Tim Gaze - pie tray prints

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Tim Gaze

pie tray prints

toxic snooze

copyright (c) 2010 Tim Gaze cover art by Tim Gaze & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

toxic snooze http://toxicsnooze.blogspot.com

pie tray prints

Tim Gaze

ingredients: plastic packaging (from packet of 4 generic brand chicken & vegetable pies) $2 black acrylic paint ordinary A4 size paper plastic placemat

method: squeeze some paint onto the placemat touch pie tray to placemat, then touch pie tray to paper repeat, until an interesting image appears on the paper

touch can be rapid or slow, crisp or smeared

on some of the pages, I also touched the paper directly onto the placemat.

I hope that these shapes suggest hints of animals, plants, people, objects, writing, energies, phenomena & so on.

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