that one person you really liked while giving the nasty candy to the classmate that makes your life miserable—but this way no one is left out. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day, but people should not get consumed by it or wrapped up in it. Just because you get a three-dollar card from someone doesn’t mean they love you. A person who really loves you will tell you often and will be there for you through thick and thin, not just on Valentine’s Day.

The day of love: the time to give gifts and the time to be with that special someone in your life. Valentine’s day is one of the oldest holidays people celebrated. It started by being celebrated back in 270 A.D, in ancient Rome. Yet many people find ways to downsize Valentine’s Day by saying, “It is only for couples and people in relationships.” Well I disagree, Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating not only the relationship you have with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but also the friendships you have with other people. Valentine’s day has turned into a Hallmark holiday, but if you really step back and look past the whole gift giving and card buying, you can see that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the relationships that you have with people. So you are single on February 14th, so what? Go and enjoy the friendships you have with people. Be happy that maybe even after 3, 4, or 5 years you two are still friends because often friendships do not last that long. Most men feel as if Valentine’s Day is just an obligation and that they have to buy gifts or their girlfriends will get mad at them. Guys, if your girlfriend gets mad at you for not getting her something for Valentine’s Day, you should question her a little bit. Celebrate your love for one another, and the fact that you are with someone who you feel is your other half. This whole “obligation” idea is a big mistake and the reason why people don’t like Valentines Day. Then there is the candy; One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day that everyone can agree on. The candy you receive or buy during the holiday is hands down some of the best. It is a day to receive candy and also bring people joy by just giving them candy. At least you do not have to dress up and ask for it like on Halloween, which is mostly a child’s holiday anyway. The candy on Valentine’s Day is always a plus for anyone from five to 75 years old, Yes, you can say you hate Valentine’s Day because you think it is just a day to waste money on gifts for the one you love, but look at it more deeply. It is a day to celebrate not only relationships (which you should be happy for everyday) but to really appreciate the friendships you still have. You do not have to go out and buy a girlfriend, boyfriend something, simple make time and be thankful that you have your best friend and also someone to love in your life.

COMPUTERS from page 4 (IDA). In addition, we cannot forget about how some people are addicted to Facebook. I believe it might be a good idea to give yourself a certain time frame to be on the computer, Children specially, should be monitored by parents on how much time is spent on the computer. Teens and children can spend more time on the computer than with their family or friends. This seems impossible to be healthy. It can cause many unwanted friction in many homes.   It seems clear that the computer can be dangerous in many ways.  “Makes it seem like you have no life outside the Internet,” said senior Brandon Jean. Parents will need to monitor how much time their children are on the computer and couples need to do the

Alicia Willis

Junior “It’s unprofessional. When you come to school you’re supposed to look nice. Pajama pants are for when you go to sleep.”


same. Remembering human contact should not be forgotten or second to computer usage. This article is not meant to bash computers or the Internet but like with everything else, use it wisely and do not become addicted. It can be fun to play games, instant message or surf the net, however let us not become obsessed.

Jimmy White

Junior “Yes, because they are pants. They’re covering up everything.”

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. On February 14th, we celebrate the martyr Saint Valentine (who most likely was not even the patron of lovers). Yes, this holiday is a celebration of what we truly love in America: money. Valentine’s Day is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a day dedicated to peace and love. I just cannot get on board with the concept of love being twisted and commercialized into a day full of greed, lust, and gluttony which accounts for a majority of the seven deadly sins. Only America could take one of the most inspiring and passionate qualities of humanity turn it around and put a price tag on it. According to the National Retail Foundation, Americans spent $16.4 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2007. Some might say that this money is stimulating the economy, but frankly, it is a petty holiday that Hallmark has engineered into a money-sucking machine conveniently placed two months after Christmas – just enough time to recuperate from our previous debt so the credit card companies will allow us to spend some more. Valentine’s Day promotes an egocentric attitude in a large portion of the country because people are only concerned with what is in it for themselves, and it also feeds the money-spending frenzy to which we have become accustomed. While we’re in the middle of hard times and high unemployment, the last thing we need is to be tempted to purchase Valentine’s candy and jewelry everywhere we look. I mean, does anybody in the real world actually buy those $1,000-plus diamond necklaces you see on television anyway? If you think I am a cold, heartless, Ebeneezer Scrooge of a kid who hates Valentine’s Day, I understand, but those aren’t all of my arguments. Read on and give me a chance. Valentine’s Day is the one day in a year when men pack the card aisles of every local grocery store, trying to find a tacky card and a box of chocolates, or maybe even a fuzzy stuffed creature for their significant other. As junior Jack Winnard said, “It’s an obligation.” Simple phrase, but Winnard is entirely correct. Men feel obligated to express their love in a material form, which typically leads to cheap chocolates, cute but not practical stuffed animals, a bouquet of flowers thrown together at the last minute, and an unhappy woman whose unrealistic expectations cannot possibly be met year after year. Think about it, both parties lose on this one. Although I admit gift giving is a nice gesture for the person you care about, I think it is a cop out. It’s like “hey, I got her gold earrings this year, that means I don’t have to do anything until next February!” A billboard outside of Chicago reads, “Buy her a diamond. That’ll shut her up.” The value of a relationship is degraded by this kind of thinking that Valentine’s Day inherently supports. You cannot place a price tag on love, although America would certainly have us try. If you are truly in love with your “Valentine,” you shouldn’t need a designated day to show them your love. Bring them flowers or give them a nice note on any old Monday, it will be much more appreciated and meaningful. So, for the sake of humanity, I hope you saved your money and did something sentimental for Valentine’s Day, something that actually meant something. This probably won’t catch on, but here’s to trying: I officially declare every day to be the day of love.

Selena Montalvo

Freshman “Yes, because some people may not have the money to buy regular pants.”


Valentines Day


Guys & Dolls


Alumni Day

Will you be my valentine?

Ramblin’ and Gamblin’ on the Loy Norrix stage.


Welcome old Loy Norrix students!

Snow Days

Thank you Dr. Rice.

MME Testing

Half days for everyone but juniors Sorry.

Winterfest Dance Come shake your tail feathers.

Mid-Winter Break

Almost there!

Seniors Win the Spirit Jug!! Senior bring home the spirit jug home one last time.

STOPS The Snow


There’s to much of it!

Rude Cafeteria Staff


Quit loc’n up on us when we ask for something.

Spreading Germs


Wash your hands!!

Closed Snack Line.


Only open once in a blue moon.

Staff Members Leaving


Ms.Fujita, Mr. Tallon, and Mr. Balch, we miss you!!


3rd Lunch Running out of food


Hammer Time!!!!

Free reduced lunch doesn’t work when there’s no food.

Dun Nah Nah NaNah-Na Nah-Na can’t touch this.

Ronald Dodson

Sophomore “Yes, because it’s not revealing or anything like that.”




Letters to the Editor Sports Article Responses

Dear Editor, I read “Loy Norrix Student’s should be admitted to Sports Games Free.” I agree to what the writer is saying but I think that the prices of sports games should lower because it would even things out. More people would go to the game if it lowered and I think that the article was very good and correct about everything they’re saying. I really did like the article a lot. Sincerely, Bruce Ly Tran Dear Editor, I read about the article “Loy Norrix Students should be admitted to Sports Games Free.” In this article I thought long and hard about it and I think that we shouldn’t have to pay to get in events. Why? Because we’re the students of the school and I know the school needs that money for things, but the students should not have to pay and like she said in the article we spend gas and trips to get here that costs money too so shouldn’t we just get in free? Sincerely, Mia Dickerson Dear Editor, I read the article “Loy Norrix Basketball Player Hits the Splits.” I liked that Tia tried the cheerleading sport and saw what the outcome really was. The picture you used was awesome because she looks like she’s struggling and having a hard time holding the stretch. I don’t like that Tia said you have to be flexible because everyone isn’t; it just takes time and practice to get where you want to be. Sincerely, DaeJanae McClenton Dear Editor, I read “Loy Norrix Students should be admitted to Sports Games Free.” I think this is a good topic to talk about because not everybody has five dollars to get into an hour game. I feel as if Norrix just wants to take our money. I think we should lower the prices or have it free, so everybody can come. Sincerely, Alexis Tyson Dear Editor, I like the article I read because it is about football and I like football. The article that I read was “Hard Hits Lead to Harsher Penalties.” It was good, and really detailed. Sincerely, Tim Boyd

Winter Wear Responses Dear Editor, I read the article “Winter Fashion, Cozying up for Loy Norrix” and I like the article a lot, but I don’t like how only at least ten people were recognized. I think this article should come out again recognizing MORE people for their fashion. There is a lot more people who bring style to Loy Norrix. I know you can’t get everybody’s style but that’s why you should bring out another article about fashion and say more about how they style themselves. It’s fun to read about Norrix style and I want to get more creative ideas. Maybe Knight Life should set a goal to get everyone in the newspaper. It’s sad when the same people are in the newspaper over and over again. It’s also sad when some people with really good fashion that get told they are fashionable aren’t in the fashion article. Sincerely, Cayesha Small

Dear Editor, I read winter fashion in the newspaper. In the article it showed students wearing winter clothes. I think that’s cool how you put that article in and I read it for fun. That was cool because it’s big and takes the whole page and there are pictures. It’s cool and people will probably stop to read it. Sincerely, Lacey Faltin

Nicki Minaj should continue wearing different colored wigs Dear Editor, I read the article “Nicki Minaj should continue wearing the different colored wigs.” In this article I feel the opposite about your opinion. Nicki Minaj is a rapper that puts on an act for people to like her; she is full of fakeness. Sixty percent of all her songs she never makes sense. Nicki once was a stud. So with all that being said, now she is a lesbian. I don’t understand how she is a role model. Her wigs are not an influence. Everyone should be happy with their real hair. Why wear wigs, when you have hair? Sincerely, Dymetrius Betts Dear Editor, I read “Nicki Minaj should continue wearing the different color wigs.” I thought the article was interesting because Nicki Minaj is one of my favorite artists. It’s basically saying that it’s okay to be different. Plus my hair is multicolored and I could care less what people think. Sincerely, Akelah Oneal Dear Editor, Nicki Minaj is a good artist, but she did not have to change her body because now her body is ugly and she does have haters but she is a good person. She has good songs and she helped her family by cashing them out with a house and clothes. She did not have to put all those colors in her hair but some of them are cute, but not all but most and another thing she has rhythm too. Sincerely, Latisha Gillespie

Story Time with Tae Dear Editor, I really enjoyed the “Story Time with Tae.” I found it interesting and funny, but I noticed that the Amazonian character didn’t have a name. Neither of the families had a name. It didn’t say how he got in the cave, but overall it was an extremely funny bit in the paper. Sincerely, JR Gonzales Dear Tae, I read “Story Time with Tae.” I think that the stories are always interesting and funny. This one about you being in a cave and being found and to have family is beautiful and shows how strong you are to become something and get your own house. Sincerely, Keyshaila Hoard Dear Editor, I read “Story Time with Tae.” I think that the story was both funny and well descriptive. The story was all that I enjoyed. If there were any others like it I would want to read them. You did a good job on editing this story. I think that you should try it again someday. Sincerely, Evan Bowser

Struggling to find time for Homework Dear Editor, I read the article “Students Struggle to find time for Homework.” I agree with what is being said because I play sports for Norrix like bowling and baseball, so once I get out of practice/games I have to go straight to work, so when I get home its like eight or

nine at night until I can do my homework. I think that instead of giving more homework to student athletes they should make time to go after school to make sure we keep our grades up. Sincerely, Zach Brandt Dear Editor, I read about “Students Struggle to find time for Homework.” I think Amelia Liebold has a great point because I am also a volleyball player and it is hard to find time for my homework. Sometimes we even have homework in every class and I struggle to get it done because I am really tired from practice. I think more teachers should think about that when giving homework to students. I feel the same about homework when I am in sports too. Sincerely, Angel Curtis

Food Drive Becomes a Family Tradition Dear Editor, I read “Food Drive Becomes a Family Tradition” and I really liked it. I brought cans three times before but only one time the school was collecting of those days. The Ramirez family is a big inspiration to me because they’re showing that donating cans is not all just about being asked to help but you do it because you know it is the right thing to do and you’re feeding families that can’t afford to buy food. Just like Maria Ramirez said, “It’s like adopting a childyou can make a difference. We do it from out hearts.” Sincerely, Cynthia Romero Diaz Dear Editor, I love how people are all chipping in to help. It shows how much Loy Norrix cares. I think it is just great. Caring is a nice and giving thing to do. Just making sure everyone is happy and will have happy holidays. Spending time with family and friends and having a wonderful time is a great feeling. Sincerely, Hunter Guild Dear Editor, I read “Food Drive Becomes a Family Tradition.” In the article it talks about how the food drive went from just a little thing where they struggled to get cans for the food drive. But it took two girls from Loy Norrix to make it a big hit, and now it has become a very successful organization that just doesn’t happen here, it happens in a lot of other schools as well. It is cool how the canned food drive came alive. Sincerely, John Gettys

ID Badges Responses

Dear Editor, I read “ID Badges become an issue at Loy Norrix,” I think that the I.D. badges are not necessary. The security guards don’t even check to see if you have the right I.D. and if you don’t have one then they send you home. If they want us to go to school then why kick us out? I don’t see the point. If you want us to be safe then enforce the rule. Check IDs; see if we have the right one. If you’re not going to enforce the rule then no more IDs, plus it doesn’t even go with our clothes. I’m just saying. Sincerely, Ebone Thompson Dear Editor, I read “ID Badges become an Issue at Loy Norrix.” I thought she has a good point about our ID number being our name and people classifying us by our number. I think it’s wrong. But I do agree with the school that it is only for our safety because if something does happen then that ID number could save your life.

Like if there was a fire and they didn’t know your name. I also agree with the student. It is a bit too much of a hassle if you do forget your ID. I know we’re supposed to learn responsibility but we do sometimes forget, like even the people who are punishing us for forgetting so I can understand both points. Sincerely, Sara Marcinkowski Dear Editor, I read “ID Badges Become an Issue at Loy Norrix.” In the article it said that once the students leave Loy Norrix, the six-digit number will have no relevance, and I think why even wear IDs with a number on it when all it can have is our name. I think that would be better and it will be much easier. Sincerely, Victoria Gonzalez Dear Editor, I read the article “ID Badges Become an Issue at Loy Norrix.” In the article, the writer talks about how IDs are useless and unwanted. I agree with this article because just yesterday I saw a freshmen walking around with a piece of paper on his ID and he got past security guards. I think that wearing plastic cards nobody pays attention to is quite ridiculous. I feel that we shouldn’t have to wear IDs and multiple students all think it is a waste of their time to get them every morning. Sincerely, Alexis Meinert Dear Editor, I read about the ID badges issue at Loy Norrix by Sofia Parker. I think she did a good job explaining how we shouldn’t wear IDs because they really don’t even really check they just make sure you have it around your neck. It could be someone else’s and they say it’s a security reason and anybody from a different school could come in with just an ID on. Sincerely, Aaron Davis

Cleaner Schools Responses Dear Editor, I read “A Clean School is more Presentable.” I think we should be more responsible for our mess, like clean up after ourselves and throw away our trash. It would be super embarrassing if my parents went in the bathrooms and saw how nasty our bathrooms are. Tell you the truth, I don’t ever use the bathrooms here, they are nasty. But I totally agree with the writer we have to do better than we are now. Sincerely, Skylar Johnson Dear Editor, I read the article “Cleaner Schools.” While I agree, I also disagree. Yes, we need to clean the school up, but it’s not all the immature kids. I’m immature most of the time, but it does not mean I’m trashing this school. If I have trash I take care of it. When I eat lunch, I throw my trash away. Even when me and my friend started throwing things at each other, we cleaned our mess. And I’ve seen a few adults doing it too. Sincerely, Jonathan Kiewiet

Silent Day Responses Dear Editor, I read one of the articles called “Loy Norrix Students Experiment with being Nonsocial” about Davian Phillips. I thought that it was interesting to me because I know Davian personally and that is his favorite thing to do is talk and cake with girls. Another thing is that I thought it was a good idea and hard for my brother to not talk for a whole day because he can’t, but don’t tell him I said that. Sincerely, Marcus Torres

Dear Editor, I read “Talking One Day, Silent the Next.” I read the one about Sylvia Albeo and how she was quiet for one entire school day. I know how hard it is because I had a tooth took out. Sylvia is my friend; I know I was asking what was wrong with her. Then Caroline told me that she wasn’t talking because she was doing it for an article. I thought the article was great even though she had to keep silent until the last bell rang. Sincerely, Anna Garcia

Judged For Being Gay Responses Dear Editor, I read “Loy Norrix Student’s Judged for being Gay.” This article caught my eye because being gay is your choice and if people don’t like it, well they have to put up with it. Also, people want to be what they want to be, just because you’re straight doesn’t mean they have to be. This article said the Bible doesn’t give you the right to judge people or doesn’t give you the right to tell people how they can be. I think this was a good article because people shouldn’t be judged. Sincerely, Marocka Kizer Dear Editor, I read “Norrix Student Judged for being Gay.” I agree with this article. I believe that bullying someone because they want to love the same sex is very dumb and immature.I feel that people who bully other people have nothing better to do with their life. Honestly, whatever someone’s choice to do with their sexual life is not anyone else’s business. Also for the person or anybody who got bullied, I apologize that there are still immature losers in this world. When I see LGBT’s (lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender) getting bullied I stop the bully. Hopefully one day this dumb war will end against homosexuals and straights. Sincerely, Justice Pyle Dear Editor, I really haven’t read the LN newspaper, but I did today. And after just writing a four page paper on teen depression, I have noticed why suicide is the third leading cause of teen deaths. After reading this I couldn’t believe how evil people can be. It broke my heart to hear about this. I don’t really do extracurricular activities, but I really wanted to get involved after this. What I am feeling is just so much pain and anger because someone would do that to a poor defensive kid. It was just… I can’t say how awful this is. And it’s not getting any better. In my four page article about teen suicide and depression, I have a graph that shows suicide rates. In the North in 2000 the rate was a 4 out of 10. In 2008 the rate was like 9 or 10. Everywhere in the U.S.A. it got even worse than here. If you think about how many teens are in the U.S.A. 4 out 100 is a lot. Unfortunately this is how many teens get depressed and commit suicide. I have seen the importance in this, I wish there was a way I could help. I really hate that kind of stuff in my community. Sincerely, Matthew Meier

see LETTERS page 10




Knights Laugh About the Earth’s Epilogue Jocelyn Jensen Feature Editor

This is the end. Movies, songs, books, and news reports. The possibility that the world will end in 2012 is in full swing. The fuel behind the world ending in 2012 is the misconception that the Ancient Mayan civilization predicted that in December of 2012 the earth and all of its inhabitants would meet their doomsday. In reality this is only a myth, according to National Geographic News In December 2012, the lengthy Mayan era ends and the complicated, cyclical calendar will roll over again to Day Zero, beginning another enormous cycle. Even with the Mayan myth brought to the surface, not all fears have been removed. The University of Washington claims that the sun will eventually melt away any evidence that the earth and its inhabitants ever existed, but not for a while. “The disappearance of our planet is still 7.5 billion years away, but people really should consider the fate of our world and have a realistic understanding of where we are going,” said University of Washington astrophysicist Donald Brownlee. “We live in a fabulous place at a fabulous time. It’s a healthy thing for people to realize what a treasure this is in space and time, and fully appreciate and protect their environment as much as possible.” A lot of Loy Norrix students have not been influenced by the media’s

view on the Earth’s extinction next year. A lot of opinions lean towards the idea being unrealistic and absurd. “The world will never end,” said senior Natalie Filipowicz, “When we all die the world will just start over like with the Jurassic times again.” The extinction of the earth and all of its life forms does not even cross senior Zac Sockol’s mind. “I’m not worried, the world won’t end until long after my life time,” said Sockol.

collapse (and rebirth) over the next several years.” That point aside, the Earth could blow up, it could freeze over, or humans could even be the cause behind extinction of one another. There is even speculation that the end will be a direct result of war. “World War III will definitely cause the end of the world,” said freshman Wyatt Featherstone. “It will be brought on by distasteful dictators, but not next year. That is just silly, it will be at a different time, like maybe PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE.COM 2013.” “I think eventually the JARED ECKLEY / KNIGHT LIFE sun will go According to Natural through a supernova because it News, “The world won’t come is just a big star,” said Sockol. to an end on December 21, “It will blow up, and everyone 2012, but certain elements of on earth will be pale and current human civilization may commit suicide because they certainly be coming to a close aren’t tan anymore.” around that time. The global Besides the jokes being money system . . .is headed for made about the irrational end a total collapse. Many elements next year, not much is being of the environment are at a said about it. Most students breaking point [as well]. The have not even heard about chemical burden on the citizens it except for from the movie of the world is reaching a “2012.” They do not think critical mass that may culminate about it or fear it at all. It holds in a population collapse . . basically no rank amongst .many things are headed toward

A True Friend Madison Luckett Opinion Editor

Have you ever been out with some friends then just so happen to look in a mirror and realize you have food crumbs all over your face and wonder why your friends never told you? What are some things you would expect your friends to tell you if they knew something you didn’t know?

Senior Katie McDaniel “If my boyfriend was cheating on me.”

Freshman Daniel Alonzo “If I had a hole in my pants.”

Sophomore Beatrice Powers “If my crack was out.”

Freshman Sylvia Albeo “If my hair was messed up.”

Senior Christopher Deryke “If I had something in my teeth.”

Senior Amy Youngs “If someone put an underwear sticker on my back.”

Junior Ray’Von Jones “If I had a booger in my nose.”

Sophomore Laroy Lockett “If I had something hanging out of my nose.”

other worries like next month’s research paper, this Friday’s big game, and college acceptance letters. “I don’t think about the end, but I will probably party this year, just in case [the end does come next year],” laughed Filipowicz. The Science Channel states that the doomsayers always warn that Nostradamus said the world was going to end and he “NEVER GOT ANYTHING WRONG.” These days, 2012’s the trendiest day for end-ofworld prophecies. Specifically, it’s December 21, 2012. Junior, Taylor Hamilton also strongly believes that the world will in fact come to an end next year. “[It will happen] just like in the movie,” said Hamilton. “A lot of water will come, and the Earth will flood, and the Dali Lama will just be sitting on a hill and the water will wash him away.” Despite the belief that the end is quite near, that does not raise any fear in Hamilton’s mind. “I think about it everyday of my life,” said Hamilton, “ but I’ll be okay because I’m just going to build an ark, like Noah did.” Loy Norrix students are not worried and neither are scientists. It is more likely to hear jokes and laughing about the speculation than to hear about fears or preparations. Myth extinguished, the earth still has a long life ahead of it according to the Loy Norrix Knights.

TEXTBOOKS from Page 4 students take notes not only gives the students a chance to hear what is being taught, but it gives them the advantage of having their lesson on paper, in their own writing, at home with them to study. With the smart-phones and internet there are no notes for students to

study, which means going on the internet and typing in your question over and over again, just to study. Technology should be used to enhance learning but not take over the basic method of learning: teachers and textbooks.

LOVE from Page 4 love that they have for that person overrides everything completely? “It is just plain stupid. No one [in high school] should say they would do anything for a person they think they are in love with,” said Haywood. High school sweethearts are couples who date in high school for a very long time, many of them predict that they will get married because of the amount of time that they have been together but that is not always true. According to Snopes studies taken in 2006 and 2007 during an 18- month period out of more than 10,000 people who married in the United States, 19 percent of the couples met online, compared with 17 percent who met at work and 17 percent who met through friends. That is at least 53 percent of the 10,000 did not marry their high school sweethearts. In some relationships the couples rush into love and don’t understand what they are truly feeling. To “like” someone is very different from being in “love” with that person. No

one has to love their boyfriend/ girlfriend when they really only have little to no feelings for that person. If you feel uncomfortable when your partner says that they love you then do not say it back. When teenagers love someone and then break up they often become somewhat depressed. They feel as if they have nothing else to live for which does not make any sense since love is not supposed to be the only thing on a person’s mind. The depression could also come from a student being in love with someone and that someone not loving them back. It is not the end of the world, and no one should feel that way because of a false love that they thought they had. Maybe high school students can date, or “like” each other but not be in love. Love and romance is too much for a high school student’s mind. It is a word that is abused and not taken seriously. Students should focus more towards their school, work, and enjoying life. They should not get fumbled up in love.

SNACKS from Page 4

Junior Dearius Hooper “If I was musty.”

Senior Tyler Horton “If my breath stunk.”

Junior Victoira Jones “If my boyfriend was being unfaithful.”

by the students in the Business Program under the supervision of business teacher Barb Rockey. The school store that used to be in place at Loy Norrix sold all types of goodies from freshly baked cookies to sub sandwiches. The school store

along with being a lounge and a store was also beneficial to the school. It gave the students involved in the program good management experience and the income earned also went back to helping the students of Loy Norrix. This solution seems like a win-win for all students.

Student IDs: A New Name for Self Expression Jenna Fiore Staff Writer


Freshman Juan Paz tosses his ID as he and Senior Daequan Mitchell sing during their 2nd hour choir class. As you look around the room many people can be seen playing with their ID.

What identifies you? Your name, clothes, voice, or fingerprint? While you are a student at Loy Norrix, your student ID is your identification. Everyone hears, “Put your ID on; IDs must be worn at all times!” as they walk through the halls of Loy

Norrix. The fact is that many Loy Norrix students do not like wearing their IDs. Student IDs enable staff to identify who is actually a student at Loy Norrix and who is not. Many kids from other schools come to Norrix to take Education for

Employment classes. Student IDs prove you are a student at Loy Norrix and they must be worn to get into school. However, many students use their IDs for more than just getting into school. Student IDs can also be used as a form of self expression. Freshman Iyana Smith’s ID is covered with various designs. “I put stickers on it, paint it with glitter nail polish, draw on it with Sharpie, and bite the corners,” said Smith. “I bite the edges because I am bored in class and it is an alternative to biting my nails,” said Smith. “As for the drawing, I have always liked to draw so I decided to color my ID because it looked dull.” Smith’s friend freshman Yani Esters first put the nail polish on her ID and the cute idea quickly caught on. Since then it has become a trend among many freshmen. Aside from Smith, freshmen Alex Burse, Jordan Taylor, Claire Domanick, and Julia Fiore all personalize their IDs with sparkly nail

polish. Fiore also has key chains on her ID and puts various pins on her lanyard. Though Fiore uses the school provided breakaway lanyard, she sees other students with cute lanyards and would use one if she had it. “I think it would be a good idea for the athletic office to sell lanyards with various designs for the students,” said Fiore. Senior Tyler McCrary wears his ID on a lanyard was hand woven in art class by Priscilla Santana, a close friend who was a Loy Norrix foreign exchange student from Brazil last year. Senior Hannah Fleming used student IDs to come up with an original Christmas present for her friends during sophomore year. “I made about seven ID charms by taking earring wire and stringing it with beads. Then I attached a hook so it could be clipped onto the lanyard,” said Fleming. Her friends wore the charms all year and senior Emma McLaren still has hers on her senior ID. Senior Colin Rooney

is not so concerned with the decoration of his ID. “I burn my ID with a lighter when I am bored,” said Rooney. Rooney does not do this in school. He and a couple of friends have worn burned IDs to school for the past three years. Whether IDs are a form of self expression, a memory of a shocking experience, or barely noticed, student IDs are mandatory around Loy Norrix. Teachers and staff constantly check that your ID is worn around your neck and if found without one, you are forced to purchase another or are sent to bridges. The next time you are sitting in class, take a look around you and see what your classmates do with their ID. Maybe you will come up with your own idea to personalize your ID with.

Spring Break: Fun in the Sun Karylle Hillard Web Master

Haley Pfeil Sports Editor

Reminiscing on Our Childhood Remember way back when we used to say “Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, Girls go to college to get more knowledge”? Or when cooties were not allowed and we had to sing the cootie song, “Circle, circle, dot, dot now I got my cootie shot, square, square, square, square now I got it everywhere, knife, knife, knife, knife, now I got it all my life?” The things we used to say were pleasing to us. There was always something to say at the right time. Like when someone was jumping in your conversation but had nothing to with it, we used to have a lot of different ways to tell them to get out of it like, “Why you dippin and dappin and don’t know what’s happenin” or “This is an A and B conversation so you can C your way out of it” or how about this one, “why you all up in my Kool-Aid and don’t even know the flavor?” Senior Tatavanna Foster remembers a time in the fourth grade when someone was butting in her conversation and she told them, “It’s a January and February convo, so March yo’ way out of it.” There was a time when if you thought you knew something but were proven wrong you had to get “yo’ Skittles burnt” or “yo’ bubbles got burst.” Peace Jam advisor Sveri May, got her bubbles burst as the 90 babies would call it, by her teacher when she was in middle school at Milwood in 1968. They used to sing, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is” and refer this song to going to the bathroom. One time May sang that song and laughed so much and hard that she got sent out of her 8th grade class, she had officially got her bubbles burst in front of all her friends. “It still plays out…that stuff for entertainment,” said senior Dominick Travis. Travis is one of the goofiest seniors at Loy Norrix High School. He still makes up little rhyme songs to make his day go better. His favorite childhood song was “milk, milk lemonade around the corner fudge is made.” Remember when someone came up to you and their breath would stink so you would have to inform them by saying, “Poof be gone, yo breath is too strong. Wait come back, I think I got a Tic Tac, not a Tic Tac but the whole six pack?” Or if you did not want to be too mean you would hit them with the saying, “Why you all up in my grill?” A lot of these old sayings would be called being mean right now, but back then that was just a way of getting your point across. “Once you get older the flavor goes away. It is not like it used to be,” said Dominick Travis. We came from saying “hoopin” to “ballin”, “How are you doing” to “What up doe”, “totally” to “totes”. “The things we used to say makes me miss my childhood, the good old days when we had nothing to worry about,” said Travis.

Sa-Niqua Langford Staff Writer

“You a dun tada dunt.” -Damontre Stuckey, Senior

“Miss me, Miss me, now you got to kiss me.” -Aimee Lopez-Linares, Junior

R e “That’s my name, don’t wear it out” m e “Say it, don’t spray it” m “Dag nab it!” b e “Girl’s rule and boys drool” r T h e s e

“I want to be a baller shot caller” “Groovy”

“Step on a crack, break ya momma’s back”

Loy Norrix students decided on what thier favorite superheroes and villains were. Here are their results:

Jared Eckley Comic Editor


Spring Break is a time for students to get away from school and get out to enjoy life. Students and teachers are planning trips to vacation spots where they can escape the unpredictable Michigan weather. So pack your bags and grab your suntan lotion as we explore their destinations.

Pablo Tavares- Sophomore

“Oh no you didn’t”

Hannah Fleming- Senior




14% 50%



Destination: Dominican Republic With: His brother, Luke. Why: He is going there because that is where he was raised. Most excited for: “I’m most excited for gettin’ my tan on, gettin’ my surf on, but most important, gettin’ my mac on.” Fact: The Dominican Republic is a good warm vacation spot because it has little climate change and variation in seasons.



Destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica With: Lauren McGlinn and family Why: It is warm and has a lot of activities. Most excited for: “I’m most excited for warm weather and to get tan.” Fact: Ocho Rio is the second most popular vacation spot in Jamaica.

Brenden Groggel-Junior



Art Williams- History Teacher


j Y


Villians8% 12%


Destination: Florida With: Family Why: His grandparents vacation there in the winter. Most excited for: “Tanning and bikinis.” Fact: Florida is a popular spring break spot because of the Atlantic Ocean.



Destination: Harbin Springs, California With: His wife. Why: His brother-in-law introduced him to it and he thinks it is relaxing. Most excited for: “Total Relaxation. There is no television or cell phone reception.” Fact: The resort Williams is staying at is an old hippie commune.





Studying Advice for Upcoming Standardized Tests

Loy Norrix Student Poems Veronica Hughes Feature Editor

Racheal Koole News Editor

Loy Norrix students express themselves everyday by what they say and how the dress. While Other students would rather express themselves through writing and creative word usage. Colin Overhiser, Shannon Larkin, Reana Smith, and Larry Benjamin express themselves through the power of poetry.

To Make a Moment Beautiful

Colin Overhiser, sophomore An empty canvas in a room A heartbeat and waterfall. A lunar eclipse with a remedy To make the moment beautiful. To capture our eyes tomorrow Will be the angels of today. A secret yet to be spoken Awaits your lips to break away. We search through every pasture But we overlook the grass. Just look how far we’ve gotten Shaken up by what has passed. In fear amidst the danger Hope flees without a trace. If we stand in the darkness We will stare death in the face. No question that we behold Measures up to what you get. Let’s close our eyes and wonder How much time do we have left? Stirring up inside out dreams Lies the key to our escape Hardly anyone can find it How many looks of those had faith? Walk the bridge of the heroes The borderline of our hearts. As the future glances back at us We all tend to fall apart. The sky closes in the middle Caught between black and white In a fearless act of love we cry God perfect this broken light. Like a memory forgotten A portrait fades away Of faces held in our eyes Lost in the tears of yesterday. When we’re on the edge of failure Breathe in the air if hope of When we think that we are slipping We trust and don’t let go. The world of fake catalysts Evoke the glass created stars. That we get tricked to wish upon Leaving our souls etched with scars.

Until everything’s completed Until the very final clash. Songs will carry the tune of daylight Until we’re home at last. Countdown from dusk to dawn The seconds we reach are far. Far from the finished masterpiece So for right now we are.

Fl at l i n e Shawty I gasp for air (Beep Beep) the monitor goes where is she, she’s not there My love not in my presence, I think, slowly hoping When I open she is present. My eye sights blurry, I feel like I’m in a daze I look down and my leg is gone, blood up to my face I feel as if I’m talking aloud but I’m speaking in my head. I’m surviving off of oxygen, if not for that I’m dead My ears are working perfectly, so I know certainly That what I heard was more painful than my body and it’s hurting me They said I would survive, but my love has passed away I cry and I cry but the feeling is numb No reason to live, my life is done So I lay and think as the monitor speeds up. Noises, sound, doctors, nurses running…..Is this it? I hold my life within my grip Things turned to silence, all was ignored For when I pulled the cord, my life was…no more Beep Beep. (Flatline).

Shannon Larkin, senior

n i a g A r Neve

Do you ever think about me? You say that you do but you don’t. I wanna hate you but I won’t Because what if one day you come Back and prove to me that you Will always be there for me. Holding me up, picking me up, Not tripping me up.

Though I know it’ll never happen So I’ll just wake up from my dream Because everything is not what it Seems. Never again will I try to see Eye to eye with a guy who didn’t Have time for my love. Don’t try Again for I am not a game and if you Think I am, you’re such a shame

Reana Sm

ith, junio r

The Beauty that is You

A gentle word like a spark of light illuminates my soul, An empty canvas in a room And as each word goes deeper girl A heartbeat and waterfall it’s you that makes me whole, A lunar eclipse with a remedy So if you ever need me girl, I’ll put my life on To make the moment beautiful. hold, Because you’re like my blanket without you I grow cold. There is no hole, nor dark place your love can’t fill, Baby you’re that deal, and I love how you keep it real, Your beauty is my addiction, so there is no need for pills, And when I am without you I start to get ill, Honesty, integrity, without you girl there is no me, Your kisses just like ecstasy, no one dare compare to thee, haters just can’t stand to see, we roam around so happily, S My life lived a catastrophe, without you would be blasphemy, E Tubs filled with emotions make the other people laugh at me, N I’m feeling kind of grizzly, I need you like a honey bee, To you my heart belongs only, I So please girl don’t you ever leave, O Can’t wait the day we can be, R Forever long I’ve searched for thee, Girl my feelings are true, you have me but I really want you, There’s nothing else for me to do, because when it comes to you there’s no other substitute At times you’re mad you know I’ll be your jester, and when you’re scared you know we’ll be together, This is one thing I want to last forever, because I know that life with you is way better, Than living in this lonely cold world, See I told my mom for Christmas I want you to be my girl, I do not need no jewelry You’re my diamond and my pearl, And I’m going nuts for you so I guess I’m a squirrel, Like hurricanes we can just give this a whirl, Life is like double-dutch you can stand around and twirl, or jump in and begin with a grin My friend, my love for you is purer and I’m here for you till the end.


Junior Ben Harmsen practices his math skills before school one morning. Harmsen plans on studying constantly before taking the MME and ACT.

As spring approaches, Loy Norrix’s class of 2012 will be faced with two tests that could determine their future: the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) and the American College Test (ACT). These two tests are essential to getting into a good college and continuing on with their future. The tests will take place on March 1-3 and are mandatory for high school graduation. In the weeks leading up to the test, senior Michael Schultes’ advice is to attend the classes that teach students the basics of what is on the test. Senior Chris Deryke’s advice is to focus in school to prepare for the MME/ACT’s. “Really try to do as much homework as possible and study every night,” said Deryke. Senior Ricardo Escamilla agrees that studying is good preparation. “Find a quiet place [to study],” said Escamilla. Students may understand the benefits of taking these tests, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by the tests. Math teacher Ben Bakalyar said that students should prepare themselves accordingly for the tests. “Get sleep. You don’t want to fight sleep [during the tests],” said Bakalyar. Bakalyar also added that students should eat a good healthy breakfast and dress comfortably during the test dates. Bakalyar is not the only one that shares these beliefs. Seniors Rinku Patel and Bryan Traconis agree that sleep is a good preparation the day before the tests. “Generally the best thing to do is to get enough sleep, which will help you focus better. Sleeping and studying are the most important things,” said Patel. The first day of testing is on March 1 from 7:35 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. The second and third days are from 7:35 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. with classes after the tests until 2:20 p.m. The three tests are taken all in a row so it may overwhelm students. “It was very stressful [doing the tests day after day],” said Escamilla. Even with the right preparation there is still the risk of messing up during the tests. A student could get stuck on a question and then five minutes later find out that time is almost up with ten questions still remaining. Bakalyar believes that during the tests students should use up all the time and to not get hung up on difficult questions. As the dates approach and the class of 2012 focuses on the MME/ACT, these tips will help students pass the tests. For all tests takers, good luck! LETTERS from page 6

Cell phone friendly responses


Dear Editor, I read “Loy Norrix should be more cell phone friendly.” I think that this was a good article because it shows how much people use their phones and how much they can’t live without them. I also agree that Norrix should be more cell phone friendly because if an emergency is going on and they need to contact their parents and administration takes it away they can’t get a hold of their parents. At least,if nothing else, let us use them at lunch. Sincerely, Nikita Smith

Dear Editor, I read the 2nd article titled “Loy Norrix should be more Cell Phone Friendly.” I very much agree with this article. If they say cell phones are a distraction then we shouldn’t be using them in class but we should be able to use them during passing time and lunches. We aren’t learning anything during passing times or lunch so it wouldn’t be distracting anything. I think Loy Norrix staff is way too strict about their no cell phone rules. Sincerely, Cheyenne Gandy

Fifteen Random Facts I’ll Bet You Didn’t know! Brittaney Tyson A&E Editor

1. Karaoke means “empty

orchestra” in Japanese.

2. “Stressed” is “desserts” spelled backwards. 3.

Guinea pigs and rabbits can’t sweat. Reason: Rabbits and Guinea pigs do not have a cooling system like humans do. Humans have sweat glands that help them cool off while a rabbit’s system of cooling is that their blood rushes to their ears in which it is cooled off and sent back into the body. The ears of Guinea pigs, on the other hand, are too small so they do not cool at all. This is why people are told to keep their Guinea pigs in a cool area that does not exceed the temperature of 90 degrees.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors. 5.

The average ear of corn has 800 kernels arranged in 16 rows.

6. In the United States, you are more likely to be killed by a bee sting than a shark attack.


The Bible is the number one shoplifted book in America.


You burn more calories while asleep than watching TV Reason: When people are watching TV they do little to no movement but while in a deep sleep people move around more often than watching TV.


A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

10. Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a “Friday the 13th.”

11. A mosquito has 47 teeth. 12. Under Mississippi law, there is no such thing as a female Peeping Tom.

13. In China, September 20 is “Love Your Teeth Day.” Reason: This day has been celebrated in China since 1989 in order to inform and improve oral healthcare in China.


Human birth control pills work on gorillas. Reason: Humans and Gorillas are very similar in a lot of ways. Both humans and Gorillas share the same hormones, so the birth control does the exact same thing for gorillas as humans.


The only food that does not spoil is Liquid Honey. Reason: Liquid Honey contains a high concentration of sugar, which kills the bacteria that causes food to spoil. (All facts are from Useless Facts. Reasons researched by Knight Life)

11 Students at Norrix Follow Their Feature


Passions as a Senior Trip Lucas Leibold Web Assistant High school is known to be a transition period for young adults. Along with learning valuable topics and lessons in class, teens experience things that will really mature and prepare them for the adult world. Your senior year in high school is known to be very momentous: a sense develops that you are prime and perhaps special treatment is owed to you for being the longest resident of the school. After spending four years at Loy Norrix, our students will embark on a journey to fulfill their longing for freedom. This phenomenon is called the senior trip. Most senior trips are organized for spring break; these privileged high school students will be looking for Caribbean music, sand in their toes, and an endless ocean. However there is a rare breed of seniors that are itching to migrate west in search of altitude and depth (in powder that is). One such student is senior Tyler McCrary. McCrary organized a trip for himself and three of his friends, seniors Hunter Lee, Joseph Birdsall, and Ryan McMullin of Gull Lake. “The trip took a long time to plan,” said McCrary, “about a month total and even longer to convince everyone’s parents.” This trip was going to be made without adult supervision or company. Twenty hours and six states later the boys found themselves in the condo of their dreams in Keystone, Colorado, surrounded by endless mountains and infinite possibilities. “The car ride really took it out of us,” said McCrary. “We all took turns driving because we wanted to drive straight through, but we kinda messed up because no one really slept when they were taking their break,” everyone was too excited to reach the destination. The trip was fueled with energy drinks, junk food, and ambition. Unlike many other senior


Hunter Lee soars over a hard rail at Woods Lake. It is just another day of skiing with his friends that joined him on the trip out west.

trips, their Colorado adventure was not filled with sleeping in until noon. The boys were up by six or seven to grab their gear and catch the shuttle to the mountain for fresh tracks in the snow. “Shuttle buses were headed anywhere we wanted to go, so there was really no reason to drive anywhere,” said McCrary. “Our first day skiing was absolutely epic,” said McCrary. The boys got an opportunity to ride a snow cat a mile above the tree line and lifts to the summit of Keystone, to do some real backcountry tree skiing in untouched areas of the mountain. They skied across the mountain until they reached the tree line, where they “hucked” a cliff, and found a nice clearing. The boys made makeshift seats in the waist-deep powder, and had their lunch. “We had to take a moment to take everything in,” said McCrary, “Everything was so peaceful. This trip made everything we did seem like we were experiencing it for the first time.” Being higher than the clouds every day can take a serious toll on your body, so the boys needed to stay hydrated and rested because the altitude and thin air will tire you out quickly. Not everyone is presented with such an amazing experience as this, and it proved to be everything they expected and much more. “Establishing that trust with

my parents is very valuable,” said McCrary. “And I feel as if they would be proud, we handled ourselves maturely and made it home in one piece.” Everything about this adventure sounded absolutely perfect, great company and infinite possibilities surrounded them. “The natives of Colorado couldn’t be more downto-earth,” said McCrary. “Everyone was so kind and you just felt so comfortable around everybody.” They would go into town and check out shops, talk to random people and document with their video camera, but most importantly “Rep it for the Zoo.” Everybody has their own dream for a senior trip, not everyone would like to exhaust themselves driving cross country to freeze their toes off and wake up early. Senior Camryn Romph plans on flying to Jamaica for spring break with a few of her friends from Loy Norrix and a large group from Hackett Catholic High School. They will be staying at an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay, 18-yearolds and older will be allowed to leave the resort and travel in to town for shopping and dining. Jamaica is a beautiful country with rich culture and breathtaking scenery. Both trips will be memorable for these seniors and may fulfill their longing for freedom.

Loy Norrix Student Experiences a Day of Solitude Nikkole Hegler Photo Assistant In the last issue of Knight Life, two students were given the task to remain silent throughout the school day. Freshman Sylvia Albeo and Sophomore Davian Phillips felt as if they were trapped and could not survive being nonsocial. According to Everyday Health, staying socially and intellectually active can help keep your mind sharp and reduce your risk of cognitive decline or dementia later in life. This time around, junior Courtney Martin was put in the same situation. Before even starting the day, Martin felt like she was not going to be able to go a whole day without talking. “I felt like it [the day] would not be fun,“ said Martin. Lunchtime ended up being the most difficult time for Martin. “Shut up, I can’t talk,” said Martin. Martin plays basketball, which makes her an outgoing person. She knows many people and is very sociable. Before taking on the task of being silent for a whole day, Martin thought she was going to miss out on a lot of things. “[I’m going to miss] talking to my friends and not being able to talk to people at all,” said Martin. During Martin’s 1st period, many people came up to her and started to talk about the work they did the day before. As they talked she kept looking as if she was saying, “can I talk to them.” Martin overcame her first obstacle when junior Morgan


Martin (center) listens as friends Morgan Paige (right) and Andrea Hargrave (left) talk about her weekend. She is frustrated because she cannot talk to them.

Paige came up to her talking about Martin’s boyfriend, DeAllen Rozier. You could tell that she wanted to talk so bad through the hand gestures she made and the looks she gave. Paige thought that completing this task of silence was going to be hard for Martin. “I think Courtney was struggling [to talk],” said Paige. There were many more obstacles for Martin to overcome. One of the hardest obstacles Martin had to overcome was when freshman Kourtney Gunn came up to Martin in the hallway talking about a situation that occurred over the weekend. Gunn did not like that Martin could not talk. She thought it was a bad idea. “[It] was hard because I’m used to joking with her a lot,” said Gunn. Martin has a big social network, which made every minute challenging. According

to Everyday Health, having a strong social network increases your chances of being both physically and mentally healthy. One of Martin’s best friends, junior Andrea Hargrave, really did not like that Martin had to go a whole day without talking. Although Hargrave was not happy with the fact that her best friend could not talk she never tried to get Martin to talk. “ [I] thought it was weird because we always talk. I just didn’t like it,” said Hargrave. When the day came to an end, Gunn and Hargrave gave their thoughts on how they felt about Martin’s experience of silence. “[The day was] hard, because I was so used to her talking and we couldn’t really talk at all,” said Gunn. “Her experience was nice because she wasn’t arguing with anybody,” said Hargrave.



February 2011

Bring the Whole Family The Mystery That Keeps on Giving Calvin Leinenbach Web Team to Cristina Bryant Photo Editor


A bacon burger coated in cheese is a lunch option at Perkins. The meal is optional for any meal of the day.

Walking into Perkins, located on East Cork Street, the family atmosphere is easily felt by the cozy warm feeling that fills you as soon as you walk though the door. Perkins has carpeted floors, decorative flower wallpaper, and classic wood tables. It is an old country-style restaurant, affordable for even the lower middle class. Whether you want to go bright and early in the morning or late at night, Perkins is open 24/7. Dining out on a Saturday afternoon, one would expect it to be packed; however, Perkins was not; perhaps this is due to the fact that the service was fairly fast. The meal arrived at the table just 15 minutes after ordering. An order of a ham and cheese omelet comes with hash browns and pancakes on the side. The presentation was amazing; the omelet was filled and covered with loads of ham and cheese and the pancakes were placed on a separate plate with butter on top. Well, lets just say this meal was anything but small. In taking the first bite, everything seemed perfectly seasoned, and a nice

temperature to where you can just start eating without waiting for it to cool down. Even though it was two in the afternoon, it was nice to enjoy a breakfast meal instead of lunch or dinner. Perkins is more than affordable for many families, and it is definitely worth every penny considering the quality and quantity served. Most dishes range around $6-$9, which is about what it costs for a value meal at a fast food joint. Not only was the food great but also the service was about the best out there. The waitresses were not just patient but also kind and were very helpful and knowledgeable about Perkins’ menu. While there, there were no complaints to be seen or heard from other customers, everyone seemed to be enjoying the time they were spending with their families. If you’re ever feeling like going out to eat with the family and just cannot choose a place that everyone will enjoy and that is affordable, consider Perkins as an option. With the choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner, anytime of the day, it is almost a guarantee everyone will find an enjoyable tasty meal.

One of the great deals offered at Perkins is the ham and cheese omelet. A generous serving for a reasonable price.


“Lost” was a television show that ran on ABC from 2004-2010. Created by writers J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, “Lost” boasts mysteries still confusing fans today. Many viewers made the joke that it’s an appropriate name for the show because I’m definitely lost. That, however, is the beauty of the show; it doesn’t hand out everything to you. One of the best parts about watching “Lost” was the fact that even after the final episode was over, I was still sitting on my couch staring at a turned off television like I was still watching the show, trying to figure out what the heck just happened. “Lost” is one of those shows where you have to watch every episode of every season beginning to end to even begin to understand what is happening. Every episode may introduce a new mystery while answering another, adding to the complex yet incredible enigma. For me to try and sum up “Lost” for someone who has never seen it would require me filling this entire newspaper with this article alone. Along with excellent


directing and masterful writing, the show presents an incredibly polished acting cast. The acting core consists of individuals who would not be considered “big names” but are definitely talented and upon completion of the show, would now be considered “big names.” Along with a beautiful Hawaiian setting that still manages to terrify the island inhabitants, the show, needless to say, has a lot going for it. At no point did the producers ever fail to trust in their viewer’s intelligence and when completely pressed for answers throughout the show,

16 and Complaining Calvin Leinenbach Web Team

“16 and Pregnant” is a reality TV show featured on MTV, which in itself is a bit confusing seeing that MTV stands for Music Television. Anyway, the show was first broadcast in June of 2009 and is still running today. The show follows the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school and usually concludes when the baby is a few months old. Usually, the show introduces the girls as everyday teenagers and then presents the fact that they’re pregnant. The concept of the show is to present the hardships of teen pregnancy, especially in a high school environment, yet doesn’t manage that at all. Each one of the girls on the show presents how problematic the pregnancy is, but the show hardly ever features them in school, it’s always outside of school. Really what the show is doing is featuring kids willing to present their problems on TV;


we all have problems and we all have to face the repercussions of our actions, these girls aren’t any different. If anything, the show is presenting the idea that if you complain enough you can get on TV. Almost every one of these girls ends up crying and describing the hardships of their pregnancy; they really are not special. Just because you made a mistake and you feel bad about it doesn’t mean you should be on television. There are thousands of teenage mothers in America who look

Story Time with Tae Jevonte’ Hughes Layout Editor Sam Bertons was a girl that attended the local high school in Springfield. Sam was one of the more popular and studious girls in the school, as well as a cheerleader. Sam was a great student and had good grades. She stood about 5’5”, with long blond locks of hair that flowed down the middle of her back. Football was a very popular sport at Springfield High. Homecoming was one of the most celebrated events of the school year, like at many other schools. More students attended the homecoming game and dance than they did the prom. Everyone was getting ready for the homecoming week. Teachers were setting announcements on the morning announcements, students were hanging up posters, and football players were doing their best in class and on the field to begin the school year with a bang. Sam dated Jacob Jensen, the star wide-receiver of the team. Jacob would be going to the University of Oregon at the end of the year leaving his beloved Sam behind. Sam and Jacob were on the homecoming court and they were bound to win, being the two most

popular students in school. Who wouldn’t vote for them? Sam’s favorite teacher, Ms. Holmes, a Spanish teacher at Springfield High, wished her the best of luck with the homecoming election after class that day. That comment meant a lot to her and Sam said, “Thank you” with utmost sincerity. The next day Sam came into Spanish class crying. Ms. Holmes asked, “What happened?” Full of tears she responded, “He broke up with me, he said that he needs to get over me before he goes off to college instead of when he goes to college. He really hurt my feelings and I loved him.” Ms. Holmes, being the helpful person she was, talked Sam through the situation and just told her that everything was going to be ok and not to worry about it; she is beautiful without Jacob. It was homecoming night and everyone was getting ready for the game. Girls were going out to buy new outfits and boys were getting new shoes and going straight to the game. All the excitement made the stadium ecstatic and the game environment perfect. It was kickoff and the game started. Roars of the

they only presented more mystery. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of “Lost” is the fact that the only people in the entire world that knew how the mysteries would unfold were the two writers. The actors weren’t told what would happen, only given scripts. “Lost” is a show full of drama, destiny, metaphysics, doomsday equations, time travel, and even a polar bear on a tropical island (crazy, right?) and that’s not even half; not even a fourth! I recommend “Lost” to anyone willing to pay attention and wanting to employ deep thinking, seriously.


crowd shook the whole stadium with aggressive cheers, which made the game that much more exiting. Jacob got the ball on a kickoff return. He broke off one tackle and got around another defender, then he shot down the sideline, and took it down the field for a touchdown. The crowd roared again. This time it was louder because the home team put the first points on the board. The game was amazing and scoring was going back and forth and the game was very close before half-time: 35-32. Half-time came and the score was the same. During the half time everyone was

walking around and going to the concession stand. Suddenly the sky got dark and it started to rain. The faculty all just stopped in their tracks and watched the football players come back out on the field. All of the faculty at once rushed the teams and started to attack the players. The people went crazy in the stands. After the faculty attacked the players, the faculty and the team started to charge the stands. The spectators panicked and started to run toward the building. Sam was in shock watching her favorite teacher and Jacob, the one she was in love with wreaking havoc with no explanation.

at their situation as their own fault and take responsibility for their actions, yet what America ends up making is the teenage pregnancy show about the ones who just complain about it. Now I’m not saying this show glamorizes teen pregnancy at all; however, it certainly doesn’t deter it. What each one of these girls seems unable to understand is that this pregnancy is a natural consequence of unprotected sex and more importantly, their own fault. They should have taken the initiative to use birth control methods if they were going to be sexually active. Almost all of us have had some sort of sexual education class or at least understand the basics of sex and how getting pregnant works. “16 and Pregnant” is just a whole bunch of drama. These girls knew what they were getting themselves in to and they could have prevented it. They could have at least attempted to, yet they didn’t, so now they’re just complaining. Why is this a television show?

Sam snapped out of the shock, confused out of her mind, and shot in to the school building with a couple other people. Down the dark and chilly halls of the school there was an exit sign glowing in the dark. The principal, Principal Taylor, turned the corner with a rage, similar to the faculty on the football field, and started to chase after Sam and her friends. They darted down the hallway heading to the main office. Sam took off in front without looking back; suddenly she heard a scream from behind her. She got to the end of the hallway where the office was. Scared of Principal Taylor, she ran down the stairs where the day care center and the car shop were housed. Scared for her life, Sam sat in the corner of the downstairs hallway where a rusted iron latched door was. As she lay in the corner, scared for her life, she started to cry. She cried hard but not enough so that she would get caught. Suddenly she heard footsteps; click-clack, clickclack. It sounded like

See STORY TIME page 15


Throwback Comics



Over the years Knight Life has collected a lot of comics from Loy Norrix artists. We chose to bring back some of the best comics again for your entertainment.








February 2011

Specialize in One Sport, or Not High School Athletes Make a Tough Choice Gwen De Young Business Manager Your whole life you were probably encouraged to try new things and explore the world around you. If you played sports you were probably also encouraged to try participating in many different sports. Then when you got to high school your freshman year, you might have thought of focusing on one sport: this is called sports specialization. Sports specialization occurs when athletes limit their athletic participation to one sport. Though there is a growing trend in travel sports, high school athletes rarely specialize. Why might athletes want to focus their time on just one sport when they get into high school or even before that? Athletes may have the goal of playing sports in college and even beyond that, so they focus on one sport to increase their chances of getting noticed and recruited to play at the college level. Sometimes an athlete just has a true deep love for it such as Loy Norrix junior Alex Elwell with softball. “It’s [softball] my favorite sport, I just love it and I grew up around it,” said Elwell, who also has the goal of playing softball in college. Another big reason why an athlete might specialize is fear of getting hurt in another sport. Loy Norrix sophomore Sierra James discovered this


Sophomore Sierra James returned to basketball after breaking her tibia in softball. James does not specialize in one sport even with the risk of injury.

last softball season. While at practice one day, James broke both sides of her tibia while doing a drill. She then felt as though her basketball career was over thanks to the softball injury. “I thought I was done, yeah I thought softball [had] ruined it,” said James, who is truly committed to basketball. People believe kids should not specialize in sports for the reason of overuse of the athlete’s body. Kids who play

travel or Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sports yeararound usually find themselves tired at the end of each season as Elwell does with softball. “… Just a little because I find myself hurt at the end of the season,” said Elwell. It is common sense that if you play a sport all year you are bound to get hurt or overuse your body playing that sport. Getting into other sports, you learn to use different muscle groups.

Cheerleading Team Breaks School Records


The Loy Norrix cheer team battles it out at the SMAC conference competition. They placed third in their division with a score of 692.

Jazmine Houston Opinion Assistant Imagine running onto a mat in front of many people and judges, clapping and cheering, getting into position and starting a routine that will either make or break you and your team. Smiling, intensity, and tight movements are what the judges are looking for. A simple step out of place can cost your team some points. In cheerleading you are judged on every move and every facial expression you make. It takes a considerable

amount of confidence to stand up and cheer at competitions. The Loy Norrix Cheerleading Team has battled it out and broken school records not only once but five times this year, at almost every competition Tuesday, January 10, 2011 the Loy Norrix Lady Knights defeated rival St. Joe and conquered the first place position with a pleasing score of 652 in their division. Practice and dedication played a big part in their win. “Practice everyday and work during the summer,” said junior Shaquilla Haywood,

explaining that this is the way they prepare for competitions. Being a team player can definitely affect the team as a whole. The judges are not scoring you as an individual; they are scoring you as a team. If you are not a team player, nothing is going to work. Working as a team is one of the areas the cheerleading team has been focusing on. Not only that, but looking like a team, being a team, and being more intense are important. Before every competition, the cheer team runs through each round, makes last minute fixes, and gives it their all. What you put in is what you get out, and the cheerleading team has clearly experienced that. When people doubt the cheer team it only makes them stronger. “It’s frustrating, but we take it for what it’s worth and work harder,” said Jenna Fiore, one of the captains on the cheer team. The Loy Norrix cheer team plans to continue on with their great achievements and come back next year to break more records. “Determined to be number one,” said junior Ray’von Jones as she explained a motto that the cheer team goes by.

Another reason why people do not want to limit children to one sport too early is that by doing so, it denies the athlete transferable skills in one sport to the next. All sports have benefits and develop new skills; even today’s big name athletes did not play just one sport growing up. Famous former NFL running back Bo Jackson played not only football in high school but also baseball. Jackson soon went on to have a career in

both sports. Former Baltimore Orioles third basemen Cal Ripken has even said playing more than one sport in high school and growing up made him the baseball player he became. Ripken played soccer, basketball, and baseball in high school. High school sports are also supposed to be fun for the athlete playing the game whether they have dreams of playing after high school or not. Focusing on one sport can lead to burnout in that sport by the athlete. Kids also get a lot more health benefits from playing multiple sports than none at all. “You still get the health benefits and you get more out of it by doing multiple sports,” said Loy Norrix women’s JV soccer coach Cory O’Bryan, who believes kids should not specialize in high school sports. O’Bryan also cites the low chances of athletes making a living playing sports. “Even if we specialize in high school sports, most of us still will not be good enough to play in the pros and make a living,” said O’Bryan. Specialization in high school sports may become a bigger trend than it is now, but there are risks. High school sports are supposed to be fun and teach kids positive values and leadership skills. When you start to turn high school sports into too much of a competitive game, kids may very well become uninterested and just quit.

Loy Norrix Bowling Teams Need Publicity

Robby Cox Staff Writer Opinion One of the least advertised athletic teams at Loy Norrix is bowling. This is not because the team is not good, as they are already 2-2-1 this season. “The only way I knew how to get onto the bowling team was because I looked for the information,” said senior Brandon Jean. Players like Jean have a passion for bowling, which led to their membership. The bowling team is not advertised often and many people do not even know it exists. This could be because bowling does not “draw in the crowds.” Sports like football, basketball, and basketball have many fans that watch, so the school pays attention to these programs and puts more emphasis on them. In fact, there was not even a girls’ bowling team for a while because there was not any interest. The bowling team needs followers so that the school recognizes it. The fact that the Loy Norrix bowling team is not reported on the high school sports section of Mlive, which is supposed to track all the sports teams in Michigan through submitted information, shows that the interest in bowling is not that high. “The coaches would like to report the scores to Mlive, but [Mlive] chooses not to [post them],” said Athletic Director Andrew Laboe. Simply reporting these scores would allow fans a more direct access to bowling information and potentially increase interest. “I haven’t really paid attention to the bowling team. I don’t really know much about bowling and I think you’d have to try to find out their

information anyway,” said sophomore Will Aeschbaucher. “Something could probably be done to make people take notice though.” LNTV, which informs students of what is happening throughout the school, does not often inform students when the team plays. This contributes to the poor attendance at matches. Things need to be done to help out this program, such as advertising it like any other sport. LNTV is for information, not just popular information. Emphasis is placed on the popular sports, but it takes a lot more for bowling to ‘win the crowd.’ The bowling team gained recognition in 2006 when they won the State Championship, but since then the popularity has dwindled. Having people watch the team can have benefits. “Having a large crowd at our games this year helped our performance. It motivated us to do well and stay in games,” varsity soccer player Drew Dunham stated. The Loy Norrix soccer team enjoyed success this year, and the attendance was much higher than normal due to advertising strategies like free pizza around dinner time. The bowling team is not bad and has some good players with bright futures, like Jean, who has bowled a 257 this year. People rooting the players on as they strive to get the perfect 300 score in a game would benefit the team. Loy Norrix needs to change the question from ‘We have a bowling team?’ to ‘Are you going to the bowling tournament?’ If this can be accomplished for bowling, then why can it not be for other low revenue sports such as golf, swimming, and cross-country? Loy Norrix has a large variety of options for students, like a variety of sports teams and after school activities; it is more telling the students their options that seems to be the problem. This is something that can be easily fixed by making people aware and showing how exciting bowling is.


February 2011


Hockey Team Experiences Improvement Haley Pfeil Sports Editor This year, the Kalamazoo United Hockey Team has stepped it up. Their practices have been more intense and the results can be seen on the ice during games. “Practices are a lot more up tempo and are a bit more advanced,” said senior captain Aaron Moshoginis. Moshoginis started playing hockey when he was four years old because his dad signed him up. He fell in love with it after that. Moshoginis also plays for the Kalamazoo Wings Fall travel team. The Kalamazoo Wings gives hockey players the chance to stay in shape and work on their hockey skills in the offseason, when they are not playing for a high school team. “It has helped me greatly with my hockey skills and my character,” said Moshoginis about his experience with the Kalamazoo Wings The Kalamazoo United Hockey team is building on the progress made last year under new coach Matt Kakabeeke. Kakabeeke brought with him a new system and strategy that took some getting used to for the players. With a year of experience, they are able


Senior Aaron Moshoginis goes for the puck against an opponent from Portage Central. Moshoginis helped lead Kalamazoo United to a 2-1 victory over the Mustangs on December 15

to work on more advanced situational plays and power plays. The season is going well and the team is confident in their ability to succeed. “We’re getting better as the season goes on, and by the end of the season we will probably be one of the most feared teams in the league,” said Moshoginis.

The team has set a goal to finish as one of the top three teams in their league for the regular season and to make the league championship game. So far, they are on track to accomplish this goal. “I want to take first in the league championship game,” said senior hockey player

Steven Wood. There are five other teams in the league: Mattawan High School, Portage Central High School, Portage Northern High School, the Kalamazoo Eagles, and the Kalamazoo Blades. The Kalamazoo United Hockey Team lost to Mattawan and their first game against the

Eagles, but beat the Eagles 2-1 the second time they played them. “A clinching last 20 seconds of the game, pulling through victoriously for the win,” said Wood. They defeated the Kalamazoo Blades 8-2, Portage Northern 6-0 and Portage Central 2-1 the first time they faced them. The second time the team played Portage Central they suffered a 2-4 loss. Beating Portage Central was another team goal, which was accomplished on December 15, 2010. This win was the highlight of the season for Moshoginis. “I scored the game-winning goal against PC with 6 seconds left to beat them 2-1 for the first time in my career,” said Moshoginis. Moshoginis has set a personal goal of making the 1st Team All League and to be one of the top five league scorers. Although the team is experiencing success this season, the players feel they are lacking support from the fans. “Students need to come out and support the team and watch me and Stank [Tom Stankewicz] headline a snipe show,” said Moshoginis.

Despite A Lack of Athletes, Ski Team Continues Skiing Joey Birdsall Staff Writer “We have a really good team, but we need more guys for next season to fill the team,” said junior Phillip McCrary. The ski team is composed of students from two schools, Loy Norrix High School and Kalamazoo Central High School. The two schools have joined to create a team similar to the Kalamazoo United Hockey team and the Kalamazoo United Lacrosse teams. The ski team meets three times a week for practice at Bittersweet Ski Resort in Otsego, Michigan. Practices include racing through gates, like checkpoints and improving their technique with the help of Coach Bill Rhodes. The team also has one organized race a week, which has already begun. The races are divided into two different categories: Slalom and Giant Slalom. These two racing events are a test of skill and technicality more than speed, compared to Super G and Downhill. Slalom is very similar to Giant Slalom; the only difference is the distance between the gates through which the skiers race. Slalom skiing consists of gates spaced relatively close together; however, Giant Slalom has gates spaced at a further distance apart. Loy Norrix senior Tyler McCrary enjoys the ski team and the different categories that he races in. “It makes me a versatile skier,” said Tyler. “It helps my

all-around skiing, and doesn’t turn me into a park rat.” The difference between the race scene and the terrain park scene that consists of jumps and grind rails helps diversify Tyler’s ability to ski. Furthermore, brother to Tyler, Phillip also enjoys racing because it helps him control balance. Newcomer to the team, senior Giancarlo Anemone, is proving to be an important asset for the small team. Despite having prior skiing experience, Anemone is relatively new to the racing scene, but he continues to prove himself on the ski hill. With a little help from the coach as well as teammates, some people on the team believe they have a chance to qualify to compete at the state level. To remain a team, there must be at least four boys skiing for the team. Currently there are four; however, three of them will graduate this year, leaving Phillip without a chance to race unless others step up and fill the positions of those who leave. Furthermore, the team is seriously lacking athletes and will likely not continue after this season when the team loses three of its four athletes. The team will lose Anemone and Tyler from Loy Norrix, and Kalamazoo Central student Connor Cloetingh. Without enough athletes, they will not be able to compete or consider themselves a team. Moreover, the benefits of the ski team such as balance and


Junior Philip McCrary practices racing through the slalom course at Bittersweet Ski Resort. McCrary often finds himself skiing until six or seven at night.

versatile skiing are a formality for the team. The main focus besides speed, agility and the benefits of the team are simply enjoying skiing. Despite having practice three times a week and one race each week, the athletes often find themselves enjoying their surroundings on the ski hill. “It’s just an excuse to go skiing,” said Phillip, commenting on how much he enjoys skiing.

STORY TIME WITH TAE from page 12 horseshoes coming through the city fair. She slid down the hall, quiet as a mouse, hiding behind a set of lockers. Principal Taylor got down the stairs and stood there. There was no sound for a couple of minutes as he stood there waiting patiently for a sound. Sam tried so hard not to make a sound. As she sat there quietly, a mouse crawled underneath her. She got scared and squeaked a little, but loud enough that Principal Taylor could hear her. Principal Taylor started to come down slowly. Sam started to panic and started to scream. Suddenly the noise went dead and Principal Taylor turned the corner, but there was no one there. He banged on the lockers in the angriest way. Sam was nowhere to be found. Principal Taylor walked away, back up the stairs and Sam and assistant principal Mrs. Butler walked from underneath a car that was propped up in the mechanics room through some doors nearby. “Mrs. Butler where did you come from?” Sam said in a soft voice so she wouldn’t get caught again. “I was late to the game and I saw all of the chaos, so I didn’t come in and I got chased by Principal Taylor into the school,” she responded. They proceeded to the back

of the school where the crowd of faculty stood there waiting for them. They tried to run back into the building and shut the door, but the faculty rushed the door. There were screams as they were trampled and separated into different parts of the hallway. Sam was found the next morning on the football field and as for Mrs. Butler, she was never heard from again.


February 2011


Sports Superstitions: A Way of Maintaining an Emotional Advantage Lauren McGlinn Copy Editor Michael Jordan always wore his North Carolina college shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform. Curtis Martin, running back for the New York Jets, reads Psalm 91 before each game. Tennis player Rafael Nadal lines up his water bottles with the labels facing the baseline he is playing from, according to the article, “Ten sports starts and their bizarre pregame rituals,” by Peter Aldhous. From an outsider’s perspective, a sports superstition may seem a bit silly and uncalled for. How could wearing a certain thing or doing a specific action before the game impact an athlete’s performance? Well, for many athletes, superstitions can play a large role on their performance. When asked why athletes perform superstitions, the most common answer is the comfort factor. People don’t like change. When an athlete has a good game or performance then they want to do everything the same the next time in order to get the same result. It also helps athletes stay focused. Superstitions can be found in any level of athletic competition: professional athletes, college athletes and even Loy Norrix athletes. Senior Tom Stankewicz, a member of the Kalamazoo United Hockey Team, always stands in the same place when the starting lineup is announced and says a prayer to the hockey gods before the game. “It gets your mind right to dominate on the ice and honors the hockey gods, and they decide if you’re worthy to play well that day,” said Stankewicz. Stankewicz has said the


Senior Tom Stankewicz leads a team prayer before a big game. He prays to the hockey gods in hopes that they will help him play well during the game. The prayer helps build team morale.

prayer since his sophomore year after two other Kalamazoo United players and Stankewicz came up with it. Stankewicz tries to say the prayer before every game in order to play well. “If I forget to say my prayer, I typically play bad, so then I have to say it later on in the game. It’s a big deal,” said Stankewicz. This year Stankewicz has the whole team listen to him say the prayer before every game to give the whole team good luck. Stankewicz is not the only one who believes in some type

of sports gods. Senior Craig Russo, a member of the varsity track team, wears the same warm-ups for each track meet ever since he qualified for the state meet during his junior year. He hopes that the warmups give him the same luck that he had when he qualified for state. “They had the perfect amount of insulation to keep my legs prime for running. Plus, they are blessed by the gods,” said Russo. Russo did not wear the warm-ups one track meet and did not do as well as he

normally does in the 100 meter dash. This year, Russo plans to wear the same warm-ups in hopes of qualifying for the state meet again. Junior Mary Farner, the captain of the women’s varsity golf team, also has a superstition; she always wears her thumb ring while playing golf. “It makes me comfortable,” said Farner. Farner wears her thumb ring most of the time, but wearing the ring for golf matches is especially important to her.

“I forgot it the first day of states and I played like crap,” said Farner. Farner made a point to wear it the next day and ended her season finishing 8th at the State Tournament. Farner doesn’t believe that the ring has any magic powers, but it does help her stay focused. Do superstitions work? There is no hard science to prove that they do, but playing well on a consistent basis is the ultimate goal for most athletes. Sure, the physical training is key, but keeping an emotional advantage is just as important.

Athletes Use Rituals to Gain Competitive Edge, Experts Debate Effects Brian Griffin Staff Writer Most people have superstitions and strange beliefs - athletes more than others. Some of the rituals athletes perform help prepare them for their upcoming game. Other rituals are considered bad luck and can hinder their performance. In baseball stepping on the foul line is considered bad luck, in basketball wiping the soles of your sneakers is good luck, in football using your opponents ball gives you bad luck, the list goes on and the rituals get more unusual. The rituals usually come to light when an athlete plays their first game. They do something like patting the tips of their shoes five times and then they win the game. After that first victory, the athlete does it again and the ritual of shoe patting is born. In the athletes’ mind something is saying, “If I keep doing this, I will always win.” The ritual of Norrix wrestlers junior Alex Stump and sophomore Abi Ramos is called “Unleash the Beast.” The ritual involves Stump being locked in figurative chains and Ramos freeing him, thus unleashing the beast. One ritual, which is not as elaborate as unleashing the beast is eating. “I eat before a game to relieve stress,” said senior Shannon Larkin. Norrix basketball player, sophomore Bishop Robinson, stretches his legs wide and brings them back together before attempting a free throw shot. Robinson makes 86% of his free throws. Free throws are usually shot with a normal shooting stance, with


Sophomore Bishop Robinson goes through his mental preparation as he attempts his free throw shot. Robinson is not considered to have OCD, but superstitions and rituals play a huge part in his performance.

a straight body posture. “ I felt that the regular stance didn’t give me any balance,” said Robinson. Many athletes with rituals have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and if they are not able to complete their ritual they may lose their will to compete. One athlete in particular that has had a breakdown is Canadian diver Kelly MacDonald, who plans to enter the Olympics in 2012. The ritual she followed consisted of “clearing her throat, tapping her legs and blinking at specific steps on her approach to the diving board,” said newscientist in the article called “Practice makes perfect: Are athletes prone to OCD?” During one walk up to the diving board, MacDonald had a mental breakdown and completely shut down on the diving board. Other than OCD, repetitive rituals have been linked to ADHD as well. Athletes like Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps have been diagnosed with ADHD. Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD when he was seven and started swimming to expend excess energy. If you have a daily ritual or pre-game ritual, try doing something new or do something relaxing like breathing exercises to get your mind off your routine.


Loy Norrix Knight Life student newspaper

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