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These two big names in tattoo designs look pretty similar, but what is the difference between Chopper and Tattoo Me Now? The things that most people look for in a deal like this are: artwork quality, tattoo resources, extras/bonuses and community. And, let's not forget, do actual users recommend them? So let's have a closer look at these points to see who wins. Artwork is the big strength for Chopper Tattoo and the site has a solid online reputation for it. Go to any review site and the first thing they'll tell you is about the awards Chopper has. That said, there is nothing wrong with Tattoo Me Now art. With loads of images on their website, check it out for yourself. Sign up to their site to get sent some free designs for a closer look. Resources are the big feature of Tattoo Me Now. It gives you a number of tattoo resources unavailable elsewhere on the net. The "Video Vault" lets you watch and upload videos in 12 categories. There is a large international "Studio Directory" with a rate and review section so you can see what members think and see which studios are recommended in your town. Other resources include a large library of tattoo news and articles, audio books and tattoo info eBooks. Chopper resources are more limited and also include a Tattoo Artists' Directory, which members can also rate, and a "Customized Lettering" feature that provides you with a large number of lettering ideas so you can customize words and phrases. So, on this score the winner has got to be Tattoo Me Now. A community is not a big deal for some people. Others enjoy spending hours getting and sharing ideas and photos. While Chopper does not have a community, Tattoo Me Now certainly does. It has its own members' gallery that lets you upload your own tattoo photos and review other members'. This is a separate photo gallery from the design collection and is contained in 38 different categories for easy browsing. Bonuses offered by Chopper include an online tattoo magazine, "Inked", and MP3 music downloads. Tattoo Me Now give you 3 eBooks: "You & Your Tattoo: What You Need To Know" eBook and audio file, the eBook "Got Ink" and "Chinese Names and Words" eBook. So, the two sites are pretty equal on the extras. Both of these are popular sites, each with well over 100,000 visits a month so there are plenty of user comments on the net. Some comments appeared regularly for both. Chopper had loads of testimonials saying how easy it was to navigate and how members had quickly found their "perfect tattoo". Tattoo Me Now feedback talked mostly about being good value for money with so much offered for the price. So the bottom line is not one is better than the other - it depends on what you want. Neither is

going to short change you if you are after great designs but if artwork matters most to you, Chopper Tattoo must be a first choice. Tattoo Me Now is a fuller package offering loads of info and a buzzing community. So if you're looking for more than a gallery, make that your first choice. If you're still not 100% don't forget both offer a money back guarantee. Visit for more info on both sites and reports on 10 other tattoo sites. Reports include site reviews, real user feedback, company info and full package details.

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==== ==== Tatoo me now! ==== ====

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