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January 1, 2010


Saint Francis Episcopal Church - A community of healing and reconciliation The Reverend S. Chadwick Vaughn, Rector

The Annual Parish Meeting Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 1 p.m. Y’all Come!

Please mark the date on your calendars and plan to attend the St. Francis Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, January 24 at 1 p.m. We will share a meal, enjoy fellowship with one another, and hear updates on the ongoing ministry of the church. I will share my reflections on my first few months with you all as well as offer some of my vision for our time together in the future. One of the most important matters before us will be electing four new members to serve on the Vestry. The Vestry is the governing body of the parish and is comprised of twelve members each elected for a three year term. We will elect four persons to replace the four members whose terms end this year. All confirmed members of the parish who regularly attend church (confirmed communicants) aged 16 and over are eligible to vote to elect Vestry members. Changes were made to the St. Francis bylaws in September of this year which effect how the Vestry is selected. Vestry members will be voted upon during the Annual Parish Meeting with the four persons receiving the most votes being the ones elected to serve on the Vestry. This is a change from the system used in the past as I understand it. I have heard some say that this method is akin to a popularity contest – I ask that you not make it so. Please pray about those who have been nominated and have agreed to let their names stand. Consider how those for whom you vote balance and complement each other and how, as a whole, your selections will work together for the good of the body. We need creative, faithful, committed leaders to help envision the future of St. Francis Church! As to the slate, the bylaws stipulate for a nominating committee comprised of the four off-going Vestry members and two at-large members from the parish (Norma Hutchings and John Parnell). This group has been working to identify a group of eight qualified candidates that represent a vast cross section of the parish. Nominations can also be made by any member of the parish by submitting names to the Senior Warden no later than January 17 (time is needed to certify the candidate’s qualifications). To serve on the Vestry, a person needs to be at least 18 years of age, a confirmed communicant of the parish, and must be known to the treasurer to have made a written pledge of financial support to the parish. Permission of the person being nominated must have been secured as well.

You must be present at the Annual Parish Meeting to vote to elect members of the Vestry. There is no provision in the bylaws for absentee Continued on next page...

Please Remember in Prayer Jo Ann Harrison Brandon Barron Sherry Trotter Rebecca Jessica PunjaBi Betty Frye Jacie Deason Betsi Kelly Sandi Estes Denise Tidwell Lewis McSwain Denise Evans Kevin Tickel Don & Barbara Ellis Laura Martin Nancy Curry Family Cerina Patterson Brooke Pallot Fran Walter Dillard Abby Patricia Lynn Mary Coates Norma Tim & Mark Powers DOK Haiti Roy Wright Debbie Johnston Wilma Davis Christopher Sapp Ishiuan Hargrove Jessica Gwinette LaVerne Stokes Chris McKinney Becky Webb

Intercessions (continued)

Phyllis Ethan Ellis Rebecca Martin Bob Parris Karma Albert Dupree Rabun Whitston Family Patricia Johnson J.J. Josh and Niki Annette Tommy LaBorde Stuart Ogilvie Marcia Anderson Denise McIntosh Lisa Sapp Jason Sapp George Krugoroy JB James & family Grace David Green Jessica Ward Earl Hefner Margaret McSwain Robin Flynn Michael Flynn Allie Dianne Dupree Fred and Tammy Ida Ruth Destin Thomas C. Good Jarquin Family Shelby Morrison Sanibel Sapp J.T. Max Bob Johnson Foster Family Dorothy Debbie Linda Kirkman Bob Eckhardt Marilyn Sommers

Vestry Elections Continued... balloting or for proxies. The voting will take place near the beginning of the meeting and the results tabulated so that elections can be recognized later during the meeting – or, if the event of a tie, a run-off may occur. The Vestry has requested that these changes be explained as clearly as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me or Charlie Brogdon, the Senior Warden, for clarification. Finally, I would very much like to thank and recognize our four offgoing Vestry members – Charlie Brogdon (Senior Warden), Ron Curl (Junior Warden), Carol Bloodworth, and Buzz Tanner. We owe them a debt of gratitude for all of the time and leadership that they have offered to us during the interim and the transition to where we are today. They, along with the continuing Vestry members (Cathy Dillard, Elizabeth Dunn, Roz Goudeau, Lisa Lynn Hefner, Laura Lewis, Doug McMillan, Carol Olsen, and Tammy Pallot) are all valuable leaders in this faith community who care for and are deeply committed to the good work God has called us to do in this place. For this I am so very grateful. Please join us on January 24th at 1:00 pm as we look together at where we have been and dream together who God is calling is to be as we grow together in the future. Blessings, Chad+

Stewardship Campaign Update Thank you to all who have prayerfully considered and made a pledge of financial support to the parish in faithful response to all God has shared with you. As of December 23, we have received pledges in the amount of $278,000 toward our 2010 goal of $300,000. This includes over $46,000 in new pledges and over $20,000 in increased pledges (over 2009). In 2009, 106 people made a pledge of financial support. So far this year, 89 pledges have been received. As we begin the new year, I continue to ask you to prayerfully consider a faithful response to all God has shared with you and make a pledge of financial support to the parish. I would like all families to pledge. The amount is not as important as the prayerful consideration and the response to God and to this community. We are a community of blessings, called to share these blessings with the world. Blessings, Chad+

Haitian Hope Happenings: News and Notes By Marcia Aldridge The hard work of all the members of Haitian Hope is an inspiration for all of us. • Glad River church from Mercer University continues to offer support, most recently with donations for recorders. • St. Stephen’s, Milledgeville has sent $100 from coffee sales and promised to provide enough money to purchase 3 goats. • Christ Church donated $650 from their Community Service account and shows increasing interest in participation in Haitian Hope • Gail, Ranny and Preston made a presentation to Christ Church Wednesday, December 2nd. • Lynn Alexander, wife of Bishop Alexander, has asked to be included in the development of a medical mission. • Father Chad’s wonderful announcements generated 37 people (several first timers) at the Shamrock on December 9th. • Gail Moulton erected a facsimile of our alternative Christmas display at St. Paul’s. • Our alternative Christmas display continues to pique the generous nature of people at St. Francis. Thank you! • Père Michaud has sent thanks for the recorders which he received December 6th. (Our thanks go out to Myrl Trimble and Susan Locke for their hard work.) • Lauren Stanley, the new missioner for six years in Haiti, states that he is working on a grant for the repair and expansion of the church building in Trouin. • Père Kesner Ajax, coordinator of the Episcopal Haiti Partnership, sends his Christmas greetings and thanks for the wonderful job everyone in the Partnership is doing. Because of everyone’s fine work, every child participating in the Episcopal school system receives a meal at least three times a week. • Next trip to St. Marc’s—Trouin will be 16-20 January 2010 • Gail will lead this group of four women: Katherine Armentrout and Marietta Choyce from Church of the Holy Family in Jasper and Irene Marxsen from First Presbyterian Day School and Christ Church. • At the last meeting, the Haitian Hope committee agreed to raise the salaries of six teachers to $1200/teacher, or $7200 per annum. This allows each teacher to earn $3.26/day for 365 days/year. • The lunch allowance was raised to $15,000 per annum which promises each child a hot meal every day for $37.50 per annum or .20 per meal. • Events and dates to remember: January 30th –Haiti mission meeting in Atlanta. Let’s all go. November 4th-6th, 2010—Haiti Connection meeting in Port-au-Prince January 17th—next Haitian Hope meeting

Intercessions (continued)

Bob Parris Alan Dove Laura Adams & Family Edward Dreyer Cameron Susan Blake For all those in the armed services, especially: Christopher Babcock Jason Glefke Sam Train Esteban Leora, Margaret Weitzel John Allen Michael Kelley Robert Pitts Travis Butler Charlie Richardson Benjamin Lambert Kim Burt Michael Becker LeAnne Moore Andrew McCallum Shawn Stascheit Stephen Murray Michael Langford Drew Barth

Youth Confirmation Classes will resume Sunday, January 10th at 5:00 p.m. For more information, please contact Laura Lewis (405-9300) or Margaret Jones (757-9949).

BIRTHDAYS January 1 Robert Aldrich Buzz Tanner January 2 Helen Nolan January 3 Danielle Heard

St. Francis Book Club The St. Francis Book Club will be reading for the January meeting Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. The meeting will be held on January 20, 2010 at 7:30 PM. We will meet at the home of Don and Barbara Thompson, 260 Matlock Lane, Macon, 474-7366.  If you like to read and discuss what you have read, please join us.

January 4 Jason Economides Barbara Freeman January 5 John Henry Hefner Matthew Tessendorf January 6 Carroll Hanse Debra Smith January 8 Daphne Stevens January 9 David Ruemmele January 13 Jeanne Brogdon William Dunn Harold Tessendorf January 14 Aisling Ireland

Because you might learn something... By Lisa Lynn Hefner

Exciting things are happening in Adult Education as we begin 2010. Please plan to join one of the upcoming classes and expect a life changing experience. There are three new classes set to begin on January 3rd: The Gospel of John – Led by Mike Parella (Library) The Book of Esther – Led by Janice Mann (Lower Room) Bible Year Round – Led by Teresa Smotherman and Debby MacMillan The second half of the Study of Hebrews will start after the completion of the Gospel of John. Look forward to more interesting and enriching things planned for the rest of the spring, including studies led by Ken Hammond and Doug Steeples. Stay tuned for more information in the February Newsletter.

January 15 Zoe Economides Matthew Ford Isabel Newberry January 16 Thomas Aldridge Hannah Mayfield Rebecca Youngblood January 17 Carolyn Krauss Clement Nwosu January 18 Galen Ramsey January 19 Calvin McCullar Andrew Pope

Welcome New Arrival! Congratulations to Ian and Miranda Jennings on the birth of their new baby. Baby Alana Grace Jennings was born on November 23, 2009, at 3:16 pm. Alana weighed 6 pounds, 11.7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Congratulations to big sister, Haley, as well!

Miracles Never Cease:


By Tammy Pallot

January 20 Lee Bowen Dan Edwards

The Photo Directory is FINALLY Here After 2 years in the making, the St. Francis Photo Directory is finally here! If we have your e-mail address, you should have received a PDF copy of the December 2009 St. Francis Episcopal Church Photo Directory via e-mail on December 30th.  If you did not, please send your e-mail address to news@  We realize that not everyone has e-mail and even if they do, some people prefer having a printed document.  Although we would love to send a printed directory to every member of St. Francis, it would cost almost $3,000.  The Communications Team spent a considerable amount of time trying to balance being good financial stewards and providing printed directories to St. Francis.  We believe we found a way to do both. We hope you will keep a copy of the PDF file with you on your cell phone, Blackberry, Palm, PDA, laptop, or any other device you may have. You are also more than welcome to print as many copies of the directory as you would like.  If however, you would like a “professionally printed” directory, you can purchase one for $13.00 (the cost of printing).  The “printed directories” will have a cover stock front and back cover and comb-binding (a black plastic binding placed on the long edge of the document).  If you would like to order a printed copy of the directory, please let us know at news@   We will also have a sign up sheet available outside the Parish Hall. One of the advantages of having the directory as a PDF file is that we can update it frequently and easily without incurring additional costs (or wasting paper).  We will be sending out an update via e-mail as soon as the 2010 Vestry has been elected (January 24th).  Therefore, we will not actually print the directory until after the Annual Meeting (January 24th).   Please verify your contact information and if you would like to change and/or add to your information or photo, please let us know at news@stfrancismacon. com before January 24th. We hope you enjoy the long anticipated directory!

Happy New Year From MEB! By Lynne King Wow, it’s really 2010. On behalf of all the Macon Ecumenical Bookstore volunteers, thank you for another year as St. Francis’ Bookstore! We will be having a sale on most items through January 17th. Please stop in for good conversation, terrific books and wonderful gift items.


January 21 Sandra Rubanov January 22 Bertha Simmons Lisa Tangren January 23 Jo Ellen Costanzo January 24 Amara Nwosu January 25 Tiffany Hanse January 30 Amy Joyner George Oetter February 2 Noah McInnis Isabel Munson Abigail Munson February 4 Katie Lewis February 5 Jesse Busbee February 6 Dana Boyd Alexander Lewis Ike Oedel February 7 Emily Krauss February 8 Rachel Morrison February 9 Sylvia Groover Matthew Robinson Teresa Smotherman Barbara Windom Did we miss your birthday? Want to make sure we include a future birthday? If so, please let us know at




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Women's 10a Bookstore Open 10a Breakfast 12p Lunch at Healing Mass Diversity House Adult Ed Class 12:45p Healing Service Prayer Shawl Diversity House 8p AA

Bookstore Open

Women's 10a Bookstore Open 10a Bookstore Open Breakfast 12p Lunch at 12p Haiti Mission Mtg. 10a Healing Mass Diversity House at Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta 10:30a Adult Ed Class 12:45p Healing Service Diversity House 8p AA


SAINT COLUMCILLE PATRON SAINT OF SACRED ART, POETRY & WRITING By Lucille Staszak Born “Crimthann” meaning fox, he came from the powerful, wealthy and influential Irish O’Neill clan. The name “Columcille” which means “Dove of the Church” was a nickname that stuck early in life because of his penchant for spending so much time in chapel and church. Columcille was so multi-talented he could have made a successful life’s work in almost any profession. His magnetic personality drew in all types but he spent most of his time with seminarians, religious scholars, writers and artists. After ordination as a priest, his aim was to devote several years to religious scholarship, but life got in the way. The Yellow Plague swept surely and quickly across Europe. Several times he was called upon to settle religious disputes involving the Bible and the Gospel. And last but not least he founded over 40 monasteries, several of which have endured such as Derry and Iona. He was the creative force behind the famous Irish sacred work, the Book of Kells. His true accomplishments were impressive enough but legend is even richer. Columcille is credited for healing the sick, soothing stormy winds and seas and even blessing an ugly, foul-smelling tree that began bearing sweet-smelling fruit almost at once. Despite his near rock-star following in Ireland, England and Scotland, Columcille was exiled from his native Ireland at the age of 42. Over a period of months he clandestinely hand-copied an original manuscript containing the four Gospels that belonged to his old friend and teacher, Finnian. When caught, Columcille wasn’t the least bit apologetic, saying he merely wanted copies of the manuscript for use in his monasteries. The High King Dermott wasn’t amused and harshly banished Columcille from his homeland. Later Columcille became “sick with guilt and remorse” and the banishment was overturned. The experience made him more humble and he began sleeping with a rock for a pillow, engaging in daily prayer in strict solitude for many hours and writing over 300 books. He died at the age of 76, quite old for the year 597. In life he had great reverence for the dead. In one of his books he penned, “Perform prayers for the dead with great fervor as if every one of the faithful who had died were a special friend of yours”. His feast day is June 9.

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