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Marketing World Lego introduces #letsbuildtogether campaign Inspired by the amazing Lego creations being shared by people of all ages on social media, the company has delved deep into its archives and assembled Lego designers, STEM gurus and play experts to come up with new ways to help families stay creative, curious and connected while at home. Daily play challenges, new play ideas and live build-a-longs will be shared on social media using the hashtag #letsbuildtogether and at Play inspiration can also be found by searching #letsbuildtogether on social media. Over the next few weeks, hundreds of play ideas will be shared on, and Lego social channels, inviting builders across the globe to have a go at daily building challenges, join live build-a-longs and share their creativity online using #letsbuildtogether. It's also been announced that the Lego Foundation has pledged $50m to a number of NGO and charity partners to support children most in need, ensuring they have access to essential supplies and continued development through learning through play.

L.O.L. Surprise! unveils national pen pal campaign To help combat feelings of separation, L.O.L. Surprise! has launched a national BFF Pen Pal campaign. Launched on 27th March, the campaign will teach children how to stay in touch with their friends and family by sending postcards to each other. Whilst having fun and connecting with their friends, the campaign also aims to encourage children to take a break from screen time and bring back the fun of writing and exchanging letters. The postcards will be available to download for free from the L.O.L. Surprise! UK Facebook (@lolsurpriseuk) and Instagram ( pages with a range of postcard designs from popular collectible ranges Lights, O.M.G. Fashion Dolls, Boys and #Hairvibes. Each will include a fun activity, from colouring-in to spot the difference. Fans who aren’t able to make it out to the post box will be encouraged to ask a parent or guardian to share their postcards with friends digitally. The campaign is part of a wider brand initiative to help beat boredom at home. Throughout the coming month, the brand will be sharing regular free activity content on its social media channels including quizzes, games, colouring-in sheets, dance challenges and more. Parents can follow #BBsBoredomBusters to find new activities each day.

newsanalysis Diaframma – keeping productive and positive For some people, working from home is easier said than done, but Diaframma is among those companies looking for innovative solutions to a unique set of challenges. We spoke to Alice Morisson, international sales director at the kids and family marketing agency, about how the company’s new technology can help toy companies on lockdown.

How important do you think consistent marketing and communication is for toy companies in this current situation? Toy companies, like many industries, are thinking first and foremost about protecting their employees. Many companies in the toy industry have used their own factories, or contacts, to provide PPE to essential workers. At a time like this, we believe that there needs to be the right balance of sensitivity but also productive and positive marketing and communication. The world is seeing a lot of negative information being circulated on TV and digitally. If toy companies can counteract that by offering a little spark of happiness and positivity, we think it would be warmly welcomed at a time like this.

What services is Diaframma offering to help toy companies that find themselves unable to travel? We recently acquired a technology which permits us to live broadcast our shoots, thus offering the opportunity for our clients to watch production live from their home or office (or wherever they may be). They can then follow the whole shoot from their computer, as if they were with us. We do of course prefer our clients to be on set with us, but this option does give us a good and safe alternative if travel is restricted. Given the business we’re in, and with children being involved, we are also looking forward and preparing for alternative solutions should severe social distancing measures remain in force. As we are all rapidly discovering, working remotely is possible and has been proven to be productive. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What campaigns are you working on at present? We have many campaigns in the pipeline and we expect to finalise them as soon as government decisions make this possible. We also have contingency plans for making ads if live shooting remains very difficult or impossible. This could include the use of new product stills, animation, CGI, compositing, archived footage, stock footage – there are a multitude of options. We are confident that we can still produce a beautiful spot using our talented team and deep range of assets in these uncertain times. Communication and being creative in tough situations is our job, and we take that seriously for our clients.

What type of content is likely to resonate most with consumers stuck at home with their kids? A lot depends on the type of platforms being used. Television viewership has increased, backtracking a little from even a few months ago when digital kept on gaining ground. Targeted marketing is a fact of life now, and the extensive variety of assets produced when planning marketing campaigns make that very clear. From a content perspective, we believe that consumers that are stuck at home with their kids need engaging yet stimulating content to keep their children active and engaged. The combination of entertaining yet mind-stimulating games, activities and imagination-igniting toys is what kids need to keep them encouraged and thinking positively.

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