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TOWN OF VULCAN TITLE: Voting Requirements for Town of Vulcan Committees & Authorities ADOPTED BY COUNCIL AT A REGULAR/SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING:


STATEMENT: In order to maintain consistant voting methods for all committees and Authorities of the Town of Vulcan, the requirements of the Municipal Government Act shall apply: -

A committee member or authority member attending a committee or authority meeting must vote on a matter put to a vote at the meeting unless the committee or authority member is required or permitted to abstain from voting under the Municipal Government Act or any other enactment. (MGA 183, 184)


When a committee or authority member has a pecuniary interest in a matter before the committee or authority, the member must: -

disclose the general nature of the pecuniary interest prior to any discussion of the matter;


abstain from voting on any question relating to the matter;


abstain from any discussion of the matter;


leave the room in which the meeting is being held until discussion and voting on the matter are concluded.

Def. PECUNIARY - (MGA 170) the matter could monetarily affect the member or any employer of the member. The member knows or should know that the matter could monetarily affect the councillor's family. Exemptions to this policy exist under MGA 170(3) as it would apply to members of Town of Vulcan committees and authorities.