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Big Idea


Self expression, connection, genuine lifestyle.

Research Objectives

Research Strategy

Define our target audience geographically, demographically and psychographically; identify primary and secondary demographic age segments.

Our Coke Classic campaign is a $15 million communications plan that will increase consumption among multicultural youth ages 1324 by 3 percentage points (from 13% to 16% ) and enhance the favorite brand rating by 3 percentage points (from 10% to 13% ) as well. By conducting an 1,887 respondent nationwide survey, managing over 10 focus groups, and implementing various secondary research methods, flip /// LA can develop a core strategy statement that proposes a clear direction for campaign development and tone.

- Understand the general trends, conditions, and developments currently present in the target demographics’ lifestyle and habits. - Assess the reactions of both demographic segments to our campaign. - Analyze the current strengths and weaknesses of Coke and its past campaigns as compared to those of its competitors. - Develop a core strategy statement that sets the tone for our entire campaign.

FEEDBACK Strategy Instead of developing an unrealistic feedback strategy flip /// LA recommends a well established research plan to measure the effectiveness of our campaign. We will hire an independent research

firm to do an analysis of the Coke brand to set a benchmark before we launch the campaign. At the campaign’s conclusion they will take another measurement to track its success.

Geographic Analysis To determine the geographic focus of our campaign, we cross-referenced cities of high youth population density with high media usage. We found that metropolitan areas typically have a dense population as well as a diverse media outlet that is consistent with our objectives. This being so, the major metropolitan cities that provide an optimal combination of both an immense population and media concentration are shown below: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco to San Jose, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston.

Demographic Analysis Our campaign targets multicultural youth ages of 13-24 . To study this group, we designed a 42- question online survey concerning their values, media usage and lifestyle habits in order to establish a clear characterization of the average youth. With the input of 1,887 respondents from across the country, flip /// LA has used these results to explore the differences and highlight the similarities that exist between these two groups. To ensure the accuracy and validity of our findings, we cross-referenced our primary research results with secondary research findings. We found that this group can be characterized into two distinct groups: a primary group called the Independent Influencers (ages 18-24 ) and a

secondary group called The Up & Comers (ages 1317 ). We chose 18-24 year olds as the primary group

because their level of consumption is decreasing in comparison to the 13-17 year olds. Also, the primary demographic has more purchasing power and poses as role models for the secondary demographic. These differences characterize the specific groups. However, there are key similarities between the two groups as well. Values The majority of the demographic values realistic heroes in their life. They admire and respect people that they interact with on a day-to-day basis. Survey Says Primary Demographic 78% look up to parents and friends the most. 3.8% look up to celebrities. Secondary Demographic 66.2% look up to parents and friends the most. 3.2% look up to celebrities. Media Usage The demographic is more inclined to use the Internet as their main media source with over a majority from both groups ranking it as the most time spent medium. Survey Says Primary Demographic 69% ranked Internet as their number one timeconsuming medium. Secondary Demographic 63% ranked Internet as their number one timeconsuming medium. Another medium that greatly influences our demographic is television. Over half of the respondents from both groups chose television as the most effective form of advertising.





Both groups chose parents and friends as people they

Respects and admires realistic heroes that they interact

look up to the most.

with in their daily lives.

The advertising campaign should avoid being centered on a celebrity, and instead should focus on the individual. The demographic values real relationships, and Coke should advertise to them accordingly. The campaign should also focus on ways that the demographic can develop real relationships.

Social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook, along with online chatting devices such as AIM are popular among our demographic.

Values connection among their social groups and wants to maintain an efficient and widespread network.

Since our demographic values social connection, our campaign should connect with our demographic on a personal and emotional level like a friend rather than a product.

Our demographic spends the most time on the Internet compared to other media mediums.

Both groups of the demographic are technologically savvy, using the Internet for multiple purposes. They live in locations that have easy access to the Internet.

Our campaign should target metropolitan areas or areas with access to the newest technology and trends.



MEDIA consumer



The demographic not only values spending time with friends, but would also rather hang out at their friends’ homes outside from work and school.

Survey Says Primary Demographic 77.3% chose television as the advertising medium that had the most impact on them. Secondary Demographic 77.6% chose television as the advertising medium that had the most impact

Close, face-to-face interactions are the demographics’ most preferred methods of contact. These individuals desire communicating directly in personal settings.

on them. Lifestyle Habits For leisure, the demographic highly values good company and time spent with peers. Survey says Primary Demographic 95.5% selected “hanging out with friends” as a

Our campaign should allow the product to naturally align with their current personal settings and environment.

leisure activity 74.1% hang out at their friends’ houses outside of school/work Secondary Demographic 86.8% selected “hanging out with friends” as a leisure activity 81.6% hang out at their friends’ houses outside of school/work




“More Happy”

Plans to introduce 35 new can designs with hyperlinks

Preferred by



13-18 yr olds

Celebrity-oriented, especially pop-culture icons such as Ludacris, Kanye West, and Fergie. Sponsors the Pepsi Smash concert.

which send consumers to themed web sites. Everyday, the “Free Ride Sweepstakes” gives away a DUB Magazine customized 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX .



19-24 yr olds

“There’s more to it” Targeting the Hispanic market

“The Hunt for More” promotion Players find codes under bottle caps, which provide clues for 23 “physical” and “virtual” monetary treasures.

Preferred by

Stephanie Bazan, Dr. Pepper’s brand manager of Hispanic marketing,

land market—Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana... In order for us to drive growth of the brand, we need to go after Hispanics to bring in new users to the category” (Event Marketing).

4 “Do the Dew” Targets youth by emphasizing “extreme” sports, such as skating, snowboarding, street ball, and racing. Also sponsors the X Games.

“Doing the “Dew” is like no other soft drink experience because of its daring, high-energy, high-intensity, active, extreme citrus taste” **

Word Association “sweet”,“sugary” (21%) “good” “blue”

22.7% 20.8%

of of

13-18 yr olds 19-24 yr olds

Word Association “sweet”,“sugary” (4%) “prunes” (4%) “delicious” “old”

said, “Where Dr Pepper really has strength as a brand is in our Heart-



“Get in the Picture” Fans take photos in front of Times Square and Hollywood billboards, pretending to drink the soft drink. Teaming up with Current TV, Mountain Dew gave fans the opportunity to film commercials to submit in their “How does Dew Fuel You?” competition.

Preferred by

13.2% 19.5%

of of

13-18 yr olds 19-24 yr olds

Word Association “green”,“yellow” (14%) “extreme” (6%) “caffeine” “energy”

Psychographic Analysis Being ultra-connected and remaining “in the know” is of high importance to our demographic, as they strive to progress just as our fast-paced world does. They believe that “if you’re not in touch, you’re out of touch,” which is not an option for them. They never take for granted the time spent with family and friends, because with everything rapidly changing around them, they can always turn to loved ones for comfort. Thus, maintaining strong networks with peers and family is at the top of their list. They are smart and honest, and they like others to acknowledge that. However, there are also psychographic differences between our primary demographic, the Independent Influencers, and our secondary demographic, the Up-and-Comers: Independent Influencers Our target demographic of 18-24 year olds is a self-reliant independent group, who celebrates originality and individuality. They have an optimistic outlook on life accompanied with an “I Can” mentality. Through their experiences they have realized that life is not always going to go the way that they planned, but this does not worry them. Although they’re busy, they always make sure to take time out to enjoy life. Up & Comers They love to be entertained, have fun and share their experiences with others. They are drawn to people who are similar to them, but who also carry a unique non-generic attribute that in a sense compliments who they are. They admire those who can “keep it real,” because they can see right through it. Being part of this PostSecret and YouTube generation, they embrace and value emotional raw honesty. Anything else will immediately turn them off.

Perception of Coke When asked to describe Coke in a word, the majority of survey respondents used words related to the “classic, original, and nostalgic” characteristics of the drink. The brand was also viewed as “American” and “refreshing.” Coke should try to leverage its brand perception by creating a marketing and advertising campaign that is seen as classy and conveys the reliability and familiarity of the brand with the target demographic.

Key Insights The youth demographic values their relationships with fellow peers and family, constantly striving to maintain connection with them. This being so, they are an ideal target for viral marketing. flip /// LA will implement a campaign that takes advantage of this social group dynamic and encourages their consumption and favoritism of Coke through effective word-of-mouth advertising. Our demographic describes Coke as “classic” and “original;” this campaign should work to maintain this unique image that is unparalleled to any other carbonated soft drink brand. By appearing innovative and unique, while maintaining its originality, this campaign will stimulate intrigue to increase both product usage and brand favoritism. The youth demographic appreciates honesty and has a strong radar for detecting all else. Thus, we must communicate with them as directly as possible, excluding any false promises. Today’s youth has become increasingly more skeptical in recent years as they have witnessed more scamming, cheating, lying, and exploitation from major figures in the media. They are a highly educated and bright group that prefers directness over subtlety.

Thus, before we can attempt to create emotional connections, we must first build trust for the brand through real and honest communication. This demographic is the most diverse generation yet, which is reflected in their openminded attitudes and their ability to welcome new outlooks. They are more liberal and accepting of things that past generations frowned upon. Thus, our campaign should reflect this accepting attitude and demonstrate how Coke also fosters a similar mentality. With rapidly booming technology and countless new opportunities available to them at any moment, the youth demographic has become the generation of choice. They do not need to conform to one set standard. They can choose their own lifestyle and follow it with any path that they desire. As a result, self-expression is favored over self-control. We must acknowledge this attitude and have it reflect in our campaign. Since Coke’s competitors in the carbonated soft drink category do not have clear product advantages and disadvantages, flip /// LA will need to create a campaign that will sell a lifestyle, not a product. To ensure that we remain relevant to their lives, we need to show them that they can be confident, empowered, and independent with Coke. Campaign Strategy & Overall Tone Strategy Show how our target demographic can be themselves with Coke, by allowing them to let their guard down where social pressures, rules, and expectations do not apply. - Position The Coke Side of Life as something more to them than just a fantasy world. It must be a relatable side of life that may not always be so magical. Whether it is time spent with

family or watching a movie with their friends, we must remind them that they drink Coke when they are comfortable and don’t need to impress anybody. - Foster the existing cheerful image that Coke is associated with, without all the “magic” that it claims to bring about. Instead of trying to convince them that Coke can deliver a feeling of happiness like no other, we should make them realize that Coke allows them to be their true selves and accepts them for it with no judgment. - Show that not only is Coke innovative and cutting-edge, but it also provides youth with an alternative solution to the many awkward and uncomfortable aspects of teen life. Tone Trustworthy, Comforting, and Approachable. - Coke is a dynamic and human brand that empathizes with its users and their personal experiences.


Based on the key insights of our research we found three nodes around which the “You don’t have to” campaign developed. Our target demographic is driven by three different “motivators”; drive for self-expression, drive to connect with others and drive for genuine lifestyle.


Genuine Lifestyle

Connecting With Others What Side Are You On?

Independent music


being who we want to be

Radio Spot

Billboard Ads

Coke Diner Blog

Facebook Partnership

Bus Ads

Red Cross Partnership Partnership

Magazine Ads

Guerilla Advertising

College Music Madness

The Visual Arts

doing what we want to do USB Sticks

TV Spots

Midnight Screening Giveaway

The Coke Side of Art

Online TV Spots

Movie Theater Spots

Video Game Placement


Mall Ads

Reverse Graffiti

Coke Diner

Connection with others

“The best is when you’re just sitting around with your

friends... watching a game or talking or just hanging out. What you’re doing doesn’t even matter. When I’m with my buddies and we’re all feeding off each other’s energy, that’s where it’s at.



to live up to so many expectations. It’s hard to fit in. We put up fronts and don’t let those around us see who we really are. We’re all so unique, but sometimes we’re afraid to show it. We feel like we have to be a certain way to be accepted.

Big Idea


You are yourself with Coke.

THE CONCEPT ADAPT the Coke Side of Life to fit our demographic CONNECT with our demographic PRESERVE the brand identity Step 1 Adapt Our research concluded that our demographic has trouble relating to the fantasy world embodied by the current Coke Side of Life campaign. To solve this, flip /// LA has developed a campaign that shows our demographic the real Coke Side of Life. One they can relate to and understand. Step 2 Connect In order to connect with multicultural youth, we decided to speak directly to them. We realized that our demographic is in constant search of identity. The years from 13 to 24 are crucial in shaping oneself. Kids of these ages are trying to be cool, trying to impress those around them, and trying to fit in. We were all kids, we understand.

Step 3 Preserve flip /// LA confronted the challenge of having our creative execution appeal to the younger demographic while preserving the identity of one of the most established brands worldwide. Coke is heartwarming. It’s a good friend. It’s genuine. Our Coke Side of Life campaign is an adaptation rather than an overhaul. We have stayed true to the core design elements and overall sentiments that Coke has created in their past and current campaigns.

THE MESSAGE REFLECT on our youth RELATE with Coca-Cola DELIVER our unique perspective Step 1 Reflect To send the right message, we needed to reflect and analyze what it really means to be young. When we’re young, we are constantly told what to do. We’re under a lot of pressure. It’s hard to have

Step 2 Relate flip /// LA realized that when you are enjoying a Coke, you are truly being yourself. This universal message relates to everyone in our multicultural youth demographic. You can enjoy Coke with family, friends, or even by yourself. During these times, you don’t need to put up a front. There is no one to impress. You can relax. To use the language of our generation, you can “chill”. Our demographic already feels this when they drink Coke; we are simply reminding them. Step 3 Deliver Our demographic is sick of hearing what they have to do. So we won’t tell them what to do. We’re going to tell them what “to don’t”. They don’t have to be someone they’re not. They don’t have to follow the norm. On the Coke Side of Life they can simply relax with friends and enjoy a Coke. Our message does not promise some amazing soda journey that ensues when you open a Coke. We’re telling it like it is. We’re providing our demographic with a “To Don’t List”—a reminder that you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. We have identified scenarios that everyone in our target market can relate to. This fresh perspective appeals to the independent nature of today’s youth, delivering a message that will be accepted and taken to heart.

THE LOOK CAPTURE the eye ENTERTAIN the viewer STICK in the viewer’s mind Step 1 Capture

The design of our ads captures one’s attention immediately. The familiar white silhouette illuminated by the bold Coke-red becomes instantly recognizable. The simplicity of the design is what distinguishes it from the rest of the pack. The reader’s eyes immediately fixate on the image and the message contained in the bottle. It’s hip and young in a very classy way, tailored to appeal to our multicultural demographic while capturing the feel of Coca-Cola. In comparison, competitor ads will appear like caricatures of the demographic—trying so hard to be so hip. The minimalist design of flip /// LA fits our message: you don’t have to try so hard to be something you are not. Step 2 Entertain Our demographic wants to be entertained. In flip /// LA’s ads, the Coke silhouette illustrates a witty line, but quite literally represents a much deeper message. After catching the reader’s attention with our design, the clever message in a bottle will produce an “Aha!” moment as readers make the connection on their own. The ads are also very approachable as the silhouette of the bottle assumes a fun and inviting personality. Step 3 Stick flip /// LA has designed the look and message of the ad so that it will resonate with our readers long after they’ve seen it. The look appeals to the multicultural youth: the bottle represents any race, color or creed. The classic red and white of the Coke brand is already rooted in our reader’s mind. By adding the fresh twist and clever message, the ads take on universal appeal for youth of all cultures. Our ads will connect with viewers because they hit on a witty/ reflective level, rather than merely tapping upon a superficial façade.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A LABEL The youth of today are so concerned with how they are viewed by their peers. Are you a nerd or a jock? Lame or cool? Latino or Asian? Are you pigeonholed by a label? The label is being removed to reveal that on the Coke Side of Life, you don’t need a label. You can just be who you are. The double meaning of the word “label” conveys the impact of our message while being succinct.



YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY INSIDE THE LINES With Coke, you can make your own path. Be creative. Go somewhere new. You don’t have to do it like it’s always been done. Here, the white silhouette takes a new direction to display the message literally. The Coke Side of Life has no boundaries— you’re free to go where your heart takes you.



YOU DON’T HAVE TO SIT UP STRAIGHT Coke is relaxed. It’s chill. When you’re sitting up straight, you feel like you’re trying too hard. Get comfortable. No one’s worrying about your posture when you’re enjoying a Coke. With Coke, you can take it easy. The bottle is purposely positioned off-center to catch the eye.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THE FINE PRINT Who reads the fine print, anyway? On the Coke Side of Life, you don’t need to worry about the details. The fine print in this ad cleverly makes up the white silhouette of the Coke bottle. The image is easily understood even without reading the text. The reader will experience a distinct “A-ha!” moment upon leaning in to read the hidden message.



YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SMOOTH We all think we have to be perfect—say all the right things, make all the right moves. We don’t have to. With Coke, you don’t have to impress anyone. The crumpled up Coke logo pops off the page to catch your attention. It looks great without being smooth.



Our commercials bring the “You Don’t Have To” campaign to life in vibrant, 30 second spots that stay true to the heart of the campaign. Each spot will feature an innovative, undiscovered artist who boldly explores unknown art forms worlds away from convention. They will be shot in a real, handheld style while featuring music that matches the fresh, quick editing style and pace. Breathing life into the commercials will be a unique, collaborative effort between Coke and each individual artist. Instead of directing the artists, our campaign will respect the artists’ creative individuality and work with them to develop a truly original piece that embodies the spirit of both Coke and the artist. The message is clear: with Coke, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself. Due to the highly individual nature of these commercials, the scripts presented below are only two examples out of countless possibilities. Depending on which artists are chosen, the end result will be completely different. This flexibility is limited only by adhering to the “You Don’t Have To” message, and by matching Coke’s brand image. In addition to the scripts below, flip /// LA has included a few suggestions for other innovative artists to use.

COMMERCIAL 1 In Reverse, by Paul Curtis Open on a wide-shot of Paul silhouetted against a grime-covered tunnel underpass. The weathered wall shows the constant abuse of urban life. Obnoxious graffiti adorns the edges of the frame, leaving a large dirt-filled space for Paul to make his own. Text fades onscreen: “In Reverse, by Paul Curtis”

Rapid, tight shots cut at an energetic pace. Close up on Paul’s hand dipping into a bucket. Cut. Close up on a dripping shoe brush. Cut. Vigorous scrubbing, transforming the dark wall to white. Cut. Flash. Paul takes a drink from his Coke. Cut. Cut. Cut. The shots shake naturally with unfiltered energy as Paul builds a rhythmic momentum. The camera unexpectedly swings towards Paul, showing his full profile for the first time. Looking directly into the camera, Paul grins and says, “You don’t have to…” Cut. Flash. The camera finally reveals what Paul has been working on. The soot-encrusted wall no longer exists. In its place is a stunningly sharp piece of street art. Using nothing but a brush, water, and soap, Paul took the inner city grime and inscribed into it mesmerizing patterns and the distinct Coke silhouette. With his beautiful reverse graffiti in full display, Paul finishes his sentence. “…leave a mark to make an impression.” The Coke Side of Life logo swings into place, perfectly overlapping the dirt-free Coke silhouette on the wall. Text superimposed:

COMMERCIAL 2 Crowd Control, by Kevin Davis


An aerial shot of a city block. From the bird eye’s view, the warm streets seem calm and ready. Silence begins to fade into excited chatter and laughter, as a young man’s voice cuts through. “Alright people, let’s do this!” Text fades onscreen: “Crowd Control, by Kevin Davis”.

ARTISTS Paper artist Peter Callesen Peter redefines “arts & crafts” by using only paper, scissors, and negative space in a unique display of sheer minimalism.

headlines sculptor Nick Georgiou Nick creates sculptures made entirely of newspapers and lets the content of the articles determine the direction of each piece.

Spit artist Albert Reyes Albert takes an innovative, hands-free


The camera suddenly looks up and catches Kevin looking back. Shots of him leading the anxious crowd in a countdown rapidly intercut (3…) as Kevin stares straight into the camera (2…) and says, “You don’t have to…” (1.) Cut immediately to shots of the crowd erupting into motion. In perfect synchrony, everyone ducks down row by row and covers their heads with red hoodies. Cut to an inner-circle of people all decked in white, one-by-one dropping down onto the pavement.


street art by letting his mouth do the writing.

Flash. The distant aerial shot is gone, replaced with a quick succession of almost-too-close crowd shots. The camera bustles with energy, feeding off the excitement of a few individuals who soon grow to hundreds. Countless feet pound off to their destinations. Flash. Kevin can barely hear himself as he yells directions through a bullhorn. Cut. People enjoying Coke as they enjoy themselves.

The camera flies back to the original aerial shot, the block now filled with hundreds of people in motion. As the people in white hit the ground, the familiar Coke silhouette begins to take shape, filling up in a rhythmically natural way. The rest of the crowd ripples outward, sending a wave of red that fills up the rest of the block. The hypnotically fluid end result comes full circle as Kevin finishes his sentence. “…stand out to be seen. The Coke Side of Life logo swings over the street silhouette. Text superimposed:



readership with our demographic, flip /// LA has chosen to allot a smaller portion of the budget to magazine advertising. Print advertising will only be used during the initial four months of the campaign. flip /// LA has chosen magazines specific to our demographic in order to best reach a young, multicultural audience:

Big Idea

STEP 1: Make them crave step 2.




MEDIA flip /// LA has developed a sophisticated strategy incorporating aspects of traditional and alternative media through to execute the “You don’t have to” campaign. To appeal to the habits and desires of a generation that manipulates the media to satisfy their needs, flip /// LA will introduce innovative ideas that will fully take advantage of highly-popular trends while introducing attention-grabbing and buzz-worthy forms of alternative media. Each of these executions are designed from the ground-up to peak the target’s interest and make them curious to see more­— a two way dialogue between Coke and its demographic. The media roll-out schedule effectively positions our diverse media vehicles throughout the year to consistently engage the demographic in the campaign.







TRADITIONAL MEDIA Magazines What Five advertisements in a nationwide print campaign. Where / When Due to the decline in magazine

Publications: Circulation - Sports Illustrated: 3,289,656 - ESPN the Magazine: 1,876,136 - Rolling Stone: 1,309,117 - Jet: 956,909 - Cosmopolitan (+ Cosmopolitan en Espanol + Cosmo Girl): 5,000,149 - Seventeen: 2,034,462 - People (+ Teen People): 5,259,945 - Ebony: 1,486,120 - Teen Vogue: 1,410,609 Why Magazines are a staple in traditional advertising. They are highly effective in reaching our target demographic because of their unique ability to target specific audiences, their broad reach, and their ability to engage the readers. The push at the beginning of campaign will enhance brand favoritism by familiarizing audiences with the “You Don’t Have To” campaign. Cost $3,500,000 Television What Five different 30 second commercial spots adapted from our print campaign. Where / When Due to the overwhelming price of advertising on network television, all commercials will be purchased from basic cable networks, such as MTV , Comedy Central, Bravo, and Cartoon Network. The selected networks are home to shows that are highly popular with our demographic, like Total Request Live, South Park, Project Runway, and Adult Swim. flip /// LA has developed a strategic

three group roll-out plan to effectively capture the attention of our target. Phase 1 takes place January – March and will be instrumental in the initial push of the campaign. Phase 2 will be strategically aired during June – August, in which television viewing for our demographic increases as a result of summer vacation. Phase 3 commercials will be shown in October – December to keep Coke in the minds of our demographic during the holiday season. Why Televisions can be found in 98% of all households in America and are watched by our target demographic for approximately three hours per day, according to Nielsen Media Research. flip /// LA found that 81.8% of survey respondents chose, “Watching TV or Movies” as one of their leisure activities. The survey also showed that 77.4% of participants regarded television as the most influential advertising medium. Nielsen Media Research confirms that despite new media platforms and digital video recording technology, television still holds its position as the most popular entertainment medium. The choice to advertise on basic cable is not only cost-effective, but it also reaches a more multicultural audience, as a large number of basic cable networks can be purchased at a low price. And by airing the spots during demographic specific shows, flip /// LA ensures that they will be not only be seen, but that they will be viewed favorably as well. Cost $2,375,000 Radio What To incorporate the radio spots into the campaign, they will feature the winners of the Music Madness promotion. At the end of the radio spot, it will direct listeners to visit to hear more and discover unsigned college musicians. Where / When The spots will air during peak commute times, 6-10 am and 3-7 pm. Based on reports generated by Arbitron, it is possible to pick the most popular stations broadcasted in our DMAs to

advertise to both age groups of our demographic: - New York: WHTZ-FM - Los Angeles: KIIS-FM - San Francisco: KMEL-FM Why Radio is an effective method of advertising during the work and school week by reaching students and young professionals in our demographic, especially while being in the car. In a 2005 study by Business Week, 74% of youth said they listened to music most often on car radios. Instead of a standard radio ad, the music spot will stand out and catch listeners’ attentions. By buying airtime for these undiscovered artists, Coke shows that “You don’t have to be signed to be on the radio”. Because the spots are user generated, the production costs would be minimal. Finally, by tying in the College Artist promotion and the partnership, the radio spots create synergy between the different elements of the campaign. Cost $1,700,000 Internet What Strategic use of alternative internet advertising. To harness a powerful advertising medium on the rise, use of the Internet is highly integrated in our campaign, such that every offline component has a corresponding online component. Where / When Use of YouTube, Facebook, online television advertisements, and blogs in coordination with our alternative media and promotions over the course of the year long campaign. Why The Internet is a crucial part of the target’s media consumption. Not only is it used extensively for social networking, but also as a primary means of communication and information gathering. Through understanding what teenagers and young adults are doing online, we can strategically place our campaign to ensure a high rate of visibility and

effectiveness. The Internet is one of the most widely used communication mediums, especially for the 13 to 24 year old demographic. According to a Pew Research Group study, 9 out of 10 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 had access to the internet in 2004 . Of all teenagers, 87% claimed they used the Internet regularly. By utilizing alternative forms of Internet advertising, flip /// LA avoids the staid banner ads that our demographic finds annoying. In addition, flip /// LA capitalizes on the high-traffic, user controlled web 2.0 sites. Cost $300,000 Billboards & Outdoor Media What Apply the concept of the print campaign to billboards, bus and subway advertisements. Where / When Billboard locations will be selected based on areas with high pedestrian and automobile traffic in the ten target cities. Billboard and outdoor advertising will roll out in January – March






to create initial buzz, as well as June – August when students are out of school and outside more often.



Why Whether on foot, driving, or taking public transportation, billboards and outdoor advertising assure that the campaign’s message is consistently delivered to the target demographic. Billboards and outdoor media are capable of reaching a very large audience, especially in highly populated urban centers. The minimalist style of the print campaign is highly versatile, and will translate nicely onto these sizable media, resulting in eye-catching outdoor advertisements. Cost $2,770,000

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA Movie Theater Advertisements What A thirty-second spot tailored to movie theater audiences will run before movie previews in theaters. Where / When The movie theater advertisement will be featured on approximately 4,000 screens in movie theaters in our ten target cities. This commercial will run during the summer months of May – July, when students are out of school and more likely to go to the movies. Additionally, it will play

during November and December, to reach the massive holiday movie-going crowd. Why Our target age group is the largest portion of the population attending movies today. Movie theater advertising allows us to specifically target our demographic by selecting movies appropriate for the 13-24 year-olds that are also consistent with Coke’s brand image. Another strength of in-theater advertising lies in the captive audience it provides. By creating a commercial specific to the movie going experience, we seamlessly apply the “You don’t have to” message to yet another medium. Cost $471,000 Mall Advertisements What Scrolling print advertisements in directory kiosks in shopping malls. Where / When flip /// LA will buy advertising space in Westfield malls in our ten target metropolitan cities. Mall advertisements will roll out during December, the biggest shopping month of the year. Why The mall has always been a popular hang-out spot for our demographic, especially the younger age group. Making the campaign’s prescience known in such high-traffic indoor areas at the end of the campaign will solidify the message in the minds of the youth. Cost $50,000 Product Placement in Video Games What Free downloadable content available online for Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and WiiConnect24. Where / When flip /// LA determined which genres favored believable product placement, which video games fit Coke’s brand image, and which games are popular amongst the target demographic. We concluded that product placement in video games

would be most appropriate in sports games, including NCAA March Madness ‘08 , Madden NFL ‘08 , Need for Speed, and music games, such as Guitar Hero II and Dance Dance Revolution Universe. For sports games, content will include Coke sponsored mini-games, or a special racing vehicles like the Coke Diner (see Promotions). In-game advertising such as Coke banners in football stadiums will also be used. For music games, new Coke sponsored songs will be available to download. Why There are reportedly 76.2 million gamers in America. With stats this high, video game product placement is quickly coming to the forefront for advertisers. Online content is perfect for the casual, recreational gamers in our demographic. Players will greatly appreciate these free downloads because they help extend the life of some of their favorite games. Online downloadable content is an up and coming trend in the videogame industry, and is expected to blow up in late 2007 and 2008 . By doing these sponsorships with the game companies’ online services this early on, Coke will be setting a precedent that Microsoft, Sony, and Nin-

tendo would eagerly encourage and continue. Cost $1,000,000 Reverse Graffiti What Reverse graffiti is the art of removing dirt and grime off of public surfaces to create unique images. flip /// LA ‘s underground reverse graffiti artists will blanket an entire city with clever and intriguing ‘You don’t have to’ messages, purposefully absent of any logo or branding. Through pre-arranged agreements with city officials, the art will be displayed for two weeks, after which Coke will completely clean the rest of the surface as a service to the city. Where / When flip /// LA has identified various locations within our ten target cities where reverse graffiti will be most effective in reaching the target. The art will be executed on large surfaces in high foot traffic areas with high visibility. Reverse graffiti will kickoff the “You don’t have to” campaign in January, building buzz and curiosity while introducing the public to Coke’s resonating message. The are will return from July – September to reuinte

people with the now well known campaign during the warm and inviting summer months. Why Capitalizing on the upswing of this new form of street art, flip /// LA will strengthen the message of our campaign through the use of alternative media that positively affects communities. The curious messages will generate buzz through word of mouth and blogs, while the lack of branding will convey the genuine nature of the new campaign. By creating high-impact art in strategic locations, we show that “You don’t have to leave a mark to make an impression.” Cost $25,500 What Side Are You On? What flip /// LA introduces the simple yet effective game, “What Side Are You On?” Where / When During the entirety of our campaign, “What Side Are You On?” questions will be printed on the inside of the label on Coca-Cola bottles. Why “What Side Are You On” reinforces the campaign’s message by allowing the target to choose a side and feel comfortable standing up for it. This game draws from the concept of the wildly popular game, “Would You Rather”, which stimulates lighthearted conversation and laughs. Our demographic will be faced with choices such as, “Socks with sandals or fanny pack”? The simple design and concise delivery of the game, reminiscent of the successful Snapple Facts, mask more meaningful purposes: identity formation and interaction with friends. Because of Coke’s enormous production size, the cost increase for the small label change for our youth campaign will be negligible. Cost: $0

what side are you on? P.E.

| T.V.

what side are you on? not afraid to cry

| “got dirt in my eye”

what side are you on? coke

| ditto







“If you have something to share, then share it. I love

to see what people are capable of. It’s amazing, man. It’s freeing. You can’t be afraid to just let it out. Everyone wants to see what you’ve got. Think about how boring it’d be if we kept it all to ourselves.



For ease of navigation, flip /// LA also features a menu across the top of the website that allows the user to access various features on the site. We found that the current hidden navigation bar on the site is frustrating for users and caused them to leave. A consistent navigation bar that includes Home, Social Scene, Media Central, Play, and Coke Studios seems to put ease of use at the forefront. To avoid losing interesting elements of the site under layers that users may never get through, we will highlight features of the site prominently on the homepage. This will enhance visibility of all promotions that occur during the campaign. The “You Don’t Have To” campaign and its promo-

Big Idea



Intertwine their online and offline worlds.

Strategy flip /// LA addresses the biggest marketing challenge for digital media: online and offline coordination and collaboration. Effective online campaigns require support from offline media. Likewise, virtually all creative offline programs now require a highly inventive online component. flip /// LA embraces the symbiotic relationship between the online and offline worlds by pairing Internet advertising strategies with each component of the campaign.

The Website flip /// LA recommends making mycoke. com the focus site for our target demographic. The current MyCoke site appears to be more geared to-

wards the target demographic and its name has a younger feel to it. After conducting focus groups, flip /// LA has decided to modify the current MyCoke website to enhance the ease of navigation. We have also made it more approachable to our multicultural demographic through adjustments of graphical elements and the development of features.

Aesthetic and Accessibility Changes In the modification of, flip /// LA maintains the fresh, hip look of the current website by incorporating the eye-pleasing contours of the Coke logo into the gray background with bubbles. A list of “To Don’ts” consistent with our print campaign is featured prominently on the site to enforce the strong message, scribbled in the familiar handwriting of youth.

tions will replace V-ego as the most prominent feature on the site.

Changes flip /// LA discovered through focus groups and surveys that requiring registration will decrease “click-through” and discourage users from pursuing the feature of interest. Therefore we chose to remove all nonessential required log-ins from the site. We decided to include an RSS feed to the overall site so when any updates, new features or changes occur, people will be notified.

flip /// LA also recommends creating additional icons and captions features such as “E-mail this page to a friend” and “Blog This”. The e-mail feature would be a simple form that would facilitate and simplify e-mailing a friend a page you found interesting. The “Blog This” feature would allow users to easily post a link and possibly a thumbnail of the page into their blogs. The feature would be compatible on all sites using major blogging software including and Blogger. Furthermore, an HTML version of this information will be provided so people could post it into sites that use no blogging software, or otherwise incompatible software.

Another change to the current MyCoke site is to remove the personal blog component. Research shows that the portion of our demographic who use blogs prefer to use more well known blogging tools that are less corporate. While we appreciate Coke’s direction to make everything more open and less corporate, we believe that the blog market is cornered and not one that people are interested in creating on a completely corporate owned website. Other than the blogs, all existing features of the current MyCoke website will be preserved.

Additions The Coke Side of Art What A subsection of that highlights the various artists used throughout the “You Don’t Have To” campaign. How The Coke Side of Art will satisfy the curiosity of those wanting to know more about the innovative art techniques used in the commercials and promotions. Upon clicking, visitors will be treated to artist bios, downloadable wallpaper and screensavers, and video content. This will include artist video-bios, behind-the-scenes clips from the com-

mercials, and extra footage of the artist at work. flip /// LA will simultaneously launch a Coke Side of Art channel on that features exclusive content, such as unveiling the techniques used in the buzz-generating reverse graffiti project. Why’s viral, interactive and community-controlled nature makes it the ideal platform for ads and marketing. Advertising is an acceptable part of the site’s landscape, sitting alongside music and films. As the online counterparts to components of our offline campaign, the YouTube videos will further cement the personal connection between Coke and audience. By posting videos with



strong viral potential, Coke ensures that the commercials and promotions extend far past their slotted roll-out times.

Join The Ride: The Coke Diner Blog What A well-maintained blog that follows the Coke Diner on its cross-country tour.



How To integrate all aspects of the campaign, flip /// LA has included many features of our promotions into the website. To follow the adventures of the Coke Diner, a map of the USA will trace its route across the country. You will also see pictures of the mobile diner itself on the website and view galleries of pictures from the different cities. In addition, a blogger will continuously update the site with commentaries, stories, and photos from his trip. Why flip /// LA has found that blogs are heavily visited by online users of our demographic. By adding a blog, the Coke Diner becomes not just a memorable event, but also a promotion with which our demographic can personally connect. Chosen for his personality, a blogger will become a “friend” to Coke drinkers across the nation. This will be integral to promoting the Coke Diner and generating word of mouth, while increasing brand favoritism for Coca-Cola through obtained approachability. What A highly innovative and interactive Web 2.0 site that merges user-generated content with a collaborative online community. The site will display a series of rectangles floating in a faux 3D space. Each

rectangle is a piece of personal virtual space, which users may utilize in many ways. Tools that allow you to draw, add vector graphics, upload your own photos to edit them and uploading video as well as music files to your own personal creative space allows users to create works of art, personalized greeting cards, photo collages – the possibilities are endless. The virtual spaces will create a mosaic that unites Coke drinkers through the shared desire of creative expression. Users can explore others’ pieces, share them with their friends, print them out, or post them on their blogs. These personal tableaus can also be categorized and tagged with keywords, so users can see the most popular ones and find other spaces with the same tags. To tie in offline

components of the campaign, artists featured in our commercials will create their own works of online art on Mixre. Though Mixre will be prominently featured on the, it will have its own separate domain name. Why it Works Focus groups and survey results show that our demographic uses the internet to connect with others and loves to share photos online. By giving users a blank slate and free rein, users will be able to express their creative individuality and then share it with others. Additionally, many members of our demographic do not have access to expensive photo-editing software. The tools provided by Mixre will allow many more members across our

demographic to create digital art. Word of mouth and viral (Mixre will have buttons allowing users to easily post their Mixre spaces to blogs, facebook, etc. readily allowing for a viral aspect) user-generated content will drive traffic to the linked MyCoke site. Not only does this idea reflect the habits and trends of our demographic, but it also generates an online community that they will continue to revisit and share with others. The Mixre increases brand favoritism by providing a useful online tool for selfexpression and connectivity. So why it’s own site? Since Mixre will be revisited frequently, it must be easily accessible to users. Also, the site is more than a marketing gimmick; our demographic will enjoy the site first, and subsequently associate it with Coke. Online viral material must stand on its own and be unassumingly associated with Coke.

Traditional Advertising Online Television Advertising What Online commercial spots during streaming television shows on network websites. How Coke will sponsor selected TV shows that can be watched online at network websites. Interactive “You Don’t Have To” commercials will play before the episode to engage the viewers. Why Online TV is usually watched individually, when youth are most comfortable enjoying their favorite TV show on their own time. It provides a targeted, captive, and interactive audience for our advertisements. By purchasing online television advertising, Coke will increase brand favoritism as audiences associate the commercials with their favorite TV shows.

Genuine Lifestyle

“If you’re trying to be cool, you’re not cool. That’s how it is. Everyone knows when you’re making such an effort to be something you’re not. Just chill. Keep it real. That’s all you need.



The Big Idea




You don’t have to use traditional forms of media to get a great message across What “Message Beyond a Bottle” Ambient Advertising How In select cities, Coke would leave small gifts for people to take and random acts of thoughtfulness for people to take in. On a rainy day, we would place red umbrellas all around the city for anybody who could use one—because “You don’t have to always plan ahead.” On early morning subways or buses, small red pillows would urge people to take a moment to relax: As hectic as our lives have become, “You don’t have to give up sleep.” Hopscotch squares drawn in red chalk on busy sidewalks would

stop passers-by and take a short moment to remind them: “You don’t have to rush to grow up.” Elsewhere, on a particular day, we could take this one step farther by covering the benches, telephone booths and doors of a city completely in Coke red. Words on the bench would let people

know “You don’t have to sit up straight,” the telephone booth would suggest “You don’t have to wait three days to call,” and everywhere, people would get the idea that “You don’t have to be afraid to open new doors.” Why By focusing on transforming big areas in small ways and small areas in big ways, these unannounced surprises embody all the playfulness and spontaneity of our central message. The Coke side of life is as simple as exchanging a smile with a person or a part of your world—in other words, inspiration truly is everywhere. These offthe-wall (and around-the-bench) ideas take Coke’s “Messages in a Bottle” and bring them cheerfully into life itself.

Because of the power of Coke’s signature red, the logo on the gifts and the city wraps can be kept minimal. Instead of heavily branding the promotion, it will be kept subtle. Also, as with any successful guerilla advertising, we can count on the viral quality of our campaign and the “Digg Effect” to boost publicity exponentially. Once the word gets out to internet blogs and other websites, we can reach an audience beyond any we could have hoped to target directly.

You don’t have to be a hero to save lives What Partnership with the American Red Cross How Coke will work with local American Red Cross chapters that receive a majority of their blood donations from colleges and high schools. Since the Red Cross commonly provides donors with refreshments to replenish their blood sugar level, complimentary Cokes will be given to donors at oncampus blood drives. In addition, red bandages marrying the iconic white Coke bottle silhouette and the Red Cross symbol will be used to wrap donors’ arms. Why Since its founding over 100 years ago, the ARC has raised millions of dollars, collected lifesaving donations of blood and helped countless people every year. Associating Coke with such a well-known and respected charity will reflect favorably on the company and strengthen the image of Coke as a philanthropic corporation committed to assisting those in need of help. The shared red color only serves to provide a visual representation of the common goal of both parties: to help in any way they can.


27 You don’t have to pay more than your grandpa did for a coke What A mobile Coke diner on a cross-country tour How The Coke Diner will make its way across the U.S., stopping at high traffic areas in 20 cities to bring back a bit of the “good ol’ days” remixed with some of technology’s cutting edge. The diner will feature a retro interior—a long white counter with classic stainless steel trim, red cushioned stools, and five cent Cokes—infused with modern elements such as a wireless internet, a touch screen

You don’t have to play basketball to get to the Final Four What College Music Madness

Interior of the coke diner.



jukebox that streams music from the College Music Madness winners, (courtesy of our partnership with and a large LCD screen mounted behind the counter that will showcase the artists’ videos. Visitors are welcome to take pictures with the Poloroid cameras available on-site. Pictures can also be sent digitally to friends and family via internet stations. In addition, they can post hand-written messages to people from other cities on a wall covered in corkboard and can also make their mark on the official Coke blog that will document the diner’s cross country trip through posted videos. Tables with red and white umbrellas set up immediately outside the diner will provide additional areas where visitors can hang out. Why Our generation’s unique position on the threshold of an incomparable technological explosion allows it the luxury of nostalgia for a simpler era—a time made classic by Coke. The Coke Diner combines both elements in a mobile (and virtual) space for hanging out and creating memories with friends that appeals across locations and generations. Cross-promotional integration with College Music Madness and the Free Flash Drive giveaway reinforces the theme that runs throughout the entire campaign: Coke always knows how to give Classic a new twist.

How Through a partnership with social-networking site Facebook and user-created musical community, we can invite unsigned college artists to re-

cord a video and post it to their school’s official Music Madness Facebook page. Students within each college network will have 24 hours to use Facebook to cast their vote for one band that will represent the school. By matching up schools of similar size and locale, we can set up a bracket that pits schools against each other for votes from students at those colleges. As the “tournament” continues and schools are eliminated, voting by more students will narrow it down to fewer and fewer bands. The final ten teams will become Coke sponsored artists,

So, why not Myspace? You may have been wondering why Myspace, the notoriously popular social networking site, is absent from our campaign. While Myspace has millions of profiles, it lacks a central hub and consequently keeps users individual and isolated. Facebook offers such a hub through its organizational structure made up of connected networks. It is also more targeted at our demographic; the site topped the list of favorite sites in Youth Trends’ most recent quarterly survey. Most importantly, Facebook’s fresh and highly regarded image aligns itself with Coke in a way that Myspace never could.

who will be featured on the homepage and receive $10,000 needed to record a first album. Why As shown by the overwhelming popularity of its brackets and pools for the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, Facebook (and its convenient organization by school network) allows for a similarly exciting and elite competition between colleges in realms other than sports. This will foster school pride and bring our demographic together as a community. Burgeoning audio scrobbling1 and musical community site provides the perfect other shoe—it is driven by an audience that supports underground and undiscovered artists, and could really benefit from some improved traffic to its website. The prize for artists is four-fold: in addition to a cash prize, winning bands will walk away with unbeatable publicity, an enormous grassroots fan base, and the chance to have their songs played on the air in the form of 10-15 second cross-promotional radio spots. The idea? You don’t have to be a super famous rock star to be heard.

You don’t have to wait in line alone at midnight What Midnight Movie Giveaway How Coke will provide free Cokes to people waiting in line for midnight movie openings as a way of showing solidarity with those who are willing to go a little crazy for the movies that they love. We have identified three 2008 movies that are bound to be blockbusters and promise a full flocking of fans: Where the Wild Things Are (Oct.), James Bond (Nov.) and of course, Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince (Nov.).

1 Audio Scrobbling’s process of automatically logging the tracks a user listens to. Their system builds a detailed profile of each user’s musical taste and uses it to provide extensive features.

Why Based on our target demographic’s perennial love of movies, and the long-established presence of Coke at the theater, we want to amplify and augment the excitement of being the first to see a new film by handing out free giveaways of Coke Classic to all who are in line. Not only does this reinforce the product’s position as a loyal requisite for fun times, it reminds people that they can be themselves and be passionate about what they love—no matter where or when. And plus, who couldn’t use a little pep and/or a lot of extra caffeine at midnight?

Flash Drive Giveaway What A red flash drive in the shape of the CocaCola bottle, given out at promotional events. How The flash drive will act as a little gift from Coke that is not only useful, but is also full of interesting content. They will be distributed at the Midnight Movie Giveaway and at the Coke Diner. Content will include sample music from the College Artists promotion, as well as video content relevant to both promo events. Additionally, each flash drive will contain links to free MyCoke Rewards points, and other prizes that can be claimed online. Why By incorporating modern technology, flip /// LA provides a useful and relevant giveaway into the campaign. The flexibility and ease of changing the content on the sticks allows for endless promotional possibilities. The pull of the flash drives are three-fold. First, they are extremely useful for transferring data, and are commonly used by our demographic. Second, engaging cross-promotional content can be readily accessed through the stick. And third, the possibility of prizes within the flash drive incites recipients to plug it into their computers to see what’s inside.




Advertising & Marketing Team at UCLA 2007 Faculty Advisor John Kochian Account Supervisors Natalie Kim Victoria Young

Account Management William Trang Natasha Phan Becky Ho Michael Xu Lindsay Steele Matt Murphy Jose Iniguez

Account Planning Thi Nguyen Natalie Pirveysian Stella Kim Justin Tan Harsh Shah

Internet Emerson Taymor Allie Lapidus Luca Barton George Brower Michael Frech Lindsay O’Connor Mariel Shaw

Promotions Michelle Chan Katie Conway Brian Williams Kellie Langewisch Alan Ai Justin Jimenez Kean Almryde

Creative Chris Yi Jesse Epstein Erick Goto Yoko Ohama Jessie Liu Michael Doherty Laurel Bybee Tiffany Pan

Media Liam Humble Tiffany Huang Liang Wang Alexis Wilkinson Ori Barkai Alex Jeffries Alex Cappriotti





BENEFACTORS Carole Horowitz Patricia Burgess Douglas Jeffries Robert and Carol Shapiro Sharon Conway Francesca & Nelson Barton Ernest Shaw David Shaw Steven L. Williams Harry Frech June & Elvin Cole Seung & Sophia Kim Kenneth Kyung Chung Ken Taymor & Beth Parker Bryan Doherty Diane Park Elizabeth Frech / Selina Cha

CONTRIBUTORS Jennifer Gentile Suzanne Crisp Richard Abruscato Janet Weinz Kristen Langewisch Mr. & Mrs. Gary Langewisch Sharen Langewisch Kristine Bybee Rena Goldstein Carol Wilkinson Eunhae Park Stella Jeung Florence and Ed O’Malley Dan & Nancy Tracey Gerald & Kellie Murphy Yoon Kim Rubin Pirveysian Brian Wright Kristel Siongco Susan Sagy

Ida Grace Armor James & Rebecca Conway Aesil Choi Sophia Law Howard Ullman Susie & Steve Shapiro Al Shapiro

SPECIAL THANKS TO Tom Aronson Susan Kwon


95% BLACK for Text

85% BLACK for Graphics



C: 0 M: 100 Y: 0 K: 0


FONT Scala Scala Sans BOOK DESIGNED BY Luca Barton 2007

AAF Coca Cola Presentation Book 2007  

A comprehensive campaign for 2007 AAF National Student Advertising Competition client Coca Cola.

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