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Luck does not really play a part that much in winning the USA Hot Lotto. Now, you can hit the jackpot by simply taking the risk, learning the game, and applying some useful strategies and systems that would increase your probability of winning in the game. You do not have to be a super genius to analyze and scrutinize the game, but you must be wise enough to realize that the USA Hot Lotto is purely a probability game. Once you are good in manipulating probability, you will have a greater chance of earning the top prize and become an instant millionaire. A brief review of the game Before going into the tips, here is a short review of what a USA Hot Lotto is and how it being is played. This type of lottery is being played in selected states in the US, such as in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Kansa, Minnesota, Montana, and New Hampshire. From a number range of 1 to 39, the player must choose five to make up his set and one number from 1 to 19 to be his "hot ball." The ticket would usually cost for about a dollar. To win a prize is to get the five numbers in the set, and to win the jackpot is get a right match of the hot ball and the five numbers in your set. However, you should remember that the numbers in your set and the hot ball cannot cross over during the draw. For example, if you have the winning set of five in your ticket, which is composed of the numbers 7-14-26-33-35, and your hot ball is 14, you only win for your set, and the number fourteen cannot be repeated for you to win the jackpot for your hot ball. Another 14-ball must also appear during the draw for your hot ball. The winning tips The rule of thumb for you before deciding for your set is to remember that those numbers that frequently appear during the draw have the highest probability to be drawn again. So keep your bets on those, especially if you are a beginner. After you mastered the pattern, you can start your strategy by betting on a set with a combination of odd and even. Then, try to analyze again the winning set if it contains groups of 10's, 30's, etc. if you haven't seen any numbers from 11 to 19, then don't try to put your luck on them. Instead focus on the most commonly seen number groups. Lastly, never bet on a number that did not appear on any USA Hot Lotto draws in the past, it will least likely to come out on the next draw. End notes USA hot Lotto is one exciting lottery game. It is full of excitement, as well as surprises. And compared to other lotto draws, you have a higher likelihood of winning in this game. However, you need to improve your chances of taking home millions of dollars as a grand prize by picking the

best game strategy and system that would deliver positive upshots.

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==== ==== Free inside lotto tips ==== ====

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