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Find Pedal Cars and more at Online Educational Toy Stores From the earliest parenting days, children received no or little instruction when it came to play. They learned mostly by imitation, imagination, and discovery. New skills were gained through ‘pretend play’ such as playing nurse or teacher. Today, an educational toy store provides more options for play enrichment. Research shows that play benefits the brain and may also promote problem solving skills. ‘Smart’ toys don’t have to be computerized, they can be basic building blocks or old fashioned pedal cars. With basic building blocks children can learn motor skills, math skills and helps with manual dexterity. Every child loves pedal cars as they are able to transport themselves around independently, and pretend to drive the car like mom and dad. They are also great for physical coordination. Many of these cars come in retro styles like ’32 Ford Roadsters or Mustangs which will please both parents and children. An educational toy store offers plenty of ideas for toys that will challenge and captivate your child at any age. From baby gyms to beaded play tables for toddlers to stacking games to balance strider bikes for 6-10 year olds, you will find something to suit every child in your family, at every stage of development. With the magic of the internet, you can browse all these products from the comfort of your own home, to give you time to research and decide which educational toy is best for your child. There are many online toy stores to choose from, and it is easier to browse and compare them all online together. An educational toy store is also a very good resource for daycares, playrooms, and medical waiting rooms, as their products offer play-based learning and promote group play. For example, activity tables which wooden beads, magnets and musical instruments will delight children and keep them busy. When looking at online toy stores, make sure you check their products are safe and durable, as well as quality, long lasting products. They should encourage cognitive development and imaginary play while also being fun, entertaining and educational. Make sure they deliver what they promise. There are many different online toy stores that offer beautifully designed and fascinating toys. While some shops focus mainly on bright coloredplastic, less durable toys, you will find others revert back to the old fashioned wooden toys, which not only last much longer, but are more pleasing to the eye.

About Us:The early years in a child’s development are very important for helping their social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills progress. With the help of educational toys, children’s imaginations and development can be enriched even further as they challenge and captivate them. We have quality educational toys for all ages, levels and types of play. Visit us at to see our exciting range of educational toys. Contact us: Toys Of Endearment Jazz Drive, Maple, Ontario Canada, L6A 4S4

Find Pedal Cars and more at Online Educational Toy Stores