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Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave

The Trio Batcave is the secret headquarters for the caped crusader¿.Batman. With more than a hundred TRIO easy-click pieces and accessories, the TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave from Fisher-Price offers hours of set-building adventure. This generously sized set provides ample accessories for your budding architect to create endless variations of the Batcave. Along with a Batman action figure and an awesome Batmobile, this play set will entertain and challenge kids aged 4 and up who love to build. DC Super Friends Batcave Ages: 4 years and up What We Think Fun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: Novelty factor: The Good: Snapping together the TRIO easy-click pieces is a blast The Challenging: Instructions include only one step-by-step guide to building the standard Batcave In a Nutshell: An exciting and easy-to-build Batcave building set The set comes with a Batman figure and a customizable Batmobile. View larger. Loads of Batcave Accessories for Action-Loving Builders The hundred-plus durable plastic parts and accessories in this substantial play set for younger kids click together with a satisfying snap. Whether you and your kid are building a blue wall around the stone-textured facade, or clicking the yellow rods into the walls for a cool piping effect, you'll be impressed how easily the pieces fit. Along with the basic brick and rod pieces, you'll incorporate staircases, shingles, platforms, and decorative panels to your Batcave designs. This set includes a zip line, a control panel, batwings, and of course, Batman signage to click above the Batmobile's private entrance or anywhere else your child fancies. After building the set, send Batman off in his Batmobile, which can also be disassembled and redesigned with easy-click bricks and rods. Plenty of adventures await your Dark Knight when he drives his Batmobile through the swinging entrance of the hideout.

Instruction Guide Inspires Endless Batcave Designs The TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave comes with an easy-to-understand instruction guide with step-by-step directions for building a standard cave dwelling. The standard set should take less than an hour to construct. The instructions also show images of three additional Batcave designs with visual lists that show the type and number of building pieces you'll need for construction. Though the additional designs don't outline step-by-step construction, your kids will be inspired to use their imaginations for building and experimenting with their own designs. Develops Problem-Solving and Spatial Skills Buildable play sets offer early, valuable lessons in problem-solving and developing spatial and construction skills. Younger kids might need your help building the set shown in the instruction guide, so working with them offers you a great opportunity to model trouble-shooting skills for your kid. The TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave is a subtly instructive and fun way to play and express creativity through building. What's in the Box More than 100 easy-click pieces and instruction guide. With over 100 TRIO pieces, this set allows you to build several different variations of the Batcave.

Products Feature 1. The TRIO Batcave set makes building a "snap" for kids with easy-click bricks, sticks, and panels 2. Batcave includes many iconic features of the classic cave dwelling 3. Features a hidden door to the outside world, rock facade, ladders, zip-line and "technical" control panel 4. The set also includes a Batmobile (constructed with TRIO car chassis) and TRIO Batman figure 5. To see more information view the "Video" located next to the product images

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Fisher-Price TRIO DC Super Friends Batcave