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T ER T E L S W E N N A C L U TOWN OF V Volume 52

December 14th, 2012


New Year’s Eve

Closed Monday, December 24

Centennial Kick Off Celebration

Closed Tuesday, December 25 Closed Wednesday, December 26

December 31st

Closed Tuesday, January 1

Come celebrate with us At the Vulcan Arena 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Waste Collection Tuesday, Dec 25 & Wednesday Dec 26 collection will move to Thursday, Dec 27 & Friday, Dec 28 Jan 1 collection will move to Jan 2 Transfer Station Hours

Free Beef on a Bun 5:30 pm - 7 pm Skating, hot chocolate, wagon rides, and bonfire from 5:30 pm - 8:15 pm Get ready for Count down at 8:15 pm

Closed December 25 & 26

Fireworks at 8:30 pm

Closed January 1

For more information, contact Bonnie @

Open Dec 27—1:00 pm—5 pm

403-485-2554 or

The Town of Vulcan is offering a convenient and economical method of paying your annual taxes on a monthly basis. No interest is earned during the months of January to June and no penalties are levied from July to December. All we require is a written agreement on a form available at the Town Office and a personal cheque marked “SAMPLE”. The Town will then automatically debit your bank account on a monthly basis, based on last year’s taxes. Please come down to the Town Office to complete an agreement form or telephone 4852417 for further information on how the plan works. Please note that all applications must be in before December 20, 2011 to be eligible.

INTRODUCING E-BILL You can now receive your utility bill (water, sewer & garbage) by email instead of through the postal service. To register, send an email to and we will in turn forward a service agreement which must be completed & returned to the Town Office prior to enrolling you for the e-bill service.


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What is a “Right-of-Way”? Many times residence and business owners owning land come into the office for an approval on their properties and are denied or go through a major red-tape with lawyers because they have a building such as a garden shed or structure over top of a right-of-way that they were not aware of. Right-of-ways are registered areas within the boundaries of the property that provide protection and service to shallow utilities such as your gas, power, phone, and cable. These utility lines are sometimes only approximately 18” below the surface of the ground and are essential to supplying you as well as your neighbors with all the services. Installing buildings over top can cause damage to the services in which if you are found at fault you will have to pay for the costs of repairs and be left with a damaged back yard. Also if any of the companies that own any of these services need to come onto your property to do any maintenance they have every right to do so as they will have what is called an “instrument” or “caveat” on your Certificate of Title which allows them to do so. If they have to they will remove any buildings, trees, shrubs, etc. that is in there way the utility companies do not have to replace them. But saying this, as per provincial by-laws if a portion of fence has to be removed on a property line, they will replace it at their cost. Other right-of-ways to consider are “Overland Drainage” right-of-ways. These right-of-ways will have a swale or dip of either grass or concrete on them. These swales are vital to allow water to run off properties to prevent flooding of lots and even basements. Removing, filling in, or damaging of these swales is a serious offence and will be subject to fines and penalties. So next time you decide to install or construct a shed or pad on your property, “Call the Town first” to find out what requirements and setbacks you need to build you project safely and without any headaches.

Winter Courtesy for the Community Bylaw1341-06 (Community Standards Bylaw) 17.1 (d) (i) - The owner, lessee, tenant or agent of the owner is required to remove and clear away all snow and ice from the sidewalks situated on land adjoining the property owned or occupied by them, after snowfall ended. Bylaw1331-05 (Traffic Bylaw) Sec.21 (4) - No person shall, without authorization from the Town, deposit snow, ice, earth, rocks, trees, or other sub-

stances or objects on a street, alley, etc. Sec.21 (5) - The Town may remove unauthorized deposits of snow, ice, earth, rocks, trees, or other substances or objects on a Highway and charge the expenses to do so to the person responsible, in addition to any fine or penalty imposed. Adult Learning’s new Winter-Spring course calendar will be in the Vulcan Advocate on December 24th—watch for it! Zumba will be starting up on January 22nd; we also have Zumba Gold for 55+ which begins January 21st and Zumbatomic for kids! Canadian Restricted Firearms begins January 26th. You must provide proof of NonRestricted PAL in order to take this course. You can register and pay online for these courses, and many more at:

December Newsletter  

December Newsletter