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One of the great things about life is that there are many incredible, amazing things all going on at the same time. From the littlest to the largest, there's immense pleasure to be had just observing, watching, or participating. That's why learning how to take photos the right way is a wise move. Not only does this passion of life motivate many people to learn how to take photos, but many creative inclined individuals often find themselves eventually selling photos online. Whatever you choose to do, you'll have a unique way of doing it. And the wonderful thing is that there's a real enriching satisfaction to creating digital photography that you can discover over time. Most everyone can learn how to take photos competently. Many people also end up spending thousands of dollars on photo courses, or high end digital equipment that doesn't get to be fully utilized. It lives on the shelf more often than not. Pictures don't take themselves. Great photography comes from the photographer who learns their craft well. But for those who are more serious about how to take photos that impress, or just want to become a better photographer... or just wish to further their body of knowledge and expertise, let me introduce you to Digital Photography Secrets. This insightful digital photo book is everything the professionals know, but don't want you to know about using your digital camera to take stunning photos. What I like about Digital Photography Secrets is that it's kind of like having a professional photographer next to you as you shoot. You'll understand how important it is to not only know how to take photos, but to do it well. If your camera is a serious investment for you, then why not strive to be the best in your field, and use your talents to their fullest potential? It's also great to be able to know how to take photos that other people can appreciate. This feeling is often hard to describe. If you look at digital photography you could see the medium allows lots of flexibility and holds great potential. And if you could read and understand a digital photo book that could really improve your photography, would this make good business sense? Still, all things being equal, not everyone manages to create great pictures. Actually it's more difficult than it looks. Photographers often shoot high numbers of digital pictures to get one good picture. That's the beauty of digital photography. The question you need to ask yourself is... how badly do you want to improve your ability to take good photos? Digital Photography Secrets covers a good, concise, practical range of information, written in simple terms without the complex jargon of some professional camera books. (By the way there is a photo jargon demystifier included as a bonus with this digital photo book.) It includes such things as how to look after your digital camera, how to take photos the smart way and 21+ outstanding

foundation secrets for taking better photography. What the author of Digital Photography Secrets has done is distill down the important aspects and secrets of good professional photography. As such this digital photo book doesn't get too technical, or philosophical. It's grounded in down to earth practicality, with how to take photos secrets that you can learn and adapt for your own photography business. This appealing digital photo book speaks it as it is, without any fluff. So often with photography you need to know how to take photos that will look right, especially capturing important moments, documenting events or shooting stock photos. A good example would be wedding photography when it helps to get it correct first time... that is, if you want to continue working in that field. :-) Digital Photography Secrets covers the basics of digital photography too, which would be helpful as either a refresher course or basic how to take photos learning tool (if you're a digital photo newbie.) There's also some 'special insights' on using the right printer, removing noise from your digital photos, (great to know about this) preservation of photos, buying a photo cartridge kit, and more. My favorite happens to be part of the bonus section, and is about using Flickr. What we're talking about is a very popular, online photo sharing site, and the author of this digital photo book has created some videos that will show you how best to use Flickr, upload and share your photos with others. After all, if you're going to learn how to take photos, why not do it well, and reach as many people as you possible can...

Š Copyright Martin Hurley 2006 Martin Hurley is head honcho at and an unconventional modern day artist, photographer and thinker. He helps people uncover their inner talents and passions... and make money from taking photos! Why not start selling your photos online? Visit now to get a free ebook, an amazing Thailand cloud photo, and sign up to my free ezine. Learn more about the How To Take Photos guide here.

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Start Taking Amazing Photos ==== ====

How to take photos that people go wild with.  

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