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Volume 49 June 15, 2012

INTRODUCING E-BILL You can now receive your utility bill (water, sewer & garbage) by email instead of through the postal service. To register, send an email to and we will in turn forward a service agreement which must be completed & returned to the Town Office prior to enrolling you for the e-bill service.

As of June 1st, the new water rates are as follows:

No. of


Cubic Me-

10 20 30 40 50 100 200 400

$42.90 $47.16 $54.26 $61.36 $68.46 $100.18 $164.18 $292.18

New Basic



$17.50 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50 $17.50

$13.00 $26.00 $39.00 $52.00 $65.00 $130.00 $260.00 $520.00

$30.50 $43.50 $56.50 $69.50 $82.50 $147.50 $277.50 $537.50

Please help to continue conserving treated water by observing the following “Water Schedule” Even number houses—Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Odd numbered houses—Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

As a member of Chinook Arch Regional Library System, Vulcan residents have: Access to a shared collection of more than 900 000 library materials in print and electronic format Access to public use computers and internet services at their local library Access to videoconference services at their local library Access to provincial programs including the Alberta Multilingual Book Consortium, The Alberta Library, One Card, etc Access to a local library website and online catalogue Access to authoritative online resources including reference materials, ebooks, audiobooks and magazines


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Vulcan Arts News …. Join us at the Vulcan Art Gallery for Drop-In Mondays Vulcan Art Gallery, 201 B Centre Street - east entrance Everyone Welcome! $5.00 per drop-in or $25.00 for the year. July, August and September Themes: Feeling lost, Can’t Stop….. We want you to join us; to create and share our learning together once again by making a “Mad, Sad, or Glad, Fat Book” …. over the summer months. This is the plan:

12 individuals

In July - make -12 - 4 x 4 inch decorated pages- sign the back using a cool color scheme (hand in to the gallery, end of the month) In August - make - 12- 4 x 4 inch decorated pages- sign the back using a warm color scheme (hand in to the gallery, end of the month)

could be: quilted, painted, metal embossed, collaged, whatever!

theme will be inspired by a famous poet to be announced

we will put the fat books together for September’s Display

In September -we will explore lettering so you can personalize your “Mad, Sad, or Glad”- title page Sample on display in the Vulcan Art Gallery

Tourism News …... The Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station will be running a Kids Science Day Camp this summer! It starts July 3rd, and runs every Tuesday & Thursday until August 30th. It will run from 1:00pm-3:30pm. As well, as every other Saturday, starting July 7th, so, July 7th &21st, and August 4th and August 18th. The cost will be $5 a day, or you can preregister for a month at a time for $35 each month, or $70 for the whole season. We will be covering a range of science topics, including, gravity, color, volcanoes, chemical reactions, atmosphere and space to name a few. There will also be an optional sleep over, where we will stay in the Vulcan Trek Station, and have astronomers do a star gazing night August 4th, and play with glow in the dark and stars and more.

Newsletter - June 2012  


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