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Editor: Fredrik Blomqvist Designer: Fredrik Blomqvist Reviewers: Mathias Rosenberg | Axel Roslund Karl Lindblom | Christian Mattison Columnists: Fredrik Blomqvist | Jordan Wåhlin | Christian Mattison Comic: Mathias Rosenberg | Jordan Wåhlin

Never before has an entire magazine been dedicated to the social act of playing together, side by side as teammates or opponents. But our LAN magazine is now going to change that. This magazine is going to give you plentiful of interesting reading, and hopefully a lot of tips on great games that are hard to find but awesome to play together. We will also discuss subjects revolving around gaming and different ways of playing together, for example using fake LANs. We will always review and write stuff, from the LAN angle. Which means that we for example won’t be spending time reviewing a single player campaign of a game. We want to target everyone out there, that is already a used LAN partier, or just curious about new ways to have fun! Our vision is to make LANs more common, as common as a normal party. With each generation the age where you start hosting/going to LANs decrease. We also want to change how some persons look at these geek feasts. Some parents

won’t allow their kid to go to a LAN, because they think it is dangerous because of what you can drink, and the thing with staying up all night. But it isn’t more dangerous than playing with a pencil in school, it’s you that decide if you want to stab yourself in the throat with it, or just use it as it should be used. For those of you that doesn’t even know what the word LAN means, or what a LAN party is, we will do our best to introduce you to this part of the world. Hopefully this will encourage more people to at least try it once. So get comfortable and prepare yourself, because after reading this magazine, your LANs will never be the same again!

Fredrik Blomqvist, Editor in chief

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Gface social network enters closed beta

Kepler details leaked Even though NVIDIA was quiet about it on CES they have been working on them. Their next generation of graphic cards are rumored to be released the third quarter of this year, with the first models for laptops coming to the stores in April. According to the data that has been leaked onto the net, they have a full lineup as usual with the heaviest card, GTX 690, placed at 999$. That is a very hefty price tag, though you will probably be happy with it since the processor that is has two of, GK110, is projected to be about 45% faster than the countercard HD7970. Which means that their single processor top notch card GTX 680 will be an hell of a deal if these numbers are true. Though since these numbers aren’t confirmed, they should be taken with a pinch of salt, and yet one question remains…will it blend?

Top 5 Smartphone sales 2011 Q4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Galaxy S 4G

No, Facebook, Google+, Steam, OnLive and the rest isn’t enough. You need one more social site, at least according to Crytek. Their latest invention is called Gface and is another of those “Built by gamers, for gamers” thingies. The focus of the new platform is to be able to share the gaming as easy as you can share other things on the net. For example you should be able to stream your current gameplay and invite all your friends to view, without the need of a plug-in or any other installations, right in the browser. They have quite an interesting design on the site, not gamer-like at all. Though it looks indeed fresh and maybe that’s what’s needed in the gaming world? They are however in closed beta now, so if you want to give it a try just jump onto, sign-up and hope to get in. If you do, well there’s an even harder task: bringing your friends over.


Wireless gigabit cables invented! Wait…what? What I mean is that they have created and started manufacturing the new wireless standard 802.11ac. So yeah what makes that standard so special except that it has some new letters? Actually nothing big, just that it allows you to have a gigabit connection wirelessly! ZOMG! At the company Buffalos display booth at CES they showed off the technic by transferring a file at 800 megabits/second (100 megabyte/second). Though the problem is that they sent the “wireless” signals via a cable. Yeah I also thought that was weird. So we shouldn’t expect too much, especially when we put a wall in between. But this is still a good sign since it shows us that they are coming somewhere in the development. After all, they have also invented an even more effective wireless network technic which “should” be able to create a 7 gigabit connection wirelessly…well only time will tell how that goes. Maybe we will LAN wirelessly in the future?

Many of us knows that recently the big site MegaUpload was taken down by FBI. Also a lot of other sites, which fear takedown by FBI, have shutdown by themselves just because they don’t want to get into the same cradle as MegaUpload (BTJunkie for example). But there is


So many copies has been sold of Dungeon Defenders in just 3 months! Very good for a small indie-company!


a solution to everything, even this: Tribler. Even though the name is weird the focus of the program is to create and maintain a P2P network which contains information about torrents. To clarify it: you download the program, you then search directly in it after content and at last you

download it. Without the involvement of any torrent website. Since there is no centralized index of the files/metadata, it can’t be shutdown without taking down every single client. Imagine how hard that will be when there are some millions! Take it for a spin at!




k! - Knock, knoc - Who is it? WN! - FBI, GET DO ... e. - What th gets smashed) BANG! (Door .. ng apartment. - Oh fuck...wro

iPhone After


Well here’s something you don’t hear everyday: A 44-year-old Arizona guy was arrested because he didn’t want to leave his cell in the jail!

“I never really wanted to go to Japan. I don’t like eating fish, and I hear that’s very popular in Africa.” -Britney Spears

T o p 5 T o r r e n t S i t e s 2 0 1 2

Tired of your usual torrent site? Then this list is perfect to find some new grounds to harvest! These sites are ranked by Alexa rank after number of visits, and they all have huge indexes. Though all of us here at the office are of course still favorising the pride of Sweden!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The Pirate Bay Torrentz KickassTorrents IsoHunt ExtraTorrent

@ The Office

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Redefining LAN

with Fredrik Blomqvist

If you would ask a thousand persons, and maybe even yourself, the question: “What is a typical LAN party?” They would probably use the words “night”, “gaming” and “cola/energy drinks”. If you would ask a non-nerd, a LAN party is also something extremely nerdy. That is something we are going to change here today. The first LAN party I went to was at my friend’s house. We were about six, seven persons and it lasted a night. It was fun, so we continued to arrange LANs at our houses and haven’t stopped, though they have evolved. Nowadays, we consider it more a social event. Gaming is, for sure, a key component, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the focus. There is lots of other stuff that you want to accomplish during a LAN party, according to me. Music with a harder style Have you ever been to a LAN where they/you don’t play music of an up-tempo genre, like Hardstyle, Hands up, Dubstep or Trance? Somehow a strong connection has been made between playing games and listening to those genres. I believe it is because of the adrenaline boost that you get by high tempo music. I do agree that they fit together very well, though I also feel you can play other genres. For example, at one of my latest LANs we put on some Jazz in the middle of the night. I can only say that it was very comfortable for our ears


and it also generated a very calm atmosphere which is great normally at that time of the day. That takes us to the next part. The art of pulling an allnighter The clock is four am, and you just started a new round of Civilization that will last until breakfast. Because that’s what you do on LANs, you pull allnighters. Sure, playing games and drinking high-caffeine drinks to be able to ditch the sleep can be fun, but I definitely don’t think it is a necessity. More like a one-time fun thing. Why, because the quality of gaming is drastically lowered around four, five in the morning. That happens because at that time, your body realizes that you have missed the mental rest that you should have had and therefore kind of slows your brain down. I don’t know if you have noticed it, but at big public LANs at that time in the morning, a lot of people are just gazing at their

screens looking really retarded while they are trying to think. My advice? Skip it. Go to bed, enjoy a nice sleep and then continue to play when you wake up. Now you probably think, “hey, then I’m going to lose hours of playing!” Yeah you will (though just poor gaming), but why not compensate for that by continuing for one more day and night?

to host a LAN, the question about the length should be mandatory, since that is how a vacation works, and for me, LAN equals vacation. Nerdiness is not a requirement The definition of the word nerd is so distorted that talking about nerds directly creates an image of a guy with glasses, braces and probably a ridiculous smile in all non-nerds’ heads. That is not true. Nerds can be found in many shapes and sizes. Everyone can play games, many think it is fun to play games and a LAN party is something everyone that fits under the second category should try. On the week-LAN we had last summer, we swam, grilled and just talked a lot, not only about games.

“Nerds can be found in many shapes and sizes“ Best vacation ever Me and my friends realized that pretty quickly so nowadays we barely LAN for less than three days, two nights with sleep. Those LANs can be really awesome depending on the games available and the amount of people joining in. Who cares if it’s daylight fifty percent of the party? Just close the blinds and pretend it is night, it does work! Then one of my friends came up with the bright idea: “Why don’t we LAN party for a week?” The first time I heard it I thought it was a sick idea. That was nearly two years ago. Last summer I did it twice. According to me, that is one hell of a vacation. What I want to say with this is that a LAN shouldn’t default to a set length of time for example a night. When someone says they want

Summing-up To sum this up: don’t be afraid of trying new things! The worst that can happen is that the LAN gets boring, but hey you got plenty of time to just arrange a new one and try another setup. Feeling tired? Just go to bed. No one is forcing you to stay up at night. But most important of all: Take a chill pill and be yourself!

Fredrik Blomqvist


Company of Heroes



d Shit

If you are interested in World War II then you will love this game because this game takes the details from World War II really seriously. The most important things from World War II are definitely in Company of Heroes which makes every World War II fanatic fall in love with the game. Company of Heroes is a realtime strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ. A standalone expansion, Opposing Fronts, was released in 2007 and a second expansion, Tales of Valor, was released in 2009. The game modes are a single player campaign which lets you control both German troops but mostly American troops and there is a multiplayer mode which lets you play with friends online or by LAN. In the campaign you can choose to play three different missions but if you have all the expansions you can play six different campaigns. In some campaigns you can play as the German troops but most campaigns are about the American troops attacking and defending themselves against the mighty German army.

Gameplay When you play online or LAN you can search game by name or game style and you can apply filters so that if you want to play as the Axis or the Allied then you only see games with Axis or Allied seats available, depending on which one you choose to hide. There are four different game modes where some are quite different from the original strategy game you are used to playing. In Classic Match, which is as an ordinary strategy game, you have your HQ and you may build buildings that let you produce infantry or tanks and some may let you upgrade your army. You have to capture control points in order to get resources so you can lead your army to victory. In Classic Match you may choose to play Annihilate or Victory Point Control. Annihilate lets

you build an army and totally destroy your enemy with the biggest tanks from World War II and the best infantry, Victory Point Control is about taking over three points and holding them until the enemies’ points have run out. If you ever get tired of playing the original game mode you and your friends can try the survival mode. Operation:

and the waves occur more often and the time between them is shorter. Now when you have tried two quite different game modes but you still don’t think it’s enough, maybe because you think it’s too much to keep track of, then you can try Operation: Panzerkrieg or Operation: Assault which are quite the same but the main differences is that in Panzerkrieg you control one tank that you can upgrade and you takes points like in Victory Point Control, but in Assault you are controlling one “hero” and your objective is to destroy the enemies’ defense buildings until you can destroy the enemies’ headquarters.

“The best defence is a good offence” Stonewall is when up to four of your friends are defending four buildings against waves of Nazi troops. You can unlock better infantry and tanks the more you kill the enemy. The longer you survive the more you unlock, but so does the enemy

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“Friends” VS You I like Company of Heroes


Tanks, tanks and MORE TANKS!

What tactics would you use?

The night is....cozy and calm....

because it’s sort of a new thinking and that is the first World War II strategy game that I played in my life and I just love it. It is more fun to play with friends either as their allied or their enemy, but of course you have to play against some of your friends if you are at a LAN and you are all playing Company of Heroes in the same game, but be sure to pick the team where at least one has played the game if you aren’t one of them. The game is kind of difficult to learn but when you have played a number of games you should at least have learnt to play as one of the two armies in ether the Axis or the Allied, which should be just fine to go with some friend to just kick your Enemies’ asses.

And you can do it fast or slow with the biggest tanks from World War II. The best thing about Company of Heroes is when you play against you friends and you are attacking with your biggest tank and then you just hear them scream in horror as you are slowly pushing you army trough their defenses and bring the hammer down on their Headquarter and claim victory. The game itself is very balanced because if you have an army of tanks your enemy can easily build tank destroyers and then you are screwed. The best way to make sure that your army will be the winning one is to build both tanks and infantry to make sure the enemy doesn’t just build one kind of tank to

counter your tanks. Instead they have to build things that can kill your troops and your tanks which leaves their economy on its knees. Quality Before Quantity Company of Heroes is not the easiest game to modification but the few mods that exist are so wellmade that it feels like they are just expansions to the original game. The two best Mods is The Eastern Front in which they added Soviet to the Allies and some more troops in both teams an there is Blitzkrieg which has added tons of new troops and vehicles which lets you try new tactics against you friends with new powerful units.

About the Developers Relic is a game development company and it was funded in 1997 in Vancouver, Canada. In 2004 THQ announced they were planning to buy Relic and one month later they did, for 10 million dollars. Relic focuses on Real-time strategy games and because they are focusing on strategy games they have experience in what they do, so you will always get a masterpiece from Relic whenever they produce a new game. Relic’s goal is to be the leader in strategic games and because that’s their goal they are doing as much as they can to make their strategy games more realistic.

Mathias Rosenberg


Company of Heroes



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TOP 10 LAN GAM 10. MOUNT & BLADE Join up in big fights with sword and shield, in first person! it really gives you the feeling of being in the battle, fighting for your life and honour!

9. KILLING FLOOR Even though the game is old there are plenty of zombies to kill and great maps to find. Team up with 5 buddies to best enjoy this game!

1. WORLD IN CONFLICT Teamwork is a key component in this strategic war game. Bring in the infantry along with tanks, helicopters and nukes to create an hell of a war! In this game you have everything you ever need: tanks, choppers, nukes and Russians. You start war on huge maps with up to sixteen players, you will love it when you hammer the shit out of your enemies with your artillery.



Disney may have created this game but it doesn’t lack explosions because of that! Drive fast cars while the map collapses in front of you and you see your competitors explode!

It has never been funnier mashing other players with your vehicle! Intense violence combined with ruthless machines makes this game superb for LAN parties!

7. COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 This game never gets to old. There’s plenty of game modes and lots of maps to download along with cool mods! Come on now and PLANT DA FUCKING BOMB!

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MES OF ALL TIME 2. DUNGEON DEFENDERS This newcomer was a smashing hit and has given us a good introduction to this new type of gameplay. There’s a crazy amount of items and a nice lineup of towers. It is the best co-op released 2011, undoubtly. Tower Defense combined with RPG, can it really get better? Try and see for yourself in this über slaughter fest!

3. WARCRAFT 3 It’s old as Counter Strike but with its huge amount of custom game modes and a legendary campaign this game will never get boring! There are maps with everything from TD to strange RPGs. Without mods, this game is nothing, so get a whole bunch of them before starting!

4. COD 5 ZOMBIES 5. COMPANY OF HEROES Like World War II? Then play it and feel how the generals felt during the epic battles with the tanks and make the enemies cry for mercy! Then you can claim victory over you pathetic enemy!

Join in with your friends and try to stay alive as long as possible in this crazy survival! Load your guns and prepare your grenades, this Nazi massacre isn’t going to be pretty!

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Last year was a great game year many new awesome games and I wasted so much time one all of them. But one game was more unique then the others one game whit no flashy release and almost no advertisement this game became a super hit it has sold over 1 million copies in just three months. I am of course speaking of Dungeon Defenders. The indie game was the first game Trendy Entertainment ever released. The game is an Action,RPG,strategy game that focuses on a four player co-op campaign that takes place in a gigantic castle. You play as a young aspiring hero that is left alone whit his fellow apprentices but you accidentally release a ancient power that calls an army to its prison. So you will have to defend the castle from waves after waves of enemies. With four classes to choose from, 20 different deafens buildings and a sea of items you will have to defend the ancient evil that is locked inside the eternia crystals. Follow us as we take a you on a tour of the finer aspects of the game.





Dungeon Defenders

it started out as an IOS game, hitting the toplists directly. Now it’s here for the computer and we can only confirm that this one is a must have. With the timeless TD gameplay combined with a big RPG experience you won’t get tired for a while! Story Four great heroes sealed an ancient evil in the Etheria Crystals. Later they were called by the king to another war and the left their apprentices in charge of the castle chores. But during an accident the power of the seal lost some of it power and called hordes of enemies assaulted the castle and it’s up to the students to protect the Etheria Crystals Gameplay I start in a tavern and a menu comes up asking me what level I want to play. I close down the menu and take a look around the tavern before I start. In the tavern there is a bar keeper from who you can buy and sell items at you can also cheek your inventory and your hero statistics, I find some dummies so I can try my damage. The first level goes smoothly goblins, orcs and dark elves try whit

bows to kill me and destroy the crystal I have to protect. My barricades block the enemies from my crystal .I notice certain key points that you can use to block of the enemies with only one barricade, the second level ends worse the enemies overwhelm me and they destroy my Crystal. I need some help so I call over some friends and we start a local game together. We start and the second level goes much better than when I tried it out myself. As the squire I build blockades to shield my apprentice friend’s towers the, monk builds auras that heals us and slows our enemies, the hunter place traps to soften up our enemies before they reach us, it goes so well for us so we increase the level of difficulty. In the end of the second level we meet our first Oger: it’s a huge enemy that gets my down to half health whit only one hit. With teamwork and many tow-

ers later we manage to finish the level. We realise how strategic the game is. We have to be we discus for minutes where to place our defences before we even begin the first round. The first real boss doesn’t appear until level four after the last wave a count-down timer starts and we repair our defences and heal ourselves. When the timer is done a short cinematic shows

“We try again because a true hero never gives up.” us a Demon Lord enter the laboratory which we a currently hold up in he has su an enormous amount of health so we cannot defeat him by ourselves. In the laboratory there are four Tesla coils that has activated.

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We charge the coils by hitting on them and when all coils are charge up they discharge on the Daemon Lord, who has been flying above us and dropping fire bombs. They stun and damage him and brings him down and we have our chances and every one attacks him we do this two more times, but the third time our flank falls and we have to defend from the constant flow of minions that are steadily pouring in and soon we fall to their onslaught. But we restart the level and we try again because a true hero never gives up. I look around the tavern level menu for different game challenges. There are a lot of different challenges the first one is called Über Monster Feast. You have to kill all monsters in a set amount of time and the monsters are super difficult and there are so many more and there will certainly be


The Squire The Squire a knight in training he is the only true melee champion in the game. You can charge a horde of rampaging enemies and come out victorious, a supreme fighter who can us a spin attack to damage all enemies around him. His blood rage dubbels his damage, his towers are used to block enemies to reach the magician’s turrets or huntress traps.

The Apprentices The Apprentice is a young aspiring magician who uses a staff to fire magical bolts at the enemy. He can charge his bolts to cause a really high damage at on target but it slows his overall dps (damage per second). He can also us his Mana Bomb spell the pushes enemies away from him. He can use his spells to hasten tower construction or create a huge blast.

The Huntress The Huntress is a hunter who uses cross bows guns or even canons against her enemies with stealth and precision she hunts her enemies and does tons of damage before she has to reload. She lays traps to poisons, blow, set aflame, or to blind her enemies. She has a great damage and attack speed but she has to reload.

The Monk The Monk is a hero that has both range and melee attacks, he fires bolts like the apprentice and hits like the squire , the monk has no towers or traps only auras to place to enhance towers, damage enemies, heal players and make the enemies attack each other. He uses halberds, axes or maces as his weapons.

About the Developers

more in the downloadable content Conclusion This is a perfect LAN game. It includes a long cooperative campaign with a lot of different maps very different characters and more are coming, but the game has its faults; the graphics of the game is not that great and it’s still missing some game mods. We would really love to see some more PvP (Player verses Player) action there is concurrently only one PvP challenge and we would love to see some more. I would also like to see more types of towers like a catapult for the squire or an aura barrier for the monk. But otherwise it’s one of the greatest games made last year and it is a must buy for every gamer, young our old. It’s a game for everybody.

There’s lots of ways to mold your character focusing on towers or the character itself.

Dungeon Defenders is developed by Trendy Entertainment as their début game. Trendy Entertainment is a new gaming company. They have only released Dungeon Defenders as yet. their focus is digital distributional games meaning the will only release games that can only be bought on the internet as digital copy the company was founded by Jeremy Stieglitz and Augi Lye they have both been in this business long as many of the others who work at Trendy Entertainment. We are hoping that the next game they releases will be as good as Dungeon Defenders

Axel Roslund


Dungeon Defenders



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Today there are a lot of clients that help you play online with your friends. Like Steam and Onlive, there are just two clients out of many. They are focused on giving you better access to new games and to make it easier for you to play online with your friends. Find out what is good for you! Why use Steam? Steam is one of the bigOnlive was released the winter of 2010 gest of its kind and on Steam you can buy and had investers like Warner Bros. and games online and play. It is focused on easy Autodesk. Onlive is focused on the same access easy to play. But Steam has a down- thing as Steam but they take a different side, when you play on Steam you have to turn which makes them very different. have internet. You have to be online, this Onlive sells games just like Steam but makes it difficult to play if all your games are Onlive has something Steam lacks. You on Steam and you have lost you internet. can play demo on Onlive. Steam must get But it has some upsides too. For example and needs demos from the developers but Steam is easy to use and you get great con- Onlive don’t need that. They do like this, nection with your friends. Steam has also you can play any game you want but only a lot of good servers to play on and you for 30 min. This makes buying games on don’t get a Onlive easier. If lot of trouble you are not with Steam. satisfied with Steam has just the demo contracts you can watch with a lot streams. When of game you start any developers game Onlive, and that every user owns makes Steam their stream, so huge and which activates today almost automatic. So every game Onlive provides The current steam UI uses Steam. games, 30 min One thing about Steam is that games get demos and streams on every game they publicity, like Indi-games. On Steam if you have. But Onlive has a massive downside, want to buy a game there is not a lot you and it is that you play your games on their can do, there are not a lot of demos on servers. You can have delays and the game Steam because Steam needs to get the can be slow. But it can be also a huge demos they need from the developers. If upside but that depends on your computer not, you can try the game out. Steam was and internet. created by Valve, a game developer which has created games like Half-Life and Portal 1 and 2. There are over 40 million users on Steam and that makes Steam the biggest client of its kind.

Of course you have LAN, which over the last few years has decreased. Now almost no one have any LAN with their friends. Clients such as Steam and Onlive are the reason for that. Online playing is the one thing everyone is doing right now. If the game developers sell games to Steam or Onlive, they don’t need to have any LANs or have any servers that cost a lot of money, because Steam and Onlive provides that and also security. Piracy, such as copying games, is getting more and more difficult when clients like Steam and Onlive exist. The developers save money and also get more because you can’t copy the games. But the result of this is that LAN is soon gone, and nothing is better than playing games with your friends in the same room. LAN is a social way of gaming when you get together with your friends doing something you all like in the same room. But LAN can be difficult to manage and organize. When you play on Steam or Onlive you play with a lot of people. Usually on LAN you are about 8-10 people playing and you need the space for all the players and their equipment such as PCs and screens. Therefore there is a need for several tables and you prefer to have all players in the same room, which requests a lot of space. Then all players need to be connected together in a network, Local Area Network (LAN) to make the games work. The upside with a LAN which you do not have with clients, such as Steam and Onlive, is the extra activities that you can have when you are actually in the same room. You can talk directly, discuss issues, watch movies, eat dinner and most important of all just “hang out” with your good friends.

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Cloud Gaming Platform Cloud Gaming or also known as Gaming on demand. This is used for streaming games into your computer like a video. The connection must be 1.5 mbps but this allows people with a bad computer to play all kinds of games. A company called Crytek started to do research on cloud Gaming in 2005. They are known for their game Crysis, but gave up in 2007. In 2010 Onlive launched and was focused on Cloud Gaming.

The OnLive UI is some new thinking You can demo ANY game availble, with one click

What is right for you? If you want to play a lot of games with your friends you use Steam, since is fast easy and fun. But if you want to play games and watch others play your favorite game you also it use Onlive and you don’t have a good computer. But if you want to be with friends and be sociable and have the best time of your year I suggest that you try a LAN with your friends, or going to a others LAN.

Everyone can be a geek! Whenever the word nerd or geek is said you would think of a person who spends almost all his time to play games. They also think that there is usually a teenager. I myself think it is wrong. People like me are not the way nerd in this world. The word nerd is a word that has been abused for a long period of time. The word nerd is just that you like something and do it all the time, not just games. You can be nerdy in homework, games, soccer, dance or music. Computers and games is the future, you should not have to be pushed around just because you are a computer nerd. You should be proud! All can be gamers, such as my mom. She never thought she could play like me. I showed her Dungeon Defenders. The result was that she sits in her chair and plays it all the time. Games are not just sitting in a dark room and plays for himself. Gamers play mostly with friends and it becomes a social activity. So if you ever tell someone that he is a nerd, think again. We are geeks you should try it. It is a lot of fun and you will be hooked!


ti Chris


iss t t a nM

Christian Mattison

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Mod Garage Blitzkrieg is a modification for Company of Heroes which lets you control more powerful troops and tanks. The best whit the modification is that they have removed the limit of troops you can have during the game .The modification fixed the physics so that the game gets even more realistic and they corrected the historical fact about some tanks and troops. The mod is working fine without any problem and it is updating when something new is added to the game. The team behind Blitzkrieg is constantly adding new units to make the game more Mathias Rosenberg realistic so you can look forward to a new update. This mod will enhance the realistic aspects of the game play and it will adds some new units and support power from present time like the Stryker fore the armor class, the super advanced reworked Apache Helicopter or the Predator Drone support power. They have also reworked all missile system to be more realistic and they have done a perfect job. The mod is updated on a regular basis and more content is coming. It has some minor bugs but they are not game changing. The only drawback to this mod is that its hard to learn you must read the tutorials Axel Roslund one the mods homepage. But it is a must have for every World in Conflict player.

Virtual LAN with Tunngle

Have you ever been in a situation were you can’t get to a friend, or get him to come to you so you can LAN together? Fear no more, you will now be able to LAN together anyway! Tunngle is an odd looking VPN (Virtual Private Network) program developed by a small German company with the same name. Its duty is to lure programs and in particular games to use a Tunngle network for LAN activities instead

of the real LAN you are connected to. In other words, it can make the game think that you are on the same LAN as your friend which is on the other side of the earth. It works by first installing a virtual network adapter on

your computer which it tells the games and programs to use, and then you use their program to control who that network adapter is connected to. Of course you can’t connect to whatever you want, you need to choose a virtual network from their listings. They more or less have a virtual network for every game out there to make it easier for you to meet and play with other persons on Tunngle, completely for free. The best of all is that it is P2P, mean-

ing that the traffic doesn’t go through any of their servers, but directly to the players you are playing with. I myself have tried it and used it for some years now, and I’ve never had a problem with it. I could even LAN with some Brazilian dudes (with a ping at 250) without any disconnects or other network related problems. If you have been struggling with Hamachi for years, or just want a way to play LAN with your friends when you can’t meet up, try Tunngle and feel the ease, along with joining a great huge community with gamers!

Fredrik Blomqvist

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Sennheiser PC360



This headset is one of the priciest on the market at the moment, praised as one of the best gaming headsets out there, but does it really deserve that title? Unboxing The first thing I feel when I unbox them is the the striking quality, they feel very robust compared to other more flaccid headsets. They are made out of matte black plastic which makes them look more professional than all the glossy china stuff on the market. The microphone is the biggest I’ve seen on a headset, but that too feels very robust. You can also fold it up so it lies parallell with the headband. There’s a black, medium size rubberwrapped, cable coming out of the left earpiece which ends with the two contacts for the mic and the headphones and you can extend the headset as you usually can. Feel I can imagine that you would forget that you are wearing these after some hours, because their weigth and fitting are near perfect! The ear pads are enough big to cover the entire ears, and enough deep to not push against the ears, opening up for long gaming sessions without the need for taking them of for a break. The pads are made out of silk which can feel a little stitchy at first but that feeling will disappear as you get used to them. Sound When you pay this much for a headset, you expect the best. Well, after hours of listening to music, gaming and watching movies I can only confirm that you have gotten nearly that. The audio

is too clear to be compared with ordinary headsets and gives you a truthful listening experience. There is only one thing that they are lacking, bass. Unfortunately I feel that the bass is nearly nonexistant. Though that totally depends on what you are used to normally, as I said before these are near studio quality and studio quality shouldn’t have a ton of bass. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some equalizers and after some minutes of testing I had them punching comfortably hard. The reason to the lack of bass is the acoustic construction they have, the open model. Their pads isn’t made to keep the sound inside, which means that a lot leaks out and also leaks in. This isn’t anything you use where quietness should remain. Microphone Sennheiser is one of the companies that finally have realized that you don’t want a plastic box on the cable that contains the controls for muting the mic and controlling the volume (there’s a volume wheel on the right earpad on these instead). When you fold down the microphone it automatically unmutes, as well as mutes when you fold it back up. Brilliant. You can’t bend the mic that much, which can be a negative thing if you prefer having the mic far from the mouth. Though I think it is positive since it partly makes the mic breathe more quality, and partly because it minimizes the risks of break-

ing any cables inside the mic after intensive bending. The mic is as I mentioned earlier quite big, though that isn’t anything that bothers me because the quality of the sound is outstanding! It is the first company I’ve seen that actually gives a shit about what m i c r o phones they put on their headsets. It has a wide frequency range too which results in perfect bass. Conclusion Yet there isn’t a perfect headset, according to me. There is always something that can get better. In this case it’s more about personal taste than better hardware, because this is pretty much the best hardware you can get on the market if you want a pure stereo headset. As with any other product though, you should definitely test them before you buy, to see if they fit your personal taste. Remember, bass can be fixed! Are they worth their price tag then? Considering that they are the only headset on the market that combines a good mic with splendid quality headphones, nearly. Very close to yes, but it is still a bit pricey I think.



Name Sennheiser PC360 Audio Stereo # Elements 2.0 Acoustic Design Open Sensitivity 112 dB/mW Design Full Size Cable length 300 cm Weight 300 g Speakers frequency response 15-28000 Hz Microphone frequency response 50-16000 Hz Price 1389:Build quality Microphone quality Light Big ear space Lack of bass Little too expensive

Fredrik Blomqvist

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Armed Assault 2



d Shit

If you want to play a realistic modern warfare shooter, with tactics, communication, teamwork, action, realism, coop missions and coop campaign, a open world and much much more, then I recommend Arma 2 for your next LAN. The Game ArmA 2 are a modern warfare first/third person warfare simulator that has been made by pc game developer Bohemia interactive and where released in 2009 and has been called the best modern warfare simulator to date, with an long and detailed campaign that supports up to 4 player coop. And there are single missions that can be played with unlimited numbers of players, if the mission has that option. You can also customise your own missions that you and your friends can play. The single missions can variate from sabotage missions behind enemy borders to a recon mission to recon an enemy base to gather intelligence on how to assault the base in the future, or there can be also sniper missions there you should assassinate and find a high value target.

The Story The main Story in the campaign of ArmA 2 is ‘’Harvest red’’ and is set in autumn 2009 in a fictional post-Soviet country called Chernasus. Chernasus is in a state of political unrest with civil war and a western backed democratic government trying to hold onto power from pro-communist rebels calling themself Red Star Movement. But the Chernarussian government calls the west for help and the United States sends the Marine Corps off the coast of Chernasus hoping that there presence should deter the rebels. But it didn’t turn out as they planned, on September 21, 2009 the Red

Star Movement launch’s a coup against the Chernarussian government and takes control over a large area of north eastern Chernasus and forcing the Chernasus millitary to retreat to safer lines. And as a part of the coup the Red Star Movement assaults the island of Utes and overwhelming the Chernarussian forces. And then as an result the us marines where deployed and you are a part of the 5 member elite

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Marine reconnaissance team called Razor team and you and your team are preparing for operation Harvest red to quell the civil war and re-establish Chernarussian control. ArmA 2 have a roleplaying feel to it. With in-game events that effect both the character as well as the campaign. For example if you terrorise the civilians and losing ther thrust then they will maybe give away valuable information to enemy forces. But there are many more campaigns. There have been a total of 4 expansion packs that ad new content to the game as new equipment and vehicles and new campaigns as Operation Arrowhead. There are even custom made campaign’s that have been done by players. The Multiplayer There are also no limitations on the maximum player cap on the multiplayer or


on some single missions. You can if you want, play with over 100 players on the same server ore even over 200 players. The multiplayer are massive, there are many game modes as team deathmatch , free for all and many other game modes that are in the game or can be downloaded. But one of the biggest game mode is called Warfare, and in Warfare you are to find and capture or destroy the enemy base by capturing towns and points around the massive map that you play on to win. You can build bases or bunkers on strategic locations on the map to gain advantage over you enemy and gain resources by supply trucks that travel on the roads between the towns and to your base. There are a chain of command on the multiplayer matches, one so called ‘’high commander’’ are voted on each team and you can say that he is the leader of that team, he is the one to place bases and to make strategic decisions to command his team to victory. Then there can be sergeants that the high commander choses to control a quantity of squads or just one squad. The squads can be a squad of just ai (Artificial Intelligence) or players. If a squad consist of for example one player and then just ai then the player will be signed as the group leader. But if there are no high commander that are being chosen then there will be an ai that takes

Environments is something ARMA 2 likes. the command. The ai in the campaign and multiplayer are pretty good, there where some problems with the ai when the game where released in 2009 but there have been patches and there are mods that improve the ai performance. And ArmA 2 have a voice communication system so you can easily communicate and talk to your teammates. Good Tutorial and Realism The interface of ArmA 2 can be a little hard to understand for new players. But ArmA 2 got an excellent tutorial that they call boot camp. And there you can learn every aspect of the game. For example how to navigate thru the in game action menu or to control an army and build bases as a high commander There are many different kinds of maps that have different terrain like deserts, forest, mountains, islands and many more. There are also maps that have been designed by

other players. ArmA 2 uses the third generation of Real Virtuality engine produced by Bohemia interactive. It features realistic day-night cycles and weather changing, visibility and a view range over 15 kilometres. And ewry weapon in the game fires realistic bullet drops and penetration characteristics. The engine has been even used by real military simulators as VBS1 and VBS2. So with all this the, the free open world, action, team play, strategy, realism, coop story and single missions I strongly recommend. Arma 2 for your next LAN. The multiplayer can be a little hard to play if you are just 6 players but maybe some of the multiplayer game modes will work, for example the team deathmatch or free for all. But surely you can play the coop campaigns and single missions. So get ArmA 2 to your next LAN and Gear up and get ready for an ultimate modern warfare simulator.

About the Developers Bohemia interactive are the creators of Arma 2 and the arma series and many other games as the operation flashpoint series and the game take on helicopters .They are based in Prague in the Czech Republic. Bohemia interactive are a member of IDEA Games, who functions as a publisher and consultant for several independent developers. Bohemia interactive have also been awarded for best game developer of the year by ECTS ‘’European computer trade show’’ when they released operation flashpoint: Cold war crisis in 2001 witch where there first game. They are also working on new games as Carrier command: Gaea mission and Arma 3 that will have a new version of the Real virtually engine and will be released in later 2012.

Karl Lindblom





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Games will save the world Did you know that the whole world spends right now three billion hours weekly on playing video games? This number sounds success no matter how chalobserved and unrealistic. What lenging it might be. if we used all that time to deal with urgent world problems Social Fabrics such as global warming and The next skill in building is starvation in other countries? Social Fabrics. This means that But what would you think if I you like people better after told you there was a way of sav- playing a game with them ing the world by gaming? Dose because it takes a lot of trust it sound too good to be true, or playing with someone because so crazy, it just might work? of you spending their time with Game designer and scientist them, they value the same Jane McGonagall created this goal as you and you trust them theory based on her work to play after the same rules about why games are so addic- as you. As a result you build tive. What she discovered was bonds, trust and cooperation mind-blowing or in her words, with them. epic! She says that what makes Blissful Productivity us want to game is the feeling The third skill is Blissful you get from a so called “epic Productivity. We are happier win”. An epic win is the feeling working hard than relaxing. you get from doing something Optimized human beings want extraordinary and beyond the to do hard and meaningful borders of imagination, such work. Gamers become more as achieving something you willing to work hard if they are didn’t think was possible. For given the right kinds of work. those who play the game “World of Warcraft”, an epic win can be the feeling you A gamer on get out of killing of the hardest the edge to boss in the game an epic win. or just having the The picture best arena season consists of you ever had. It’s the listed actually not all emotions: bad to be playing these sorts of games because you gain four different skills, Epic Meaning which follow below. The last skill you get out of Urgent Optimism gaming is the ability to produce The first skill is Urgent Epic Meaning. Gamers love Optimism. This means that inspiring stories brought from you feel an urge of taking on games. Wikipedia is the biggest an obstacle and believing that wiki in the world. The second you have a reasonable hope of biggest is the World of Warcraft

wiki with 80 000 articles and 5 million users every month. They have compiled more information than any other topic in any other wiki. They are building an epic story which gives epic knowledge. Jane also tells us that these

deal with them. She has also already created three MMO-RPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) which all of them include real world problems such as global warming or what happens when the world runs out of oil. One of the games is about you and you’re supposed to survive in a world that has already corrupted in such a way that all economy has fallen, the biggest world cities are abandoned and a big amount of the world population has disappeared. You are then supposed to survive for as long as possible together with a handful of people with different areas of expertise, for example; one is a doctor and another is a scientist. This idea is really good because if we could try to make the games more about making reality even better and if we could just take all our achievements and inspiration into the real world instead of letting it waste away into the virtual one, we could then save the real one. The saying “Dream it then Live it” will become “Play it then Live it!”

“Gamers become more willing to work hard if they are given the right kinds of work.“ four skills together make us Super-Empowered Hopeful Individuals. These are people who know they are individually capable of changing the world. The only problem is that they believe they are capable of changing the virtual world,

Urgency intense concentration optimism surprise and a little bit of fear.

instead of the real one. So what she decided to do is to spend her career on solving this problem by creating games that have all of these four features but also include real world problems so that when we face them, we already know how to

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Jordan Wåhlin


The battle of the mice

The mouse has turned into one of the most important parts of your computer since it got invented in 1964. It has evolved from being a simple accessory to being a full-fledged control which makes the life of a gamer much more pleasant. Nowadays having an ordinary mouse is not enough. No it should have more than two buttons, high max sensitivity and multiple profiles for saving the key bindings for multiple games. Everything comes in pairs Though with all the new functions and such, there have also come new problems that needed to be solved. It should fit for multiple different persons, it should be able to handle different types of surfaces and it shouldn’t break if it falls to the ground or gets thrown at the wall. New technologies have solved these problems, such as the laser used in most new gaming mice for reading the movements. A feature that often weighs heavily when comparing mice is the ability to customize it. The ability to change the weight of the mouse has become a standard feature. Some mice creators have even gone so far that they allow you to change the width and length of the mouse (read R.A.T. 7). No cord, no happiness Wireless mice hit the market a few years ago introducing a cord-less experience, that in

the end just was there to annoy us with low battery levels, receivers not working or bad responsiveness. These are the reason to why so few gaming mice are wireless. All of us here at LAN Magazine believe that the technology needs more development. One idea is to have a inductive mouse mat which automatically recharges the mouse while using it. Then you would never have to think about battery levels, though that is something for the future to think of. Why mouse mat? Have you ever wondered why you need a mouse mat? I haven’t until now, maybe because it’s such a standard thing to own. The original reason to why we needed a mouse mat was because the rubber ball inside the mouse needed something good to grip on, so it didn’t just glide on top of for example the desktop. But as you may have noticed, we aren’t using rubber balls in our

mice anymore, we are using lasers and optical sensors. The optical sensors works great on pretty much any ordinary surface (except glass). Though the laser ones have higher requirements. All the mice we tested worked good on all kinds of mouse mats and an ordinary table (single colored), but if you try to use them on something that has a more complex pattern, they mostly flips out. The Edge 3200 is the only mouse that comes equipped with a button that helps you quickly calibrate it against any surface, meaning that you don’t need a mouse mat in 90% of the cases. It also has ceramic pads instead of ordinary pads, so it glides perfectly on most surfaces and they don’t get torn down. So why are we still paying 30 bucks to get a big gaming mouse mat? Because they exist, and they tell us to use it. That is why. (I actually use it because the ceramic pads under my mouse are a little uneven unfortunately,

so it doesn’t lay flat on hard surfaces). The way to happiness The mice market has gotten very big and new ones are getting released every year, so we decided to take a bunch and review them to help you on your way to finding the perfect mouse for you. We have also summarized the most important features in a nice table so that you easily can see which of these mice that have the most buttons or the highest max sensitivity. So browse to the next page and start reading right away!

Fredrik Blomqvist



Logitech G400 This mouse is the follow-up to the famous MX518. It has the same shape and buttons, but a slightly changed look. Its grip is not that good you can’t really fit a full hand on it. It has soft buttons and the tum buttons one the sides comes in handy in games. the scroll is quite hard but it’s weary easy to navigate whit. there is an annoying window switch button one the top which you might press unintended. The interface is quite good and looks like a normal gaming interface. it works well on all suffuses.

Ace Edge 3200 The Ace Edge 3200 black is a good looking mouse whit a nice design you can change the color of the lights. the mouse is made to be weary comfortable fore ever one and some who has lager fingers the some people have to switch the side panel to fit their ring an pinkie fingers the Ace age can be used on every suffers but you most recalibrate it before use, thankfully there is a button on the moues fore that it has soft buttons and a comfortable scroll. sadly the tum buttons are not place that great the interface is nice and you can have five profiles saved directly on the mouse easy to under stand

Cyborg R.A.T 7 The rat 7 are an excellent gaming mouse. it has an special and cool design, it is easy to click with the main mouse buttons and it have different kinds of modes that change your dpi. And it have an ‘’sniping mode’’ button on the left side of the mouse that lowers your dpi for as long you press the button, and it can be very useful in games as fps games. It have an okay glide and it can be used on many different surfaces whiteout calibrate it, but if you press it hard enough it can scratch the mouse pad. But it has an nice scroll and side scroll and you have the option to change many of the mouse parts so it fits perfectly for you. It when you buy the mouse you get also parts that you can put on your mouse so you get better grip. it doesn’t have a good ergonomic for the right side of the hand, And it can easily broke. Roccat Kone+ The Roccat Kone+ has an flashy design it has two stripes whit lights that you can switch. All buttons on the mouse are harder then the other mouses we tested the scroll is like the Mx-118. it’s tum buttons are well placed and easy to reach. It has a very good locking interface the best so far with all the mouses that we have tested with a lot of options. it have backups for everything and an DPI up to 60 000. It has a smooth glide works on many suffuses whit out calibrating it.

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Razor Naga Molten Special Edition The Naga Molten edition is an excellent MMO game mouse it has an very coll design and cool lightning that glowes. it has an nice glide and works on many surfaces whit out calibrating it. And it has an good grip for the hand and good ergonomics. It has soft buttons but an hard scroll. it has mode buttons that is pretty good placed but it has also macro buttons that is very useful in MMO’s but they can be in the way and are placed little to far back. It has an pretty nice and simple interface but to use it you have to create an account at razor.

Conclusion In the end, it all comes down to personal taste and what you are used to. We think that the choice of mouse is very subjective and it varies a lot from person to person so it’s very much up to you to choose one that fits you. What all gaming mice needs is more than the three normal buttons all mice normally have, but it shouldn’t be overkill like the Rat-7 or the Razor Naga. Instead of a score we will award each a mouse a small title. To the G400 we award the title Price Worthy. To the Cyborg we award the title Unique. To the Razor Naga we award the title Button Frenzy. To the Ace Edge we award the title Fingergasm. And to the last one the Roccat Kone we award the title Standard. But remember we only recommend these to you. You have to chose one that fits you and maybe you alone.

Name Programmable Buttons Special Buttons Horizontal Scroll Max DPI DPI Switch DPI Display Motion Sensor Onboard Memory Macro Support Profiles Changeable Weight Raw Weight Illumination Changeable Grip Dimensions(LxWxHmm) Release Year Price Title

Logitech G400 8 Window-shift No 3600 5 Steps No Optical No Yes ∞ No 133g No No 130x70x36 2011 299:“Price worthy”

Ace Edge 3200 10 Calibrate Tilt 5040 4 Steps Yes Laser 5.75 KB Yes 5 6x5.1g 127g Yes 2 pinkie 126x85x42 2009 479:“Fingergasm”

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 5 Precision Aim1 Separate 5600 4 Steps Yes Twin Eye Laser No Yes 3 5x6g 150g No 3 pinkie, 3 palm 109-122x96x37-43 2010 699:“Unique”

Axel Roslund

Karl Lindblom

ROCCAT Kone[+] 8 No Tilt 6000 5 Steps Voice2 Laser 576KB Yes 5 4x5g 126g Yes No 135x78x40 2011 599:“Standard”

Razer Naga Molten 17 No No 5600 No No Laser No Yes No No 134g Yes No 116x70x46 2011 749:“Button frenzy”

Lowers the sensitivity of the mouse to choosable DPI while pressed A female voice (unsexy) tells the DPI when changed

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